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This is Book 2 of the "New Reality" Series; reading 'Re-Birth', Book 1, is highly recommended.

Re-Forging - 8. Chapter 8

I was still struggling to find sleep when I felt Scott climb into bed that night. In an unusual move, he slid in behind me and held me rather than his usual role as the little spoon. I quickly felt sleep overtaking me. When I woke, Scott was still wrapped around me. I resisted the temptation to ignore our alarm and slipped out of his grasp. One temptation I couldn’t resist was Scott’s beautiful face. I leaned in and gently kissed his lips. When he responded, I pulled back.

“No time for that, Cassanova,” I teased. “We have to get our workout done and get dressed for court.”

Scott grabbed for me, but I was too quick for him. “You’re evil, you know that?”

I laughed as I pulled on my running shorts. “Yeah, but you love me anyway.”

He jumped to his feet and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “Yup, and always will.”

When we emerged from my room, Tommy was waiting in the hall. “Mind if I work out with you guys this morning?”

I smirked. “What do ya think, Scott? Can the old man keep up?”

I dodged the playful swing Tommy took and dashed for the door. We quickly stretched and took off on my usual route. As we passed the barn, I was surprised when Scott pointed and told Tommy how that was where I had died. He went on to relate how he carried me home, at significant risk to his own health, and convinced his dad to change me.

“At significant risk to your own health, you say. I thought you told me there was no danger?” I teased.

Scott smirked and said, “Well, if I’m going to tell the story, I gotta make it dramatic, and I definitely have to make myself the hero. No danger, no hero, right Tommy?”

Tommy raised his hands in surrender. “Don’t pull me into this, Scott. I’m just the hired help.”

Scott faked indignance, saying, “See how he treats me, Greg? For you, it’s My Lord this and Your Lordship that. For me, it’s just plain Scott.”

I raised my hands, mirroring Tommy’s surrender, and said, “Don’t pull me into this, Scott. I’m the new kid.”

Scott did his best pouting face and ran ahead. I smirked at Tommy, and we ran to catch up. As we were walking the last lap around the neighborhood, I checked my watch. We had run my four-mile course in fourteen minutes. I wasn’t sweating or even breathing hard.

We were standing around my weight bench when Tommy asked, “How much were you working out with, Greg?”

“I was doing three sets of fifteen at two hundred and twenty-five pounds, why?”

Tommy thought for a second, then loaded the bar with five hundred pounds. When I objected, he said I should trust him; he’d spot me. I was amazed when I lifted the bar from the rack and did fifteen reps. I was more impressed when Scott laid back and did fifteen reps with the same weight. I wasn’t surprised when Tommy loaded the bar with another two hundred and fifty pounds and proceeded to do twenty reps like it was nothing.

When he had finished, I asked, “Is there even a point to my working out?”

“Actually, there is, Greg. I’ve just shown you what you should be working out with if you want to keep your current physical condition. You can add weight if you want to bulk up more, like I have, or you can reduce the weight, and you’ll lose some mass, but you’ll remain fit. Remember, we are twice as strong as humans in our human form. Keep that in mind if you choose to continue wrestling at school.”

“So that’s the point you’re trying to make, Tommy? That I shouldn’t wrestle?” I snapped.

“I promise you, Greg, I had no ulterior motive. This morning was our first chance to work out together, and I wanted to see where you are. You’ve not had a chance to compare your human strength to your vampire strength, and I wanted to help you do that. What you do with that knowledge is entirely up to you. If you wrestle, I swear I’ll be right there in the stands, cheering you on.”

“You’d say that regardless of your personal feelings. Like you said earlier, you’re the hired help.” As soon as I said it, I regretted it. Before I could apologize, Tommy stood up.

“With all due respect, Greg, I know you don’t believe that for a second. You’re stressed about going to court and taking it out on me. Feel free to do so anytime; I can take it.”

I stared at my feet for a full minute before I looked Tommy in the eye. “I was beyond out of line, Tommy. You have no idea how bad I feel for having said that. You have every right to beat me to a pulp or simply walk away and go back to California. I don’t like either of those, but if I have a choice, I’ll take the beating I deserve. I’ll never speak to you like that again.”

Tommy shook his head. “Don’t make promises that you can’t keep, Greg. You’ll have other stressful days, and you’ll take that stress out on those around you, like we all do. And stop suggesting I quit; I’ve told you that won’t happen. Now, can we shower and get to the courthouse? Or are you going to search for a sword to fall on first?”

