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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Bearpaw: An Old West Tale - 23. Chapter 23 In the Bright Light of Day

Happier than a hog in mud...

In the Bright Light of Day



Separating after a bunch more kissing and touching, Jubal took a deep breath as he stared into Lucas’s eyes. Those green ones stared back, and he saw his future in them. He held onto the man, not wanting to let him loose just yet.

“I’m happier than a hog in mud,” Lucas uttered as their foreheads touched, his voice soft.

“Same for me, and we got our whole lives to live side by side, loving each other just like this. Never thought I would be this lucky ever again.”

Lucas’s eyes widened, and his expression changed. “I like who you be more each minute. Such a good thing to hear from a man who barely spoke.”

Jubal snickered. “I spoke… whenever I had to. Seems now I got plenty to say, and good reason for it. Reckon I got to get to them skins, though, and real soon.”

“Now?” Lucas asked with his eyes even wider.

“Yep, if’n we don’t want them stiff as boards. Would rather be doing other stuff—like this—but they’ll be good for rolling up and packing with us come cold weather. Would be good for lots of things, and I’d hate to see them be done poorly.”

“Suppose you’re right. Be right fine for laying on in front of the fire at night… in our new cabin.”

“Yep, that too."

“Reckon work comes first for you,” he said with a smile and a sigh.

“Just ain’t true, Lucas. You come first and always will, and there ain’t no doubt for it, not in my mind.”

“Go on with you,” he said as he slapped Jubal’s ass, finally letting go of it. “Don’t need no buttering up.”


Lucas grinned. “All right, suppose that ain’t true. Changed my mind. Not used to it, but I do need it whenever you have the urge for sweetness.”

He laughed. “Got plenty of sweet in me. Not used to speaking my feelings, not since Vincent, but I surely like doing it for you.”

“Lord, I’m a fortunate man.”

“We both be. Won’t ever be done counting my blessings.”

“Whew! You best be getting that work done, son, cause I got plans for you and that silver tongue of yours.”

Laughing again, he was tempted to hurry those plans up right then and there—his cock surely wouldn’t complain—but he didn’t mind having something to look forward to.

They wore smiles what wouldn’t quit as Jubal got what he needed ready for the hides. He told Lucas he’d done enough moving around and standing—that he’d noticed the wincing occur more often—and the man didn’t argue it. Jubal stirred the fire up and put the stew over it, and then started on the skins while being watched him the whole time.

“Surely liking the fit of them tight britches,” Lucas said with a snicker. “Got something mighty fine to look at while you do all the work.”

He grinned after turning and winking, but kept working, finding it easier and cooler to be shirtless. By the time he’d rubbed the second coating of brain paste into the hides they were supple as could be, and he was confident there wasn’t a speck of flesh still on the hide what could cause rot. They would cure just fine.

“You done a good job, Jubal. They’re right pretty for sure.”

“Happy it’s done and we have some fine furs. Rather have that mare and foal alive, but we take what life sees fit to give us.”

“Yep. We got no cause for complaining,” Lucas said, his words filled with meaning Jubal understood.

The stew was plenty hot by the time he was done washing up and putting his shirt back on, and Lucas insisted they eat inside. “Our first meal in the new cabin,” he said after they were settled at the table, each with a big chunk of bread for sopping juice.

“Must admit this feels a lot more civilized than I’m used to, but I reckon we could use proper chairs for sitting. Saw some for sale in town what looked sturdy and weren’t terrible dear. Nothing fancy, but they’d look fine in here. I’ll build a firepit out front in the morn if you show me where you want it. Want to check the hay too. With this sun, it should be about ready for turning.”

“Slow down, Jubal. The hay will be fine for today, and you said yourself we got our whole lives to make things better. This feels perfect right now, stumps and all, and you’ve done enough… more than enough,” Lucas said as he looked around the sparsely furnished cabin filled with late afternoon light. “If you hadn’t spoke the words what said you love me, I would have realized it soon enough by all this. Felt it soon as I walked through the front door, but was afraid to believe it. Fact is, no one shows such care for a person they don’t have some kind of love for.”

Jubal chuckled. “Hard as I tried, I was godawful bad at hiding my feelings for you. Reid caught me holding your hand once as you lay in that bed, and when I let go, it about drove me crazy not to be touching you.”

Lucas nodded as he met his gaze. “Happens he mentioned that very thing to me. Said you were plumb scared to death I’d die, and nothing else mattered to you but me opening my eyes.”

