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Modern High - 16. A Vacation With Regrets 1-3... There Once Was Love

I just basically copied and pasted this chapter over this story...

There Once Was Love & Modern High

A Vacation With Regrets 1-3

Gay Days


“I can’t believe we’re actually here in this place. It’s... it’s just wonderful, I have been wishing my whole life to be here and here I am.”

“Will you stop being such a drama queen? Damn!” stated Lacey, while she looked on in wonderment.

“Yea, seriously, dude... quit.” Followed by Kevin seconding Scott

“Whatever. If you guys don’t like it, go to the hotel,” Tom told them, with a shrug of his shoulders. He still couldn’t believe it, he was here, a birthday wish come true!

Tom looked around at his surroundings, taking in the scenes as they played out. He watched in amazement at how the trees were all lit with colors of the rainbow and how the sparkling lights flickered across the pathway leading up to where he stood, at the front entrance of Orlando Resort. He focused his sights on the buildings; they looked old, but new. In a way, they seemed modern. With the neon signs flashing something or other, Tom looked at each building in its glory. He never wanted to leave this spot, but the smells of freshly baked goods filling the air enticed him all the more. Taking in a deep breath he smelled the scent of vanilla wafting by his nose, hearing his stomach growl showed it agreed with him. He wanted to something snack on.

Tom followed the smell. It led him to a stand that read:

Welcome to Orlando Resort
The home of variety sweet treats
This stand was built in 1961.
Founded by Mark Wilkins
The owner and operator of Cinna Buns, Inc.

He was reading the menu he found as his friends came to surround him. They looked and smelled the appetizing smells of Chocolate with Strawberry or Vanilla with Banana. The most potent was cinnamon for Tom. Looking at the menu once more, he found that they had Cinnamon Apple with Chocolate dipping sauce that also came with a sprinkle of powdered sugar. They offered it in a pastry, which intrigued him more.

“Excuse me, Miss?” called Tom.

“How may I help you?” asked the lady, she seemed to be in her late twenties, with her blond hair tied back into a bun, with a twist. This lady seemed friendly. Her face showed nothing but kindness, as did her ruby lips that had a smile on them. She dressed as a candy striper, the ones that are in hospitals taking care of the sick.

“Yes, I was wondering, could I get the Cinnamon bun dipped with Chocolate, oh and a sprinkle of powder sugar, please?” Tom asked politely. He then turned to his friends; they had the same face he showed.

They all said “The same!”

“Alright, will that be all?” she asked.

“Yes, I think that will be enough, thank you.” She kindly excused herself while she prepped the food for them, leaving Tom and the other’s looking on in wonderment yet again.

“Hello sexy.” A guy said as he walked by Tom and Lacey, stopping short of Tom. The person Tom was watching looked to be in his late teens, maybe around 17 or 18. The Adonis stood in front of Scott, he wore his clothes a little too tight, showing off every muscle he could tighten (and contract?), making him seem even more delectable. While he showed off his muscles to Kevin, Scott and Lacey, Tom looked at his gorgeous face.

He took in a gasp as he watched the teen’s eyes sparkle with excitement, he had beautiful aqua eyes. They seemed to be the depth of an ocean, pulling you deeper and deeper into the icy blue. It made Tom shudder, as images flashed before him. Tom then looked at the rest of his face...

“Excuse me, what is your name?” Tom had to ask, it was driving him crazy thinking of him just as ‘Adonis’.

“It’s William... William Jackson.” He sported a smirk that drove Tom wild.

“Th-Thank you...” Embarrassment rushed to his face, as he realized William made him blush a deep scarlet.

“Oh, isn’t he cute when he smirks and blushes!” William gloated with a sexy pitch of his voice, pointed at Tom.

“I have to agree, he does... well, more like sexy cute.” Lacey had to say that, even if Tom already knew it.

“Oh, stop it.” Tom blushed even harder when he heard them making fun. Turning his head to hide his very red face, along with his reddening ears, it was turning into a very cute site to see, as Lacey came up to Tom to save him from the pack of guys.

“Don’t worry hun, they can make fun all they want,” Lacey whispered to Tom.

“So what can I do for you William?” asked Lacey, in a sarcastic tone that meant don’t fuck with me.

“O-oh... I was walking by and I saw these good looking guys...” he sheepishly noted.

“Ah, so which one do you like?” Lacey with her attitude, you just gotta love her.

“Well, I like him...” William pointed to Scott, while he bit his bottom lip, if you thought he couldn’t get anymore hotter, well, you had to be there to see him bite his lower lip, so HOT.

“Well... Scott?” Lacey tilted her face awaiting his response... Wait one minute, is Scott gay? If so, Tom never knew or suspected him to be. Scott didn’t even know about Tom being gay. As they all awaited his answer, he looked scared, maybe afraid, but why would he be? Scott looked at William, he blushed a little as he lowered his head, giving some thought...

