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Hunting Season 12. C. J. Boomers, Gen Xers, & Millenials

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Sub-genres: Adventure, Drama

A college student puts his life at risk by standing up against hate.

In memory of Heather Heyer.
C. A. Hazday

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Will Hawkins

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I am going to express a private citizen's opinion on a couple of Amendments to the Constitution. The two Amendments I would like to discuss are numbers 1 and 2.

Amendment 1 guarantees to the citizens of the Republic the right to express their opinion freely about any subject, however, it does not guarantee the right to stand in a crowded theater and yell 'fire', as that would create a panic and result in the injury or death to many of the audience.

Amendment 2 guarantees the right of any citizen to own a firearm, under certain restrictions having to do with criminal history and sanity.


The point I am trying to make here is that both require sanity in their application. That sanity is the touchstone of our Constitution and should be applied in every case in which the document or it terms it is applied.


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Former Member

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Carlos Hazday is an author who does not shy away from hot topics. 'Hunting Season' is a story that deals with the reality of racism, and how one young man took a stand against it.  CJ is a shining example of a hero. I highly recommend this story to anyone who believes  that one person can make a difference.  

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A nice short story featuring CJ.

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