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The Light at the End of the Tunnel - 9. Chapter 9

Let's see what Sebastian and the boys have been up to.

Sebastian paced his office while Reilly, Hunter, and Kellan watched. His wolf was uneasy as the Alpha wore the floorboards out with his never-ending back and forth across. Caleb’s phone call a few weeks ago had put them on edge. Wolves didn’t get anxious waiting but often absorbed the negative emotion, picking up their human’s anxiety.

The former pack Alpha didn’t offer an explanation, only that they discovered a way to cure the hybrids. Sebastian didn’t know who they were. He tried to imagine a plausible scenario in which Caleb had the means to develop a cure but couldn’t. He and the High Council had the best scientific minds working on it and were stymied. The only other communication had been from Giles, informing him of Caleb’s impending arrival.

“Hey,” Reilly said softly. “Why don’t we go for a run while we’re waiting? It’s not doing our wolves or us any good being cooped up.”

“Yeah,” Hunter added. “Their plane isn’t scheduled to land for another hour, and then there's the drive here. I don’t think my wolf can watch you pace for that long.”

Sebastian stopped midstride and glared at his Beta. However, his eyes softened when Reilly stood up and hugged him. Maybe they were right. A little exercise wouldn’t hurt.

“Fine, let’s go.”

They headed out to the back deck, stripped, and stored their clothes before unleashing a symphony of pops and cracks that heralded the appearance of four wolves. Their colors complemented each other: black, white, silver, and mahogany, each interspersed with the other’s colors in a weird negative image of one another. Blond streaks along their necks were the only indication of their missing friends. Ben and Zev were in Great Falls doing errands. They should be back soon.

Sebastian, the largest wolf, black with white paws, his ears and tail interspersed with threads of silver and mahogany, took off across the vast meadow, leaving the others to follow in his wake. His stride was an all-out run, and the others had to haul ass to keep up.

The Alpha kept a fast pace until he reached a large outcrop of rocks near the peak of the small mountain they’d climbed. He sat on his haunches, waiting for the others to catch up. When they did, they broke the quietness of the forest with their howls as they let off steam.

As the last note drifted across the valley spread out before them, the wolves sat, panting as they rested. The white wolf, Reilly, pressed himself against the side of the larger black one, claiming his rightful place as mate. The silver and mahogany wolves, Hunter and Kellan, did the same to each other.

Sebastian’s wolf licked the smaller wolf’s head affectionately, allowing calmness to blanket itself over him. This was his soul mate, the other half who completed him. He was content.

The cool spring mountain air ruffled the wolves’ coats. They were a striking sight, eerily similar to the painting hanging in the main house. The only thing missing were the two blond wolves.

The black wolf noted the sun’s position in the sky. He let out a clipped bark, indicating it was time to return. They took a more direct route back to the den, loping across the meadow to the deck. The air felt brisk as they shifted and donned their clothes.

“Feel better?” Reilly asked as he put his hand on Sebastian’s back.

“Yeah,” he said, thankful his mate anticipated his needs. “It’s not easy knowing Caleb will be back in this territory. My wolf doesn’t understand. I’m not sure if I do either.”

Reilly stroked his back soothingly. “I hope things go smoothly. I can’t imagine what kind of cure Caleb thinks he found. As much as I hate to admit, we have to keep our guard up. It might be a trap.”

“Reilly’s right,” Hunter added, agreeing with the Alpha’s mate. “We’ll have your back if something goes south. For everyone’s sake, let's hope Caleb was being truthful. I’d hate to break it to Elijah, Tyler, and the twins that they must wait even longer to complete their mating bond.”

Sebastian’s phone unleashed a chorus of barks to the tune of Baha Men’s Who Let the Dogs Out, notifying him that Zev and Ben had returned from the store. His lips pressed together as he quickly turned off the sound, then muttered, “I’m killing Zev.”

Laughing, Reilly grabbed his phone and adjusted his settings. “There. No harm done. I’m sure he was just trying to lighten the mood. Besides, none of us have time to bury a body today.”

Taking back his phone, Sebastian barely contained a smile. Secretly, he was pleased his friends looked out for his well-being.

Not long after, a normal-sounding ping signaled another vehicle approaching. It was showtime.

