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Another Brother - 7. Bro Epilogue

Over the next few months, we settled into a routine of spending weekends at the Castalia house, with both of my brothers, as well as going out on picnics. Edgar had returned to doing painting again, which he had stopped doing after the death of our parents, and he even entered one of his newest paintings to the local art competition, where he received third place for his oil painting titled “Brothers Together” and second place for his oldest painting titled “Family”.

The newest painting was at the same location as the first painting, with all three of us on the hill with Edgar sitting on the swing, where I had sat those many years ago, with all of us smiling happily.

Edgar had refused to let us see the painting before the art exhibition, and both Oscar and I had not even posed for the painting, which Edgar must have done by memory once again, and both of us were stunned at the newest painting, that hung in the gallery right next to the first one.

I was so proud of my middle brother, he had gone through some difficult times, and now with all three of us together, we were very happy as we looked at the painting from the middle of the room, as crowds gathered to see the two paintings.

Copyright December 2021 All Rights are reserved, Preston Wigglesworth
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32 minutes ago, Okiegrad said:

Who was the gay character in the story? Glad to see the family together and everyone happy and safe.

The main character was. That is why he wasn’t living with his Uncle and Aunt and youngest brother.

Edited by quokka
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quokka, I really love this story and was so happy to read your comment that there will be a "book two".  You have created characters that are easy to fall in love with and leave us wanting more!

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Well done Quokka, you managed to nicely capture the essence of all of us. Each unique individual has unique gifts, just waiting to come out and shine!!

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Ok...so I'm late to the game.  I just read this entire story in one sitting, which was rather nice not having to wait for the posting of each chapter.  I loved it.  As to the questions about who was/were gay - not every story has to have erotic scenes.  Gays also have lives outside their sex lives!  I guessed that is why Austin was not accepted by the mean uncle and aunt.  But he has grown quickly through the traumas endured.  I'm always amazed, though, at these types of stories where parents die in an accident, but the kid/s are left with a quite sizable trust.  My family never left me with anything more than memories...

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7 hours ago, Gregory said:

quokka, I really love this story and was so happy to read your comment that there will be a "book two".  You have created characters that are easy to fall in love with and leave us wanting more!

I haven't seen a comment about a second book!? I thought this was a short story by Quokka's usual story lengths!? Completed unduly hastily perhaps but complete nonetheless & a great tale of family, love & "differences" that can divide & later join us & make us as whole as possible & show the strength within each & everyone of us!!??!

Yet again our love & respect should go to anyone & everyone that can & do foster & adopt  children in any & every country in this world. So much good has happened with lives enriched  For both young & old and all those in between!.

My youngest nephew Kyle was adopted by my totaly self centred (only he would get married on his birthday  n I swear it was only so he couldn't forget the anniversary !? Lol)  shit of a younger Brother & his wonderful wife almost 6 years ago after many failed IVF rounds took their toll & they both admit it changed their lives & they cant remember LBK - life before Kyle!

My brother is a great father (but he won't hear that from me hes still a turd to me Lol!!) & his wife a fantastic mother.

They both agree the foster parents that raised their now son from 4 days old for the first 4 years of his life (he was a druggies baby who was given a choice her druggie/dealer boyfriend or her child & she chose the dealer!????)  DID A FANTASTIC JOB & gave them a well rounded & grounded young boy with the building blocks with which to create a loving family.

They are stable loving laughing enjoying & exploring always, "A Forever Family" in every sense of the words.

To all those that care & those that adopt I salute you!

K, G & G I love you!

(unless G you ask n then your still a shit ! Lol)

This from the man who Is nicknamed "the child catcher" (from chitty chitty bang bang!) By his friends.




Aka The Child Catcher

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Quokka -

Thank you for Another Brother.  I enjoyed it very much mainly because the characters were mostly very real.

As with your other works which I have read, this story is well written.  I appreciate your attention to detail.  

Thank you for your hard work for the benefit of those of us to simply 'consume'!!

BTW - They DID evict the Orbison's, right?


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