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The Light at the End of the Tunnel - 8. Chapter 8

After technical difficulties... here you go!

Asa patted the sorrel gelding’s rump as he sent him on his way, his eyes following the horse as he trotted off, searching for anything amiss. Everything looked good. He dusted his hands off and set about cleaning up and putting his tools away. Jupiter had been the last horse of the day—no, make that week. Today was Sunday, his usual day off. However, a few horses had to be taken care of before they left. Jupiter had thrown a shoe and was showing a slight lameness. Uneven pressure on his unshod hoof was the cause. New shoes quickly remedied the issue, and Jupiter trotted away like a new horse.

Helping the hybrids meant he and Caleb had to travel to Montana. He would never leave his clients high and dry, so he arranged for his colleagues to cover his ranches temporarily.

As he swept the discarded keratin clippings he trimmed from the horses, solid arms enveloped him from behind.

“Giles texted me,” Caleb said, his hot breath against Asa’s ear. “The barbecue starts in a couple of hours. Are you going to be done by then?”

“Yeah, I don’t have much left.” Asa turned and planted a kiss on Caleb’s lips. “Help me out, and we might have time for a quick blow job.”

Caleb released Asa like a hot potato and grabbed the hoof nippers, knives, picks, and files arranged on the portable table that was part of his equipment. Asa laughed as he watched his mate gather everything and hustle to the outdoor utility sink to wash them. He trusted Caleb to make sure the tools were cleaned and dried before putting them away in their proper place.

Asa double-checked the propane tank’s shut-off valve before wheeling the forge over to his truck and hooking it to the electronic lift. Taking care to keep his face away from the still-hot surface, he hit the hoist button and secured it to his truck. It was the size of a large gas grill and an essential piece of equipment. While it wasn’t top-of-the-line, he had spent a pretty penny on it and treated it with the respect it deserved.

When everything was handled, Asa waved to the ranch foreman and climbed into the truck. Caleb slid into the passenger side, closing the door firmly. Immediately, the cab filled with the scent of horse, leather, and hot metal. Male sweat and endorphins rounded out the heady cocktail. Asa couldn’t help getting turned on.

“You ready for tonight?” Caleb asked with an unmistakable gleam of lust in his eyes.

Asa swallowed, and a distinct heat rose in his cheeks. “I can’t wait.”

Caleb was going to claim him tonight. After several back-and-forth conversations between the couple, Giles, and Santos, they decided it needed to happen before they left for Montana.

Caleb insisted he could control his wolf, but as Giles pointed out, it would be increasingly difficult if they were in a stressful situation. What could be more stressful than re-entering the territory you were banished from? His mate would be a stabilizing presence.

Additionally, Santos pointed out that if Asa and Caleb established a mate bond, Asa would be better poised to recover more quickly from healing the hybrids. Neither he nor Caleb could find fault with that information. They had to wait until Asa had recuperated. Yesterday was the first day he had woken refreshed and hadn’t felt tired at all during the day.

The plan was to drop Asa’s equipment at Caleb’s before attending the barbeque. After, they would return to the cabin. It was close enough for Giles and Santos to get additional help quickly if needed. Santos suggested spending a week bonding before heading to Montana. It was a solid plan. The hybrid pups have been waiting this long. Surely, they could wait one more week?

Asa shot Caleb a bright smile. He couldn’t help it. While the thought of permanently connecting himself to another person scared him, knowing it was Caleb made him happy, hence the smile. The past week had been enlightening. Caleb kept him company while he worked, helping out as needed with the heavier tasks, which would have left him exhausted. The big man had good skills when it came to horse care. It wasn’t a surprise, considering he’d had his own ranch for many years when horses were necessary for transportation.

Asa wished he could’ve lived back then. Hearing nothing but the sound of the wind and the noises of nature appealed to him. Modern equipment was too noisy. The constant thrum of vehicles detracted from the beauty of the land surrounding them. While technology has eased things considerably, it has also made society too dependent on it. God forbid the grid go down. He’d seen firsthand how several young ranch hands threw fits when they lost their internet connection.