Zev and Ben pulled into the driveway, parked their truck, and joined everyone on the veranda. Ten minutes later, they watched a large SUV stop in the driveway. The tinted windows were dark, but Caleb’s familiar yet subtly altered scent drifted over the breeze along with one that was unfamiliar.

Sebastian sensed Zev behind him, grinning from ear to ear. The young shifter was convinced his uncle and mentor held the key to the hybrids’ cure.

After a moment, both doors opened. Caleb stepped out of the driver’s side, and a tall, white-haired man exited the other. As they drew closer, Sebastian could see the man was much younger than he appeared at first glance.

Caleb hesitated before reaching the bottom step. Sebastian didn’t move. As Alpha, he remained at the top of the stairs. Caleb needed approval to move any closer. To do that, he had to ask.

Beside him, Hunter edged a step closer. Sebastian’s muscles tensed tightly, and his eyes flickered as his wolf edged his way forward, sensing the approach of an intruding Alpha. Reilly's hand moved to his shoulder. Behind them, Kellen, Ben, and Zev stood at attention.

“Hello, Alpha Sebastian,” Caleb greeted with his eyes respectfully downcast. “Thank you for allowing us onto your territory. May we approach?” he asked, standing more confidently than Sebastian could remember.

He nodded, then stepped back. “It’s good to have you here.”

“Who do you have with you?” Reilly asked, unable to mask his curiosity.

Caleb surprised them when he took the hand of the other man and smiled. “This is Asa. He’s my mate.”

Sensing no deception, the wolf shifters let down their guard enough to offer their congratulations. As he registered that the change in Caleb’s scent was due to his mated status, Sebastian discovered he was truly happy for the former Alpha of the pack. A glance at Ben, who nodded almost imperceptibly as a sign that nothing major was amiss, set his mind at ease that they were not in danger. His wolf settled back where he belonged, although still alert.

“Mated life agrees with you,” Zev complimented as he jumped off the porch to hug the man who had helped raise him. “You sure as shit look a helluva lot better than the last time we saw you.”

Ben jogged down the steps and smacked his mate on the back of his head. “Knock it off. You said you wouldn’t bring it up. Leave poor Caleb alone.”

Asa, who had hung back until now, laughed. “Poor Caleb, indeed.” He winked at his mate.

“If you’re done being smart-asses, why don’t we take this inside?” Sebastian suggested. “I’m assuming you’re hungry. Sandi left some lasagna warming in the oven.”

Caleb’s stomach growled audibly, realizing it was past lunchtime. “That alone would make this trip worthwhile,” he moaned.

Sebastian couldn’t deny that between Sandi, Mama Garrison, and Connie Porter, they were spoiled. Lack of food was unheard of.

He led them into the house. As much as he wanted to hear everything Caleb had come to share, he could be patient a bit longer.

Smiling, Zev seated himself across from Caleb. Despite his excitement, Sebastian knew the young shifter had more difficulty than anyone processing the ex-Alpha’s betrayal. Caleb was a father figure to Zev. That hadn’t changed.

“I’m happy for you, Caleb,” Zev said.

Sebastian watched as Caleb blushed, but his eyes flickered away, unable to hold eye contact, likely still holding on to the shame of what he’d done. Asa reached over and squeezed his mate’s hand in a reassuring gesture. Clearly, they were a good match.

As happy as they were for Caleb and his mate, they were there for a reason. Once everyone’s plates were full, Sebastian cleared his throat.“Okay, Caleb, tell us about the cure for the hybrids. Did you bring it with you?”

Caleb smiled, then nodded at Asa. “You’re looking at him.”

Sebastian blinked. Huh?

There was a full minute of silence as everyone stared in utter disbelief.

Ben was the first to connect the dots. “Holy shit!” he exclaimed. “You’re a light shifter too.”

Asa looked stunned. “How did you know?”

“I can see supernaturals,” he replied, ignoring the man’s bewilderment. “You confused me, though. I saw your wolf, but you also have a unique aura I’ve never seen before. That's why I didn't recognize you as a light shifter. When Caleb said you were the cure, I remembered something Elijah told us. His lover, Kage, was a shadow shifter. He could also vitiate people—um, cause them to get sick. Rosalie told us elemental shifters often had extra abilities and were sometimes opposites. So, it makes sense that if Kage, as a shadow shifter, could hurt, you, as a light shifter, could heal.”

