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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
2017 - Fall - The Fallout and Secret Spaces Entry

Bugsy and Me - 1. Chapter 1

Bugsy and Me


Yeah, it was stupid.

The magic beans had been in my mouth while my hands were busy seeking cash from my wallet and then—of course—I swallowed ‘em! Look at me now, the size of a four-inch Darth Maul toy for the next twenty-four hours, at least that was what the guy had said.

Why magic beans? Who believed in such a thing? Not me, well not really. They were a bit of fun. I’d bought the three ‘magic’ beans from the young guy outside the casino, who seemed down on his luck. So I gave him a twenty to be kind. Later I realized he’d had this blue earring. Typical me, giving money to a guy who can afford a sapphire!

That night, I had on track pants with zero pockets, so my wallet sat in the single breast pocket of the loose hoodie I wore.

A bad habit since childhood, I still shoved stuff in my mouth like a six-foot squirrel! My parents had taken me to the hospital, when I was a kid, more than once for swallowing a paperclip, or a marble.

I’d been in the casino for some hours with Cary, my boyfriend. We were here for his sister’s wedding and we had a variety of wedding related events to attend. I’d been with the one-armed bandits, and had lost track of Cary. I left about three o’clock in the morning, chasing some fresh air. After swallowing said beans, I felt a bit weird, so I walked to the boardwalk to get some off-ocean breezes before going upstairs to our hotel room.

Leaving the deserted boardwalk, I walked down onto the sand. I felt so odd, I thought I might climb on the lifeguard stand to sit, but before I could, it happened!

The physical act of shrinking was more of a drop, as suddenly my clothes were too big and I collapsed on top of the heap. I climbed off the pile of clothes and shoes I’d grown too small for. Shit, I was naked! I ran across the family section of the beach looking for a strip of cloth or something that maybe Ken or Barbie dropped. As it was I found nothing; not even an old napkin. That was just peachy!

Finding a place to hide was among my first thoughts. My hotel room was out of the question. I didn’t think I could carry the key! And even if I could, I’d never have made it into the hotel elevator, or been able to unlock the door! I considered trying to use my cell to call Cary, but that didn’t seem like a good idea.

My things! I ran back to the pile of clothes and tugged them under the lifeguard stand. By this time I was exhausted, hungry and cold. That maybe I should be freaking out crossed my mind, but I swallowed that, as freaking would not help.

I climbed onto, and wandered along the boardwalk, jumping over the giant spaces between the planks of wood. A splinter would kill me, so I was careful.

I’d just sat down to think and watch the dawn breaking in hues of pink over the Ocean City boardwalk when a voice caught my attention.

“Psst, down here.”

Peering through the slats, I saw there was a tiny person underneath the worn grey-brown boards. He was gesturing madly and hopping up and down. He seemed to want me to join him. Well, if nothing else, it was a good place to hide. It wasn’t too tight a squeeze to get through the space between the wood, but I jammed my junk between my legs first, just in case. The sand softened my landing.

After I picked myself up and got over my surprise, I noted the little man was wizened and brown as a chestnut. He wore a pork-pie hat at a rakish angle and his clothes had seen better days. But it was his tiny wings that got me. He spoke with a tough New Jersey accent.

He poked me in the chest sharply. “Where yous from, huh? Ain’t seen ya before. Don’t yous know better than to be seen by them?”

That was a lot of questions. “Well, my family comes from Carmel, and this is my first visit to New Jersey. So you wouldn’t have seen me before.” Then, as I pulled myself up to my full four inches, a question popped into my head. “Seen by whom?”

“Them. The talls, of course.” The little man stared at me and then grunted. “Hey … heeey. Where’s your wings? How can ya be a fairy with no wings? And how comes yous in the buck?”

“Um … wings? I … um. In the buck? Look I don’t know ….”

“Okay. Shut it. I’m taking yous in, now walk.”

“All right, all right, no need to get upset. Listen, I’m a bit naked here. You don’t happen to have anything—“

“Shut it, I said. I know you’re buck. I don’t carry no extra britches with me. Now walk.”

He seemed more agitated than before and he pulled out a pistol. Waving it, he gestured me to walk ahead of him. Cooperating seemed like the best idea, and after a few minutes of walking along under the boardwalk with a good hard tough-guy shove thrown in now and again, we arrived at a tunnel. Fairy-guy pushed me in; the tunnel slanted downward and darkened as we stumbled on.

Suddenly the passageway was filled with light! Glancing behind me, the fairy-hoodlum held a tiny wand with a glowing tip. His “Get movin’” was accompanied by another shove.

