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Modern High - 6. Chapter 6- Meeting Jacob

Well, my holidays wasnt anything special, but i can tell you this i have got alot of writting done.

Modern High
Chapter 6
Meeting Jacob

~*~ Dairy Entry 2 ~*~

That party Saturday night was anything but what I expected it to be, I mean I knew I would run into Toby, but I had to no clue that I’d have sex with him. I must have been so fucked up that I didn’t realize that I would give myself over so willingly to Toby. The sex, on the other hand, was MIND BLOWING to say the least. On the way home from the party my friends ganged up on me, asking me a lot of questions that I can’t even seem to recall answering.

Candice asked me if I had sex, I answered, “Yes. LOL, of course!” They all laughed at me for having a shit-eating grin. What? I couldn’t help it. The sex was amazing, but I knew that I would never again fall for Toby or his seduction. Now onto what I was trying to remember to tell you guys, oh yea, now I remember. Candice asked me a question and I answered it, the next person to ask a question was Nathan. He asked if it was Toby, that’s the question I think I didn’t answer. When I didn’t answer, Nathan called me an asshole. I don’t know if he really meant that, but the look he gave me was anything but joking. So yup, after that I must have blacked out; because today here I am writing my dairy entry.

As you can tell, my Saturday night was amazing, but with a twist I didn’t expect. I regret ever getting drunk and letting Toby have his way. I vow too never let a guy seduce me again. I vow also to get to know the next guy I wish to go further with than kissing.

Oh yea, today’s Sunday. That means I have to go to church. I hate church, but my mother seems to always drag me along with her. I can’t complain though, I get lunch out of the deal. Well, I must be going, because my mother is getting antsy. Bye for now, promise I will write again once something exciting happens.

((Hugz—Kizzes)) Zachary Martin


Looking in the mirror and seeing my reflection, I didn’t feel any different. I didn’t like wearing Sunday clothes; today I decided to wear my white dress shirt with blue vertical pinstripes. It looked cute before I put it on. Around my neck, I wore my dad’s old tie; it was also black but with red stripes going at an angle. My jacket was a mix of a black and blue, it looked awesome after I put it on over the white dress shirt. My pants matched my jacket, so my appeal was good overall, but you know us teenagers, nothing goes together anymore, we have to wear NOT matching colors. LOL.

“Hun, are you almost ready?” That was my mother, warning yet again to get ready, in a quickie, before she has a cow. My mother, Rosemary, loves to be in a hurry for just about anything, I mean when it comes to shopping, you have no idea how much she is in a hurry to get the groceries and get home. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother to death, and maybe more on good days, but let’s just face it, I’m living with a hurry freak, lol.

After checking myself over yet again, I decided I looked good enough to go to church, it’s not like I’m going to meet a very cute and handsome guy, it’s church. My mother’s church doesn’t really talk about gays and how they are going to hell for their sins, but instead, the priest’s actually pretty cool to be around and also to talk to if things are getting way too bad at home, or other things. I remember once that I went to the confession booth and spoke to him about me being gay. He told me that if that’s the path that I choose to go down then he doesn’t have a problem with it. And he also told me that GOD shouldn’t have a problem with it. He told me that being gay isn’t really a sin, but a preference, a moral choice. I didn’t bother telling him that it was no more a preference or moral choice than breathing was, I was just glad that I didn’t get yelled at or cursed at for being gay, and that’s why I remember it so fondly.

Walking down my stairs to the kitchen, I saw my mother standing there with her hair curled up and some dangling in front of her eyes. She wore a dress that sparkled. She looked amazingly good; the dress’s color was blue and it made her look radiant. My mother has strawberry blonde hair, with highlights of brighter blonde. Her skin color I would think resembled bronze, maybe a little bit lighter, LOL, I don’t really know. But that dress made her look younger than her age, and no, I won’t tell her that, because she might think that I’m making fun of her age or something, LOL, women and their bitchiness. She looked at me and smirked, I knew that she had an ‘Awwww, don’t you look handsome/adorable in that’. I knew that she wouldn’t let me live it down either. Right on queue she said, “Awww honey, don’t you look sooo handsome in that, you’d have to be dead not get a lot of phone numbers from all the girls in church, today!” She had to add the ‘girls’ part in there. I don’t get it. Is it all mothers that love to use that word? I just blushed, knowing that it would work, and it did. She left me alone after that, but not for long. Another right on queue - “Honey, c’mon. If we don’t go now then we won’t get any seats at the church.” She always says that, but I don’t get it. We sit next to the stage, where she performs with the Choir. But whatever, I won’t ruin her day.