Zev grabbed Ben and kissed him soundly. “You are so fucking smart!”

Sebastian had to admit Ben was quicker on the uptake than everyone he knew.

“Can you tell us how it works?” he asked after shushing the others.

Asa nodded. “I act as a catalyst for healing. I can channel my light’s energy to redirect a person’s healing ability. For example, I can use the energy to guide an individual’s cells and molecules to arrange themselves correctly. If you were to break a bone, I would basically lead your cells back to where they belong, thereby healing the break.”

“Wow.” Hunter breathed, listening with rapt attention. “That’s amazing.”

“It’s how he healed me,” Caleb admitted. “Even though it nearly killed him.”

“What? Is this dangerous for you?” Sebastian asked, turning to look at Asa. “I’m not sure I can let you risk your life.”

“No, it’s not that dire,” Asa assured them. “Caleb was different. He’d been poisoned with silver nitrate and mercury. It wreaked havoc on his mental health. It’s much more difficult to heal someone’s mind. A person’s psyche isn’t the same as a bone or an open flesh wound.”

“It still sounds dangerous,” Sebastian stated, his brows furrowed. He paused, then cocked his head sideways. “Hold on. Go back to the part where you said Caleb was poisoned.”

Caleb shot him an apologetic glance. “Asa thinks someone slipped me silver nitrate-laced mercury. My body couldn’t eliminate the mercury because it bonded to the silver. Essentially, I had mercury poisoning, which caused many of my mental issues and exacerbated others. It also affected my decision-making abilities.”

Sebastian sat utterly still. The realization that he had almost killed Caleb over what he’d done caused tremors to ripple across his body. Reilly wrapped his arms around his waist, lending support.

“It’s okay,” Caleb said softly, genuine concern flooding his face.

Vehemently shaking his head, Sebastian’s voice broke as he spoke. “No, it’s not. I nearly took your life. I stole your pack and fucking banished you! It’s not okay!”

Reilly buried himself into his side as though trying to absorb Sebastian’s guilt and pain. Hunter, Kellan, Zev, and Ben looked horrified as the significance of Caleb’s admission sunk in. The repercussions reached farther than any of them imagined.


Caleb’s Alpha voice was strong and clear. Seven heads swung to face him. The man now stood, his hands on his hips, looking every bit the Alpha that he was. Sebastian’s wolf gave a chuff of approval.

“Listen to me,” Caleb demanded. “You had no way of knowing. You did precisely what you should have done. The poison may have affected my decisions, but it was not the only reason. My head was fucked up for a long time. I won’t blame it solely on the mercury. I know better. There are so many things I could have done differently, but I’m done beating myself up over them. We need to move forward.”

Asa rose and stepped close to his mate. “He’s right. The sooner we get the hybrids back to normal, the sooner you can focus your attention where it needs to be. Giles told us about the hunt for the lion shifter behind the scheme. He needs to be brought down.”

Sebastian knew they were right. He still felt awful. It was amazing that Caleb didn’t hold a grudge. “That’s true. But we still need to address the fact that there might be someone within the pack still seeking to cause harm. So where do we start?”

“With the hybrids,” Asa declared. “They’re more important than tracking down someone who may or may not be around or even alive anymore. Caleb said many of Huntington’s minions were killed in the lab attack. There’s a strong possibility whoever poisoned him is dead. So, how many known hybrids are there?”

Sebastian grimaced. “As of this morning, we know the location of one-hundred and seventy-seven. Fifty-two are still unaccounted for.”

Asa and Caleb blinked numbly. That was a lot of healing.

“Is it too much?” Reilly asked.

“No. At least, I don’t think it is,” Caleb replied, looking toward his mate.

Asa sighed. “Caleb meant to say that healing takes a physical toll on me. It takes a little while to recover. What he doesn’t realize is how different his situation was. Granted, curing over two hundred hybrids is rather daunting, but I now have an advantage I didn’t have before.”

“What’s that?” Caleb asked.

You. You’re the reason Giles and Santos suggested we complete our mating. Remember? The bond will provide additional strength. Although I won’t know how many hybrids I can heal in one day until I start.”

Sebastian addressed Caleb. “Did you gain the ability to heal, too?”

