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The Barnstable Chronicles: Charlie Danner Finds His Way 2. The Barnstable Chronicles

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Charlie Danner Finds His Way is a spinoff of Stitcher, my most recent story. Charlie is a secondary character in that story but quickly became a favorite of my readers. While you don't have to read Stitcher to become fully engaged in Charlie's story, it would be helpful as there will be many connections made between the two stories. Charlie is a special guy. I fell in love with him, too!

Enjoy the story and please leave comments when you finish a chapter. Those comments are so much more than ego boosts - they actually help me decide in the direction I take the story!


Charlie Danner is that boy you saw in high school. You probably didn't know him. You definitely didn't know anything about him. Charlie was short, skinny, and was usually seen wearing black clothing. When he was seen with anyone else, it was almost always his best friend Liz. Charlie had a talent that even he wasn't aware of. People you would least expect would find themselves opening up and being attracted to Charlie Danner. Our story opens with the first of those unlikely people.

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