Not sure really how long we walked, as it takes longer to cover any distance with two inch legs! It was getting colder, and after finally getting though a long curve, I was glad to see before us a small city. It looked like a little New York, but there were no roads, only sidewalks and fairies of every size, shape and color were flying around. They only used the sidewalks to land on before entering a building. Frankly it was amazing, like nothing a tall one like me had seen before.

Many of the fairies dropped down to gawp and whistle at me. I tried to cover myself. Comments like: oh he’s new, back off sister he’s mine, and in your dreams toots, were thrown about by the ladies and some gents. There were some cuties too! The men didn’t talk much but nodded, as my jailor pushed me along with his pistol drawn.

Was this an everyday happening?

Fairy-gangster growled at me to stop in front of a pixie-sized brownstone. My captor ushered me inside. He left me in the entrance hall to go find his boss.

I looked around. This place was fancy, nicely appointed; real oil paintings hung on the walls. I was busy looking at knickknacks when my miniscule companion returned, gun waving as he said, “Get goin’, Mr. Bugsy will see you now.”

Mr. Bugsy? Was he serious?

My little friend gave me an almighty shove into this Mr. Bugsy’s office. I went flying forward and landed in front of an oak desk on my knees. As I was impelled in, I noticed someone sitting at the desk. I peered up into bright hazel eyes.

“Here he is, Mr. B.”

Mr. B stood up, walked around and stood in front of me. “Much as I like you down there in that particular position, get up.”

I clambered to my feet as ordered and tried to keep my bit’s-n-pieces covered with my hands. I got the feeling this guy didn’t mess around.

“Who are you? How did you get here?” Mr. Bugsy was asking me.

My teeth had started to chatter, whether that was from nerves or the cold, I’m not sure.

“Sir, I found him. He was out on the boardwalk. The talls woulda have seen him!” Tough-guy fairy answered.

Mr. B didn’t look too pleased. “Sar-Dean, if I’d wanted you to answer I would have asked you the question.”

“Oh … Sorry boss, erm, Mr. B, Sir.”

Grovel much?

Mr. B was my height and he filled out his sharp suit nicely. He leaned back against his desk, legs crossed at the ankles. He stared at me with those hot hazel eyes. “So, same question to you this time, stranger. Who are you? How did you get here?”

I swallowed. “Your man there was waving at me from under the boardwalk. So I jumped down, and then he pulled his piece on me and brought me here.”

“So, who do you work for?” Bugsy was watching me carefully. “And why are you buck?” He looked at Sar-Dean and said, “Go find him some clothes.”

He turned back to me with raised eyebrows. He wanted his answers.

“I work for NorthCom Cable services.”

“Give me a break! That’s a talls’ company.”

“Yeah well, three hours ago I was fucking tall!” I was starting to get a bit agitated. “I bought some magic beans and swallowed them by mistake.”

The boss laughed. “Magic beans? You think I’m going to buy that load of codswallop?”

“It’s the truth, okay? I mean, I know it sounds crazy—” I looked into those sexy eyes and let myself imagine what was under that suit; my dick twitched happily. I pushed on it as inconspicuously as I could. “But it’s the truth.”

Bugsy watched me pushing on my dick and grinned hugely! “You seem to be sporting a dwarf triton there. Any reason why?”

“Um, no. It’s just stress.”

He walked behind me, touching my shoulder blades. “Why don’t you have wings?”

It was almost a whisper, and I didn’t answer. He already knew I wasn’t a fairy.

He then ran his hand across my shoulders and then down my back to my ass. He squeezed each cheek, then caressed them in turn. I know I let out a moan.

“You like that?”

I could only nod. My dick was now rock hard.

“Maybe you like me? Hmmm?” The boss whispered in my ear.

He was really attractive. I was about to nod when there was a loud knock on the boss’ door.

He licked my ear before answering. “Enter.”

“Oh hey, boss, I got the guy some clothes.” Sar-Dean had returned bearing gifts.

“Put them on the chair, Sar. Now please go to the kitchen and tell Cook to double up on lunch today. Please let her know to bring it in here. After that, you are dismissed for the day, Sar. Thank you.”

“Ugh … okay boss, but don’t ya want help with this guy?”

“No. Thank you. Please do as I asked and enjoy your afternoon off.”

Sar-Dean left the room, shutting the door behind him.

The boss stood in front of me, holding a pile of clothes. “My name is Onagh Bugsy. You can call me Onagh.”

I felt even more naked now. “Well … um … Onagh, can I have those clothes?”

“Yes, right after you tell me your name.”

“I’m Robert Fielding.” I looked at him. “Please?”

He handed the bundle to me and I quickly pulled on some gray felt-like trousers, tied the cord to keep them up, and donned the tangerine cotton shirt.

Onagh had resumed his position at the desk, watching me dress. “We’ll chat more over lunch, Bobby. I like what I see. You’re hot.”

