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  2. She's calling me on my lunch hour tomorrow. I hope she can help. I'm no longer looking forward to going away this weekend if he's still angry with us. He doesn't always make the best decisions and I don't want to worry thr whole time we're gone. Thanks for the encouragement.
  3. Well good luck on working from home and stay safe.
  4. hey hang in there. let’s hope the therapist gets things turned around for both you and your son.
  5. I hope the therapist can help, and I wish you and yours well.
  6. Not a great day. I'm just in a funky mood. Waiting for my son's therapist to call. The whole incident just got to me.
  7. Morning rick, It's just mugly here. Already 77 with 73% humidity, so it's a typical southern fall day. Working from home today and trying to tie up a few loose ends because I've got to be in continuing ed class tomorrow.
  8. we had to turn the heat on this weekend. So it is nice and toasty. i took this week off wanting to recover but that was cancelled so taking the days and doing some cleaning and getting a few things done to prepare for winter. so let’s hope you have a good day
  9. it's overcast & muggy outside but in the living room where im working it's nice hope your day is good
  10. thanks for the thankful reminder tim have a good day xoxo
  11. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. Just wanting to say good morning today is a gloomy, rainy day the leaves are falling and are a wet mess. So how are things with everyone?
  12. i did my voting by absentee ballot. the sad thing is that to go 1 mile it took the post office 5 days for the ballot to get to us. i voted and hand delivered it the Board of Elections. here in Ohio they have a app that you can track if it was accepted or not.. it was so all set. so PLEASE go VOTE take the time make a plan. Let your Voice be heard.
  13. So I did early voting today. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. It was day 3 of our early voting period, and I have to tip my hat to my county elections officials. They obviously thought about things and the way it was laid out made social distancing possible. There were people there to direct the voters through the various stations and people were cleaning the booths after each voter. I was in and out in about 20 minutes. The longest part was filling out the ballot because it was front and back--a lot of positions are up in my county. There was a man in front of me who had to be in his mid to later 60's and he was born and raised in my county. It was his first time voting.....EVER! I was kind of speech less over that. I hope that everyone has a good evening.
  14. I can't imagine. It has to be so difficult for you trying to figure out if it's depression or manipulation. But you gut is telling you that something isn't right, and moms always know--be it intuition or Momdar. You were right to call the therapist. Hopefully he can get to the bottom of it and get things back on track one way or another.
  15. Apparently getting angry was NOT the right thing to do. I need a brick wall to bang my head against. Is it wrong to expect an 18 yr old to clean up after himself? Having a child who is dealing with depression and anxiety is so hard sometimes. Theoretically he should know that he needs to clean up. Realistically he's incapable and I never know if it's truly his depression or just plain laziness. He is a master manipulator and I just can't risk the consequences of guessing. I have a call in to his therapist. He officially is done, but I think he needs to go back. Hopefully he'll agree. I just get so frustrated.
  16. thank you Michael Sir, i’m glad your labs were good.
  17. Has anyone heard from Mac? Hope he is well clear of the Boulder Colorado fire
  18. Only thing better would be to get those results in person!
  19. Good afternoon, all. I enjoyed the lab results. Sorry about the dentist, rick. Hang in there. Hope it is Friday soon. Take care all.
  20. good luck my week has blowed up. was supposed to have dental surgery today and the office called to report they are closed for 2 weeks due to Covid-19. Had to wait 4 weeks for this time. So better luck on yours
  21. I love those results! I have a feeling this is going to be a long week. I have a 4 day weekend coming up with plans for a quick getaway for our anniversary. I need it to be Friday!!!🤪🤪
  22. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. Just wanting to say good morning i hope this helps. So how are things with everyone
  23. Happy Monday DiCers! Hope you all have a great day. I feel like I should have today off because I basically worked all weekend long, but I got a lot accomplished.

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