Getting to the car, I tried to not get soaked from the rain. But that’s like trying to not get burned by fire. Finally I slid into my mother’s Grand Cherokee and, buckling in, I awaited my mother’s arrival. I swear she takes longer to leave the house than anyone I know! My mother gets in and looks at me, I didn’t know that she was actually going to be talking to me this morning, but I guess every day has its moments. The first thing she says is, “Honey, I know that you’re wet, but try to not get the leather too wet.” What a mother she is.

“Alright Mom, I’ll try not to.”

After that we didn’t say anything; we pulled away from the house in quiet. On the way there, my mother tried to talk to me a bunch of times, but every single time she would close her mouth and look back at the road. I just ignored her; talking with her wasn’t what I really wanted to be doing at that moment. I was thinking about last night’s party and well, you know... the sex. I was still in the fog before the sex and after it. Was I that drunk that I couldn’t really remember anything? I didn’t think so, but now, thinking about it, I had what, like 10 cups full of whatever and then I had sex? That might have heightening me, being drunk and all, hell if I knew, really. Then, out of the blue, my mother says something so quick that I nearly missed it!

“What was that?” I asked her.

“Nothing, it was nothing.” Right, like I believe that.

“C’mon Mom, I know you said something, so tell me already.”

“OK, OK, I wanted to know...” And she lowers her voice to barely a whisper, “Are you gay, son?”

WOW, if you think I was in shock, I was!

I looked at my mother and my look must have been one that she couldn’t get, because she laughed her ass off. She reached over and lifted my chin. My pulse was anything but regular. I started to sweat and I mean you could clearly see it too. I was feeling very nervous about what I was supposed to say or do in this situation and not having anyone around to help me out, I was on my own.

I blurted out, “No!” and took a few breaths before I could continue. I looked at my mother and I was thinking that she must have suspected for a while or she wouldn’t be asking; I had to know that truth before it’s too late. Still looking at my mother, I asked “Why would you even think or suggest that I am?” Yes, I said that. I wasn’t ready for my mother to know that I’m gay, or that I have had sex already. I just never really thought about telling her, you know. It’s not really a topic you bring up.

My mother never answered, she just stayed quiet. I felt really bad that I had to lie to her, but it was for her own good, I think. Leaning my head on the window, I watched as the scenery passed by, not really paying attention to anything or anyone.; Then, out of the blue I saw a boy who I was sure was Toby, but I shook my head thinking that Toby would never be walking, he has his own car. Right? Hell if I knew, we never really brought up what we drove or how RICH we are. So I have no clue, but I swear that I saw a guy who looked exactly like Toby, blonde hair, masculine body, wide shoulders, good posture; I swear to god that he was Toby. I looked back to see if I could still catch him, but I couldn’t. We were driving faster than the person could walk. I shrugged off the confusion of what I just saw and gazed out of the windshield. Seeing that we were getting closer to my mother’s beloved church, my stomach churned, knowing that I would seriously not have fun at all, knowing that there will probably be hot guys there and I couldn’t exactly do anything about it, but suffer.

Getting to the church, we found a parking spot; it seemed that everyone in town and the county wanted to come to this Sunday’s meet. I got out of the car and walked with my mother. While trying to fix my clothes, I bumped into someone, knocking me on my ass in my black suit, how lovely. I looked up and what I saw s-shocked the hell out of me, the sun shined into the eyes of someone. The blinding light went away, after that I looked more carefully at this guy, holding out my hand for him to help me up. Looking past him, I saw my mother standing there, waiting for me to come with her. I shooed her off with a few twists of my wrist. Then I looked back at his shiny brown hair, with highlights of blonde. His eyes were a color I would like to call teal, but with more of a green color than anything, he stood about the same height as me or a little bit taller. His face was flawless of any imperfections; his lips are what made looking at him hard. Those ruby red, medium plump lips seemed so juicy. I had to have a taste, but thinking that it might be a bad thing, I let it go. Looking down, you could tell he looked good in anything.