Grateful to finally let go of my dick, I nodded. There was a knock on the door and a darling old lady fairy came in with a cart.

“I’ve made lasagna for today, Mr. Onagh.” She rolled on through and proceeded to set the table and place covered serving dishes out. In addition, there was a big bowl of salad and bread.

On her way out, she said to Bugsy, “He’s a hottie, Mr. Onagh. I’m surprised he isn’t bent over the table!”

“Lunch first, Breem!” Bugsy laughed, and then stared at me. He licked his lips slowly. “Maybe I’ll have him for dessert.”

The lunch lady let out a high pitched laugh on her way out.

My mouth must have been hanging open.

The door closed and we were alone. “Come along, Bobby. Let’s … eat. I’m starving.” Onagh took my hand and escorted me to the table. Once I was settled he walked to the sideboard and pulled a bottle from a bucket that stood there. He unscrewed the top.

“It ain’t the best quality, but it is wine.” He poured us each a glass. I had a good mouthful. It was sweet, robust and strong. The food was really tasty, and the wine was going to my head.

We didn’t talk much as we ate, but I asked why he didn’t have the accent that Sar-Dean had.

Bugsy waved a piece of bread as he spoke. “Oh, that’s easy, I’m from Phoenix.”

I wondered how fairies travelled such distances.

I could feel Bugsy’s eyes on me. I looked up at him and he smiled as he chewed. I don’t think I’ve seen anything so sexy in my life. I wanted him naked, and now!

He reached for his wine, our eyes still locked; he replaced the glass and said, “You want me, don’t you?”

I could only nod. I hadn’t given a second thought to my tall boyfriend, Cary.

After wiping his mouth, and another sip of wine, he stood and held out his hand. “Never let it be said I’m not a generous fairy.”

He led me to a bedroom, closed the door and locked it. He took me in his arms, pulled me close in a crushing grip, and devoured my mouth. He tasted like wine and lasagna, and I wanted him. He pulled off my clothes and pushed me to my knees. I reached up and tugged at his pants.

He grinned at me and said, “Easy, my little jelly fish, you can have it all.” He undid the cord that held up his britches and freed the tree-trunk in there. Oh, my God! It was beautiful. I had to have that in my mouth. That’s just what I did.

“Sand-hill, my lil imp, that feels good—oh seashells, don’t stop—gonna blow.”

And he did … did he ever. Onagh pulled me to my feet and pushed me onto the bed. He fell with me. We rolled, laughed, kissed, and well, finally Bugsy topped me for all he was worth. I swear it was so good, I’d have died happy right there under him.

We awoke after several hours, and we did it again. Never had sex been so good when I was tall.

In the afterglow of our lovemaking, it came to me!

“Shit!” I sat up.

“What?” Onagh looked at me with concern. He pulled the sheet up to cover his lower half. “What’s wrong, Bobby?”

“Tall … in a few hours I’m gonna be tall.”

“Oh!” Onagh exclaimed. “You can’t. Not here underground, there’s no room!”

I gazed at my lover sadly. “I guess I better go.”

Bugsy caressed my naked back. “You could stay. Is going back what you really want?”

I lay back down, snuggled into his furry, well-developed chest and reached to caress that magnificent male tool. It wasn’t what I wanted, no; I wanted this. “No, it’s not. But what else can I do? “I have a life out there. A job, and a family you know?”

Bugsy nodded sadly. “I understand.”

He pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me. “One more for the road, you got time. Then I’ll walk out with you. See you get back okay.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The full moon had the sand awash with light. Onagh held my hand as we crossed the open beach to reach the lifeguard’s station. I looked underneath and saw my ‘tall’ clothes were where I’d left them nearly twenty-four hours earlier. I turned to look at Onagh.

He moved forward and took me in his arms and we kissed. “I’ll miss you, Bobby. This was good.”

The change would begin soon so I pulled off my shirt. Onagh smiled softly and undid the cord that held up my britches.

I nodded. I felt like crying. I held onto him for a few more minutes, until I started to feel something. I pushed him away gently. “It’s started I think. You should go.”

He stepped back and started to fly to the boardwalk. “Goodbye, Bobby.”

As I watched him go, I finished getting out of my clothes. The pain brought me to my knees. Slowly the ground seemed farther and farther away; I was growing. The process took much longer than the shrinking had, but finally I was back to my full height.

I dressed in my damp clothes. I picked up the small set of fairy-duds, folded them carefully and put them in my hoodie’s pocket. I followed my tiny footsteps back to the boardwalk and sat down. Had all that really happened? Patting my breast pocket, I felt the items I’d put there. Yes, it really had.

