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Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
This tale owes a debt of thanks to Shirly Jackson’s 1948 short story called The Lottery.  It is well worth the time to check out.

La Tombola - 4. Chapter 4

"Science tells us that answers are found to the mysteries we seek to solve, and yet, there are mysteries that continue to confound is. it is easy for you to dismiss what we fail to understand, to call it hocus-pocus".
Buck Rogers addressing the Galactic Consortium in "Buck Rogers and the Mystery of the Sentient Planet", circa 2134 AD

Ned Boone 2

Ned Boone always felt a sense of comfort rereading the tales of the earliest days. Reminded of so many memories over the years, some good some fantastic, and the one memory that dredged up the costs paid for a long and successful life. He shared an oddity with Captain Reynolds. They were kindred spirits, for he too had been given a message directly from Mithras. Ned was a rarity in New Boston. Closing in on his seventh decade, he had seen much, still worked a full day on his farm and was as vigorous as a farmer half his age. He was the keeper of the records and the guardian of traditions.

What had prompted his trip back to the records, was that he had the dream of Peter again. It had been decades since the last one, otherwise they were nearly always the same, that some were losing faith, forgetting the way, and the need to remind the villagers of their duties, of how the cycle of life here on this remote ecosphere worked. Thinking back, he was sure he knew exactly when Mithras made herself known to him. Ever since that fateful day of La Tombola so many years ago, when Peter Miller of all the candidates, was chosen.

He had hoped and prayed it wouldn’t be Peter or himself. Everyone knew whoever was chosen would leave their tiny village, never to return. He also fervently wished that he would not be one of the three boys who would accompany whoever was to be gifted to the Gnos. There was always something a bit off with them once they returned to the village, it was if they had forgotten how to laugh or smile for the longest time. It was plain to see that they were different boys from when they left.

It was the night before that fateful day, and like all his agemates he was nervous, very scared, and terrified. Part of him speculated what it would be like to be the one selected. What went on up at the cliffs was a closely guarded secret that the adults and those involved never spoke of. All they really knew was that, if chosen, you left to be with the Gnos…never to return.

It was the night before the La Tombola that he had the dream, that he would stand up on the cliffs, for La Tombola’s conclusion, and it had left him shaken. Mithras appeared to him as he was sleeping, calling him to her. She had plans for Ned Boone for the love he carried in his heart. It left him feeling frightened and very unsettled.

No, Ned thought to himself remembering those days, the dream he had last night was of Peter Miller telling him to be patient, Mithras still had need for him and when his time came, to know they would be together again. That dream brought back so many memories of the days of La Tombola. The nervous anticipation, the relief…learning the true reasons for La Tombola, and of what his role would be in the days ahead. That he would be part of the community and part of its deeply held secrets. A member of a select group, never to discuss the events outside of your companions who accompanied you.

How shocked he was, along with Tom Harrison and Billy Dunbar, when they spent that afternoon with Josiah Trimble. Despite the dream the night previous, not everything had been imparted to him, When Josiah Trimble brought them into the room with the records, explained the reason, showed them the blade that would be used, the need for this day, Ned’s was of mixed emotions, knowing he would play such a vital part in the protection of his…no, all their homes, ensuring their welfare and security. When the time came for Josiah to place their names in the box to draw the one who would stand by Peter, he quailed that he would not be ready if his name was called. They had shared much. He desperately hoped it wasn’t him to wield the knife. Rather he hoped it would be either Tom Harrison or Billy Dunbar. Ned was forlorn, for all the choices it could have been it was…Peter Miller. When it was his name pulled from the box and he was handed the dark black obsidian knife, a large part of his world fell apart.


And then the memories of how Peter Miller changed his life was all he could think of.

