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  2. Universal, Sea World and Busch Gardens... I'll take them over Disney any day.
  3. Hand them each a phone and they'll leave you alone to enjoy the parks.
  4. I'm also going for research purposes: Will this trip be better now that my kids are 11 and 14 vs. when we went back in 2016 and they were 5 and 8? I'm pretty sure I know the answer...
  5. Either one of you spend two college summers working as a tour guide and listening to that stupid song a few hundred times. I didn't return to WDW for at least a decade afterwards. The was no magic in the kingdom for me. Funny thing is I'm considering a visit to the Magic Kingdom of all places, for research purposes. If I decide to write about a trip there (7 kids aged 3-7) I might want to go sit and watch what kids do and their expressions. It's been a while
  6. Yes, I’ll admit that’s true, because my mom is one of those cautious slowpokes on our city streets. Mind you, they’re not all like that. I still remember hearing stories about my cousins’ grandfather tooling around town in his Mustang when he was 87. Yes, that’s right, when he was 87 years old.
  7. real gators are good eating. Just don't be stupid and jump in a canal where they live!
  8. I bleed green and orange. The only good gator is the one my shoes and belt were made from. Friends don't let friends go to FSU. And the worst of the snowbirds are the Canadians (i'll go hide in a minute) blessed because they support our economy, damned for their driving. I mean, 40mph in the Express Lanes? Does that prove I'm a Floridian? LMAO My Earth Day stories are based in the Keys and star a 6 yo girl. This year's will be about coral reefs, next year's about invasive species. Probably targeting iguanas, Brazilian pepper, pythons, and lion fish.
  9. Hey now! Just because you live there doesn't mean everyone hates Disney World. We're going there next January! Granted, we probably are not visiting It's A Small World...but still
  10. Hey now, I loved It’s a Small World. Mind you, I was eight…
  11. You forgot to mention there are alligators in every body of water in Florida. So glad I only had to think about sharks when I visited there back in ‘75. Saw sharks off the beach in St. Petersburg back then.
  12. You forgot to mention the dreaded snowbirds and gators (and by gators I mean the blue and orange kind..Go Noles!) Nor can we neglect the almighty Mouse and his Kingdom of Magic. Where all souls go to die an excruciating death by It's A Small World.
  13. I mean, not really lol. Between NCIS - Miami and Dexter and the iguanas and pythons, I think I'll stay here on the Oregon coast. It's pretty peaceful. Cost of living is a bit high but I'll take it. I just want to add that I think Iguanas are so cool, but they're not a pest here. You know what they say; one man's iguana is another man's mortal enemy.
  14. LMAO They're an invasive species and Florida residents are encouraged to kill as many of them as we can. Same with pythons in the Everglades. Doesn't Florida sound like a great place to visit?
  15. I think the caps really add to the excitement of the iguanas.
  16. 45 last night. The heater built into my bedroom's wall has been turned on for the first time this season. I hope we lost a lot of those critters. They've been breeding like crazy because there's been no real cold weather the past few years. MY EARTH DAY KIDS STORY NEXT YEAR WILL FEATURE IGUANAS LOL sorry about caps on tablet and too lazy to fix
  17. Are the iguanas falling out of trees down your way yet? When the first item of clothing that goes on after my shower is socks, it has to be cold. Lol....
  18. I haven’t, but I’m sure she’s okay. Will keep an eye out for her, though.
  19. @Ryan Jones I expanded a couple chapters in my current novel a bit to take into account fires in Colorado and snow in D.C.. Damn my traveling characters. Hey everyone. I know Kitt's a frequent visitor here and I'm wondering if any of you has heard from her outside GA. She hasn't been here in the last 10 days, which is surprising, and I haven't received a reply to the email I sent her. Not that I'm panicking, but with the number of members who have dropped off during the pandemic... Hope y'all have a good week.
  20. 12 cats???? I have 2 cats, I couldn't imagine 12 of them. When would you have time to do anything but cater to them? These are my last cats, or pets of any kind. I'm 70 and I want to be able to just go with Justin anywhere and anytime we want to go. With the cats we'd either have to board them or use the pet services that come by twice a day to feed them and clean the litter boxes. Our two cats are 18 and 17, the 18 year old one had cancer in a paw that led to amputation of the front leg to the shoulder almost 7 years ago. She's getting pretty feeble. Typical grey/white one. The other is an overlarge orange cat. Both are rescues. I've had the grey/white one since kitten stage from a pet adoption at Pet Smart. The other one started to show up at my house and I fed him awhile. Then captured him and had him checked out. It's so weird, they act like a married couple. I told Justin they must have paid a lot of attention to us over the past 10 years.
  21. No Housekeeper for us. Me and Hubby do everything between us. So with our 12 cats, it's not always perfect.

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