“Hey, Earth to Asa?”

Asa startled, not realizing how lost in his thoughts he’d gotten. “Oh, shit!” he exclaimed as he realized he had missed the turn for Giles’ ranch. Slowing the truck, he pulled off to the side and checked to see if any traffic was behind him before U-turning. Sheepishly, he flicked on his blinker as he approached the turn again. “Sorry. I guess I zoned out for a bit.”

Caleb chuckled. “Daydreaming about my cock plowing into you, huh?”

“More like my cock plowing into you.”

“Not tonight, it won’t.”

The look Caleb gave him was blatantly feral. He could tell the shifter’s wolf was close to the surface. His chest tightened, and his heartbeat picked up. Tonight couldn’t get here fast enough.

“You sure you can handle a blow job right now?”

The sexiest growl came from deep inside Caleb, sending shivers down Asa’s spine. “Oh, I can handle it, alright. Fast and sloppy. That’s how it’s going to be. We’re going to sixty-nine each other, and I’ll bet anything, I will make you come first.”

“Promises, promises,” Asa quipped as goosebumps broke out all over his skin. Hot damn. He pushed down on the accelerator enough to get them to the ranch quicker but not enough to get pulled over. He wasn’t about to risk a delay. The truck kicked up a cloud of dust when he skidded to a stop outside the barn. The hell with his equipment. Right now, his cock was so hard it hurt.

Both truck doors slammed shut, and they all but ran across the yard, Caleb shoving him in the door, then dragged him to his room. In no time, they were naked.

“Gonna swallow you whole and make you come hard.”

“Not if I make you come first.”

Caleb took the challenge and shoved Asa onto the mattress. His ass bounced twice before he leaned back, resting his head on the Caleb-scented pillows. Not helping, he thought, scooting down to lay flat on the surface. His mate’s scent permeated the bedclothes despite his having spent the last week and a half with Asa at his place.

In a flash, Caleb straddled him. His thick cock hovered over his face, pre-cum shining on the surface of his crown. Asa wrapped his arms around the man’s hips, pulled him down, and opened his mouth wide.

At the same time, hot moisture surrounded his shaft. He groaned around the thick piece of meat in his mouth. Asa took a deep breath through his nose, then started to swallow rhythmically, forcing the hard dick down his throat, willing his throat to relax. He preferred to do this gradually, but Caleb’s challenge changed that.

It became a battle, each man sucking and slurping for all he was worth. They both knew neither of them would last. A tie would require a rematch, something to which neither of them would be opposed.

Asa was confident he could last longer. He enjoyed edge play, and all he needed to do was get in the same mindset he used when a lover took him to the brink. He didn’t count on Caleb’s tenacity, though.

Before he realized what his mate was doing, Asa felt his cock squeezed in a tight vice over and over. Oh, hell no! The man was pelican squeezing him. Fuck!

As Caleb bobbed his head up and down exaggeratedly, Asa’s balls drew up, and he exploded. It was little solace when the wolf shifter came seconds later. He still had shot first. His fist slammed the mattress, both in frustration and ecstasy.

Caleb chuckled, then thrust into Asa’s throat once more before pulling back.

“That ought to tide us over until tonight.” Caleb kissed his belly button, darting his tongue in ultra-fast before sliding off the bed. Asa admired his ass for a moment before following him into the bathroom for a quick shower.

Knowing that Giles was a stickler about punctuality, they kept the shower brief. There was plenty of time later for more exploration. Caleb, Giles, and Santos had given him a thorough run down of how Caleb would claim him and what might happen afterward.

The truth was, with Asa already having a supernatural ability, they were unsure if he would manifest as a wolf. There were several possible scenarios, all of which Asa would be okay with. The thought of being able to transition to a wolf excited him. The possibility of Caleb light-shifting was something to consider, too. The idea sent goosebumps rippling across his arms, but until later tonight, they wouldn’t know.

