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A fan club for Headstall to chat about his stories as well as home to CoTT House of Cards Chat Topic


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  2. Mike Mitchell, a founding member of the band that recorded 'Louie Louie,' has died
  3. I managed to bring home the coffee table that my grandfather made my grandmother over 60 years ago Simple but elegant design. Marry a carpenter and you get your own furniture
  4. Hello young Albert Thanks for the rose
  5. You can have him, dugh. Truth be told, I'm not really a fan of meat markets. Poacher. Thank you Albert. ME!
  6. Thanks. Those eyebrows remind me of Dave Franco's.
  7. Mum had catract surgery in each eye about five years ago. I am likely to develope them too.
  8. I had an English muffin with peanutbutter and blackberry jam. I do not care for avacado.
  9. As you know dear Marty he isn't for you
  10. Hot-diggity! A clean-shaven stud. I'll have to hide his shirt. Otherwise dugh will try to claim him.
  11. And you, bro! Is the stud swimming under the water today?
  12. Steve had it done and now he has 20/20 vision

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