Scott chimed in with, “There’s a big butcher knife in the kitchen; should I run and get it?”

Tommy and I were still eye to eye, and he was the first to break, but I wasn’t far behind him. We both burst out laughing, then, as if pre-arranged, we both grabbed Scott and tossed him into the shower, still fully clothed. I took a step to follow him and found myself engulfed in Tommy’s huge arms.

“Everything’s going to work out today, Greg. Relax.” When he released me, he pushed me toward the shower and added, “And don’t ever offer me the chance to beat your ass; I might be the one having a bad day and take you up on it.”

Tommy was heading upstairs to Dad’s shower, and I got in with Scott. As I stood under the spray, I looked at Scott and broke down sobbing. “I can’t believe I said that, Scott. What’s wrong with me?”

Scott held me and quietly said, “Like Tommy said, you’re stressed, even if you don’t realize it. Why do you think he and I were acting like idiots on the run this morning?”

I pulled away and stared at him. “That was planned?”

“Well, we didn’t sit down and script it, but yeah. We agreed we’d try to make jokes and improve your mood. When you came over here and asked me to leave you alone, Tommy said you were stressing about court, and we needed to get your mind off it a bit.”

I pulled Scott to me and held him tight as I whispered, “Oh my sweet angel. What did I ever do to deserve you? I’m not stressed about court, but I can’t talk about it until it’s over.”

We quickly finished our shower and headed upstairs to get dressed. As we were dressing, Scott asked, “I thought you said we were equal partners in this, Greg. What are you dealing with that you won’t let me help?”

“It’s not like that, Scott, it’s personal. Something I have to decide, and if I’m wrong, people could die. I don’t want that on you.”

Scott sighed. “And when do you have to decide this?”

“Sometime in the next 24 hours.”

As he tied my tie, Scott replied, “Then stop focusing on it until after lunch. We have to get you emancipated. Shut up and get in the Escalade.”

“What about your dad?” I asked.

“They’re meeting us there. James said he needed to swing by the dealership on his way,” Tommy answered for Scott. “And Scott’s right, My Lord. If you don’t get your ass in the vehicle, I might take you up on your earlier offer.”

As Scott and I climbed in, I muttered, “Can’t find good help these days.”

Though he’ll deny it, I know I saw Tommy grin as we drove off.

Thirty minutes later, after parking, Tommy led us through the side door of the county courthouse and into the room Mike had arranged for our use before the hearing. When we entered, Mike was on his phone. James stood and pointed for me to sit at the table, opposite Mike. We waited until he finished his call.

“Sorry about that, Greg, that was your father. He’s going to stand by his phone if the judge wants to speak to him.” Mike looked at James and said, “I hate to say this, but if everyone would give Greg and me the room, please?”

Tommy glanced at me, so I said, “I’m safe with him, Tommy. Just stand outside the door for a few minutes, please?”

When we were alone, Mike said, “Sorry about this, Greg, but I needed to ensure that you’re doing this because you feel it is what’s best for you, not anyone else. Not for Scott, James, your dad; this has to be what you want to do. Is that the case?”

I smiled at Mike’s concern. “Yes, Mike. I am doing this because, after consulting with my attorney and my father, I feel this is in my best interest. Is that the answer you want me to give the judge when he asks?”

Mike looked like he was going to faint. “Dear god don’t ever suggest that anyone, especially me, coached you on what to say. Are you trying to kill me?” He smiled slightly, then added, “And yes, that would be a perfect answer if I were to suggest one.”

“I’m glad. Is there anything else you need before we let everyone back in?” I smirked and added, “You do know that all of them can hear every word we’re saying, don’t you?”

We both heard the chuckles from the other side of the door. Mike laughed and said, “Of course I know that Greg, but we have to play these games so I can impress the other humans and justify the incredibly high rates I’m charging you for this.”

I was still laughing as James, Scott, and Tommy came back in. Mike went through the stack of papers he had filed with the court and tried to prepare me for anything the judge might ask. Before I realized it, our half-hour was up, and we headed for the courtroom.

It may surprise you to learn that, in my seventeen and a half years on this earth, I had never set foot in a courtroom. Of course, I’d seen them on television, but actually walking into one and hearing my footsteps echoing between the benches for the gallery was a strange and surreal experience. Stepping up to that low wooden fence and having someone open the gate for me to approach the desk marked ‘plaintiff’ felt incredibly humbling. Then, looking up at the elevated mahogany box where the judge sat, presiding over my future, sent a wave of extreme unease through me.