“Here’s your order sir,” the lady from the stand announced to Tom. Tom looked at her like he didn’t know what she was talking about, then he remembered that before William came, they did order.

“Thanks.” He handed the money to her while he still kept a close ear on the conversation.

“Well, yes or no, Scott. It’s not that hard!” Lacey announced, very loudly, then she added, “Oops, you are!”

“Shut the fuck up, Lacey,” Scott whispered loudly to make half of the people notice us. Looking around, there must have been twenty people looking at them weird.

“What are you people looking at? Go on with your business!” Lacey screamed at them, after that they did go back to whatever they were doing.

“Thanks,” Scott replied sheepishly “...Yea,” was all Scott said, shock ruled the main factor, like seriously, Scott gay? Wow!

“Well then let’s,” smirked the gorgeous William, showing off his perfect white straight teeth.” Scott giggled in return.



“So here’s the main lobby, where, as you know, people check in and what not. Over there are the a few restaurants along with some sitting areas. Granted, it’s not the best because it always seems filled with noisy people, but nonetheless, it’s comfortable...” The attendant showed us around, as soon as we checked in the manager wanted us to have a tour, just so we wouldn’t get lost, of course.

“So what restaurants are here in the hotel, Ms. Butterfield?” Lacey asked politely, totally out of character for her, she has never showed a polite side, EVER!

“Well, that depends on what you want,” replied the annoyingly chipper attendant.

“Umm, something fancy, like gourmet?” smiled Lacey.

“Oh yes, we have, let’s see...” She looked down at the pamphlet, “Umm, there’s Reese’s pizzeria, with a side of Italian food... there’s also a restaurant called Little Rex’s Steak House... let me tell you from experience, if you eat there you won’t be disappointed!” she said excitedly, like we were actually asking her to join us, or something.

“Oh, is that all?” Lacey asked nonchalantly.

“Yes, is there something specific you were looking for, Ms.?” She looked pointedly at Lacey, a little rejected that her experience in those restaurants didn’t appeal to Lacey very much.

“As matter of fact...”

Tom had to cut off Lacey, he knew what she was about to do. “Lacey, enough... That would be lovely, thank you, Ms. Butterfield... Could you show us our rooms please?”

“Of course, Mr. Erikson!” She started walking away, making them stand there a little awkwardly... They looked at each other, noting that Ms. Butterfield doesn’t like Lacey very much.

While they walked, Tom got a chance to look around. He saw images of great Greek gods posing in pictures, with colors that wowed everyone. If Tom wasn’t careful enough, he would have smacked right into a gorgeous guy standing five foot eight, with blonde hair tipped in red. The guy’s eyes looked to be green, sparkling at that. When Tom looked into them, he gasped as if it took away his air supply. The Adonis that stood in front of Tom had this seductive smirk going that made Tom blush a deep crimson, as Tom bowed his head in embarrassment, he blushed even more thinking he made a fool of himself.

“Excuse...” Tom looked up suddenly; and said not too quietly “WOW! Awesome hair!”

The guy blushes before he replied, “Thank you.”

“Hi, my name is Thomas Erikson... Nice to meet you.” Tom also flashes his award winning smile, trying to maintain his composure.

“Hi, Thomas... My name is...” He looks down bashfully, while he digs his toe into the granite tile flooring. “Ryan Channing... Nice to meet you.”

As they talked about what they like about each other, about school, and friends plus things that didn’t really matter, they formed a friendship. Before long, they swapped phone numbers and email addresses. However, the conversation was far from over...


“Let’s go out and party, there’s this gay club right around the corner from this hotel. I heard it’s supposed to be pretty HOT,” suggested Scott. For some reason Scott has been acting weird, weirder than normal. Ever since he came back from hanging with that guy, William, whom he hasn’t shut up about... Right on time too, “William, is like rich, he’s loaded and he’s the one who suggested that club. His brother owns it, but it’s not just for gay people, that place is also for straight and lesbians, so let’s go....” Dreamy as it sounded, Tom wasn’t up for it, he was still thinking about the encounter with Ryan. God what a HOT name, Tom thought. If he wasn’t careful, he just might have popped a boner just thinking about his smile.

“Fine, if ya’ll want to stay here and mope around, that’s on ya’ll, not me... I’m going out and having an awesome time. And oh, Tom, that guy that I saw you with, William knows him. So he might be there too!” Scott excitedly said. That perked up Tom very fast, almost to the point of tripping himself up on the way to the bathroom.

“Oh my god, what to wear, what to smell like... What to do with my hair???” he yelled at his reflection in the mirror, the image just showed Tom as worried, maybe to the point of frantically scared.

“Tom, calm the fuck down, will ya man?” chuckled Scott from the door, it was priceless for him to see Tom this frantic about seeing his dream guy.

“What? I can’t help it, like this guy is so, so, so HOT... and, and dreamy. Plus WOW!” Tom raked his fingers in his hair to calm down, but that wasn’t doing anything but making him more nervous about what was to come.

