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  2. Good for you rick. Self care is extremely important. I learned that from @mollyhousemouse .
  3. Well I missed the SpaceX launch this morning by about 10 minutes. I saw the cool pretzel clouds though. I didn't even realize there was a launch today. Right after we first moved down here my son's baseball game got halted when one of the space shuttles launched. Most unusual time out I've heard called so far. Hope everyone has a happy Friday!
  4. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. Happy Friday this has been a LONG week. spent last night just myself, my dog and 1/2 bottle of white wine. enjoyed the quiet time with just some music. woke up this am with a positive outlook. Waiting on my Brother to call to see when he gets out. So Take Care
  5. Thank You, Sir Good Advice and best wishes to you as well.
  6. That's good news. Look after yourself rick. I know you'll look after your brother. My best wishes to you both.
  7. That's good news rick. You have a good night too.
  8. Excuse me Good Sirs and DiC friends. Just thought i would drop in and report my brother surgery went well. they put 2 stents in. They kept him in the hospital overnight. Glad this Day is over. Wishing everyone a Good Evening Take Care
  9. Thank you, Sir things are getting better brother’s labs are improving so we have the Heart Catheter scheduled for Thursday. i hope you are doing Well yourself.
  10. I didn't feel the first one at all. This time...yeesh! My brother sent out a text letting us know that Mom had her 2nd shot today too. More relief. Now he's trying to figure out how to stop her from hiding the TV remotes and the portable phone. He couldn't find them for a few hours. My other brother told him to look in the trunk of the '55 under the Christmas presents. I died laughing. My parents used to hide presents in the trunk of my Dad's '55 Chevy Bel Air. Candy apple red and pearl white. He drag raced with it in the early 60s before I was born. It's been years since I thought
  11. Glad you dropped in tim. As @Kitt said, some of us are here more than you might think. 😉 I hope that you and @MichaelS36 are doing OK.
  12. Today was my 14 days from the second shot, so I know exactly about that feeling of relief. I was lucky and got the same guy for both shots and I didn't feel a thing. I've told everyone I know to ask for him because he's that good. I hope that everyone who wants the vaccine is able to get it now. I know our friends in Canada are having a bit of a struggle, but I just read that North Dakota is going to work with Manitoba to jointly vaccinate Canadian essential workers.
  13. Some of us are here much more than is realized. Ever think the joint is empty, holler "marco". Bet you get lots of "polo"s from peeps just hanging quietly
  14. Second shot done today!! (I felt it this time...that girl stabbed that needle into me like she was on a mission!) There's such a feeling of relief now. It's nice. Hope everyone has a good evening.
  15. To all the DiC Members... thank you all for being here, when you're able. Together we lift each other up....
  16. So sorry to hear about your brother @rickproehl. The catheterization will tell a lot and fingers crossed for you and him that a stent will do the trick. I'm glad that you're doing better and that you are taking care of yourself. I know it's tough, but keep doing just that.
  17. Whack-a-mole, indeed. Hope your brother is well and that you are, too, rick.
  18. thanks everyone so good and bad news we got the blood work back on brother and they changed his medications. we are waiting on the Doctor now to see if he needs to have a Heart Catheter they think they need to put a stent in. so now it is a waiting game. sk thanks for all the good wishes
  19. I hope your brother has a smooth recovery and happy that you're looking out for yourself. Thanks for checking in Chris.
  20. Hey All, Just to let everyone Know that I'm okay. Didn't want anyone worried because I've not been on in a while. It could be quite a while before I'm back properly. Take care all and keep safe Chris xx

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