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  2. You got to love this Gary Canada Will Ban Plastic Bags, Straws, Cutlery, and Other Single-Use Plastics Starting in 2021
  3. Hey, Marty. Things are going well, so far.
  4. We'll take that as a no. Hi, young Albert!
  5. Microwave... and a convection oven, but my daughter is giving me the one I gave to her. I bought it for her a couple of years ago, and she hasn't used it much. I already have the new light fixture, taps, and sink... but still have to install them... lots of work to do yet.
  6. Good evening, all. Hope you're all having a good Tuesday. It's still raining over here in Ireland, although the northern half of the country seems to be fairing a lot better than the southern half, with floods up to a meter high affecting parts of Cork at high tide this morning. I've not really left the house all day. It's past 7:30 pm as I type this, and it's still raining. The Government announced last night that the whole country will be moving to the most stringent, Level 5, Covid-19 restrictions for six weeks, to start at midnight tonight. That means that, apart from essential journeys, no-one is advised to travel more that 5 kilometres (about 3 miles) from home, and people should work from home wherever possible. Schools and child-care facilities will remain open, but all non-essential retail and service outlets are to close. That includes hairdressers and garden centres. I suppose if the weather doesn't pick up and allow me to do some work in the garden I shall be forced to actually get back to the indoor decorating work that I keep putting off, so that could be a blessing in disguise. I'm going to start dinner shortly. Have two Christmas puddings in a large pan steaming on the hob at the moment, and wholemeal bread dough almost ready to go in the oven. I'm also planning to make a couple of Christmas cakes in the next day or so. I'm determined not to let the pandemic get in the way of Christmas! (Even if I do finish up having to celebrate it on my own.)
  7. Sorry I am not telling you Clo After All I am a Gentleman
  8. Its so funny I just love Buckets accent 🥂
  9. Good night, Bumble B. Hey, Clo. Hey, Bertie. Hey, Dugh, Mum, and Thistle.
  10. New fridge, new air cleaner, what’s next on the list?
  11. Sounds like a good start to the day
  12. I am doing well enough thank you. Had a good morning. Mum and I went out for brekkie. Then took her mail-in ballot to the official county drop-off site. After that came home and spent a couple hours weeding and cleaning up the front of her house. Now though my head says it's time to rest quietly. Mum has an appointment later this afternoon with her eye doctor so I'll take her to that.
  13. Sunny but chilly morning. Happy Tuesday, all. My new air cleaner for the basement was delivered. One more level of safety for when my son moves back in.

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