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A fan club for Mikiesboy to chat about his stories as well as home to the Drop In Centre Chat Topic


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  2. Howdy all Hope everyone is keeping well. A week off work. So me and Hubby have a 3 night trip to London, where we are seeing Moulin Rouge and The Lion King. Keep safe all and I hope you are feeling better @Mikiesboy
  3. tim take care of yourself. sending good thoughts and well wishes.
  4. hi all Hope you are all okay. i was in the hospital for a few days, but i came home today. Need a bit more recovery time and then i should be okay.
  5. We've had a very mild January this year but that's about to abruptly change. High tomorrow will be lower than the morning low today, and it will stay below freezing for 4 or 5 days. Good chance of an ice storm pretty close to us as well; hopefully it stays South.
  6. i think i've glimpsed that part of me ... but we are not on speaking terms Have a good Saturday.
  7. Things are going well for us, though we've had discussions on whether we're insane to consider buying property & building a house at our age (30yr mortgage would put us in debt into our 80's) -- but there are issues with "my" house [size] and "his" house [needs gutted and re-done] that makes it worth doing. Went to a funeral on Friday. Husband of one of my classmates passed and we drove up, even though I'd not seen or spoken w. her since graduation. There were seven of the women from our class and myself -- which was almost 25% of our graduating class (small school, just 35 people). Was nice to see them, though not the best situation.
  8. I dunno why, but your need for a nap - I can hear your enthusiasm this far away - made me laugh.
  9. Sun is out!! Yay! It's nice to see it after so long. But yeah, it's very cold. i think i need a nap. lol

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