“He did? He said that?”

“Yep. He said it was more proof he was right about you, and how he had no doubt you would do anything for me… that you’d already proven such. He was sure, but I did have some doubts.”

“Cause I confused you?”

“Yep. Kept me off kilter as long as I’ve known you, and I was always afeared of you riding away.”

“It’s only fair since you did the same to me. Was scared you’d figure me out and send me off, and suppose I didn’t want it to come to that. Didn’t ever want to part from you, Lucas, but wasn’t sure I could stay,” Jubal said after he swallowed a tasty mouthful of stew. “So, any doubts now?”

“Not a single one. I know exactly who you be now, and learning more every minute. Know it was hard, but appreciate you telling me your past like you did.”

“Ain’t told you everything, but most of it I reckon.”

“Whenever you’re ready. Got a lifetime to learn the rest, God willing.”

“God willing? Yep, suppose we could use him on our side, but I trust you to stick by.”

“You already said you did, but do you trust yourself now too?”

Jubal stopped chewing. “Do you trust me to stick by?”

“Yep, I said so, didn’t I? Of course I do. I was meaning you trusting yourself. Believing what’s right in front of you, something you used to have trouble doing?”

“That was fear, Lucas. Not scared anymore, and never going to run from this, what we’re fixing to have. You believe me?”

Lucas sighed before he reached for Jubal’s hand. “You ain’t done nothing but put me first since we met, even saving my life twice… and I’m sorry you had to go through all that waiting afore I woke up. You got nothing to prove to me.”

Jubal stared at their hands, connected like they’d been in that sick room, and he smiled. He didn’t need no reason to touch the man now, and his heart felt open and happy, about to burst at how lucky he be. They ate in silence for a time, sharing snickers, and glances what spoke of feelings and promises.

“I sure was hungry,” Jubal said, finishing the tin plate of a stew what tasted better than it had the day before. “Now I reckon I be hungry for something else. You said something about having plans for me?”

Lucas’s spoon stopped moving on its way to his mouth. “You sure ain’t skittish anymore, are you.”

“No sir, and I know you are injured, but….”

“But? Say it, Jubal. Tell me what you want.”

“I only want whatever you be wanting.”

“Tell me plain.”

“All right. Well… I want to see you naked again, all wet and shiny, and I want to touch you and taste you, but I can wait as long as we need to, if’n it’s too soon.”

“Ain’t no need to wait… for some of it. I want the same thing, and I meant it about those plans… so how about we go out to the crick and soap up? I’ll get all wet and shiny with you, but I might need help soaping some parts.”

“That’s what I be here for,” he answered with a grin.

“Lord, help me. Had enough food anyway. Can’t eat as much as I used to.”

“Having any pain?”

“Only twinges when my stomach muscles get used a certain way. Sitting that spell helped, so nothing to worry over as long as you help me shuck my clothes.”

“More than willing for such work.”

“Suspected you would be.”


Getting Lucas undressed was no chore, especially when his cock was uncovered. It be upright, and harder than a week old biscuit. Jubal knew it be a nice one, but hadn’t expected it would grow to such a length.

He’d been bigger than Vincent and any other man he’d lain with, but now he was looking at his equal at the least. He’d never seen one so gosh darn pretty, and his mouth watered at the sight, it poking at his face as he worked Lucas’s britches over his feet. “Sorry for that.”

“Well, I ain’t. Take it as a compliment it couldn’t wait to get filled up.”

“Yours is full up too. That’s got to hurt with them britches so tight.”

“Ain’t never going to be enough room in ‘em when you’re around,” Jubal said as he stood up. It took some effort to wriggle out of them, but soon enough he was standing naked as a babe. They’d been this way before, but this time was surely different. He could look till he got his fill, if that even be possible. “Hope no one rides up the laneway about now.”

“They’d be in for an eyeful for sure,” Lucas agreed while staring at his cock. His gaze lifted, and he grinned as he stepped right close. “I be a lucky man, Jubal Coyle.”

“Glad you think so,” he murmured before their lips met. Kissing him felt as natural as breathing.

Lucas pulled back with a funny noise coming from his mouth. “Damn, I be close. Been a long time since I’ve had a man such as you in my arms, one I love what makes my heart gallop like it’s doing.”

“Same for me. I’ll be spurting soon, I can promise you, so I’ll be moving back a mite. Time for soaping, wouldn’t you say?”

“Yep.” A groan escaped as he stepped into the water, his body twisting to find footing.