The main house was a bustle of activity when they arrived. Asa greeted those he knew by name. Caleb had his back, calling out other shifters he didn’t know by name. Giles’ pack was a decent size, and it was nearly impossible to learn everyone’s name unless you lived with them.

Asa noticed a newcomer. “Who’s that?” he asked Caleb.

“That’s Corbin. He’s the human who rescued two hybrids and took care of them. Giles has taken him under his protection. He’s been coming to most Sunday brunches or dinners since the others returned to Montana. The pack has accepted him as one of their own, even though he isn’t a shifter. I don’t know him very well. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to make new friends.”

“Why don’t we change that?”

Caleb gave him one of those looks that said oh really? Asa chuckled, took his mate’s hand, and led him across the room. Corbin was good-looking, not striking like Caleb, but easy on the eyes. He was in his late thirties or early forties. His medium-brown hair was threaded with a few grays, mostly at his temples. His face was nicely tanned but lacked the weathered lines around the eyes that those working outside on a daily basis earned. Warm brown eyes reflected curiosity as they approached.

“Hi, I’m Asa, the pack’s farrier,” he said, introducing himself.

“Corbin Taylor, nice to meet you.” Corbin held out his hand, and Asa gripped it in a welcoming handshake.

“Hey, Corbin,” Caleb said, adding an upward chin nod in the universal guy-showing-respect greeting.

“Word has it that you guys are mates. Congratulations.” Corbin smiled politely.

“Yeah, thanks. Word also has it that you were instrumental in saving two hybrid shifters,” Asa noted.

"I don’t know about instrumental. I only did what I thought was right. Looking back, I know I could have done more. I treated the twins like they were animals. I can never undo that.” Corbin’s expression changed to regret. “I should have done more to figure out a way to communicate. I didn’t know they could.”

“Hey, you did everything you could considering the circumstances,” assured Caleb. “There is no way you could have known they were shifters caught between human and wolf. From what I’ve heard, the discovery of the twins led to two amazing people finding their mates. That’s a good thing.”

“I guess,” Corbin replied, biting his lower lip. His forehead furrowed. “But how can it be a good thing if they can’t complete their bond? Giles told me that the Montana pack doctor thinks it’s too risky. I may have condemned them to an unfulfilled life.”

“It won’t be that way for long. Caleb and I are going to Montana to fix it,” Asa proclaimed.

Corbin’s head angled sideways. “How?”

Asa looked at Caleb, who dipped his head in agreement. “I have a unique ability. I can heal.”

The look of surprise on Corbin’s face was priceless. Asa was familiar with the term jaw-dropping, but until this moment, he had never truly appreciated the phrase. Corbin’s mouth hung open at a loss for words.

"Jesus Christ,” he finally said. “That’s a thing? Are you a wolf shifter, too?”

Asa shook his head. “No, but after tonight, who knows?”

Corbin looked confused.

“Asa is a light shifter,” Caleb confessed. “He can blend in with any form of light. We’re completing our bond tonight. No one is sure what will happen.”

“Wow, that’s gotta be scary.”

“Yeah, it is,” admitted Asa, “but at the same time, it’s exciting. I could turn into a wolf. Caleb could become a light shifter, or we could gain some of the other’s abilities while still remaining the way we are.

Corbin gave a little laugh. “I’d be scared shitless.”

“No, you wouldn’t,” Giles butted in, clapping Caleb and Asa on their shoulders.

Asa tensed, feeling a surge of protectiveness that he quickly suppressed. Alphas tended to be rather tactile regarding their pack members, or in their case, anyone who fell under the Alpha’s protection. Caleb explained it was an ingrained trait all pack leaders expressed. Giles had to have sensed his tenseness and wisely pulled his hands back.

