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Headstall's Paddock

Headstall's Paddock

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A fan club for Headstall to chat about his stories as well as home to CoTT House of Cards Chat Topic


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  2. You just did, and that ain't Drewth.
  3. Well now you're just lying about lying.
  4. Mum is arriving Thursday evening 😁
  5. It was wet, windy and chilly, 60/15°, so we did a remarkable business in woolen cloaks. Yeah, yeah how nice, it was pleasantly autumnal for the equinox. Darn Canadians keeping all the nice weather for themselves. This rain is a good thing as we've been quite dry lately. I just wish it would stop raining on the weekends. This is the third weekend that it rained on at least one of the days.
  6. But if I absolutely had to be compared to any of them...that test we took said I was Top, but I'm not a manipulative, cheating, coke head. Plus I never had his flirting game... If I'm really like any of them it's Nick sadly. I'm more quiet, I love too much, and I'm not loved enough. I have a higher self-esteem than he does though, and I'm not submissive in bed. I'm nerdy like Mew, but I don't become a megalomaniacal super villain if you piss be off... that's more your thing... There really is no Spikey equivalent in that circle of friends.
  7. Then which Only Friends character do you want me to compare you to?
  8. I told you before, it's a compliment to call you Boston!
  9. You're literally attacking me for no reason. I've barely posted here in the last week, and said nothing mean or aggressive to you in any way, and some how you're calling me Boston again? Step off bitch.

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