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  1. Susie continues to not only be my favorite character, but unironically one of the best depictions of trans women I've seen. As a trans woman myself, ill never drop this series, if only to see more of Mrs Banshee
  2. The best of an already great author. Two protagonists try to manage their trauma and how it affects them, and grow from it, and its amazing to watch. The first book was similar in themes, but the protagonists had felt a bit too bland and clean. These two had very understandable reasons for how they acted, but it sure as shit doesn't excuse them. They are both fucked up people who did fucked up things because of the fucked up situations they were in, and god damn is it good to see them try and get over their shit. The characters are written so well, so real, and you truly find yourself empathizing with Dennis, who was an antagonist last book. The Long Way is a good read, and required for the full context of just how far things have come. Every single character changes, they learn and grow in understandable ways. Theres no big plot points or moments for me to point out, the whole thing is just so grounded that its compelling to read from front to back. If you at all liked The Long Way, you'll love this. If everything I said sounds appealing, its worth reading TLW just to get to this. Even if you didn't care for it, depending on your reasons, you might like this. Genuinely one of thr best books I've ever read, I'd buy it in paperback without hesitation.
  3. Riding the thunder? That's one he'll of an entrance Cy. The mage dance tends to fall apart for me cause its so high concept and can be difficult for me to follow along with what I'm supposed to be visualizing, but that part was loud and fucking clear. Between his performance and Vincent's, all that high concept visual displays in a text medium flew over my head. However, My man jumping out of a helicopter, riding a lightning bolt, then landing without a hair out of place? More than enough. Thats some seriously Smokin' Sexy Style right there.
  4. The first half is a 4.5 out of 5, but I cant in good faith recommend this to anyone. Any praise about its characters and the exploration, of their disorders and trauma is dropped in the second half to focus on a love story between a child rapist and his victim, with everyone except one of the dual protagonists being totally ok with it. Oh and said protag is treated as an asshole for it by the narrative. All characterization from the first half? Trashed. Same names, barely connected. Plot points? Dropped. Graceful and careful handling of the subject in a respectful and realistic way? Blakes autistic traits disappear and Erith's system is a plot device for drama. The first half is so good it gets 2 stars, but it falls apart. I left a spoiler filled review about how the child rapist character who the second half revolves around ruins the story on the final chapter.
  5. seakinklets

    Chapter 31

    Honestly? I'm just disappointed. In the beginning I was hooked on the concept, I'm autistic and the idea of exploring D.I.D. in a story where they weren't vilified or pitied for it was super interesting. The first few chapters had the spark of something unique and good, but it just went nowhere. Blake's autistic traits and routines were phased out, and Erith's system and how he copes with it felt more like a plot device for drama rather than a realistic portrayal. Erith and Blake's... romance? Was both rushed and drawn out. The legitimate conversations about coping with their trauma and disorders and the impact that would have on their relationship was SO interesting. It felt so good to see frank discussions of stuff like that because that's something I can relate to, only for that to take a back seat. The hospital interlude was 100% pointless except to give points to Adam for.... not leaving Erith to be tortured to death? Adam as a whole is just... such a shitty character. He's introduced as a child rapist going after his victim... and never evolves past that point. His only goal, his only motivation, is wanting to get his victim back. At no point did he ever come off as anything but a selfish child rapist, but the narrative seems to treat him as reformed and nice. He only got therapy after he was caught. After that, he IMMEDIATLY chased after his victim, kidnapped the victim's friend/love interest to stop him from interfering, and acts like a dick when people are rightfully wary of him. Dr Martin is supposed to be Blakes guardian I guess, and seems to have no objections to Blakes childhood rapist wanting to come back into his life. Blake seems to have no suspicions of literal strangers saying "Hey I'm your rapist's friend, put on this blindfold and get in my car". The whole plot there is so messy, and actively disgusting. Adam's every action shows he has not changed a bit, and is only saying things to gain Blake's trust. The whole thing took an interesting story and ruined it. We didn't get an exploration of Blake's trauma, or forgiveness, or change, or accountability. We got a love story about a child rapist getting their victim back, and only one person objecting. Everyone became eithrr faceless "friends" or completely differnt characters to fit this plot. It reads as so sympathetic to pedophiles in a way I know is unintentional, but the sloppiness of it means any actual analysis of it comes off as far more caring about Adam's wants than Erith's feelings. They should not be on the samelevel. Honestly ALL my complaints lead back to Adam. Why you thought having Blake fall in love with his childhood rapist was a good idea to push the story's focus to is beyond me. I really liked the first half, the second half is a sloppy shitshow that delivered on nothing and upsets me at killing the potential of the first half. The rough prose, the pacing issues, the lack of detail, all overlooked. I liked it, a LOT. I looked past the superficial flaws. I shouldnt have, and getting invested in these characters, their lives, their stories, was a mistake. I would give the first half a 4.5 out 5, but I cant in good faith recommend This story to anyone.
  6. seakinklets