“I’m proud of you, Caleb,” Giles stated. “You’ve come a long way this week. The others have noticed, too. Mikey appreciates your compliments. Thank you.”

Caleb’s cheeks pinkened. He wasn’t used to such praise coming from another Alpha. Asa wondered what would happen if or when his mate’s wolf decided to view Giles as a competitor. Would they need to leave the territory? He hoped not. His business was well-established, and he liked his home. It was something they would need to discuss soon.

“There’s no need to thank me,” Caleb replied. “I should apologize to Mikey for being such an ingrate for so long. Basic manners should never be disregarded, no matter what the excuse.”

“It’s water under the bridge, my friend,” Giles declared.

They were interrupted by the sound of the dinner bell ringing. The guys made their way to the backyard, where Jorge and a couple of other pack members manned three large grills. Mikey was barking orders to a few older teenagers, directing them where to put the various condiments and side dishes.

Other shifters were lining up at the start of the buffet line. It was a happy group, chattering noisily among themselves, who helped themselves to the incredible spread. Mikey knew how to arrange a feast.

Asa, Caleb, and Corbin loaded their plates and found seats at one of the long picnic tables under the big, open-sided tent. Their conversations centered around getting to know Corbin. They discovered they all had a lot in common regarding tastes in music and movies.

When Caleb asked the human about his plans for the future, the man smiled. “I think I’d like to start my own business. I’ve been researching, and this area doesn’t have many options for event venues. I need to rebuild the barn anyway, so I’d like to make it a multi-purpose event center. Barn weddings are in high demand, and along with birthday and anniversary parties, they would be the biggest money-makers.”

Asa was impressed with the man’s vision. “That sounds like a sound investment. Let me know if you’re looking for a financial backer. My advisor keeps telling me I should expand my portfolio.”

“I’d be on board, too,” Caleb added. “Have you thought about creating an arena for rodeos or horse shows? There’s one outside town, but I think the market could bear another. You have a lot of unused acreage. Why not put it to good use?”

“Are you serious?” Corbin’s grin was contagious. “I’d love to do something like that.”

They spent the rest of the afternoon discussing plans. It was nearly early evening when it struck Asa that Caleb was talking about plans for the immediate future and beyond. It was the first indication that showed he wanted to stick around. If he was okay with it, did that mean his wolf was too? Asa hoped so.

The sun was starting to set when they broke up their strategy session. Caleb and Asa promised Corbin they would get together when they returned from Montana. In the meantime, Corbin assured them he would draw up a business plan for their approval. Asa liked the man. He had a good head on his shoulders.

He and Caleb made their rounds, saying goodbye to the pack members still hanging around. When they found Mikey, she had several plastic containers of leftovers for them. “I know damn well you won’t be doing much cooking the next few days,” she said, laughing as she handed them three totes filled with enough food to tide them over for a month, never mind a week.

Behind her, Giles, Jorge, and Santos snickered.

When their laughter died down, Santos said, “Giles and I will hang out in your barn until we know you’re okay. You holler at the first sign of something going south, do you understand?”

Asa and Caleb nodded.

“Okay, you’ve got an hour’s head start,” Giles declared. “Make good use of it.”

They didn’t need to be told twice. They wasted no time returning to Caleb’s cabin. Once inside, his mate asked, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Caleb’s lingering insecurity almost broke Asa’s heart. This beautiful man had so much goodness inside that he didn’t realize he possessed. It would take a while before his mate forgave himself, but Asa knew that the brightness buried inside would break free in spectacular fashion when he did. He already took a step in the right direction and had a therapy session with someone Giles recommended.

“I’m sure.”

The wolf’s shifter’s eyes flickered with amber, and his lips claimed Asa in a surprisingly gentle kiss. Earlier, their blow jobs had been fast and dirty. Now, there was a calmness that prevailed. They had all night, and it stretched out infinitely in front of them.