Pulling out my phone, I looked, hoping for a message from my boyfriend. “Oh, there’s a big surprise. Nothing from Cary, the prick!”

I walked back to the casino. Once inside, the bells and whistles, the people’s laughter and shouts sounded like a cacophony to me. I pressed the elevator button angrily, willing it to appear. Finally, the doors opened and I entered. After selecting the fourteenth floor I slumped against the wall as the conveyance carried me upward.

After unlocking our hotel room door, I slipped inside quietly. It was dark and silent, but there was light from window as the heavy draperies were open. The bed was made, Cary wasn’t here.

“Surprise? Not,” I’d said this aloud. I stripped and padded into the bathroom. Turned the shower on and let it run for a moment. I showered quickly, as I washed I hit spots that were still tender from Onagh’s lovemaking. “It was so fucking good.”

“What was so good?” The voice surprised me. It was Cary.

He stuck his head inside the shower. “Hey, baby. Mmm, you look good wet. Come on out and let’s go to bed and play.”

It was getting on to 5:00am when I finished drying off. I wasn’t feeling amorous, but after I climbed into bed, I moved into Cary’s arms. “Did you miss me?”

“Of course.”

“What about at lunch yesterday; didn’t you notice I wasn’t there?”

“Weren’t you? Oh, I guess you weren’t. Well, there was so much excitement.”

I sat up. “What? Did your mom or dad notice, did anyone?”

“What is the matter with you, Robert? They just thought you were up to your usual behavior when you’re not the center of attention!”

I turned away and lay with my back to him. “Well, fuck you all. I could be dead and you people would never notice. I’m going to sleep.”

“Robert … Bobby … come on.” Cary’s voice softened. It was always the same when he wanted to make love. He slid his arm over my waist and pulled me closer.

“I’m dead-tired, babe. Please, can we just sleep for a bit? Wake me in a couple of hours … you know, like you do, and we’ll do it then … okay?”

“Okay … well, sleep. I guess I’m tired too. A person never feels tired when you’re in the casino.”

If he’d continued talking, I didn’t hear him ….

Cary did wake me for sex. He didn’t seem to notice or care that I was ‘barely there’. My thoughts drifted back to the excellent encounter I’d had with Onagh.

We got up, showered and dressed for yet another pre-wedding luncheon and rehearsal. I was bored to tears and the food wasn’t even entertaining! It was the usual cardboard chicken with fake mashed potatoes, too-salty gravy, and some very overcooked broccoli. If I closed my eyes, I could taste the lasagna I’d shared with Onagh.

As I sat drinking swill, foolishly called coffee, and listening to the bride’s father drone on, I wondered—not for the first time—if I’d made a mistake coming back.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We got through the wedding and returned to Carmel. I went back to work and thought that my desire for Onagh would lessen, but it did not. Often, during lunch breaks I’d find myself in a local toy store looking at outfits for Ken, of Ken and Barbie fame. Once they had a special on, three outfits for $10.99, two casual and one formal, with shoes! I nearly purchased a set, but they would have been too large for me.

One night while looking on the internet, I found several options for 4-inch dolls. This time I did order two outfits. When they arrived, I hid them from Cary.

Days became weeks and the longing worsened. I couldn’t sleep or eat. Cary tried to comfort me and took me to see a doctor. Nothing helped. Finally, I told Cary I was going to go and visit my parents in New York. He didn’t fight or argue; likely happy to be rid of me. I booked a flight to New Jersey, flew back and went to Ocean City. I had made sure that I packed the dolls clothes and the outfit Onagh had given me.

There, though I had a nice, inexpensive hotel room, I became practically a street person. I walked them all hours, looking for the bean seller. For days I asked people if they’d seen him.

On the fifth night, I spoke to a street guy. “I’m looking for this man who sold me something. I want to buy more of. He is about my height, dressed kinda shabby, but he has a blue sapphire earring. Have you seen him?” I waited, expecting the same answer I’d been getting all week.

“I know him.”

I had to stop and for a second or two to make sure I’d heard him properly. “You do? Where … I mean, do you know where I can find him? It’s so important, please.”

The man scratched his unkempt beard. “Why is it so important? Are you a cop or somethin’?”

“No, no I’m not a cop.” What could I tell him? “He sold me something a few weeks, a month ago now, and I just wanted to buy more. That’s all.”

“You be here at 7am.” The man shuffled along. “You be here and I’ll bring him. What did you want to buy? I’ll tell him; to be sure he brings the right stuff.”

I swallowed. I looked at the man as he stared at me expectantly. “Well … beans.”


“Beans. I bought beans.”

The man covered his mouth, but the shaking of the shoulders told me everything I needed to know. He was laughing. Yeah, well, I suppose it did sound ridiculous.

