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  2. Cool. I've always wanted to dye my hair red.... Never have the gut to do so..., so I applaud to your son for doing that. I am glad it turned out okay! Back in the days in the 90's when the Flower was still in high school, there was this guy who had shoulder-length bubble gum pink hair. That always made the Flower smile every time he saw him.
  3. He's already mentioned green or maybe bright blue. I told him to get a job first. 🤔🙄🤐🤭 There's a really good series with Zac Effron called Down to Earth on Netflix that we're watching. Really interesting if you like travel shows. You have a good night too everyone. 6am comes way too fast for me!💤
  4. so, not a platinum blond like Marilyn Monroe then? right after he graduated high school, Number One Son went through a phase where he dyed his hair Joker green! it involved lots of bleaching, and lots of color. glad that it was a short lived phase. tonight i am taking the train from Vienna to Berlin and then EuroCity Train Ljubljana - Graz - Vienna "Emona" in First Class, i find these fascinating. hope everyone has a good night
  5. Yay! Sounds like a win. I hope your son is pleased with the results.
  6. Well.... The verdict is in. It's not as bleachy white as I pictured. It's more like the blond he was when he was little, just a little lighter. So Mom will give this one 👍👍
  7. Yeah.... too true. I'm sure it'll look better than when he decided to shave his head bald when he was 14. He's got a lumpy head. 🤣
  8. He could have decided to do something a lot worse as an experiment... hair grows back. I hope he likes it when it's finished.
  9. So my younger son, in all his 18 years of infinite wisdom has decided he wants to bleach his hair blond 🙄. He had dark blond hair when he was little and it has since darkened to a medium kinda sandy brown. He was not allowed to have 'unnaturally' colored hair (military charter school) and had to have it short, so he chose to keep it buzzed. The kid has not had a haircut (his choice) since maybe end of Jan/beginning of Feb. Needless to say it now a wild giant bush on the top of his head. When he was little we used to call him Heat Miser...you know, the dude from one of those Christmas specials. Should be interesting to see how this little experiment turns out🤔 We'll know in about an hour.
  10. Mmm... love cabbage rolls, especially the ones my Grandma made. Enjoy your dinner.
  11. Ahhh... the legendary freezer hunt, closely related to the fridge hunt. There's nothing scarier than hearing those words..."Hon? Do you know what this is? Or better yet..."How old is this?" Or "What the Hell is this?" 🤣 It sounds like you got lucky. Enjoy!
  12. We were hunting in the chest freezer and found the last of the cabbage rolls we made last year. That's dinner. We are gonna make more this year. It was great having them in the freezer through the winter.
  13. molly glad things are better for you. i also have been watching the SpaceX Coverage. i also was a Space Geek in the 70’s and remember watching all those launches. so take care molly
  14. good afternoon Sirs and friends it's been a long couple of weeks for me, but life is good. also, am i weird? i've been watching all of the build up for the SpaceX Dragon Capsule to return to earth today. truly amazing! hope everyone is doing well
  15. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. just wanted to stop in and say Good Morning All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go I'm standing here outside my back yard I'm leavin' on a Staycation 😀 How is your day?
  16. Hey everyone. Hope it's been a good day. Older Son had a job interview! Hopefully he gets a callback. Not much else happening around here
  17. Oddly enough...not even drinking tonight. My shins have decided to join my knees in singing the song of agony so painkillers and alcohol don't tend to mix very well.
  18. it was a good time and kbois have you been hitting the drinks a little early? they are struggling with this locked down and the lack of there biggest money maker was cancelled so it was the least we could do.
  19. That's awesome rick! I had to read 'drive thru fish fry' several times as my brain kept messing up: Drive fru fresh fry---Drive thru frish fry---Drive thru thrish fry🤣🤣

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