Caleb broke the kiss first, took Asa’s hand, and guided them to his bedroom. Reverently, the big man undressed him, uncovering skin inch by inch. Asa returned the favor, allowing his hands to roam over Caleb’s flesh.

Finally naked, they lowered themselves to the bed, meeting in the middle. Asa loved this tender side of Caleb and allowed him to explore freely. They were in no hurry, choosing to take it slow. It was like setting the oven to preheat. Eventually, things would heat up and start cooking. Until then, they developed a leisurely but steady pace.

Caleb’s lips blazed a trail from Asa’s lips to his hips, nipping and teasing along the way. Asa jerked at the sensation when his mate hit a sensitive spot near his belly button. His shifter sucked up a dark hickey, marking him. Caleb’s wolf growled his approval. The sound rippled through Asa, his flesh prickling, and his nipples pebbled.

Anticipation built until their bodies demanded more. “Please,” Asa begged, every nerve ending on high alert.

“Please, what?” Caleb’s dirty side finally came out to play. Asa grinned into the man’s shoulder.

“Please fuck me raw.”

An internal switch flipped. Caleb roughly pulled him close and kissed him hard and wet. Their teeth and tongues clashed in an epic battle for dominance. Asa knew Caleb would win this round, but he wasn’t going down without a fight.

They were both hard and leaking. The intense sensation that shot through him every time their cocks rubbed against each other was excruciating. Asa needed more. Abruptly, he conceded, twisted onto his back, and pulled his knees up. He was completely exposed.

Caleb looked positively wild when his eyes glowed as his wolf pushed forward. The shifter reached for the lube and swiftly coated his fingers. Asa didn’t want drawn-out prep. He needed to feel the stretch and burn. He got a preview when Caleb inserted two fingers in one steady motion. He hissed at the intrusion.

“Don’t hold back. I want to hear you,” Caleb commanded. Asa complied and released a pent-up groan.

Caleb responded by shoving in a third finger, followed by a fourth.


“That’s the goal.” Caleb grinned, and Asa watched in fascination as the man’s incisors elongated. His heart raced, and his pulse sped up. Not wanting to be left out, his dick dribbled a steady stream of pre-cum, wetting his stomach.

Caleb stretched his fingers a few times, pulled them out, and swiped some of the pre-cum from his abs, and rubbed it onto his stiff shaft. “Look at that hole—such a greedy thing, all twitchy and jumpy.”

It was true. Asa could feel his ass pulsing with anticipation. “Quit admiring it, and fuck me already.”

Caleb chuckled. The low sound reverberated through the tip of his shaft, now poised at Asa’s entrance. He gasped when his mate breeched him with one swift thrust, burying himself all the way. He nearly screamed when Caleb’s crown brushed his prostate.

Asa didn’t have time to do anything but adjust to the brutal onslaught of thrusts, accompanied by the dirtiest talk he’d ever heard during sex. The words alone brought him to the brink of orgasm in no time.

“Take it, Asa. Take everything. You like it hard and rough, don’t you? Damn, you’re so fucking tight. Your ass is made for me. I want to pound you through the floor.”

Every comment coming from Caleb added to the incredible horniness Asa felt. His words were just as raw and filthy. “Do it! Pound my ass. Fuck me harder, Caleb. I want it. I can’t wait to do this to you. I want you to ride my cock just as hard.”

“Getting close,” Caleb warned. “I’m gonna fill your ass with cum. Every shifter in the state will know you’re mine.”

Asa felt his balls drawing up tight. He managed to grunt, “Now!”

Caleb thrust hard and deep, dropping his head to bury his teeth into Asa’s neck. Cum exploded from them. Asa unleashed a torrent between their stomachs and chests. Caleb pumped his ass so full he felt it leaking out.

Orgasm tremors still wracked his body when he arched back violently enough to throw Caleb’s body off his—incredible pain replacing the euphoria. Sharp cracks filled the air as Asa’s bones broke and reformed. His glazed eyes barely registered a glow emanating beside him.