He was one of the first to know that Peter was that way…not that there was anything wrong, what puzzled him was that Peter had sussed the same inclinations out. Somehow, Peter knew he was the same before he had admitted to himself. He simply wasn’t comfortable with his body, while there wasn’t any doubt that he was a boy deep in the cusp of adulthood, he was different from his peers in the equipment department. When he was younger, other children would stare or make fun of him for it, not understanding he wasn’t any different, just longer. Teasing him, they would call him a Gruntling. Comparing that part of him, to the trunk of the ponderous, shaggy beast that roamed the grassy plains. The largest of all the mammalian creatures to roam the grasslands, the males were solitary until it was their breeding season. They wielded enormous tusks that they would use to intimidate other males, to win the right to mate.

As he grew older there was a grudging respect from his agemates, if not envy, but the scars had lingered. However, when it came to the games boys would play, all the boys would laugh and point out the size of his difference, make fun of it…and him. The only boy that didn’t was Peter Miller.

It was Peter who initiated him in those games that boys would play, what fun two boys could have with their hands and mouths. Many an afternoon when chores were finished or they were done with their lessons, they would find themselves on long walks, discovering more about the area they lived in and themselves.


“Come on you slowpokes,” Billy Dunbar called out, excited to be a part of the day. “We gotta get a move on if we’re gonna make the campsite this afternoon.” Impatiently reminding everyone. Billy had been on edge ever since he came from the room with all those dusty records.

Billy noticed Peter was calm, even keeled since he had drunk the tea this morning. Even so, he and the other two knew that there was things Peter wasn’t aware of, wouldn’t be aware of until…The son of one of the local farmers, Billy had participated in every aspect of life on the farm. He had assisted in mucking out the stalls, collecting the eggs, harvesting the grains for the cattle, and in the butchery.

“Billy, I know you’re raring to go, but don’t you think you should go back and get your backpack from the breakfast table before you set off?” Tom Harrison called out.

Both Ned and Peter let out a snort, with Peter’s face showing a lively expression at Billy’s impatience. Ned was watching Peter carefully, looking for any hints that Peter knew or felt something was off. Ned had a complicated relationship with Peter, even before he was chosen. Now, more than ever he was conflicted


With a bit more noise than necessary, hard closing of the doors, and the noise of feet pounding down the ancient steps, Billy had signaled he was back and ready to go. Shaking hands with a somber Josiah Trimble and Horace Smith the boys were ready to set off.

A momentary reflection flashed across Peter’s face, that he wouldn’t be coming back. He had made his farewells to his family earlier this morning. That thought was quickly banished as the excitement the other boys were generating, washed over him. Doubled by the excitement of sharing a tent with Ned later that night.

There was a light rain earlier that morning while the boys slept, the result, keeping the dust down while they walked out of the town square and village proper. They needed to follow the old cart road that led to the site of the original settlement. The old road had long fell into disuse once they passed the edges of the Begins farm. Their first day’s destination had been abandoned sometime in the distant past. The road leading to it had morphed into a path that rarely saw use but once on the longest day of the cycle of days. On the other side of the derelict site was the path that took them to the edges of the settler’s land, and the territory belonging to the Gnos, another half day’s walk.

The four boys were silent as they walked along, their chatter beginning as they left the village behind, passing uphill through a dense copse of trees before emerging at the edges of the old fields that defined the old settlement proper,

“My father says we will come across some remnants of the ancients’ things before they failed them.” Tom Harrison exclaimed.

“You mean things like what we saw in the history books at school?” Billy excitedly asked rubbing his hands together. “Just think, we can take some time exploring them, just think of what we could find!” His voice rising in pitch.

“I don’t think so dumbass, my dad says they are just rusted, grown over piles of useless trash.” Tom jokily interjected. “I don’t mean to burst your bubble,” continuing, “Lots of folks have been out this way over the years, with nothing to show for it. Leastways, I do agree it might be fun to give the stuff a look over, what’s left of it anyways.”

“I don’t care one way or another,” Peter interrupted, “Just so we leave enough time to set up camp for tonight and check out the old irrigation pond. As hot as it’s been today, I’d love to do some swimming once things are set up and eat afterwards, maybe do some diving off the old dock if it’s still there.”

Sounds like a plan to me,” Ned suggested to the murmured assent of the other three.