What I mean by that is he wore a Sunday suit too, medium blue, with a sky blue tie and sexy black shoes that shined with the sun. God, how I was melting and thinking about the craziest sex with him... on his back, stomach, side, cowboy style, reverse cowboy, all these sex scenes were flashing before my eyes and it was becoming too late to stop what my body decided it was time to do.

Coming back to reality, I saw that he was looking at me, just as I was doing to him. He looked way too cute to be in clothes, or anywhere near innocent. Ha. I said innocent, lol. My mouth drooled for him, literally; I had to control my emotions and my hormones. Looking at him made my wet dreams come to life, if you could say that. But you couldn’t blame me either, I mean I’m only 15 so my hormones and sex drive are on overdrive when it comes another boy who looked way better than Toby, or anyone, for that matter.

My eyes met his and it seemed that we were in a trance, as if we were the only two people in this parking lot. We kept looking at each other for awhile longer, but we needed to stop the staring contest because my eyes were starting to burn. I stepped back from him, looking at his whole body and thinking, ‘What a beautiful body this boy has, and how easily it would be to kiss him. Right here, right now.’ I shook that thought from my head, only bad things can come from that. Instead, I extended my hand for him to shake. I think he took it, because we shook, like a ‘Hi, nice to meet you’ kind of thing. There were sparkles in his eyes, those gorgeous green eyes. They looked so radiant, so yummy. The way the wind blew his hair and the way his eyes were sparkling, I think I died or something, because my body just went into a trance on its own. Admiring him and his body, looking at his skin and his beauty sent me soaring.

“Will you stop looking at me? You’re making me feel a little creeped out right now.” That’s all the he said, and what a beauty voice to go along with his body, his everything, actually. His voice was light, girly almost; maybe he’s not as old as I thought. Maybe he is only like twelve or thirteen who knows? I shrugged my shoulders thinking about it.

Shaking my head out of this trance I said, “I’m sorry, usually I don’t do anything like that. Honest.” I blushed after that, looking away and seeing that the church was filling up and by the time we got there, I wouldn’t have anywhere to sit.

“Are you waiting for someone?” he asked.

“No, well, my mother actually, the women you saw me with. Yea her.” I felt embarrassed, for saying that I was here with my mother.

“Ah, gotcha,” he said, and after that we just looked at each other, looked around. What an awkward moment, we had. I was rocking myself on my heels, trying to think of something to say, but nothing really came, so I just stood there, rocking still. I was almost tempted to whistle, but I have better manners than that.

OK, I guess… I better be going; I have my family waiting for me inside.” After that he turned and walked away. Stopping after a few paces, he turned and said, “Nice to meet you, oh, and what’s your name, by the way?” he asked. I was in shock, like total shock that he wanted to know my name and that he was glad that he had met me. ME!

“My… My name… Is Zachary Martin, and yours?” ‘Wow, stutter much moron?’ I said to myself. Yes, berating myself in front of a total hottie, that’s the way it’s done nowadays.

“Its, Jacob Alexander, ‘K bye,” he stated, before he turned back around and started walking again.

I leaned up against a car, sighing completely out of contentment, out of happiness, I guess you could say. My Sunday has gotten better and it’s only the beginning of a wonder Sunday morning.

Till Next Time
((Hugz—Kizzes)) <3 Remijay
Edited By Pete!
You’re the best!

Well, this new character and Zach, will most likely date, but how? When his dad is going to ship him away, write to me and ask me about it, i cant promise anything though. Thanks!
This Story is in no way shape or form to be sold, or used for a persons benefit. The characters and places in this story are made fiction, meaning they are not real and if by chance they're then its pearly coincidentally. This story is copyrighted, if you want to copy it please send me a pm, yes i know sometimes its too late to write but a pm or a msg would be great.<br /><br />This story is Written by me Remijay and the Year is 2010, well not in the story, but the year i wrote it. Thanks again. <br /><br />Also, this story has multiple sex partners, there are group sex occasionally but not always. There will be underage sex of two or more male on male sex. So if you dont like that, please turn away from this story and read something else. Remijay <3
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