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Headstall's Paddock

Headstall's Paddock

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A fan club for Headstall to chat about his stories as well as home to CoTT House of Cards Chat Topic


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  2. That's great! Orchids are amazing plants with a huge variety of forms and shapes. They don't require hard work if you have done the research and are consistent in caring for them.
  3. Well Terry I have three more Orchids going into bloom most I have had in a long time!
  4. It is very sweet of you and Clo to offer help, but Dugh's herd are taking care of Dugh so no help is needed. As for the new additions, Gary know where to send them so Dugh will get them safe and sound.
  5. I was being inclusive for all people in their twenties (except for Pagey).
  6. Nope! Sexy trusts me as God-and-Emperor to take care of his herd!
  7. I've just spent almost 3 hours in the phone with my friend who lives upstairs! The last time we had seen each other? 12am in the bus back home
  8. Dugh let me in charge of his herd and in charge of collecting is due while is working on taking care of himself
  9. We need to respect Sexy's opinion, Gorgeous.
  10. Opinion: Texy should have this stud. -Dughlas, for the Houston Chronicle, 12/09/22
  11. A good harvest of tomatoes and no rabbits
  12. @dughlas Hope you are doing okay, bro.
  13. This is what our Veg's Garden looks like Fruit trees in the back
  14. Yeah! *butters a nice thick baguette*
  15. I’m going to do an Albert and quote a news headline… Mais, oui! UNESCO has added the French baguette to its cultural heritage list Congrats Clo

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