He was still snickering when he said, “Pork ‘n beans … or … or … baked in tomato sauce?The tears were running down his face now.

“Magic,” I whispered.

“Magic!” Gales of laughter poured out. After a moment or two, the guffaws turned to giggles, and were then just a trickle. “Right, sorry. I’ll tell him to bring his magic beans.”

I gave the man a twenty and promised him another if he brought the right man at 7:00am.

“We’ll be here, don’t you never mind.”

“Thank you.” I watched him walk away, muttering and chuckling to himself about magic beans.

Our meeting was in four hours. I contemplated going back to the hotel to sleep, but went to an all-night diner instead. I was hungry, and so I ate a rather good hamburger and fresh hot fries. I sat at the counter and then drank what must have been at least one pot of coffee, while talking to the regulars and the waitress.

At about 6:30am, I visited an ATM and then walked back to the place I’d met the homeless man earlier. I had his money and more to pay for the beans. I walked up and down the street, too restless to sit. They were late!

Finally, at 7:20am, they showed up. I thanked the homeless man and gave him the money I’d promised him. Then I turned to the bean seller.

“Hi. Thanks for coming.”

He had his blue earring in. In this light, I guessed it wasn’t a sapphire. Not that it mattered. He smiled when he saw me.

“Old Joe there said you were looking for me?”

“Yes, I don’t know if you recall, but a month—“

“I remember you.” The young man pulled a small bag from his pocket. “You want more of the beans, right?”

I gazed at the little package. “Yes. Yes, please.”

His eyes seem to pierce my thoughts. “Enjoyed the effects, huh? Well, you got a bargain last time. They are twenty dollars apiece.”

“Fine, I want six.”


“Yes, give me six.” I pulled out the two-hundred in twenties I had in my pocket, peeled off six of them, and held them out.

He took the bills and shoved them deep into the left front pocket of his jeans. “Thanks.” He handed me the little package, turned, and started to walk away. After a couple of steps he stopped and turned back. “Hey, good luck. I hope you get what you want.”

I smiled at him. “Thanks. Me too.” I wondered if I should ask for a way to contact my bean seller. I dismissed the idea though because I had six beans, enough for two ‘trips’, and well, if Onagh didn’t want me, there was no reason to stay.

After we parted, I walked back to my hotel room. I unlocked the door and let myself in. The room smelled stale, musty, and old. I chuckled because the room was all of those things. The small package, I placed on the bedside table. I sat on the bed that squeaked and shifted under my weight.

Now what? There they were, right there. Of course, I couldn’t take any now. What should I do? Was I ready to give up my life here? What if Onagh had changed his mind? He wouldn’t have would he? What about Cary, and my family. Do I leave a note? I’ve run off with a fairy? Well, I am gay!

Okay, yes, that was in poor taste.

I’ve gone and I’m never coming back? I had to leave a note, it was the right thing to do, but what if Onagh didn’t want me and I had to return? My family would hate me. Cary would have moved on.

Be that as it may, I knew I had no choice but to try. I looked in the drawers and found some of the hotel stationery, and sat down at the worn table to say goodbye to everyone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After finishing my note I slept for nearly twelve hours. When I woke, I ate, took a walk, and gambled until 1:00am.

I returned to my hotel and showered. I stood in the centre of the room; towel around my waist and towel-dried my hair. I was so nervous, my belly flipped and my hands shook; there were so many what-ifs.

It was 2:30am. My time to leave. I took only my wallet, my tiny clothes and left my other things behind in the hotel room. I had placed the note in my suitcase.

My gait was brisk as I walked down to the beach. I looked more confident than I felt. I found the spot where Onagh had walked me to; it wasn’t too far from the little tunnel down to the city, and to my new life.

I pushed the bag of beans through the slats in the boardwalk, along with my two extra sets of clothes. My original outfit from Onagh I put on the sand next to me. Then I swallowed three beans.

I waited.

And I waited.

Was it ever … ugh … yesss ….

A few moments later I climbed out of my shoe, stumbled through the vastness of my jeans, and landed on the sand. I pulled on my orange shirt and gray felt britches. Then I hoisted myself onto the boardwalk and lowered myself through the slats. After a short drop to the sand below, I picked up my clothing and pulled the baggie over to the other side of the boardwalk.

Kneeling, I used my hands to bury the large bag of beans in the sand. I buried them for safekeeping, I wasn’t sure why as I’d never be able to swallow them while I was fairy-sized. After stomping up and down to flatten and firm up the sand, I picked up my extra clothes and started toward the tunnel. I found the entrance and peered down it. I’d forgotten just how dark it was. Onagh and Sar-Dean had both had their wands.