As the fields opened in front of them, for the first time they could see clear across the valley to the high hills on the other side. Dark rain clouds were sitting over the peaks, obscuring the green, forested hills in rain. Occasionally a rumble of thunder could be heard after a bolt of lightning struck some invisible bull's eye. The boys stood there mesmerized as low, grey scudding clouds, cast shadows racing across the distant valley, chasing disappearing targets. Every now and then the wind would shift direction, sending more than hints of cooler breezes, wafting their way.

The sudden change in temperature broke the boy’s reverie and they quickly found themselves back on the trail. It soon took a turn that led them towards the old settlement proper. On either side of them, they could see the remnants of the old farms and their outbuildings, and as they drew closer, the actual landing site and the original settlement proper. For all intents and purposes, the ravages of time had reclaimed most everything they were looking at.

In the old village proper, the old central square had not been overgrown, dotted around its edges were cellar holes and indications of what once may have been. In their own way, each of them thinking of what life must have been like back then, the struggle it was to survive when the machines and the ancient’s technology failed.

Ned noticed it was well past mid-day, if they were going to eat and set up, they had best get moving. Thinking back to the day before, when he had had a chance to read from Captain Reynold’s diary, he knew the storm they had seen would eventually come their way, and he didn’t want to be caught out in it if it came later tonight.

The only surviving structure in the village proper, was the old grain storage, a good-sized building. Built of stone with a slate like roof, it would suffice as an overnight encampment. Walking over with the others, it soon became apparent it needed a thorough cleaning. While the walls and roof looked to be in decent condition, the floor was another matter.

Each of them went out and found some lengthy sticks and used them to rake the accumulated detritus out and away. Once they had the floor back down near its original condition, they each started grabbing armfuls of the straw-like, tall growing grass to cover the stone floor to a depth, where sitting or lying on it, was moderately comfortable. It would do for the night. The next order of business was the fire ring and wood for the night’s fire. It didn’t take long, the pile collected would last some time. The last order of business was setting up a substantial log over the corner of an old outhouse pit. It was high enough for what the boys needed, when it came time for the necessary.

Lunch, as would their supper be, was cold sandwiches along with assorted fruits, nuts, and berries. The boys were quiet while they ate their lunch, each left to their own thoughts. Each in their own way concerned about what would happen tomorrow up on the ledge face, now that the reality was closer. Peter was wondering how he was to explain to Ned the antsy feeling he had, it was getting stronger, fueling an urgent desire to lay with him. Something Ned was always reluctant to do, frequently reminding Peter of his size when the subject was broached.

Tom and Billy were both trying to banish the self-doubts about tomorrow. Reminding themselves of the reasons they were there for, how so many others were depending on them, convincing themselves they would find the resolve, that others who went before them had.

Ned was concerned, not for what he had to do, he fully understood the role he had to play. It was a responsibility unlike any other, requiring strength of character. He knew he was called on by forces larger than he could fully understand, he could not fail in his duty to his community. What was bothering him was the need, the inexplicable urge he was having, a burgeoning desire to lay with Peter. The time was drawing short and he was in a quandary. Not so much unsettled as he was shy when it came to sex. He had grown up in a community where sex, or who someone slept with, wasn’t what defined a person. His reticence was not wanting to hurt Peter, if he were lay with him, in the manner he now needed to.


A quick nap after their mid-day meal left them feeling refreshed and eager to do a bit of exploring on the way to the pond. Tom, handing Peter’s ‘water’ bottle to him, made sure everyone had a healthy drink of their own before setting off to explore. While the three boys knew, Peter was unaware that his water in his bottles, had been steeped in a mix of finely ground herbs and mushrooms. They also knew it was critical that he regularly drink from it. The effect on the water on Peter wasn’t dope him up, but to ensure he remained calm and tranquil, his mind off anything but the immediate present, relaxing his inhibitions and preventing worry about the future.

They poked around the old cellar holes and decaying foundations looking for any sort of antiquity without much luck. They did stumble across the remains of what had to have been an old earth tractor. Covered partially by vines and weeds, only the heaviest, substantial parts of it left. Had they known better, they were looking at the remains of the old engine block.