Mike and I sat at our desk, and Mike pulled his stack of papers out of his briefcase as I nervously looked around. James, Scott, and Tommy were sitting directly behind us on the gallery side of the little fence. Scott reached forward and put his hand on my shoulder, instantly calming me. I noticed that no one was sitting at the other desk. When I asked Mike about this, he explained that we were asking the court to do something for us, and there was no one who actually opposed us. If it were a trial, that is where the prosecution would sit.

I was actually beginning to relax when a door to our left front opened, and a sheriff’s deputy walked in and said, “All rise. Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye. All persons having business before this, the Court for the Second Circuit of the Great State of West Virginia, draw near, give your attention, and you shall be heard. The court of Judge Nelson is now in session.”

We all stood, and a man about my dad’s age walked in, headed directly to his bench, took his seat, and said, “You may be seated. Deputy, please call the first case.”

“Your honor, the first case is a petition by the minor, Charles Gregory Fowler, asking to be declared an emancipated minor.”

The judge looked at us and asked, “Mr. Barnes, I assume you are representing the aforementioned minor?”

Mike stood and replied, "I am your honor.”

Turning his gaze to me, the judge asked, “And you are said minor, young man?”

I stood and said, “I am your honor.”

I started to sit when he said, “Remain standing, young man; I have a few questions. I’ve read your petition and the affidavit from your father in support of your petition. Am I doing my math correctly? You will be eighteen in just over six months?”

“That is correct, your honor. I’ll be eighteen on the fourth of January.”

“I realize that to someone your age, six months may seem like an eternity, but in the larger scheme of things, it really is a very short period of time. Would you please explain to me why I should push you into adulthood now rather than let nature take its course, as it were?”

Mike had warned me that the judge might do this. He knew all the answers because they were all spelled out in the papers we had filed. He wasn’t asking for information; he was asking so he could evaluate my maturity and understanding of the situation.

“First, your honor, I’d like to say that my father and I love each other very much, and if not for the unusual situation I find myself in, I would not be here asking for this declaration. My father and I have discussed it, and I am welcome to continue living in his home as long as I desire. For the foreseeable future, this means until I head off to college, but that is, of course, subject to changes in our lives.

“That said, I have recently been offered the opportunity to own and operate a small business valued at approximately twelve million dollars. In the conduct of said business, I need the ability to borrow money, sign contracts, and otherwise conduct business without having to have my father’s assets put at risk due to my age. Denying this petition would create hardship for me and my business and materially affect our ability to conduct business, possibly to the extent that the business might not exist. As things stand today, I will have an annual salary from this business of twenty-four thousand dollars per year, a fifty percent share of profits, and the use of a company vehicle.

“You should have a copy of my financial statements showing that, as of Monday past, I have investments valued at just shy of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, primarily from a life insurance policy that was paid on the death of my mother. Thanks to my parents instilling the value of savings early on, I've accumulated another one hundred thousand in savings and checking accounts. As a side note, my father has an additional one hundred thousand in a college fund that is not in my name but is earmarked for that purpose. Excluding this college fund, these funds are in no way tied to my father other than the fact that I am a minor."

The judge sat quietly, staring at me for a moment, then said, “I’m sure that your counsel has advised you that I am usually against these emancipation petitions because they typically result from problems in the home. Few who appear before me are prepared to deal with the world independently. Most people your age are neither financially, emotionally, nor intellectually ready to manage their own affairs.

“That said, you, young man, stand before me and present, without notes, a detailed yet concise statement of your finances, your plans for providing an income, as well as addressing your housing and education plans for both the short- and long-term future. You have shown an understanding of what you seek and a preparedness rarely seen in my courtroom. Seeing no compelling reason and hearing no objection,” He paused a moment to allow someone from the gallery to object, “This court agrees with the petitioner and declares the minor, Charles Gregory Fowler, emancipated and, as such, an adult in the eyes of the law, in matters before this court, and any court that recognizes our jurisdiction.

“Keep in mind, Mr. Fowler, that while you are now an adult in the eyes of the law, you are still seventeen years old. As such, you are not permitted to purchase or consume alcohol, along with any other age-restricted activities, until you reach the legal age for those activities.”

He turned to the deputy and asked, “Do we have anything else this morning, Tom?”

“No your honor, the other case has had a delay.”

“Then this court stands in recess until 1 PM today.” He banged his gavel and cleared his throat. “And Mr. Fowler, considering your excellent statement before the court, if you haven't considered a career in law, you might be advised to do so.”