I stood there for another moment, and then found the wall. I started to walk.

Plodding in the darkness, I lost track of time. Thankfully, the ground was mostly sand; however one thing I stepped on seemed to move, so I skedaddled as fast as possible. I was relieved when I finally made it around the bend and the tunnel began to brighten. I started to run. Onagh was the only thing on my mind.

When I entered the city proper, I stopped for a moment to get my bearings. I was sure I knew the way to Onagh’s house. After waking up the wrong household, I was given directions and an earful from angry fairy.

“Do you know what time it is?” The fairy floated gracefully but his wings were glowing red. “Onagh will not appreciate you waking him!”

I stumbled down the stairs and bumbled out an apology. “I’m … so … um … so sorry for troubling you. Thanks for the information. You’ve been very kind.”

“Humph.” The fairy slammed the door behind him.

I arrived at the address I’d been given, but this wasn’t the house where I had been taken previously. With some trepidation, I knocked. The door was answered by a female fairy, whom I assumed was a servant or maid. I explained I was looking for Onagh, having just arrived in town. Smiling, she waved off my apology and gave me a new set of directions.

After a short jog I was standing in front of 343 Squid Ink Drive, in front of a place I recognized. I stopped for a moment to breathe. Then I climbed the stairs and opened the building’s outer door.

It was quiet, and I walked down the carpeted hall to tap on Onagh’s door. I waited.

I knocked again, with a little more force.

“Can I help … y … Bobby?”

I turned. Onagh stood down at the end of hall with cup and plate in his hands. He placed both on a chair.

We both moved together, meeting in the middle. His lips were on mine, our arms wrapped around each other. He kissed my neck, and spoke into it with a whisper, “I am so glad you’re here ….”

He pushed me away and held my shoulders. “How? Why? We need to talk.” He grabbed my hand and I followed him into his office. “But before words, Bobby, get your clothes off, because there is something I want first.”

Onagh did not have to tell me twice. We went into the bedroom. I stripped and jumped onto the bed while he watched. He turned and slipped the lock into place. Quickly, he removed his clothes, walked to the bed, his eyes smoldering, and climbed on, kneeling next to me. “Now let me show you how happy I am that you’ve come home.”

Afterward, as we lay together, warm and sated, I told him everything.

“So, here I am. Do you still want me?” I asked the question, but was afraid of the answer.

He leaned on his elbow and looked down at me. Warm kisses told me yes. Then so did he. “I’ve wished for nothing else, Bobby.”

Relief flooded through me. We just held on to each other for a time. It was peaceful and comfortable.

Onagh broke the silence. “How long are you able to stay this time, Bobby?” His voice betrayed sadness.

“Onagh, I don’t want to go back … before you said, I could stay, you said, is going back what you really want? This is what I really want; to stay here with you.”

He smiled. “Really? Let’s have some breakfast and then we’ll go and see Gullveig, the Witch.” Onagh got up. “If you’re sure you want to stay small.”

Over some sweet preserves and bread, with a mug of a tea-like drink, I thought about my choice. Did I want to give up life above ground? I’d only known Onagh a few hours and most of that had been in bed. Maybe it was crazy, but I was drawn to him, like no other man, or fairy before. I did go through all of this to be here.

I had my answer.

I took a deep breath and nodded. “We better hurry.”

We did hurry. Onagh tied a golden glowing cord around my wrist and attached it to his own. I asked what the cord was for.

“Keeps you with me as we travel, can’t have your bits and pieces zipping all over the stratosphere. Especially the nice parts of you.” He grinned as he kissed me and grabbed my dick. I giggled.

Then he opened a case that sat on the table in his bedroom. From it he took a wand. It was wooden, from what I could see and topped by a glowing star.

I guess I was staring, because Bugsy said, “You’ve seen a wand before!”

“Yes, but talls aren’t magic. We don’t even believe in it.”

“No wonder you’re all so uptight. How can you not believe in magic?” Onagh drew me closer. “Okay, we’re off. You’re gonna feel dizzy when we arrive. Don’t worry if you toss your breakfast.”


Suddenly I felt like my vital organs were left behind me as I was dragged through space at light-speed. No sooner did I feel like I was moving, than I stopped. My eyeballs swayed in my head, and I dropped to my knees. My stomach contents sloshed back and forth as we arrived at our destination. I slammed my hands over my mouth and sucked in some deep breaths.

I could hear Onagh talking, but I was too dizzy to look up.

“… No he’s a tall. He ate some magic beans and now he’s our size.”

I heard a female cackle. “So you want to keep him, Onagh?”

“He wants to stay. We’re growing on each other.”

“How much time, do we have?”

“Maybe a few hours or so, before he’s back to full size.”