The late afternoon sun was still high in the sky, the day just as hot as several hours ago. The four boys, dirty and grimy from their labor to uncover the old bits and remnants of the tractor were sweaty and feeling grubby. Drinking once again from their water bottles, they headed off to go swimming.

Much to their surprise, the old dock was still standing. Remembering their history, they knew it was made from something called cement. Billy was the first to shuck his clothes and went out to the end of the dock, Tom was right behind him, naked as the day he was born as well. Billy slipped in the water to see if it would be safe for diving and was happy to see it was. Climbing back up on to the dock he ran back to where Ned and Peter were standing, telling them the water was fine and ran back down and lept off the edge. Tom took a flying leap as well and by the time both boys were back on the dock, Ned and Peter were running down to do the same. The remainder of the afternoon was spent playing water games and seeing who could make the biggest splash diving.

Tuckered out from all the activity the boys spread their towels on the soft sand besides the dock, letting the warm summer air dry them. They had grown up together, seen each other naked many times previously and weren’t uncomfortable knowing Peter preferred boys. Tom and Billy had suspicions about Ned but they weren’t convincing thoughts. Truth be told, both Tom and Billy liked that Peter was inclined that way, both thinking of the fun that could be had.

Peter wasn’t shy about checking either of them out, not forgetting Ned. Subtle looks soon became a bit more obvious as the boys’ appendages reacted. The warmth of the afternoon sun along with the relaxed atmosphere soon saw both Tom and Billy responding to Peter’s ministrations, lost in a fog of euphoria. Ned was struggling with himself, there wasn’t any doubt as to letting Peter between his legs, and if Peter was willing to lay underneath him later that night, he’d have to have a quiet word with Tom and Billy. They both knew it was his last night before he was gifted to Mithras.

His thoughts broken when he felt a hand placed on his inner thigh, softly stroking his leg, in a series of small upward movements. Groaning from the sheer pleasure, he descended further back on his elbows, his legs involuntary parting granting the further access Peter was seeking. He loved the gentle touches, that could light such a fire while darting around his maleness now fully extended. Quivering at the slight touch that ran down the length, he was delighted when he felt two fingers slowly retract his skin, the cool sensation erased, when he felt the wetness as Peter took him in his mouth. Encumbered with the vastly intense sensations that rent him insensible. Too soon he collapsed as he expended himself, much to Peter’s delight.

Leaning back, Peter was comforted by Tom and Billy as they gently massaged his body. Ned watched as he recovered, knowing it was his responsibility, duty really, to see that Peter enjoyed getting what he so willingly gave each of them. At that moment, nothing mattered, knowing that twenty-four hours from this moment, the Peter they knew would no longer be with them. He wouldn’t be the one to break that confidence and knew neither Tom or Billy would as well. Gloomily he knew when the time was right, Mithras would let Peter would know what his future would be. But for now, he was determined to return Peter’s favor.

As he moved between Peter’s legs, Ned could smell that which made Peter…Peter, an aroma he’d never had enough of. Taking his firmness into his hands, moving the lose skin back elicited a soft moan from Peter as his head fell backward. Ned lowered himself and returned Peter’s good deed. He could feel Peter tense as the moment drew near and suddenly the best part of Peter was safely ensconced in him.

Letting Peter slip from his mouth, he began to lightly kiss and lick his way up the blemish free midsection, only stopping when he reached Peter’s mouth. Looking deeply into his eyes as if seeking permission, he began a series of deepening kisses. His reemergent firmness resting aside Peter’s tumescent member only stopping when he heard Peter’s stomach grumble from hunger, shortly followed by either Tom or Billy, possibly the two of them. It set the boys to laughing, knowing it was past time for their dinner. Helping Peter to his feet, the boys soon had picked up the towels and looking for their scattered clothes.


Dinner was a bit livelier than their lunch was. While they avoided talking about the events of the morrow, they managed to find enough things to discuss amongst themselves. A small fire had been built by Billy and a pot of water heated. Tom had slipped in a packet of the herbs and mushrooms to make a tea for them to enjoy with their meal. They sat afterwards and watched the light fade from the evening sky as their naked bodies were caressed by a warm summers breeze.