“Thank you, your honor. That is my current plan.”

“Well, have Mr. Barnes keep me apprised of your situation, and if I can help you in any way, I certainly will.”

“Thank you, your honor, for both the offer and the compliment.”

Everyone stood until the judge left the courtroom, then Mike turned to me and asked, “Why did you hire me?”

I was distracted and missed his sarcasm. “Huh? I hired you to be here for me and get this done.”

He rolled his eyes and said, “You gave me your financial statements, your dad gave a statement, and you just stand up and charm the pants off the judge so well that you not only got him to rule your way, you got him to offer you a letter of recommendation for college.”

“So you’re saying I should send your check to myself?”

Mike laughed. “Spoken like a true lawyer, Greg.”

James leaned in and asked, “Are we all going to lunch to celebrate?”

Mike shook his head and said, “I’d love to, James, but we’re not finished yet. Now that he’s an adult, I need Scott and Greg to sign the incorporation paperwork for GSE.”

I had been so focused on the emancipation I had totally forgotten everything else. We followed Mike back to the small room we were in earlier and signed a stack of paperwork. There were articles of incorporation, applications for business licenses, paperwork to conduct business under a fictitious name, and several others I don’t remember. Mike had also prepared contracts between GSE and our chosen board members, laying out their compensation and responsibilities. Next, we signed a loan agreement between James and GSE, then we each signed a loan agreement between James and Scott and I, individually.

James, after signing each loan agreement, handed us a series of checks that added up to just shy of sixteen million dollars. As quickly as James handed a check to me, Scott plucked it from my hands and placed it in his jacket pocket. When he did this for the fifth or sixth time, I looked up and said, “Is this how it’s going to be? I get the money and you take it and spend it?”

We all had a good laugh and when Mike said we had nothing more to sign, I said, “If only that were true. Now, Scott and I need to spend the next few hours visiting banks. Sorry if you hoped to have lunch, James. How about we call you later and Scott and I take you and Donna out to dinner?”

Mike handed me a stack of papers, explaining, “Here is a copy of everything you’ve signed, as well as a certified copy of your emancipation declaration. You’ll receive several copies of it in the mail and I will keep a copy in the safe at the office, just in case. You’ll need most of that stack to open your bank accounts.” He turned to Scott, “You have your passport?”

When Scott nodded, Mike shook our hands and left. I looked at the stack of papers, looked around, and realized that it was just Tommy, Scott, and me. I stood and headed for the door.

There were two banks just a short walk from the courthouse. I thought of having Tommy meet us, but I thought about the checks in Scott’s jacket and decided we should keep him with us. I did ask him to grab a couple coffees from the café while we went inside a branch of a large national bank.

We were greeted with a smile by a polite young lady who asked, “What can we do for you gentlemen today?”

Scott glanced at me, so I said, “We’d like to speak to someone about opening a few accounts.”

“Will they be personal or business accounts?”

“Both, actually, but we’d prefer to have just one contact here to handle all our accounts if that’s possible.”

She paused for a moment, then said, “If you’ll wait a minute, I’ll see who’s available to help you.”

We nodded our thanks and waited while she stepped away. I had noticed a slight pause when I mentioned accounts plural, and I’m certain that I saw her evaluating our clothing a few times during our short conversation. When she returned, a man in his mid-forties was with her.

“Good afternoon, I’m Mr. Frazier. Jenny says you boys would like to open an account?”

“Yes, sir. I’m Greg Fowler, and this is my partner, Scott Warnick. We’d like to discuss opening accounts for our personal and business needs.”

“Certainly, we can help you with that. How much would you like to put into each account?”

I looked at Scott, and he had the same expression on his face that I imagined I had on mine. Mr. Frazier hadn’t taken us to an office, a cubicle, or even a desk. We were standing in the middle of the lobby, and this man wanted to discuss our finances where anyone passing by could overhear. I gave Scott a short nod. I felt bad for Jenny because she had obviously read the situation right. Unfortunately, her boss didn’t.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Frazier, but I think it best we take our business somewhere that understands that our finances are not to be discussed in public.”

I had already turned to leave when Mr. Frazier said, “I’m sorry. I thought we were talking about a few hundred dollars. I’ll be happy to take you to my cubicle if you like.”

I turned back and replied, “Thank you, sir, but I do not like. Have a nice day, sir.”

The idiot was still stammering as Scott and I crossed the street and walked into a branch of one of the locally owned banks. The door was hardly closed behind us when we were greeted by a girl I recognized as the older sister of one of the wrestlers.