“That wouldn’t be good down here, Onagh.”


“Fine. You go wait outside and let me talk to your new toy.”

I heard some scuffling and Onagh protests.

“Spiny starfish! All right, I’m going. No need to shove me.”

I heard footsteps coming closer to me. Still too dizzy to look up, I stared at her boxy shoes, then her knees and thighs as she knelt in front of me.

“I’m Gullveig. You are Bobby, Onagh’s new toy?”

“I’m not a toy,” I mumbled.

“You think he cares about you?”

“Um … yeah, I think he does.”

“Well, I think so too, but I like to get under his skin.”

I could hear the smile in her voice and took a quick glance at her. She didn’t look like a witch. Gullveig was young, golden-haired and there were no warts in sight. She was dressed in bright glowing turquoise, which made my eyes ache in my current condition.

“Bobby, if you go through with this, you can never change back, well, not permanently. You need to understand that,” the witch explained gently. “You will be small like this forever.”

“Forever? Is that literal?”

“Hmm, yes it is literal. Fairies are extremely long-lived as long as a tall doesn’t step on us, or a damned animal doesn’t eat us. I will be changing you into a fairy.”

“Will I have wings?”

“Eventually. You’ll be small but some changes, like wings, will take a little longer to manifest themselves.”

I looked her in the eye. “I like Onagh a lot. I want to stay.”

“Well then, let’s get on with it.”

The changes, thankfully, did not involve me having to remove my clothes. Gullveig gave me a tall glass, filled with very thick pink fluid to drink; that was followed by two cookies, which contained very weird brown chunks, and both had to be consumed within two minutes. These things were followed by a glass of porpoise milk.

How, exactly do you milk a porpoise?

I stared at the table full of comestibles before me; none held any appeal. My reward for finishing them now sat across from me, having been let back in by the young witch. Onagh had a smile on his face and a look of hope in those gorgeous eyes.

“You can do this Bobby.” Onagh reached across and took my hand. He gave it a gentle squeeze.

I smiled back and nodded. Gullveig stood next to me with a stop watch. I turned to check with her, and she uttered, “Go!”

I spooned the thick gel-like drink into my mouth and swallowed; it tasted like salty rose petals. Once I’d finished that I picked up the first of the cookies. After another go and a click from Gullveig’s watch, I bit into the cookie. It was rank! Greasy, oily and fishy were my first thoughts; the following were the ones where I begged my stomach to not heave up all I’d finished already. I forced down the first one in a minute, and my dithering about the second left me only forty-five seconds. I bit into the last cookie, grasped Onagh’s hand and stared into his eyes as I choked it down.

Gullveig said, time, just as I swallowed the last mouthful.

Onagh handed me the glass of porpoise milk, which I drank down in four mouthfuls. It was very creamy and rich. I prayed all of this would stay in my stomach. “Oh, my god, that was awful. Those cookies were a horror. What was in them…no…no, never mind, don’t tell me.” From across the table, Onagh smiled at me. Gullveig sat down next to me. “How do you feel now, Bobby?”

Though it was roiling a little bit, my stomach seemed to be accepting its contents. “I, um, feel okay. So what happens now?”

“Nothing. It’s done.”

“That’s all there is to it?”

“Yes, Bobby. You were already small, thanks to the beans; we just had to make sure you stay that way. The cookies contained the wing growth serum. It’s the same stuff I use on fairies that have wing-drop,” Gullveig explained.


“Yes, it’s a sad thing that happens sometimes, but in most cases the wings can be re-grown.”

Onagh sat nodding as Gullveig spoke. When she was done though, he said, “Did you explain the other change he may notice, Gully?”

The blonde witch looked at Onagh with a huge grin on her sweet face. She giggled, turned pink and said, “It’s about your … your … you know.”

They were both snickering, and I glanced between them. “What?”

“Your club, you know, down there.” Gullveig laughed into her hand.

“My dick?”

“Um, yes. You’ll likely notice some change in the length and girth of said dick! It’ll take a few days. But you may notice some achiness as it thickens and gets longer.”

“Jesus,” I said aloud. “Will it be like O’s?”

“Yes, more like his.” Gullveig suddenly looked horrified. “Not because I’ve seen it, his, you understand! I am a medical-type fairy, so I have seen some.”

Grinning, I told her I understood.

We waited around with Gullveig for a little while, and after she was satisfied I wasn’t going to lose my lunch or collapse, I was allowed to leave with Onagh. I was grateful that she’d pooh-poohed Onagh’s travel by glowing-rope thing. I don’t think I could handle that twice in a day.

We set off walking, but every once in a while, Onagh would start to flutter and leave the ground. I pulled him back down after the third time and asked him why.