“No.” Caleb shook his head. “I can’t heal, but I can act as a booster for Asa. I have his light shifter ability and can channel its energy to give him extra help.”

“When can you start?” Kellan asked eagerly.

Asa chuckled. “Is tomorrow soon enough?”

“How are we going to decide who gets fixed first?” Reilly asked.

“Fixed? Bro! Have some class. It’s not population control,” Hunter teased.

“Ashton and Austin,” Sebastian declared, ignoring his Beta. “They’ve been in hybrid form the longest. I’ve spoken with Doc, Rosalie, and Silas, and we agree. The order should go by the length of hybridization and or medical necessity. Doc has indicated a few hybrids whose physical condition severely impedes their ability to function.”

“What about the hybrids overseas?” Asa asked.

“They’re a smaller portion of the group,” Sebastian stated. “None have any debilitating medical issues; most have been in a hybrid form for less than four years. When you’re finished here, we can arrange for them to be flown over or fly you to Germany. The decision will be yours.”

“You don’t need to decide right away,” Reilly added. “Your hands will be full for at least the next few weeks.”

Sebastian caught the look that passed between Caleb and Asa. He realized none of them could predict how long the process would take. He wondered if the couple could commit to an indefinite time frame.

“When can I meet Ashton and Austin?” Asa asked.

This time, Sebastian answered with a smile. “Is now okay?”

When Asa nodded, the Alpha pulled his phone from his pocket and tapped Elijah’s name. The shapeshifter picked up before the first ring ended. Sebastian knew the foursome—Elijah, Ashton, Tyler, and Austin, had been on pins and needles since he and Doc had informed them the twins would be the first recipients of the cure, provided it was safe.

“Sebastian!” Elijah’s voice held a note of hopefulness along with a smidge of anxiety.

Sebastian couldn’t help smiling at the young man’s exuberance. “Hello, Elijah.” He’d be excited, too, if Reilly were in the same position. “Could you bring everyone to the house?”

“We’ll be right there!”

His smile turned into a chuckle as the call abruptly ended. Knowing those four, they were most likely waiting in the van, engine idling. “They’ll be here in a few minutes.”

“Less than that if Tyler’s behind the wheel,” Kellan quipped.

“Can you blame them?” Hunter asked, poking his mate in the ribs.

Reilly shook his head in sympathy. “You’d be the same way. Imagine if you two had to wait months before you completed your mate bond. I have complete respect for those guys. I couldn’t have done it. With us, the pull was so strong; I could only hold this one off for a few hours.”

Sebastian caught Reilly’s fingers as his mate tried to poke him in the chest. He captured the digits and brought them to his lips, planting a kiss on them. “Those four boys have gone above and beyond what we expected from them. Their bond will be stronger because of it. I’ve never heard of one fated pair holding off for so long, never mind two.”

“It must be the twin thing,” Reilly mused.

Just then, gravel crunched in the distance, and dust filled the air as a van skidded to a halt. Seconds later, four doors slammed in unison.

Sebastian watched Caleb’s and Asa’s reactions as they caught their first glimpse of the hybrid twins.

“Wow!” Asa exclaimed softly, his eyes locked on the figures before him.

Reilly, Zev, and Ben postured defensively, ready to defend their friends. Hunter and Kellan moved to flank Sebastian, poised for his command.

Asa placed his hand on his chest and sucked in a breath. “They’re stunning.”

The twins were the most human-looking of all the hybrids. The scientists thought it might result from an incorrectly calculated dosage of whatever drug combination was used to halt their shift mid-process. A light coat of fur covered them. The shades of pewter mixed with smoky gray interspersed with white threads. Rather than thick, bushy fur, the strands were akin to a short-haired dog. Low-riding jeans accommodated fluffy tails.

Their faces were the most striking feature. The young men were human in appearance, except for their noses, which were black and wet like their canine counterparts. Their ears were wolf-like, too, swiveling like their wild cousins. One of them smiled, revealing two sharp incisors. It gave him a feral look.

What stood out the most, however, were their eyes. Each twin had one blue and one green, and they were mirror images of each other.

Sebastian took care of the introductions before asking everyone to sit down inside. When they settled, he addressed the two couples, no longer wanting to leave them in suspense.