“Tom... Tom? Chill, will ya? Everything will be fine, just sit and I will take care of you... Right, Lacey?” Tom looked over at the door once more and there stood Lacey in a very elegant dress, sparkly to boot. She looked very well pronounced, in all the right places. Tom smirked at Lacey, because he knew that if he weren’t gay then she would be a sure fire pick.

“Alright, first we need...”

Tom tuned them out, he didn’t really care about what they did to him, as long as he was presentable and HOT.



“Guys, I don’t think this will work. Look at me,” Tom said, as he looked at himself once again in the mirror, trying to decide if he really wanted to go like this.

“You look gorgeous, don’t worry so much,” Lacey spoke from beside him.

“You look HOT man,” Scott smirked his charming smile, looking over what they had accomplished.

“Well, I like I said before, I don’t think I can go out like this...” He pointed at himself in the mirror, while he looked at his best friends standing next him. He finally smirked knowing he looked good, but he wanted hot, sexy, and orgasmic. However, he looked good enough. But then he thought of him not smelling good and it threw him off again. So that was the next thing he wanted to complain about.

“UGH! Thomas, you’re good as gold. Just be yourself, you’re fine!” Lacey brushed her hair, looking at Tom in a pissed way.

“Fine... FINE! Let’s go.” Tom said as he left the bathroom, with Lacey and Scott in tow.

As they left the hotel room, with Tom still fussing over his clothing and his hair, they shook their heads as they went down seven flights, making it to the lobby with them yelling at Tom to quit being such a pussy, and stop worrying over little things.

All of them managed to get as far as the lobby’s entrance when they spotted this group of kids coming in from outside. Tom was the first to speak; he was looking at a teenager with brownish blond hair, very blue eyes, and a smile that lit up the lobby even more. And it helped a lot that the teenager had a swimmers body.

Tom was practically drooling over what he saw in front of him... when he said, “Wow!” He didn’t even turn to face his friends... he kept his eyes right on the brown haired cutie. However, the image of the teen was blocked by Lacey standing right in front of him, with her arms crossed. Looking at her eyes, Tom could tell that she wasn’t having it.

“What? A guy can look, right?” he pointedly asked lacey, who just shook her head in disgust.

“Whatever, let’s go. NOW Tom!” Lacey yelled at him while she strolled up the group, awaiting to be checked in.

“Hello, my name is Lacey. These here are my friends, Scott, Kevin and the love sick puppy, Thomas. Don’t mind him though, he gets like that when his eyes catch something he likes.”

“Hi... My name is Zach, these are my friends, Jacob, Nathan, Nichole, Candice, and Ashley. Nice to meet you.” He held out his hand for her to shake and she did. “What can I do for you?” asked the cutie Zach.

“Oh, well we were on our way...

To be continued...


Authors Note!

I know... I ended this chapter with a cliffhanger. I’m so evil.


Anyway, as you guys might have guessed, this chapter didn’t really have anything special, but I had to write it just for both stories to finally meet, and that is what happened.

Now-- Do you think what I did was right or wrong? I have to ask because Tom is a lovesick puppy sometimes; he likes to jump from one person to the next. I guess that’s why he’s single now. He couldn’t keep his hands off of other people. However, it was NEVER forced upon, always willing. So don’t go getting the wrong idea when it comes to Tom. There are going to be a lot more WILD times coming, and yes if you haven’t figured it out yet, this chapter is in third person, I had to keep from going into first person throughout this chapter, it’s kinda confusing switching from First to Third, but I made it... YAY ME!!!!

On that note, this is the only chapter that will be posted until June sometime, I need a vacation and I’m glad to say that one of my TRUE friends offered me an escape for awhile, 3 weeks at best or more, who knows I might like it so much to just stay down there.

Life had thrown some things into my life that I wasn’t prepared for and I have been trying to fight these things for awhile, meaning emotions and turmoil. So yea... Oh and the other reasons are I NEED TIME AWAY FROM MY FAMILY, they just drive me crazy with the bitching, fighting, complaining. Yes, I have been dealing with this for 3 years and its time that I have a break from it all. I might come back refreshed. Who knows? Maybe a new me!!! Yea right, that’s asking too much, but this trip is going to be FUN! FUN! FUN!

Relax and Enjoy!

Remijay <3 ((Hugz—Kizzes)) @}-;--- ((ARose))

Review! Review!
This Story is in no way shape or form to be sold, or used for a persons benefit. The characters and places in this story are made fiction, meaning they are not real and if by chance they're then its pearly coincidentally. This story is copyrighted, if you want to copy it please send me a pm, yes i know sometimes its too late to write but a pm or a msg would be great.<br /><br />This story is Written by me Remijay and the Year is 2010, well not in the story, but the year i wrote it. Thanks again. <br /><br />Also, this story has multiple sex partners, there are group sex occasionally but not always. There will be underage sex of two or more male on male sex. So if you dont like that, please turn away from this story and read something else. Remijay <3
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