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Modern High - 13. Chapter 9 Part 4 (B)

Ok well this chapter was originally going to be chapter 9 part 5 but well the way i left the last chapter i made this one, it took me a week and a half to get this done.

I needed help with some of the scenes but other than that its just a LONG ass chapter :)

The reason for Chapter 9, Part 4 B is, well, because I wrote so much for Part 4 A that I forgot it was only in the morning of that chapter, So if you will excuse my mistake, this chapter will be dedicated to you, the audience, my fans.

I was just going to skip ahead to Part 5, Friday, but I also knew that my fans and my readers were going to get confused and I didn’t want that. So I’m going to stop blabbing and get to it…

Enjoy the chapter <3 – XD


Modern High

Drama In the Lives of Jacob and Zach

Chapter 9 Part 4(B)




When Zach left me on that corner, I felt bubbly, excited, and even ecstatic. I never knew kissing Zach and letting him rub himself on me could be… well, so erotic, and be so HOT. LOL… When I looked at Zach and he looked back over his shoulder, giving me a seductive kiss, well blowing a kiss, I pretended to catch it and put it in my pocket for safe keeping, I laughed at myself for being so enthralled by Zach. I don’t know, it’s like I’ve been missing something all my life and now I know what it is... it’s LOVE!

I put my hand to my mouth, because I felt it tingling. I could still feel where Zach had his lips. They were so soft, so smooth, and damn, did he know how to kiss. When he first jumped when I kissed him, it seemed, well, awkward, but that wasn’t the case, he just didn’t expect it, I guess you could say. I can’t blame him for it, so I grabbed his head and gently lead it too me.

After that though, everything became clear, I wanted Zach in my life. But I still had this thing with my father, if he took me with him I would never get to see Zach again, unless… I was at my mother’s house. I was hopeful that she would get me instead of my homophobic dad. I can’t understand why he’s homophobic; he’s a priest in the Episcopal Church. Therefore, he has to know what’s going on. That still doesn’t give him the right to treat me anyway he wants. Things will work out, hopefully for the better, if being hopeful made things better, just a little though...

Once Zach was outta sight, I slowly turned towards my mother’s house. As I walked down this empty sidewalk, with the cars buzzing by, I couldn’t help but to think that this could be my life. With me meeting my friends at the corner, relaxing and catching up on weekends. I have missed those times were I could do exactly that, I wanted nothing more than to hang out with my friends, but as we all know… that never happened. I so wish that it could have though, maybe my life could have been something different, where I’m not gay or so in LOVE with Zach. *sigh*

As I progressed down the street, coming to my corner, well, to my mother’s corner, I don’t live here yet, I reflected on what just took place at the corner three blocks over, me ACTUALLY kissing another BOY, OMG!!!! I can’t believe that I have done that, especially in the open. What has my life come too? If anyone had told me that my morning would have gone this way, I would have laughed and said, “You must be joking or high!” LOL

Anyway, like I was saying... what was I saying? Hmmm, I shrugged my shoulders as though it was a lost cause. Well I guess that’s it for me and Zach today, maybe later I can catch up with him and we can hang or something. Shrugging my shoulders again, I entered my mother’s two-story Modern Duplex that has more than one apartment, although she occupies the whole house.




On the way to school I had to answer “Twenty Questions” from my lovely friends. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but they had to ask the secretive questions, one’s that are supposed to stay in the bedroom, even though Jacob and I haven’t done anything. They didn’t believe me. ‘Why’, do you ask? Well, I have had sex already, more than 4 times actually, so it’s easy for my friends to say they don’t believe me. Like, what the fuck? Whatever, I guess.

“You still haven’t answered our question, Zach.” Nichole was complaining, as always.

“What was the question again?” I know, what a smart ass I am.

“Don’t be stupid, Zach, Answer the question? Given a chance would you fool around with Jacob?” Even though Nichole asked that, they both looked at me awaiting my response.


“Maybe?” Nathan asked, uncertain of me or my ways.

“Well, I don’t know. He’s hot ‘n’ all, but I don’t know, that’s why I’m saying maybe.” I think I was proud of myself for saying that, I didn’t want to come off all arrogant or something along that line.

“Ah, Gotcha.” Nathan retorted, but Nichole didn’t like that answer. She shrugged her shoulders anyways. Before she could ask any more questions, we arrived at HELL (School).

I slowed down my pace to take extra time in getting there. My friends walked ahead of me and realized that I wasn’t next to them, so they waited up for me. I think they knew why I was walking so slowly and they took pity on me. Even if they didn’t say anything, it was in their eyes. Bowing my head as I walked up the concrete sidewalk, I didn’t want to see the disgusted looks everyone would throw at me, but that didn’t stop them from throwing out “Hey, FAGGOT!” or “Hey, COCKSUCKER!” God, do you know how much that hurts to be called those out loud? If you’re wondering, I NEVER wanted to be outed at school, because I knew this is how they would treat me. It makes me feel disgusted to be me at the moment, but I couldn’t do anything. I had to live this life because it’s the only one I’ve got. So what does someone do when they’re in a situation like mine? Ignore the fuckers, and try to get through the day. And that’s exactly what I did.

