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A fan club for Headstall to chat about his stories as well as home to CoTT House of Cards Chat Topic


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  2. It was wonderful. Max really makes our home feel complete.
  3. Hey Page How was your first Thanksgiving as a dad?
  4. Very nice a good Christmas selection I have been trying to come up with a new blend for this year but I really like the iced tea I developed a couple of years ago.
  5. I expect nothing less of you. I think you'll be a great dad.
  6. Wow! You found him just waiting there soaking in the tub. How serendipitous for you what with needing someone to wash your back.
  7. I'll support Max in anything he wants to do. Whether he wants to dance or he changes his mind and decides to play football, play the violin, or do something else entirely, I'll encourage him to pursue it as far as he wants to. As long as it makes him happy, that's the most important thing.
  8. I'm good too. Had a couple of exams and papers to hand this week that were stressing me and causing me insomnia but now that it's done I'm feeling lighter and ready to tackle the next round. I almost didn't make it too class in time this morning (seems like I've turned off the alarm and went back to sleep oops) then had a slow afternoon with a nap and a cup of tea then I did some cleaning and installed the first light garland before meeting with a friend from college downtown. It's been colder the last couple of days and rain all day. The forecast is for some mixed rain/snow with temperatures barely above 0°C this weekend.
  9. I'm good... it's chilly here. How are you?
  10. When to the Christmas market with a friend tonight. Lots of food stands thought they go from waffles to choucroute to crêpes to raclette @Bucket1 I bought teas: one grilled apple and cinnamon (rooibos) that smells just like an apple crumble and another one called elves tea that smells like fruity sweets
  11. Ooooh oooh looks like someone need a hand washing his back Hey my Sexy Lumberjack how are you?
  12. And Easter! And the solstices! And birthdays!
  13. And Christmas and Eid… plenty of reasons to feast
  14. I think it wonderful that you and Morgan are supportive of Max's interest in dance. Too many dads would not be.
  15. Isn't it the point of Thanksgiving?
  16. Happy Thanksgiving to all our US friends
  17. It was toasty. Only 33C but we are not used to the warm weather just yet. One of the women I work with asked if she was going through menopause. Had to tell her no, we are all feeling the heat. Hotter on the weekend

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