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  2. It's sunny and cool out this morning. There's a chance of some storms today and tomorrow, but I don't think anything severe. Is Isaias supposed to impact where your mum is?
  3. G'day y'all. We didn't get the strong storms overnight. We are in a bit of a transition. The temp and humidity level continued to drop since we woke this morning. It is currently overcast and 74/23°. The day is to remain overcast with a forecast high near 87/30°. Rain is possible later today with heavy rain a near certainty tomorrow as Isaias moves up the coast. My headache has eased some so I hope to finish working the soil and planting the new lawn this morning. With the cooler temp and cloud cover it should not be too difficult. Blessed be.
  4. Coming up to midnight, so I'll have my cocoa and head to bed. Night all! (Hope your beloved Leafs do well for you tonight, Gary. )
  5. Greetings! It aches terribly. I'd like to take my meds but if we are to have strong storms I don't want to be sedated. I'm trying the quiet restful approach and less strong medication.
  6. Hey, bro! Not sure how your head got on with all that changeable weather... But it sure hurt mine trying to read about it.
  7. Here we woke up to t-storms but those passed quickly. It stopped raining by the time we left for our morning walk. Showers started up on the drive to the park. A gentle rain was falling when we arrived. While the temp was warm, 77/25°, we would have been thoroughly drenched making for a soggy drive home. We returned home only for the showers to end. The sun did come out and the temp reached it's current 91/33° with the humidity it feels like 99/37°. We sat out for a bit this afternoon but another passing shower sent us back indoors. It's become very breezy. There is the potential for more storms as another front moves through providing a respite from the heat.
  8. Erm.... Although if we spoke Canadian French...
  9. If you all spoke Canadian, it would solve the problem, eh?
  10. Bicker !! ??? We weren't bickering! Well, I wasn't. Not my fault they don't know how to talk proper t'other side o' pond. Like us does on this side.
  11. You both make me laugh. As a french in school we learn UK english but growing up watching series/movie/shows in American English so I understand both and don't get confused, I just get it. So yeah when you "bicker" I'm like yeah duh it's the same thing 🤷🏻‍♀️
  12. No. Canning, bottling. Potato, Pudada. (Or maybe that should have been: Potato, Spud. )
  13. Canning, preserving. Tomayto, Tomahto.
  14. Cool. We don't can it this side of the pond. We bottle it.
  15. You didn't use an envelope, did you? Those have a tendency to leak.
  16. That would work too I agree with your comments about the “everyday”, there is beauty there and it is good to be reminded of that
  17. On a restaurant or Cooking School wall
  18. It's dark and rainy here. Perfect writing weather

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