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  1. 84Mags

    The Final Cut

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (United States) 1-800-273-8255 (TALK). Can also text the Crisis Text Line by sending text: HELLO to 741741 Deaf or hard of hearing TTY 1-800-799-4889 Veterans Crisis Line 1-800-273-8255 Text: 838255
  2. 84Mags


    Rick’s self confidence and newfound ability to confront situations (and people) head on was amazingly satisfying to read! With each interaction, Rick calmly, respectfully and with a touch of humor, stood his ground. The fishing analogy with Irene illustrates it all perfectly. Rick finally realizes that he has control of the pole and line of his life. (Yep, double meaning intended 😉) While I always sensed Rita had a hard fought desire to be a part of, but also best, what she perceives to be a male dominated business world, her lack of personal self reflection is astounding. She’ll never make
  3. Chapter 5 called it an adoption process. The paperwork, when it arrived, wasn’t discussed as specifically. If Matt legally adopted his baby brother, then by law he is Aiden’s father. (The original birth certificate is sealed under incredibly strong laws and a new one created with Matt as the father.) My best friend in high school was adopted as a baby by her aunt. She always considered her and called her mom even though the truth was never kept secret. In this case, I totally agree it is up to Matt what he wants to be called, but Matt will be the only ‘dad’ his brother knows.
  4. 84Mags

    Chapter 9

    Four different people, four different types of trust issues. This chapter packed in a lot of backstory and makes Jonathan’s actions more understandable. Ethans’s nightmare was heartbreaking. Right now he can’t see the good in himself and, even awake, believes the worst. It’s sad to me that he can be so encouraging to Michael but not recognize his own good qualities. I enjoyed getting to know Rayna. She’s got great instincts and self knowledge. She doesn’t just rescue someone, but stays involved and forms lasting bonds. Just as that was wonderful for Jonathan, it will be really good for Miche
  5. This is an amazing, epic read. Werewolf genre is hard to write, and this is masterfully done. There is plenty of suspense, drama, and intrigue as well as a very satisfying love story.
  6. 84Mags

    Subito Forte

    I think you are amazingly talented at what you do! Your research and grasp of small town life is spot on. When Rita first approached the school board several chapters ago I remember thinking, oh my gosh it can’t be happening again!😉😂 And, you wrote the tension at the packed meeting spot on! Of course our little drama played the whole way out, but after the voting 2 days ago and results yesterday, our sleepy little town is on the mend. Let’s hope the same for Eagle Lake and Rick.
  7. 84Mags

    Subito Forte

    That was a lot packed into one night! I held hope Rita had a secret girlfriend because, up until her villain speech to Rick, I didn’t totally hate her. It was more despise. Well that’s over! Not sure how iron clad her deal between the bank and old Heinrich is, but I won’t shed a tear if Rita loses all of Heinrich’s secret fortune. How dare he do that to his son! I will cheer if Willy’s millions and ‘good name’ gets flushed away, too. Rick and the town need to beware; Rita is cunning and vicious. Her words were sarcastic and evil. She won’t go down without a nasty battle. This story some
  8. 84Mags

    Chapter 8

    Unfortunately, hearing about the person Ethan said he killed is exactly what I feared. Poor Ethan! It’s also likely that absolutely no one would ever blame him. It would be thought of as self defense or defense of other. But young Ethan would never understand that. He’s grown up in fear with obvious trauma and ptsd. Thankfully Jonathan seems to understand and wants to help. Michael working at the gift shop is a brilliant turn of events! I really hope these boys lives are looking up.
  9. 84Mags

    Chapter 44

    I genuinely love each one of your stories, all for different reasons. This was an epic, satisfying read. I can go forward, smiling, knowing that Jimmy, Sawyer, and their new pack are living happily together.
  10. 84Mags


    After what looks like a few days of marathon reading, you are now all caught up! Your reading and comments got me to go back over several chapters and I found a few new clues. So thank you for that! You’ll be waiting until Thursday like the rest of us for the next chapter! 😩 I will tell you it is hard to wait a whole week for a new chapter. I find that I often have Rick and Eagle Lake on my mind!
  11. 84Mags

    Alla Marcia

    Part of my earlier comment was as a band mom (American phrase for a proud mother who has a child in the local school band) who was excited to see one of my son’s lesser known instruments mentioned. I’m so glad you googled the euphonium! The baritone and euphonium (two different instruments, often confused) were invented in the 1800’s so might not be part of concert bands, unless the music piece has been adjusted. They are mainly used for Marching. My son, now grown and at university, plays a tuba in the concert band (and a trumpet in the jazz band) so your thought about the tuba is correct.
  12. 84Mags


    I really did not see the inevitable confrontation with Zoltan coming in that way; what a sucker punch to Rick. And then to not only call Gus a child but threaten to accuse Rick of stalking and ‘out’ him; what the heck?! It is not surprising Rick would go back to his negative inner dialogue. It’s been a constant, but it was still heartbreaking to read. Maybe as Rick processes through that awful conversation he will remember that his Gus is not Zoltan’s Gustavo. Unfortunately, I bet it will take Gus reaching out to Rick first. Like other comments, I’m cheering about Rick reconnecting with h
  13. 84Mags

    Chapter 43

    That was amazingly satisfying! I said this before in a comment, and I will say it again now... the women in this story are badass. Totally badass.
  14. 84Mags

    Chapter 7

    Ethan and Jonathan are finally in the same location! I felt the pacing of this chapter was really good, and as always, the descriptive narrative exceptional. After the long travel to get to Jonathan, it seemed exactly right how Ethan’s hesitant conversation began to unfold. And after that hug, natural to share a kiss. I am so curious about Ethan’s backstory. Perhaps now, with Jonathan’s help, Ethan can release the darkness that seems to haunt him. I LOVE the birds in the shop! They add to that air of quirky uniqueness one would expect in such a place. I’m fully expecting Ethan to find Mich
  15. 84Mags


    Perfect title and ‘weather report’! I’m curious who Rita has been with long enough to be engaged but not name in her post. She hasn’t been seen around town with anyone other than Rick or that gossip would be spread. That leads me to the mystery woman from the diner all those chapters ago. It makes sense to keep that a secret if you are ‘flirting’ with the local businessmen and male school board members as a means to your end goals. But then why post the picture? I would not put it past her to want the town, especially the school board, to believe she is tied to Rick. That will help her secure
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