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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Of God and Angels - 1. Of God and Angels

This story is based on my own upbringing in the Church and ideas and theories i have read. This may challenge your own beliefs about a Christian God, Jesus Christ and Satan. If this may upset you, please do NOT read further. Quotes used may be out of context for my own use.

Through the slim wooden bars he could see the red of the setting sun. He leaned against the cool adobe wall as his tears dripped onto the red dust on the window sill.

"I was weak." His voice sounded false to his own ears. He gripped the bars, his hands white with the effort. "Hear me, Father. I know I was wrong. I know I was weak and let you down. I am ready. Father, hear my prayer.”

Tears became stronger now, and he wept openly. Michael turned away from the window and dropped to his knees. He looked up to the ceiling of the bare little room; his cell. He raised his voice. "Can you hear me? I am ready to fight, but I need you. Father, help me now. Please … please, help me be strong."

He wiped his eyes, still on his knees, and prayed. “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.[1]

As the tears stopped, Michael thought about what had brought him to this low and sad place.

"It was so many years ago. What he asked of me was impossible."



His Father had come to him. They had walked together through the garden. It was alive with colour and perfume from the blossoms, while the marble statues seemed to watch the Father and son as they sat together in the sun.

"Michael, my son, you were born for a reason. Do you know it?"

"No, Father."

"You are the saviour of my earthly children. Only through you, will they be able to come to me and take their place in Heaven.”

Michael looked at his Father. "You mean I'm to die for them?"

"Yes. Your spirit will be the conduit for them to be saved and brought here to Me." His Father smiled kindly. “No more will you be Archangel, Michael; they will call you Jesus, the deliverer.”

Michael knew this was important, so had agreed to do as his Father asked.


Michael said he wanted to save them and believe his Father, but there had been doubt in his heart. On that day, as the soldiers drove nails into his human flesh; at the moment of his greatest weakness, he cried out to his Father, "My God, my God, why have thou forsaken me?" There had been no reply from his Father.

One did reply though. One with many names, like Legion, Abbadon, Diablos, the Devil—Satan.

Satan watched the red blood drip. It puddled in the dirt. He smiled at Michael and gazed at him with dark and knowing eyes. "Tell me, Michael, or … should I call you Jesus? How does it feel? Tell me, where is your good and loving God now, Jesus?"

The evil one spun in the dirt, and danced a few steps. His voice echoed in Michael's head. "Where?"

Satan sat cross-legged in the dust. He gazed up at the man on the cross. "You know … I can give you everlasting life as well as … as … he. You can live, you know."

Then the devil's voice was in his ear, as pain wracked his body and Michael listened. "A real life here on Earth. The pick of the best of the women … or men. Enjoy the fruits of your Father's labour."

Michael looked into Satan's eyes. His own widened in faint recognition, there was something familar. “I … I know … wait—”

Another wave of pain forced his eyes closed and ripped any coherent ideas from Michael’s thoughts. Once Michael looked again, Satan’s eyes were dark and soulless, and they held only his future and his shame.

Satan's words dripped in his ear, seducing him, “I will come for you on the third day after your so-called death, Michael. You will live forever. Be young and strong and sit on my left for all eternity.”

Suddenly, though still on the cross, all Michael's pain was taken from him.

The Devil smiled. "You see I can give and also take away, but there is a price, Michael." With a wave of his hand, the pain returned.

Michael groaned, and whispered, "What price?"

"I will have all the souls of your earthly brothers and sisters, now and forevermore." Satan's smile was beguiling and evil. "Do you agree?"

His faith and fortitude gone, Michael agreed to the Devil's terms. The dark one would rule the earth for eternity.

In the heavens, his heart broken, Michael’s Father turned away from his cherished children. No longer did God listen to their pleas and prayers. No longer would he allow himself to care or worry about them. Satan had made his old boast a reality.



One dark night, in a secluded corner of the heavens the Angels met. The Guardians of Souls, the Angels had always worked to protect God's children. Now, while God no longer took an interest, the Angels had faith that one day Satan could be driven out.

The dark-haired one banged a fist on the round table that seated them. "You all know I'm right!" James looked at the others around him. Most nodded and murmured their agreement.

"You know many of them have learned the truth about Michael. We can't let this information become widely accepted," Mark said.

The blonde angel rose to her feet. "James, are you saying they've learned that Michael is Jesus?"

"Yes, it's not widely accepted but more are listening to the idea."

"Their biblical scholars are offering up the theory,” Mark suggested.

Paul's voice dripped with disgust. "They rage and argue about things that do not matter. They have ruined the Earth and themselves. What difference will it make if we tell them the truth?"

James turned his gaze to Paul. "We have always protected them. Do we just stop now?"

"Knowing that Jesus is not who they think could wreak havoc down there. Their whole belief system could be destroyed," said David. "What would they do if they learned the truth?"

“Please.” James rose and held up his hands as many spoke at once. "How do we stop the truth from coming out?"

"Is it so important, James? Let the animals know the truth.” Thomas swept around the table until he faced James. “They are vermin and deserve to know. They are not God’s children. Few of them have truly believed since the Crucifixion.”

