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A fan club for Mikiesboy to chat about his stories as well as home to the Drop In Centre Chat Topic


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  2. We'd hoped for that. Sadly it was far from the truth and I am again dealing with the fallout.
  3. I hope you all had a great dinner and wonderful memories to share.
  4. Happy Monday. Tomorrow would have been my late Father-in-Law's birthday. My MiL wants to go out to dinner tonight at a place he loved to go. He was Ukrainian and loved that country's food but he enjoyed the foods of many other cultures that Toronto offers. So, we are going to Mother's Dumplings, a favourite place of his, tonight for dinner. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday.
  5. i hated in class stuff .. online for me anytime. Some training was done via Microsoft Teams and that's fine if the facilitator kept control over the class.. That rarely happened so it became a frustrating experience. However, the only classes i would take now would be of my choice. You'll figure it all out. I'd get donut delivery written into my contract.. lol. Fingers are crossed. Hope your weekend was good one. Have a great week!!
  6. It's been an interesting first two weeks at my new job. I get that online training modules are the way to go for most companies nowadays, but there's something to be said for hands on, in classroom training. It's one thing to read how to do something and pass the knowledge test and another to actually practice it and being shown how to navigate all the different software systems. Eh.. it'll come eventually. Still waiting to hear about a condo we're interested in. Keep your fingers crossed. It'll cut hubby's commute down to about 10-15 minutes and mine will be about the same but I won't have to battle the idiots crossing the Manatee River everyday. Snowbird season winds down at the end of March... woohoo! Goodbye weekend... until next time. Have a good week everyone!
  7. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling good, tim. I hope it passes soon. As for the story? It’s right up my alley, so thanks for the recommendation. xoxo
  8. I'm better than I was, but not perfect. Taking pills and plenty of rest.
  9. @chris191070 i hope you are feeling a bit better ... i am up at this awful time, waiting for some drugs to work and then i'm going back to bed not a great couple of days ... See you later.. Everyone else: IF you're not reading this story.. you're missing out
  10. drugs, fluids and rest.. chill out for a bit.. sleep when you can.. i hope you feel better.
  11. I've been like this on and off for the last month. I had me flu jab, but yeah it feels a bit like flu.
  12. 4am wide awake from feeling ill. Headaches, aches and a bad cough 😫 Hope everyone else is well.
  13. Happy March, everyone. Hasn't been a terrible winter at all. It's Friday and that's usually a WooHoo day for lots of people. We are going out for lunch today so that'll be nice. We're going to Pho Quinn, for Vietnamese! Then we're going for some groceries and yeah.. that's it. Hope i can get a bit of writing done and that everyone has a nice day doing something they enjoy at some point.
  14. Two small pullman bread pans on the way ... dinner was homemade buns, burgers and salad!
  15. Fresh bread is on the way ... this boy is leading his happy life!
  16. Happy Thursday children ... (watching too much Uncle Roger, lol)
  17. This man was not a good person, but in this case, he was right. Have a good day, my friends.

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