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  1. Such a perfect way to honor Jian’s life and give her memory pride of place in not just Rashan’s life but all those who belong to Sun-Filled Manor and Silver Shore Valley.
  2. 84Mags

    Chapter 6

    I will start at the end… my hope is Patrick seeing Jude’s business card will snap him back out of The Stepford Wives trance his mother just created.
  3. 84Mags

    Chapter 5

    Everything about Patrick feels over the edge. While he expresses love and an inability to live without Ford, going so far as needing to hear his voice, his thoughts are laser focused on Ford’s betrayals. He thinks Ford is a sex addict and maybe a sociopath, he questions Ford’s motives for every interaction and believes he is nothing more than invisible or a maid to Ford. What is holding Patrick in this relationship? I also can’t wait to learn more about Ford! I have my suspicions there is more to him than a sex addicted cheat who worked his way into a lucrative career with the help of his husband’s parents.
  4. 84Mags

    Chapter 4

    Good catch about black haired guy!
  5. 84Mags

    Chapter 4

    Oh my… Michael must be black haired guy. 😳 And I am worried about who I think his brother is!
  6. The story starts out deceptively simple and with a calm sense of watching two people fall in love. Just like the first part of a roller coaster ride where you are staying upright and enjoying the view. It’s not hard to fall for Jett, Kyle and their adorable doggies. But watch out as the ride ratchets up and the twists and turns start! The plot is as unique as it is genius. You won’t be disappointed!
  7. 84Mags

    Chapter 21-Epilogue

    Did not even blink an eye at the Vegas wedding. My husband and I got married while we were still in college. Cheapest honeymoon out of the Midwest were the flights and hotels for Vegas. Yep. Honeymooned in Vegas! 😂 We made some lasting memories and bet our guys will too. Maybe ‘Elvis’ will officiate their wedding 😎🤣
  8. 84Mags

    Chapter 21-Epilogue

    Perfect wrap up! I’m glad Heather and her baby’s whereabouts can now be found. That is important closure for Kyle. And our boys are getting married! Yea! I left this story with a smile and a sigh.
  9. 84Mags

    Chapter 30

    Absolutely one of my most favorite stories on this site. The depth of details, descriptive narrative and character development, along with the thrilling plot, kept me interested and coming back over the last almost 2 years. I never lost the thread or forgot where we were in the story. It was as if the characters were all real and walked along in life with me. It is rare for me to use the term epic to describe a chapter or a story, but this one certainly deserves it. I’m looking forward to the next 5 updates and will patiently wait knowing I won’t be disappointed.
  10. 84Mags

    Chapter 29

    This amazingly epic story is listed as having 30 chapters on the author’s page. This is chapter 29. My guess is that the completion status was submitted along with the final chapter but somehow got posted before the chapter. I have faith we won’t be left with Jihan literally hanging!
  11. 84Mags

    Chapter 20

    The build up to the rescue had my heart pounding. Then every bit of the rescue felt like I was right there in the house with them! Yea Bruce!!! And the kiss and declarations of love between Jett and Kyle made me cry. I wasn’t sure how it was all going to play out but must say I am glad Kyle learned to shoot a weapon. Throughout all of this I was most worried about Kim, however she is resilient and with accepting Megan staying with her I knew she would be ok. Well done. Very well done.
  12. 84Mags

    Chapter 19

    Perfectly done and very well paced. However, I agree that Tues is too far away 😉 and your twists and turns in this story have us all literally wondering what is next. It’s just too hard to guess.
  13. 84Mags

    Chapter 19

    That was an epic amount of ratcheting up of tension! I’m still a bit keyed up and on the edge of my seat! I am hoping “pure chaos” means Bruce has torn one Greene apart and has the other by the balls.
  14. 84Mags

    Chapter 18

    Twins!! Evil, twisted minded twins. 😳 They are an example of why the nature verses nurture theory debates in child development don’t always matter. These two sickos got double whammies. There was no hope for them to turn out anything but sinister. I’m thankful Kim has strong survival instincts. She and Kyle will need to keep their wits while dealing with these two bad seeds.
  15. 84Mags

    Chapter 17

    I still don’t think it’s Greene. Or at least not just Greene. I’m wondering about all the children of the three women. What if one of Kim’s children had serious emotional distress over the adoption? Just thinking out loud. Still want a major rescue scene. (And they are getting rescued, right?) If you aren’t up for the 82nd Airborne, let’s dial it back to those cute firefighters from that calendar. I’d be ok with that.
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