He got right to the point. “Boys, Asa is a light shifter.”

Elijah gasped, and Sebastian waited for revelation to strike. It didn’t take more than a few seconds.

“You’re the cure,” the young shapeshifter surmised, coming to the same conclusion as Ben, only faster.

Asa nodded.

An incredible smile broke out over Elijah’s face. It nearly brought Sebastian to tears.

“Are you sure you’ll be able to make Ashton and Austin normal again?” Elijah’s voice cracked as he spoke.

Too enamored to answer him, Asa stood in front of Ashton and Austin. “May I touch you?”

The twins exchanged glances before nodding. Instead of putting a hand on their arm or shoulder, Sebastian watched as the light shifter gently grasped the back of their heads and pulled them close until their foreheads touched his.

A soft glow emanated from Asa, and Ashton and Austin jolted as though zapped by static electricity. Sebastian would have sworn he heard a soft pop!

Asa released the boys, then turned to Elijah. “Yes,” he answered.

Caleb explained, “Asa has a sort of internal diagnostic center. He can tell what needs fixing when he touches someone like that. If he says he can cure them, he will.”

Both twins’ tails lashed back and forth at the news, and Austin signed something faster than Sebastian could follow.

Tyler grinned and pulled Austin close. “Of course, we’ll call your folks. Mine too. This is fantastic news! Besides, they’ll kill us if we don’t tell them.” Turning to Sebastian, he asked, “Would you mind if we told them?”

“Of course not,” he replied. “I’m sure they’re anxious to hear the news. Go ahead and call them.”

Tyler and Austin went to the kitchen, with Elijah and Ashton following. A moment later, a loud squeal boomeranged from the other room. They must have called the Garrisons first. Sebastian smiled as he pictured Tyler’s petite mother talking a mile a minute with her hands flying.

Turning back to Caleb and Asa, he asked, “Are you going to need anything special, or can we do anything to help?”

“There are some rules I need everyone to follow,” Asa stated. “Can we have a meeting so I can go over them?”

“Certainly. Who should be there?”

“Ashton and Austin and their mates. You and your crew. Your pack doctor, too.”

“What about Rosalie and Silas?” Reilly asked.

“They’re our pack elders,” Sebastian explained. “They have the most knowledge of shifter history and customs.”

“Ah, well, I don’t think I’ll need them tomorrow,” replied Asa. “However, I would be grateful for their help later, so it might be easier if I explained everything at the same time.”

Sebastian nodded at Hunter and Kellan.

“We’ll go get them,” Hunter offered. Sebastian and his Beta had been best friends for so long that they could practically read each other’s minds.

“I’ll call Donovan for you,” Reilly offered.

Tyler, Elijah, and the twins returned from the kitchen, all four grinning.

The corner of Sebastian’s mouth went up in a crooked smile. “I take it Mama is happy?”

“Happy?” Tyler snorted. “Try outlandishly euphoric.”

Reilly giggled. “Yeah, we got that impression. We could hear her scream in here.”

“Both moms are riding a cloud-nine high right now,” Elijah added. “Becca wants us to stop by tonight after dinner. She needs a hug fix.”

“Boys,” Sebastian said to refocus their attention. “Asa wants to have a meeting to go over some ground rules. We’re waiting on Rosalie, Silas, and Donovan.”

Sebastian’s phone chirped, and he pulled it from his pocket and read the text. “Donovan is going to be an hour or so. He’s working with a patient.”

The group finished lunch while they settled in to wait. It would take a while before Hunter and Kellan arrived with Rosalie and Silas. The two resided at the lodge, but neither was very spry. Their attendance at anything required advanced planning to ensure they had enough time to get ready. They didn’t walk at a snail’s pace, but whoever was transporting them needed to factor in an extra ten minutes or so for getting in and out of the car in addition to wherever else they needed to go..

When they finally arrived, Sebastian introduced them to Asa.

Silas’ typically cloudy eyes cleared as they scrutinized the man. Asa held his gaze momentarily before diverting his eyes to show respect.

“Welcome, keeper of the day,” the old man said.

Rosalie laughed at Silas’ theatrics. “Well, there’s a term I haven’t heard in many moons.”

Silas’ eyes clouded over again, and he harrumphed. “What? It’s the truth. Back in the day, that’s what they were called.”

