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  1. Lugnutz

    Chapter 16

    I was thinking about this and thought that it could be Kye's Neko cousin that entered into the contract those years ago. This made the most sense to me. Good thing it's updated quick. I need to read this a few more times once it's done.
  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you have a great day!

  3. 49 now and will be yelling at kids to get off my lawn in the future. By myself.
  4. Worrying about everything I may lose if things are not covered gets very tiring. I'm actually surprised that I made it this far. I haven't worked in a year and a half and no income and little help. No aid yet from the state or disability. Finally getting some mobility in my body. Maybe I can write more since I can concentrate on that for a change. Can you help me?
  5. I'm asking for your help. PM for further information since it isn't allowed here otherwise.
  6. This is not one of Jeff's “Woe is me” posts. Read on and welcome to my world. February 2014, my body couldn't handle the job anymore. Would not support my weight for long and any balance I had was at minimum or less. It was a struggle even getting dressed. I figured I might try how I take or use things to see what was the problem was and fix it. It ended up not being that easy in the end. We'll get to that in a bit. I tried filing for unemployment and played by their rules for two months with no help from them. In the end, they couldn't help and said I was not employable. No kidding. B
  7. Look up Dabeagle. The "Sanitaria Springs" saga is ever growing. On the S.S. story page, it will be from the top to the bottom. The first is Sanitaria Springs, then the next and keep going. Left to right. Row after row. Thing as a life all it's own now. http://www.dabeagle.com/Sanitaria_Springs.html
  8. I was wondering if GA was backing up with the wrong settings and put this place back to August.
  9. Lugnutz

    Chapter 6

    What happened to the rest of the story? There used to be twenty some odd chapters and now there are six chapters. I've read this a few times, but wanted to see it all, not part.
  10. Lugnutz

    Chapter 1

    I've read it all. This doesn't qualify for the tip of the iceberg. A few books make up this story.
  11. Howdy stranger. Didn't I just talk to you? You can't go wrong with these.
  12. Lugnutz

    Neko Shorts

    These are glimpses into the upcoming story's, maybe. May they never stop coming. I like the inside information.
  13. Lugnutz

    Chapter 22

    Just read it all in one go. Less distractions that way. That, and I got home from a 5 week hospital stay yesterday. Time to read it again. It has it all. Life, death, intrigue and love. And book 3 is in the works? Saints be praised. There is a God.
  14. Remember, IMOFATS is an under 18 site and seem pretty strict about it. Most of my stuff won't pass the grade to get it being that it's geared for the little older set. CW has those limits but is loose on the rules. They have a few of my stories. I got my start on DW and after a few years the story I was working on and several more went to AD and Dabeagle afterwards.
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