Holding Peter close, Ned was conflicted, admitting to himself, of his deep feelings for Peter. Turning his head slightly he caught a glance of the innocent face of the boy he was holding. Loving the way Peter leaned into him. He could see he was lost in thought and he dared not disturb what he was thinking. The heat of his body was aphrodisiacal. Peter’s hand rubbing his thigh wasn’t helping the desire, that was growing in his heart and elsewhere.

Looking past Peter, he could see that Tom and Billy were sharing a tender private moment, their need clearly on display. Watching them for a few moments, he felt a twang of jealously. While he was positive that neither shared his inclinations, they at least would have each other until they each found their life’s mate. Who would he have, he thought with a trace of bitterness, as he pondered the future after tomorrow? His maudlin reverie was broken when he noticed that Tom and Billy were no longer beside them, they had gone back inside. As he turned back to look at Peter, he met his lips.

He wasn’t sure of the time as they broke from their embrace, he could hear soft snoring coming from their sleeping quarters. Peter, taking his hand stood up and led him to their beds in the soft straw. Placing his hands on the sides of Ned’s face, Peter asked him to lay in him. Pulling Ned towards him as he reclined, he opened himself up to him, there was no mistaking his intentions. It wasn’t so much fumbling as understanding the learning curve, so to speak. But after a bit of trial and error, and some discomfort, Ned found himself fully seated and began to make love to the boy underneath him. Ned let Peter’s responses to his movements guide their pace, never going past or causing discomfort.

They were truly joined, Ned knowing he’d never in this life share the totality of this first experience with anyone else, lost himself in the sensations. He gave as good as he got, Peter’s vocalizations showing him the path he needed to take. As they got closer to the end, the steps were more urgent, a stridency guiding them towards the summit. Peter reached the mountain top first, his reactions sending Ned right behind him.

Ned awoke with a start in the late hours of the night, dawn was a way’s off and the night was silent. Wrapping his sleeping blanket tighter to him, he slowly got up, wondering how he was going to ease his troubled mind, the doubts that had crept in. The pain of what was expected of him, what he had to do, was tearing at the very fabric of his soul. While he had feelings for Peter before all of this, he never expected for them to metastasize so quickly. He had been an island among his peers, at first ridiculed for his obvious appearance, then only enviously and grudgingly accepted, as he and his agemates progressed towards adulthood. He had long learned to live a solitary life, never expecting that someone could break through the thick walls he called Fortress Ned. And that someone would be Peter, helping him past the taunts of the other boys, learning to play boy’s games together.

As he sat watching the fading embers of the fire, occasionally poking one and watching it flare up, as if to illuminate the decisions he was wrestling with, he was no closer to sorting out the melancholia that had come to visit. Of all the thoughts tearing Ned asunder, one kept creeping to the fore. What did Peter deserve to know about tomorrow? Would he go willingly if he knew he would lay dying at his hand, to appease an age-old tradition…an age-old necessity?

What would happen he wondered if they simply disappeared deep into the land of the Gnos, never to be seen again, would it even be possible? To find what may lay on the other side of the valley, to climb those peaks and start anew. What of the anger they would incur, first from their own and then the Gnos, then setting out to find them, and just how did they expect to hide forever from a wrathful goddess? All he could see as he wrestled with the various permutations, was that there was no where they could go, no where they could hide from their fates. As he sat there in the light of the diminishing fire, he was thankful that no one could see the silent tears coursing, cascading over his cheeks.

Just when he thought he was at his lowest, a comforting hand landed on his shoulder. Looking up he saw the smiling face of the boy he had deeply come to love. With a finger to his lips, Peter bade him to stand and follow him.

As they were walking down towards the pond Peter said, “I just had the most amazing dream,” Wrapping an arm around Ned’s waist, pulling him closer to him, reveling in the shared body heat. “The funny thing about dreams is that you can never remember the specifics, and if you are lucky, maybe bits and pieces.”