“Because we have wings, Bobby. It’s natural for us to fly, not to walk.”

“I wonder how long it’ll be before mine grow in?”

“I don’t know.” Onagh stopped and drew me close. I slid my arms around him and we hugged. “I can’t believe you’ve done this, Bobby.”

I moved my head to get access to his eyes. “Please don’t say you’ve changed your mind.”

“What? No! No, I haven’t. All of this, from the first moment I laid eyes on you, until right this second, feels right. It’s impulsive and crazy as a drunken eel, but it’s right. I feel it in my bones.” He kissed me long and hard, and then put my cheeks between his hands and looked me in the eye. “Listen, no need to go back to the office. Let’s just go home and you can get acquainted with the house and the staff.”

“I thought … there’s the bedroom; till today I thought that’s where you live?”

“Oh no, that’s just a bedroom. Sometimes it’s needed, like today.” He smiled broadly.

We continued to walk, and Onagh fluttered. There weren’t trees or anything down here underground, but there was moss and lichen.

What Onagh had said niggled at me, so I asked him, “So, you do that often? Take guys to bed in the afternoon?”

“Ohh, you’re truly human aren’t you?”

I felt a small growl of anger in my belly. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Humans are so uptight about sex and relationships.”

“Fairies aren’t?”

“Not so much. We don’t marry … well not like humans. We do have our significant others, our first one. But if you’re in the mood, and someone else is, well, it’s okay to take a dip.”

“Is it!” That was not a question!

“You’re upset.”

“No, I guess I just hadn’t thought this through.” I wondered what I’d just let myself do. “So, you get a lot of use out of the bedroom?”


Okay, I had to get a grip. I’d assumed fairies would be like us with respect to relationships. Onagh had not lied to me. I mean we’ve known each other less than 24 hours total.

“So, you kinda have free-love. If you’re horny, you just grab someone and do it.”

Puzzlement passed over Onagh’s face. He reached up and touched his forehead. “I have no horns, Bobby.”

“Umm … horny. It means you want sex.”

“I see. Well, yes, I suppose. We can have sex with whoever is willing.”

“What about your first one?”

“She understands I enjoy sex with males.”

“WHAT?” I’d said that a bit loudly and others stopped to look.

“My female, I said she underst ….”

“You have a wife, already? Oh, my god, why didn’t you tell me? You want me to come to your house, with her there?”

“Of course, where else would you live, my precious conch-shell?”

We resumed our journey. “How will she feel? I mean if you just show up with me?”

“Fine. Why would she mind? She has her male companions and the fair-lets, the little ones.”

“Kids? You have kids?” My mouth was dry.

Onagh smiled. “I know this is all new, Bobby. Don’t worry. You’ll understand. You will love your life with me, with us. There is only goodness, love and joy in our house. It is much less uptight than the human world. You will come to love it. Come on there’s not much farther to go. And I want you in our bed, so let’s get home.”

He rubbed my butt cheeks, kissed me, and pulled me forward at a quicker pace.

Finally we stopped in front of a large familiar house. Onagh smiled at me. “Home. Let’s go in.”

We climbed the stairs and opened the door. It hadn’t been locked. We stepped inside.

Onagh called out, “Hello!”

I pushed the door closed. It was different here. I knew my choice would cause pain to my family and friends, but I also knew I’d done the right thing. I could feel the love in this house and there was nowhere else I wanted to be.

In seconds there were squeals of joy, and laughter as the room filled with five tiny beings all different colours, they zipped around on glowing wings, giggling non-stop. Several other fairies, large and small, joined the group; all were smiling. Onagh pulled me forward. “Everyone, this is Bobby.”

Then Onagh kissed me and said, “Welcome home.”


the end … kinda

Special thanks to my dear friend and antho editor, Parker Owens. As always, thank you to AC Benus, my friend, editor and greatest support. Thanks to mollyhousemouse for her excellent reading skills and friendship!


Thanks to you, for reading.

Copyright © 2017 Mikiesboy; All Rights Reserved.
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Once again, a story I would have skipped if you hadn’t been the author! Lots of interesting and unusual little details. But having lived only on the Pacific Coast, the only ‘Carmels’ I was familiar with are Carmel-by-the-Sea in Monterey County (lots of boutique-type outlet stores!) and Carmel Valley (I lived in San Diego while growing up).  ;-)

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7 hours ago, MichaelS36 said:

tim, a charming, funny story and something you let me read beforehand as is my Husbandly right I believe!  LOL  Seriously, I did enjoy reading this, nicely done. Your imagination is a wonderful place.  I'm sure you mentioned unicorns and rainbows.. is that next, boy? 

yes, Sir ... Your Husbandly right!  hehe.  I'm happy You enjoyed it. xo

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