“You hurt?” Jubal asked, worrying he was doing too much again.

“Not going to lie. Stepped wrong, but I be good now, and don’t you fret because there ain’t nothing bad about working them muscles. Doc told me so.”

“You sure?”

“Just said so, didn’t I?” He moved a little farther in after Jubal grabbed hold of his hand. He weren’t taking any chances.

They were up to thigh height when Jubal gave hisself a quick soaping, his gaze on Lucas and what he was doing with his own soap. He was too impatient to take his time, though, and dropped beneath the water to rinse. Grinning, he rose and took over for Lucas, enjoying the feel of his lean, finely-muscled body, his hands working from his chest up to his head and then back down. “Damn, forgot the pail. Wait here while I get it. Don’t be doing nothing careless like dunking yourself, and keep your eyes closed for the soap.”

He felt a little foolish running with a hard cock bouncing against his stomach, but he was back in two shakes of a lamb’s tail. “Miss me?”

Lucas snorted. “Hard to miss what I can’t see.” He shivered when Jubal doused him in water, rinsing the suds from his hair. “Damn that water feels good. Needed some cooling down. Wish I could get right under.”

“Well, you can’t, so don’t be thinking on it. Ready for the rest?” Jubal asked, his soapy hands sliding lower.

“Can’t promise about what might happen, but my cock needs a good wash.” He moaned when hands began their work, staring into Jubal’s eyes the whole time he spent being gentle.

Jubal smirked, knowing he was causing torture for the man. What made him happiest was how right this felt, and that neither of them be awkward. They knew who they were, and it spoke of their past experience with love. It was a powerful thing to find such again.

Being thorough, he did his best not to focus on his own cock what be throbbing almost painfully, nor on Lucas’s what was lifting with each breath. He concentrated on taking care of his injured man what needed a tender touch. The man’s firm ass muscles were not something he could ignore, though, so he didn’t. Lucas squirmed at the attention of his soapy hands, his breath coming in quickened pants as Jubal cleaned and explored both.

“I be close to spurting, Jubal, so you best—”

He stopped speaking when Jubal used the pail again, the cool water making him gasp. Jubal chuckled as he knelt down in front of him. Now be the time to focus on that pretty cock, and he guided it into his mouth with one hand while balancing on the crick bottom. This was something he knew how to do, something he liked doing, and he made sure Lucas understood that. Teasing was part of doing so, and he pulled the skin back and flicked his tongue over and under, paying attention to the sounds from the man he be showing love. The taste set his mouth and his brain on fire with the desire it sparked in him. He needed more, and knew it was mostly up to him when it would come.

Pulling back, he looked up, wanting to make this moment of sharing last a mite longer. Lucas was balanced on the very edge, he could tell, and he enjoyed seeing those green eyes filled with the same need he had.

“Jesus Christ, Jubal. You need to keep going. Please,” he pleaded.

Running his hands over Lucas’s ass had the man’s hips bucking, his cock trying to reach his mouth again. “Reckon since you said please, I’ll get back to work,” he said as his tongue snaked out and licked the slick head. A moan was his reward, and this time he swallowed as much as he could, getting more than half them inches in despite it being thicker than what he’d handled in the past. Moving a hand off his ass, he used it to grip his balls, and that be the last of Lucas’s control as streams of thick seed pumped into his already full mouth. He swallowed best he could after pulling back a mite, loving the sound of whimpering coming from above.

He let go with a final kiss to the still-fat head, feeling satisfied with his efforts, and more than a little proud. It was such a fine cock, and it showed no signs of pointing down. In fact, it still lifted in a steady rhythm. “Had enough?”

“Good Lord, yes.”

“You sure?” Jubal took it in his hand again and gave a gentle squeeze, happy to see more seed flow out. He caught it and followed it to its source, suckling again until Lucas hissed.

“Stop… please, no more,” he said, but his face wore a fool’s grin. “That might have been the best I’ve ever had.”

“Might?” Jubal asked as he rose out of the water and kissed the man, letting him taste hisself.

Lucas’s eyes opened as Jubal pulled back, “Ah… can’t think right now, but don’t recollect it ever being better than that. Need yours in my mouth now.”

“No, that can wait. You can’t be bending and hurting yourself. I won’t have it.”

Lucas’s eyebrows came up. “You won’t have it?”

“What I said.”