“Hey Greg, don’t you look nice today. What can I help you with?”

“Hey Lisa, thanks. I had to appear in court earlier, so I’m a bit overdressed. This is my partner, Scott. We’d like to open some personal accounts and a business account or two. Is there any way we can do that and just deal with one person?”

“Let me check on something, and I’ll be right back.” Less than two minutes later, she returned. “I had to check with my boss about something. If you would follow me?”

I expected her to lead us to another middle-aged man, but she surprised me by leading us into a small office and heading for the chair behind the desk. “Grab a seat and tell me what you need. Once I have the whole picture, we can determine which account types best serve you.”

A quick glance at Scott told me we were on the same page. “If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask why you had to speak to your boss first. Please ignore my asking if it had nothing to do with us.”

“It’s fine, Greg… um, you don’t mind me calling you Greg, do you? I should call you Mr. Fowler, but we’ve—”

I rolled my eyes and laughed. “I’d be concerned if you called me anything else. I’ve spent the night at your house too often to be anything but Greg.”

Lisa laughed with me and explained, “I just got promoted to account manager, and I finished my training yesterday. Today’s my first official day in this job, and I needed to ensure I could do both personal and business accounts for you.”

I felt Scott’s knee bump mine, and I glanced down to see him handing me one of the checks made out to us personally and one of the larger business checks we’d received. I agreed with his thinking, and we proceeded to make Lisa’s day.

“We’d like each to open personal checking and savings accounts. We’ll also need two business accounts. One for payroll and one for the general ledger.”

Before she could reply, Scott asked, “Can you also help us set up a line of credit for the business?”

Lisa smiled and grabbed a Post-it notepad. “And how much do you want to put into each of these today?”

I looked at Scott and waited. He thought for a moment and said, “One hundred in each of the personal checking and four hundred in each of the savings. I think we should start the payroll account with two hundred, and put the balance of that check in the general ledger. We’d like to use part that balance to secure the line of credit. Our business is brand new.” I handed her the two checks and waited.

She had written the numbers Scott had said on her note pad and finally glanced at the checks when she needed the amount to deposit into the general ledger. I held back a grin as she started shaking and said, “From the check, I’m assuming you meant one hundred thousand and four hundred thousand into the personal accounts, with two hundred thousand in payroll and the balance of…” She clicked on her calculator a second, “one million eight hundred thousand into the general ledger?” She finally pulled her eyes from the check and looked up at us.

Scott thought for a moment, and when I saw a hint of a grin, I knew poor Lisa was in trouble. He reached into his jacket and sorted through the checks before saying, “You know what, put this in the general ledger as well. We have a few purchases coming up in the next week or so.”

She looked at the five million dollar check he had handed her and I couldn’t hold back a quiet laugh. She glanced at me and asked, “I pray that I’m right when I ask, did Jimmy put you up to this?”

I laughed out loud as I said, “I’m sorry, Lisa, but no, Jimmy didn’t put us up to anything. We’re completely serious, I promise. I’m laughing at your reactions.”

She looked back and forth between Scott and me a few times, then stood and said, “Well, due to the amounts involved, we’ll have to call the banks they’re drawn on to confirm. If you’ll excuse me for a minute?”

When she was gone, Scott asked, “Who’s Jimmy?”

“He’s one of the seniors that was on the team last year. I guess she thought we were pranking her.”

Scott thought for a moment, then said, “I guess if I were in her shoes, I’d wonder too.”

I saw Tommy in the lobby and waved him over. He handed us our coffee and returned to the lobby to wait for us. I only took a few sips when I saw Lisa returning with a man in his forties leading the way. I bumped Scott’s knee with mine and glanced in her direction. His eye roll told me he knew what was coming.

“Mr. Fowler, Mr. Warnick, my name is Joshua Thomas. I’ll be handling your accounts from here on out if you don’t mind. First, I’d like to—”

I stood and said, “Actually, Mr. Thomas, we do mind. If Lisa can’t handle our accounts, we’ll continue shopping for a bank that wants our business.”

Poor Mr. Thomas paled and started to sputter. His actions drew the attention of a gentleman in his sixties, who came over and asked, “Is there a problem, Joshua?”

“No, Mr. Clarence, no problems. I was just about to explain to these gentlemen that Lisa is new, and due to the size of their accounts, I felt that I should handle their business.”