Everyone was avoiding looking at one another for fear of breaking out in laughter.

Back in the day!” Rosalie exclaimed like a know-it-all thirteen-year-old middle-schooler. “What are you? Nine-hundred?”

That threw them over the edge. Ashton and Austin lost it first, their laughter bark-like. Elijah and Tyler were hot on their heels. Reilly’s face had turned red from trying to suppress his giggles. No one was immune from the titter tantrum that hit.

“Looks like I’m missing all the fun,” Donovan stated as he entered.

Sebastian gave another snort-laugh. “Rosalie and Silas.”

“Say no more.” Donovan grinned. “I get it.”

His arrival sobered the group, though the occasional snicker still burst free. Sebastian did another round of introductions. He considered making everyone wear name tags.

“Hush, you,” Silas reprimanded, with no heat in his voice whatsoever.

Donovan ignored him. “So, what’s the meeting about?”

Sebastian, Asa, and Caleb filled him in. To say the man was stunned was putting it mildly.

“It sounds like I could use you in my clinic,” the doctor remarked.

Asa smiled politely. “I considered going into the medical field but ultimately decided my mental health had to take priority. I knew being exposed to so many people every day and being unable to help them the way I wanted would grate on me.”

“Besides,” Caleb added, “could you imagine the repercussions if the general public found out? It would be detrimental for all supernaturals.”

“Well, we’re glad you’re here and are willing to help,” Zev remarked.

“On that note, let’s let Asa go over his ground rules,” Sebastian said.

Once seated, Asa began. “In order for this to work, everyone must follow my directions to the letter. Ashton and Austin, you’ll have the easiest part—just let me do my thing. You may feel some discomfort or even pain as your bodies readjust themselves. You’ll have to deal with it because once I start, I can’t stop until everything is right. Do you understand?”

The twins nodded and signed yes.

“As for the rest of you,” Asa continued, “you’ll need to stay out of my way. Elijah and Tyler, you can be there for moral support. But, and this is extremely important, you can not interfere in any way. No matter what happens, no matter how much pain your mate might feel, it is imperative that you don’t interrupt. It could hurt either of them or myself. It could also make their hybrid state permanent.”

Asa paused to let the seriousness of his words sink in. When he was satisfied he’d gotten his point across, he addressed the rest of the group. “No one else will be allowed with us. This is for our safety. If you want to be helpful, then you can wait patiently. I don’t know how long it will take. Caleb took an entire day, but I doubt it will be anywhere near that for the twins. When it’s over, they’ll need food and rest.”

“So will Asa,” Caleb added. “It’s unbelievable how many calories he burns through. I swear he lost ten pounds the day he healed me.”

Rosalie giggled. “If there’s one thing this pack can do well, it’s feed somebody.”

Ashton quickly signed–Mama will cook up a storm trying to keep herself busy.

Elijah kissed his mate’s cheek. “I think all the moms will be busy in the kitchen.”

Sebastian watched as Asa assessed the group as if gauging the sincerity. The light shifter’s face relaxed as he must have concluded they would follow his rules.

“Any questions?” Asa asked.

“When and where do we start?” Tyler asked, tightening his arm around Austin’s waist.

Smiling, Asa confirmed, “Let’s have breakfast at seven and get down to business at nine. I can do this anywhere as long as I can access sunlight.”

“How about here on the back deck?” Sebastian suggested. “You’ll have your privacy, yet we’ll be close enough if needed. It faces south, so it has sunlight all day, and there’s a retractable awning for Caleb, Elijah, and Tyler to wait beneath.”

Asa hummed his approval as he nodded. “That sounds perfect. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to sit out on the deck while the sun is still out. It charges my batteries, so to speak.”

“Of course,” Sebastian replied, then turned to Caleb. “We have the guest suite in the south wing ready for you. Help yourself to whatever is in the kitchen. If you need anything, just let me or any of the guys know.”

Caleb’s eyes blinked rapidly, and he cleared his throat before replying, “Thank you. I really appreciate it.”

Sebastian smiled warmly. “Welcome home, Caleb. Welcome home.”

There you have it. The return of Caleb to Montana. it didn't go too badly.
Copyright © 2023 kbois; All Rights Reserved.
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