    Chapter 7

    I havent seen that movie, but yeah that's about what I figured wrt it being a plot device. However since its not being refuted in the story itself, my theory of Caleb walking the path of enlightenment to reach Ataraxia is still a posibility, and I will cling to it with gusto.
  7. seakinklets

    Chapter 7

    Since no ones gonna point it out, I will; Ataraxia is a spiritual enlightenment/calmness, not a neurodivergence. Caleb is obviously the endgame for Hunter, since he's walked the path of Buddha and will feel no anger or frustration at Hunter's bullshit. (To be clear I can only find personal articles with no citation of sources or clinical evidence for it being anything but a philosophical and religious idea/state of being. One article just said that its to do with the areas of the brain processing anger and frustration, but anger is a secondary emotion: an outward expression of stuff like betrayal, fear, ect. I'm too in the weeds in psychology for me to not show how I have not achieved Ataraxia at this)
  8. seakinklets

    Chapter 29

    I was honestly confused at the start as to what was going on. By the time the narrator told us how Erith was in that situation, he was out of it. It feels like theres a missing chapter with Erith's experiences. With them immediately finding him, the whole mental hospital abuse thing seems arbitrary and pointless. By the time I start feeling dread about whats happening he was 2 paragraphs from being free, and 10 from being rescued. The pacing has always felt a bit rushed in the series but its just so jarring here, I don't know why what feels like a major plot point is skimmed over, and the narrative convinience of the keys and Adam and them straight up passing him on the road makes everything that happened feel really hollow.
  9. seakinklets

    Chapter 28

    I truly believe everything and everyone is capable of change. I also think if Adam really understood, and didn't put his selfish desires first, he would have stayed far away. I suppose how much he actually believes the words he says out loud will remain to be seen, really the point of my,original comment was to give insight to how a reader might view the events. I know how easy it is to know events and characters in your head in a way that doesn't translate to the page, and since the series is ongoing I wanted to give you that feedback *just in case* that was what was going on. My intention was always to talk about a hypothetical direction the series could take, not necessarily assuming that was where you were headed.
  10. seakinklets

    Chapter 28

    I havent read any of the author's other works, and since this isn't categorised in a world I didnt think I needed to, and so far I've been following along mostly fine. Also, that's a thermian point there. It doesn't matter how its justified by worldbuilding and lore, Adam is still a child rapist. He was introduced as a child rapist. He wants to be with the now grown person that he raped as a child. No amount of "But werewolves!" will change that on an in universe or meta level. I don't know how mates work but Blake said he wanted Erith to be his mate. Erith did not rape Blake as a child. If Blake ends up together with his childhood rapist, most readers will not be happy regardless of flimsy excuses.
  11. seakinklets

    Chapter 28

    Listen ill just say this now; If you plan on Adam being at all sympathetic, you should not have introduced him as a pedophile who raped Blake and claims to want him as a mate. Specifically, that Adam wanted Blake, the child he just raped, as a mate, and just carried that torch. Blake having those feelings towards him makes sense, he was an island in his sea of abuse, but if Adam ACTUALLY got better, ACTUALLY cared about what he did being wrong, then he would have stayed away from the child he raped. He knew it was wrong, he knew he committed atrocities, but he still wants his victim. Maybe we're supposed to think all that. If so, good job. If not, there is no way any audience with half a braincell is going to think Adam isn't someone who actually thinks his actions were as bad as they were and are. Idk if you plan your stories out but if this ends with Adam in any sort of positive light with him only paying lip service to guilt, people are going to be upset. *I'm* going to be upset. Once more, if this isn't the place the story is headed, then good job and I'm looking forward to more.
  12. seakinklets

    Chapter 23

    I feel like I'm missing something here, why does Blake trust Adam so much? To be blindfolded and driven to a strange place? Not hating him because he was the only nice molester is a natural response to what's been hinted at, but Blake seems WAY too trusting based on what I've seen of his chatacter in the story, maybe that's just me though. Also how the hell is it legal for Adam to kidnap Varen/Erith like that. Seems a little fucky.
  13. Honestly thank the stars, the earth, the sea, and the trees Mathias is a hermit. If humanity had to interact with his daily he'd be considered among history's greatest monsters. Also the tattoo and necklaces were really cute. Fitting for the two and incredibly sweet. And I love the idea of were's taking X-bane to get high. The recreational drug industry specifically for shifters is something I love when it's explored, especially when regular drugs don't work on them.
  14. seakinklets

    Papas and Cubs

    Same, I figured after they all came he'd at least give him a solid hook, give him a nice shiner for however many hours it would last with the were-bear healing
  15. seakinklets

    Papas and Cubs

    Wow, Matthias is even worse than I thought. He somehow found an even worse varient of "I'm emotionally and physically abusing you to toughen you up", its honestly impressive.
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