I held out my hand and said, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Clarence. I’m Greg Fowler, and this is my partner, Scott Warnick. As I see it, Mr. Thomas was trying to poach our accounts from a junior associate due to their size. I was just explaining to him that if Lisa can’t handle our business, we would have to continue our search for a bank. In the interest of honesty, I’ve always banked with National, but I’m looking to spread my business around a bit.”

After a quick glare at Mr. Thomas, the older man shook my hand as he said, “I’m Matthew Clarence, and I’m the president of this bank. If you’re comfortable with Miss Jones, then of course you should continue to deal with her. I do hope that, due to her inexperience, you’ll allow me to guide her if an issue arises that she feels she needs my assistance with?”

I smiled my best smile and replied, “I’d certainly hope you’d lend your experience to your newer associates when they need it.”

“Miss Jones? Do you need anything to complete your business with these gentlemen?”

“Yes, Mr. Clarence, I do. They’d like to discuss a line of credit, and I cannot approve something like that on my own.”

With a smile, Mr. Clarence said, “Why don’t we step into your…” He paused when he saw how small her office was. “Well, that won’t do. Do you have everything you need to get them set up, Miss Jones?”

“Yes sir, I do.”

‘If you gentlemen will follow me, we’ll get your line of credit set up while Miss Jones does her magic. And trust me, next time you want to visit with her, feel free to bring a few friends. Her new office will have plenty of space.”

We followed Mr. Clarence to his office, where he set us up with a line of credit by using part of our cash as collateral. When we were finished with that, Lisa came in and handed us some temporary checks and our debit cards. They both thanked us for our business, and we headed back to the Escalade. After stopping by the house to change clothes, we enjoyed an early dinner with Donna and James to celebrate my transformation into both an adult, and a vampire.

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4 hours ago, Thomas Haworth said:

Dare I hope that Lisa's larger office would be that formerly occupied by one Joshua Thomas?

(In my best Bugs Bunny voice) Hmmm... Could be...

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46 minutes ago, Justin4Fun said:

I hope you know the parts that might change, :)

In fact, I've already made so many changes, I'm not sure how I'm going to pick up the original thread, but I plan on trying.

I agree with Davis.  This is a much improved version of the original.  So far it looks like you are doing a good job of sticking closely to the original plot.

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4 hours ago, Bikit said:

Hi, I love the story, thank you.

I was wondering how often you post chapters?

I'm working on it and posting as they're done, so there's no schedule. Sometimes it's a week between chapters, sometimes two, and sometimes it's only a few days. It just depends on how the story hits me.

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4 minutes ago, Justin4Fun said:

I'm working on it and posting as they're done, so there's no schedule. Sometimes it's a week between chapters, sometimes two, and sometimes it's only a few days. It just depends on how the story hits me.

Thank you.

I'm really excited for the next chapter.


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2 minutes ago, Bikit said:

I'm really excited for the next chapter.

@Bikit If you click on the follow button, you'll get notifications when a new chapter posts, if that's any help.

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On 11/24/2023 at 4:20 PM, Justin4Fun said:

(In my best Bugs Bunny voice) Hmmm... Could be...

Whats Up Hello GIF by Max

Didn’t you have an office somewhere near here; 🤨, I see why you liked it!

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On 11/24/2023 at 9:39 PM, Justin4Fun said:

I hope you know the parts that might change, :)

In fact, I've already made so many changes, I'm not sure how I'm going to pick up the original thread, but I plan on trying.

Perhaps…perhaps not, let the story and characters guide you. If they return to the original storyline then fine, but don’t force it. If they take you elsewhere, then perhaps that is the real reason why you were inspired to rewrite; that itch may not be fully understood until it manifests in a smile of pride, whichever path. May your mind and hand become one in this journey! 😛 

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5 hours ago, Philippe said:

Perhaps…perhaps not, let the story and characters guide you. If they return to the original storyline then fine, but don’t force it. If they take you elsewhere, then perhaps that is the real reason why you were inspired to rewrite; that itch may not be fully understood until it manifests in a smile of pride, whichever path. May your mind and hand become one in this journey! 😛 

Well said Philippe! No matter how it began, a good story will be a source of pride.

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This was a great chapter, Justin.

I like the way Greg handled the courtroom scene. Better yet, the way the Banks were handled. Shear joy!

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The courtroom scene was fabulous. And so was all the bank stuff. Not very supernatural, but I love Lisa and she did have a great day today, lol. :D 

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I think that was one of the funniest chapters to date. I do wonder if Mr. Thomas still has a job:rofl:

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