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  1. 84Mags


    Oh sure, make me google search again! I concede. Your idea is obviously a much better fit to the overall theme... but can we agree there is pinch of Odin in Heinrich 😉?!
  2. 84Mags


    The first title I didn’t need to google search! I studied Carl Jung’s essay on Wotan in grad school; if you haven’t read it, you should take a peak at it if for no other reason than the poet in you might enjoy the many poems inspired by the essay. So much focus on Rita and a possible relationship for Rick in this small town’s whisper mill, when it is really Rick’s dad that echoes through his head and creates the internal strife. It’s old Heinrich who is ‘stirring the pot’ and inserting himself into the daily business of a town he is no longer an active part of. He moved out of state but still hovers over the town. He expects respect and decision making rights even as he inconsiderate to Rick. Change is slowly but steadily coming for Rick. He’s a good man.
  3. 84Mags

    Chapter 22

    For the first time in so long I really can’t remember, I read the comments first just in case I needed to prepare myself for this chapter. Now that I’ve read it, I’m at the tentative sigh of relief stage. Please don’t harsh my buzz in the next chapter.
  4. 84Mags


    👆🏻I thought the same.... Rick 🥺
  5. 84Mags


    👆🏻Yes! Hopefully that will be her downfall.
  6. 84Mags


    I didn’t expect Rita to have such a lack of respect for Rick to be as open and blunt about how she would be using Rick in her scheme! It was frustrating to have Rick emotionally check out of the conversation and miss key details, even though it is a coping mechanism for his anxiety. I believe if Rita were a man, society might call him a shrewd and cunning businessman. The brashness Rita displays could be considered mere schmoozing and going after what he wants. That doesn't mean peers would like him, but there might be a level of respect Rita isn’t receiving; this obviously chafes her. Rita is tenacious. She moved her business to Eagle Lake and has no intentions of striking out again. Rick is key to her plans. It is concerning she brought up Eagle Lake not being an easy town to keep secrets in or driving hours away to get certain things you need. She appears to understand Rick’s family dynamics as related to his business. What else does she know about Rick? Also interesting was the bump in with Mr. Piano Man ❤️ Can’t wait for more encounters! I really love the titles of your chapters and how they subtly explain each as well as give future clues. Google search 😉
  7. 84Mags

    Chapter 21

    My grandmother used to say, “If wishing could make it so we would have our heart’s desire. We must work hard and pray God grants us what is best.” In this case I truly hope the moon does so for Sawyer and Jimmy. Sawyer not only needs to wake up, but also survive the transformation to wolf instead of rabid.
  8. 84Mags


    I really liked Rick’s ‘discussion’ with Marshall, too! So often workers in sex industries become the primary source of kindness, human interaction and advice for those they work with. Unfortunately, society can be pretty harsh and unfair to those individuals. Marshall entered Rick’s life at a critical point and although it wasn’t best for the long term, their relationship really helped Rick. It was neat that when Rick was driving back and in such a negative head space, looping demeaning thoughts, ‘Marshall’ stepped forward with positive, affirming ideas. My hope is someday soon Rick will recognize those thoughts were actually his own.
  9. 84Mags


    I commented in Chapter 4 that I dislike Rita, and this chapter only served to strengthen that feeling. She has this conniving pushiness that seems part real (what kind of person argues over a 1/2 percent sales tax ?!) and part pretense. She’s obviously scheming something and did see Rick’s truck. Bring on the dinner, we are ready for her...
  10. 84Mags

    Chapter 20

    Jeepers that was a traumatizing read! Did the rogue treat Sawyer as he had other victims? He didn’t first have sex with Sawyer. The rogue came at him in wolf form and immediately either went for the kill or attempt to turn Sawyer. Jimmy whimpering at the end was foreboding.
  11. 84Mags


    Although this chapter left me with an aching sadness for Rick, (...very well written, by the way), I also noticed signs of change that give me hope. Rick headed to Milwaukee mid work week without his usual preplanning ahead. Then, he didn’t give up when he almost hit a deer, his motel from years back was closed, the escorts and ‘dating’ sites were a bust, and MKE’s wasn’t located where he thought it would be. He pushed through the bar’s noise, less than welcoming bartender and overall vibe. Yes, his lack of confidence and insecurities ultimately won, but he tried. I also love that the memories of Marshall still give him comfort.
  12. 84Mags

    Chapter 19

    Jimmy has to maintain a grip on his wolf and continue to follow his instincts, stay on the rogue’s trail and stay in control. @kjoel1961 is right! Tension is rising!!!
  13. 84Mags

    Idee Fixe

    👆🏼Yes! That’s how I perceive Rick, too. And I am rooting for him, as well. Let’s hope the piano instructor can offer a better future.
  14. 84Mags

    Idee Fixe

    I really dislike Rita! She’s not just a brash woman trying to get Rick into a relationship and steaming ahead in spite of his disinterest. Her obvious disregard for boundaries is unsettling.
  15. 84Mags

    Chapter 18

    Well done! I’m a domestic violence counselor; this chapter was emotionally exhausting. Your writing details exactly what the cycle involves, what it is to be a victim, what it takes to plan an escape, and how victims oftentimes must put their faith in someone who doesn’t like or respect them in order to get away. I want to believe this is the first large crack in the leadership and hold Fergus has over his pack, but something tells me we are in for a much bumpier ride.
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