Thomas' anger spewed out. “Tell them the truth! Tell them that Michael is God’s son and he sold his soul and his people while he bled on the cross. Tell them that it wasn’t God who took Him on the 3rd day. Tell them where their saviour rules!”

James looked from one angel to the next, sadness filled his eyes. “How do we tell the beings God so lovingly created, that they are lost?”

Paul snorted. “God? He has not so much as looked at them since Michael betrayed them all.”

Bowing his head, James' words were quiet. “How do we tell them there is no hope; that they are already in Hell?”

“Satan has had to do little to make the earth Hell, James,” Paul said, his voice softer. “They have done it themselves. Remember
John said, ‘For everything in the world — the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life — comes not from the Father but from the world.’[2] John was half-right.

“The humans do not care.” Thomas crossed his arms. “The Virtues are lost to most of them. It is hopeless. Look at the horrors they create with their own hand.”

James stood erect. "No! It is not over. Haven't any of you been listening? Do you not hear him?"

He glanced at the blank faces. "Tonight, during your prayers, open your hearts and hear. A clear small voice asking to be heard. And if God isn't listening … we should be."



And upon hearing Michael's prayer, the angels appeared to the people of earth in human form. They again taught the Virtues and God's Grace. They battled Satan with words and love. After much effort, more and more people turned from Satan, who grew weaker.

Finally it was time for Michael to step forward. He was afraid. Could he atone for what he had done so long ago? In the end, his love for his Father's children helped him to find the strength he needed. Finally Michael offered his life so that others could come to God.


The morning of the 2nd Crucifixion dawned in splendid glory. Michael sat alone meditating; preparing himself for the ordeal ahead.

Satan appeared and pointed a long, bony finger. "So. You're a liar and a cheat. You've broken our contract."

"I am tired of you, Devil. I should never have listened. Just go."

Satan sat down beside Michael. "You are damned. Good for nothing but sin." He traced a finger over Michael's lips seductively and whispered, "Come with me, it's not too late. You can still have everything and more."

Michael pulled away.

The Devil spit fire. "Be damned then for all time, Michael. Come no more to me for comfort!"

"Then I am damned! I always was but did not see." Michael rose and walked to the window. "Just go. You disgust me, but not more that I disgust myself."

He looked out at the golden sky. "Leave me. I will give up myself for my people with a glad heart."

But Satan did not leave. Michael turned to face him, but now did so without fear.

"Michael, go with my blessing, with the love of your Father and His children," Satan said. "Be not afraid, my son."

Michael stared, surprised. “I know your eyes ….”

The thing called Satan spoke clearly. "You are ready to be saviour."

The creature placed a gentle hand on Michael's shoulder. "I am He who blots out your transgressions; I will not remember your sins. We shall contend together, state your case that you may be acquitted[3]. Michael, my only child, there is but one God, giver of both good and evil. There is only Me."

God's light shone from the Devil's eyes. "I had to know you were ready."

“My earthly children need you now.” God said, “They know the horrors they can create. They see the errors within themselves. Show them the greatest love; I will not forsake you, my son.”

And God didn’t. Michael felt the pain as the nails were driven through his flesh, but his Father was with him and Michael was comforted by Him. On the third day, Michael rose and took His rightful place and name.



James walked with Thomas through the Heavenly Gardens after Jesus was reborn. There had been much prayer, celebration, and for the Angels, relief.

Thomas said, “Finally, things are as they should be. Jesus sits at the right hand of God, our Father.”

Nodding, James agreed. “Whatever may happen now, Jesus Christ is the only constant. He is the one true Deliverer. Only through Him may the people come to God and His Kingdom of Heaven.






[1] From Luke 11: 2

[2] John 2: 16

[3] Isaiah 43: 25-26

Thank you for reading. Your comments are welcome.

Thanks to @AC Benus for editing this piece and his suggestions. Thanks to @MacGreg Sir, for beta reading and providing me some excellent feedback and questions. To others who supported my posting this i appreciate it. They are: @Reader1810 @Brayon and @Wayne Gray.

Copyright © 2019 Mikiesboy; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

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I am an Agnostic, but I was raised in a very religious home. In my case it was a conservative Protestant church and my father was a minister. I reject organized religion. While there are a few good people who are religious, the majority of them are deeply flawed and hypocritical. Almost none pay attention to the most basic tenets of the religion they claim to believe in. Few understand their holy book even as well as this non-believer.

I have faced judgement from worshipers of all sorts of denominations who all ignore ‘judge not lest ye be judged.’ The ones I respect are the ones who quietly help others while not demanding that you suffer while they preach to you. I have felt the condescension of those who feel superior because of the church they attend.

I detest the ones who think that speaking in the archaic style of an ancient Gay English King makes them sound more holy. I detest the ones who claim to believe and follow every single word in their holy book, yet obviously ignore the parts that suit them. I have seen ‘believers’ who are openly breaking laws while condemning me for being Gay.

Yes, I am angry about religion and people who claim to be religious. Many abuse religion to gain power. Much evil is committed under the guise of religion and faith.

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2 minutes ago, Mikiesboy said:

Right? .. how can mere humans interpret the word of God?     Oh wait, they did and we called it the Bible.  

They do every time someone gets up and stands behind a pulpit and preaches a sermon!

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