He continued, “Most of the time you get a sense of feeling that the dream leaves you with, as if the emotions of the dream are still present.” He explained, “I’ve never been one to remember any dream until this one, while I am unsure of the specifics, this one left an image as clear as a bright summers day.”

“You see,” he said…turning Ned’s face towards him as there was barely space between them, “What this dream told me was that despite this separation between us tomorrow,” eagerly stating in all earnestness, “That somehow you and I will be together again!”

Ned started to protest, pulling back a bit, looking at Peter as if he was losing his mind. Peter, holding his hand up to forestall any comment persisted, “Believe me Ned when I tell you I’m not joking, or just saying this, the dream was too real not to be true. I heard a voice, I couldn’t see who was speaking, but it comforted and promised me that we would be together again, to have faith and trust in tomorrow!”

He found himself sitting on the ground with Peter in his lap, furiously planting kisses anywhere he could reach as Ned surrendered to the onslaught, and for a moment he wondered if Mithras saw his agony, and was sending this message to him.

Peter took charge as Ned quickly found himself on his back, with Peter getting busy between his legs, paying loving attention to what made Ned unique. Very quickly Ned realized what Peter’s goal was, as his legs were lifted and apart, coming to rest on the Peter’s shoulders. Ned could see in the silvery twilight of a fading moon, that those eyes were full of life, delight, and twinkling. Taking but a moment to look at his body, there wasn’t any doubt that Peter was rampant or what his intentions were.

Their congress this time was a bit smoother, they had learned well, the lessons of the previous copulation. Peter’s face was an enchantment of expressive emotions as he plumbed Ned’s depths, bringing him past the initial pain towards the satisfactory, mutual conclusion of their love.

Tenderly washing each other, before walking back up to sleep for the remainder of the night, they comforted each other with tender touches. Ned marveled at how the wet strands of hair were plastered around Peter’s face, the tiny droplets of water on his skin, sparkling in the moonlight as he tried to kiss him dry. Cooing contentedly, Peter submitted in Ned’s ministrations, lost in the sensuality of Ned’s love. Finally done, wrapping them both in their sleeping blankets, it was time to sleep. Before slumber finally took them away, Peter whispered to Ned, “No matter where I go tomorrow, I will wait for you, knowing you will come for me. I will love you forever.”

Morning found both intertwined as Tom and Billy woke up and made to roust them. They had slept a deep and dreamless sleep

As always, thanks for reading. Your thoughts and comments are gratefully appreciated!
Copyright © 2022 drsawzall; All Rights Reserved.
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I see most used the word I am using... touching. This was a very touching chapter. You made this march towards death(?) quite beautiful. Well done, sir!

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35 minutes ago, Headstall said:

I see most used the word I am using... touching. This was a very touching chapter. You made this march towards death(?) quite beautiful. Well done, sir!

This and the following chapter were the most difficult for me to write. I appreciate your thoughtful comment!

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“What this dream told me was that despite this separation between us tomorrow, that somehow you and I will be together again!”

At least we have this portent of the future.

Touching... I almost wish there was a better word, but I can't think of one.

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  • Site Moderator

Knowing you are trapped and must kill the one you love is a fate I would wish on no one. Ned has learned what he needed to get through tomorrow. 

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1 hour ago, drpaladin said:

Knowing you are trapped and must kill the one you love is a fate I would wish on no one. Ned has learned what he needed to get through tomorrow. 

It is a fate one would not wish on anyone, but as the boys learn, everything affecting their lives comes at cost. 

Edited by drsawzall
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This chapter was beautiful in many ways, Ned's and Peter's love is so great and wonderful. The Brilliant use of English and such powerful description and great dialogue just perfect. Whatever tomorrow holds they both would have these precious moments.  


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6 hours ago, Albert1434 said:

This chapter was beautiful in many ways, Ned's and Peter's love is so great and wonderful. The Brilliant use of English and such powerful description and great dialogue just perfect. Whatever tomorrow holds they both would have these precious moments.  


I'm humbled and blushing...thanks for your comment...it is appreciated!!

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