“Well… let’s get something straight. I’m the boss—for right now—and I say different. Can kneel just fine like you did. Just hold my arm, and hold your tongue. Know what I’m doing, and that there cock is going in my mouth. Ain’t waiting, do you hear me?”

“Do I still have to hold my tongue, boss, or can I answer you?”

“Only if you be agreeable.”

Jubal couldn’t stop his grin from showing. What could he say when a hand gripped his hardness. That fact alone made Lucas the boss for sure. “Ain’t going to argue since I be wanting it more than you.”

“Got doubts that’s true,” Lucas said as he let go and slowly kneeled with Jubal’s help.

“You all right?”

“Couldn’t be better,” he said, smiling up at him. His hand returned, and this time it be stroking him back and forth easy like. “Sure is a handsome one. Ain’t seen nicer, and that’s the honest-to-God truth.”

“Like to hear you think so,” he said, his bottom lip caught in his teeth as the best sensations ran through his cock up to his brain. Seeing such a beautiful man appearing fascinated with what he held was powerful in so many ways. He couldn’t have recalled that once familiar feeling of loneliness if he tried. Lucas was his, and he was Lucas’s, and this was worth all those awful years of waiting for something good to happen. It was even better that it was happening in the bright light of day, not something to be hurried and hidden in the dark.

His thoughts bolted from his head when Lucas took him in his mouth, swirling his tongue as he went deep, deeper than he'd been able to. Lucas be good at this too, the fact not lost on him even through the haze of pleasure.

His movements were quicker, more demanding, and that be just what he wanted. Appeared he liked a man’s rear as much as Jubal did, and he weren’t shy with where his fingers went. It be a promise of things to come, and he spread his legs a little wider.

That powerful ache was building quick and there be no stopping it. Like a stick of dynamite, seed exploded from him, causing his hips to hump with each powerful spurt. Lucas stayed with him, them strong hands holding his ass in a firm grip. It took some time for his head to clear and the entire time Lucas kept his cock trapped in his mouth, being gentle with a tongue what kept coaxing. When Jubal realized his legs were trembling, he laughed, softly at first, but it soon became louder.

“What be funny,” Lucas asked after he let his cock free.

“Can barely stand. Feel all giddy, and I don’t know if it’s from spurting so hard, or from loving you so damn much.”

“Why can’t it be both,” the man asked with a grin as he rubbed at his jaw. “Help me up from here.”

“Sorry… you be all right?”

“Never been better in my whole life, and I’m meaning it, ‘cepting my jaw ain’t used to opening that wide. Ain’t complaining though. I’ll get better at taking your size.”

“You don’t need to get any better… likely couldn’t stand it if’n you did.”

Lucas smirked before his lips touched Jubal’s for a few delicious seconds. “Feeling thankful… feeling thankful Boone already had someone when I got to Larkspur, and I’m thankful you got ambushed when you did. Is it all right to say such?”

Jubal chuckled. “Of course it is. Understand what you’re saying. Getting bushwhacked turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me. My only regret is losing a good horse like Kema.”

“Sorry… sorry for not thinking of him, but I’m happy, Jubal, truly happy.”

“Glad you said so because it’s how I be feeling. I’m happy too. Never thought I would be again, but was surely proved wrong. Never had much faith in the Lord, but I’ll thank him for putting you in my path for the rest of my life.

“For the rest of our lives. Ones I want us to spend together.”

“We be of the same mind, I promise you that.”

“And I’ll hold you to it. Now kiss me, would you?”

Jubal obliged, kissing him deep and long. “That be a chore I’ll never tire of.”

Lucas snorted. “Not sure I like it being called a chore, but you made up for it with such a kiss as that one. Don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind getting out of this crick and going to bed since you swallowed all my strength up. You willing to sleep in the new house?”

“Try and stop me. I ain’t fearful anymore, just like I told you. Never expected the day to turn out this way, but it be what I needed and I thank you for it. Always be cautious I suppose, but won’t let no one or no thing scare me off… not ever again.”

Lucas stared him in the eye. “You be as cautious as you want. Don’t want you to ever do something you’re not comfortable with, but I’m pleased I won’t be sleeping alone. Hated it when I was in town… got used to hearing you breathe the night long.”

“Slept on your side of the mattress, was missing you so bad.”

“No need for missing each other anymore. Now put your boots on and then help me with mine.”

“You still being the boss?”

“Only when it suits you,” he answered, teasing Jubal for sure. “I’ll always put you first, same as you do me.”

“Suits me just fine, Lucas. You suit me just fine.”



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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

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