Asa heard footsteps pounding across the cabin floorboards. Giles and Santos stumbled to a stop at the threshold, their eyes wide and mouth slack as they stared. Asa writhed as he shifted into wolf form. His thoughts became muddled as another being pushed its way into his head.

“Mate!” Asa scrambled to find traction. It took a moment to realize he had four legs to contend with. He stopped struggling and tentatively got his four paws under him, then shakily stood on the bed. Instinctively, he shook himself, fur flying everywhere. New scents assaulted his nose, but the only one he focused on was his mate’s. Leather and coconut. They were his two favorite smells in the world, and his mate was saturated in them.

Asa watched as Caleb’s glow transformed. Instead of his usual multi-hued gray coloring with flecks of brown and white, Caleb’s wolf was now completely white. His shift was effortless. Behind them, Giles and Santos gasped in unison.

“Wow,” Giles exclaimed. “They match.”

It was true. Asa’s coat was pure white. Looking at Caleb, he thought his mate was even more gorgeous than he was before. Snow white fur covered him from head to tail.

Run! The thought rushed through his brain, and his tail automatically swayed back and forth. His wolf wanted to run. Caleb’s wolf nudged him toward the door. He jumped off the bed, ignoring the Alpha and the doctor.

“Guess we can go home and get a good night’s sleep,” Giles said, grinning at Santos as the two white wolves brushed past.

As soon as they were outside, Caleb howled. The cry Asa had heard in the distance for the past year was no longer mournful and sad, it was a joyous tune made for him. Asa threw his head back and joined him, letting the world know they were mated.

As the sound drifted away on the light breeze, Caleb dropped his front legs playfully, then nipped at Asa’s flank, encouraging him to run. They took off at a steady pace. The moon was full and gave their white coats an ethereal appearance.

The cool breeze ruffled their fur as they ran across the open terrain to the north. Stopping briefly at a stream overflowing with spring run-off, they quenched their thirst before resuming their run. For the next few hours, the two white wolves loped, sprinted, played, and enjoyed the freedom to explore.

The moon journeyed across the night sky, silently witnessing their bonding. Tumbling and tussling turned into horniness. Asa’s wolf mounted Caleb’s, gripping tightly with his front paws while digging in with his hind claws to find enough purchase to slam his cock into his mate’s heat over and over until release hit violently.

It was wild and feral, and deep within the wolf’s consciousness, Asa loved it. He loved Caleb.

As the moonlight faded with the approach of dawn, the pair made their way to the cabin. When the first rays of the sun hit their fur, they glowed from within. Instead of shifting back to humans, they became one with the light. Asa could feel Caleb next to him. He sensed the awe and wonder his mate felt. Joy and happiness washed over him as he realized they each took on the other’s ability.

Asa shifted back first. He could make out the shimmer that gave away Caleb’s position next to him. Laughing, he said, “Shift. I’m starving.”

The shimmer brightened for a split second before Caleb reappeared. The man’s arms pulled him into a fierce hug. “I didn’t expect that!”

“Neither did I, but here we are.”

Caleb’s gaze locked on his. “Your wolf is gorgeous”

“I love how we match.”


“We match. Your wolf is white now. Just like mine.” Asa shook his head. “You didn’t realize your wolf changed color?”

“I didn’t exactly think to look in a mirror. I was too busy admiring how amazing my mate turned out.”

“Oooh, touchy,” Asa teased, poking Caleb’s ribs. “But, I guess you’ve got a point. Come on. Let’s go heat up some of those leftovers. You’re going to need to keep up your stamina this week.”

Caleb kissed his nose. “We’ll see whose stamina outlasts whose. By the end of the week, you won’t be able to walk.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Asa was looking forward to the week ahead. First step–bonding. Next stop–Montana.

What an ordeal today has been. Y'all got some catching up to do on the comments. Sorry about that. I blame T-Mobile for not having access to my mobile hot spot this morning.
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