“How’re holding up, Zach?” Nichole whispered in my ear, I looked at her with a pained look. I don’t what made her do it but she actually hugged me in front of everyone and that made the noise go down considerably. Eerie silence flowed through the front yard of the school, it seemed awkward, but hey, whatever gets me some sort of peace. But it didn’t last long. If you wondering why, well the king of the school decided to make himself known, walking straight up too me in his cocky way. He had a smirk that I so wanted to BITCH slap off his face, oh god that perfect face! ‘Snap out of it Zach, he’s fucking trouble, you idiot!!!’ my brain decided to yell at me.

“Oh, lookie here everyone! The FAGGOT is getting a hug from a LESBIAN!” Everyone laughed, but then in a blink of an eye, Nathan decked Toby with a right cross to the jaw. Making the, oh so famous, Toby *king of the school* eat dirt. For the first time in like a month and a half I actually smiled. Well I always smile, but not at school.

“You’re going to fucking pay for that Nathan, mark my words!!!”

“Oh, I’m so scared of a pussy like you. Oh and if you think that I’M afraid of that football team you call your friends, bring them on. I have friends of my own! So don’t go THINKING you can do anything to me, Mister FAKE Toby!” Everyone watched this play out, but it ended after Nathan spoke his mind, with a sneer from Toby he walked away and the action for this morning vanished. An eerie silence once again flowed through the front yard of the school, but everyone talked quietly amongst themselves.

“Wow, Nathan!” Giddy, all the way, but he didn’t look that happy, even though he won that round. I knew things were going to get hectic, but I have this feeling things are going to get A LOT worse and VERY, VERY soon.

“Yea, well No one gets to talk about my girlfriend that away!” When he said that, I didn’t know if he realized that he left me out or whether he did it on purpose. But that little statement made me feel even worse inside.

“Thanks, Hun.” Nichole kissed Nathan on the cheek. It might have seemed cute or something if I wasn’t in a sulking mood.

I walked away from the happy couple, I even continued walking after Nathan and Nichole called after me. I thought, my friends were behind me and I was wrong, especially about Nathan. My best-est friend. How can he say that without even thinking about what he actually said? Does he ever? That’s a question for another time. After walking around the block, I started to run. I couldn’t be seen crying, so I ran. I didn’t stop until I was at the river, well a bridge with a river flowing below.

I approached the bridge, with my hand on the rail. I could feel the grain of the wood, so smooth and shiny. I liked it a lot, but what I really liked right now was the river, you could smell the fresh scent of water, so clean and fresh. The air seemed colder, with the mist spraying in my face, refreshing and cool. It’s just what I needed at a time like this.

The river is located in a park that I didn’t know I was in until I had time to collect my thoughts. How I saw the park was like this, benches were on the east side and they looked like metal mixed with something else and so shiny. They made a glare even from here. Next to the benches was a basketball court, with at least six hoops, some being played others not, it looked cool. The poles for the basketball rims were black and some of the poles were chipping, showing the metal underneath, but still cool.

Anyway, the next thing I saw was a diamond, a baseball diamond with the clay and the layout for the bases. No-one was playing on it, but it still looked cool, with the dugout and the paintings that were on it. So modern I thought, as the seats in the dugout were (don’t quote me) blue and red, displaying the colors of a local team or whatever. I don’t really come to this park that much, so don’t ask me why. It’s just that I don’t have time like I used too. I don’t hang out with my friends that much anymore, they live their own lives. I think we’ve grown apart, if you asked me.

Turning away from the scene of the park, I looked back at the river flowing beneath me, with the water spraying in my face; it’s very refreshing, I thought. I spotted a rock in the water. Well I wouldn’t say a rock but a slab of concrete. Taking off my shoes, I let my feet meet the cool water, making me shudder for the first few minutes. And that’s how I stayed until, and I should have known… Nathan and Nichole found me. DAMN!

“Well what do we have here?” Nathan said with a sarcastic attitude. I didn’t care; I was actually starting to lose my dread feeling. But you know your mood’s always at the surface, just underneath the surface. I didn’t want to get pissed at Nathan again for what he said. Although I could feel myself slipping and I didn’t want that, because then I would have to deal with that. GUH!!!! ARGH!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!

“What do you guys want!?” See, what did I tell you? Attitude!

“Well, if you’re going have an attitude, then we’ll leave you alone!” Nichole piped up. I turned around to face them and they saw what I presume were tears coming out of my eyes. I didn’t want them to see, but whatever, they’re still my friends. Hopefully!

“Awe, were you crying, Zach?” Nathan asked and for some reason that struck me a little odd for him to act caring or gentle. It isn’t him, what happened to my best-est friend who didn’t show his softer side, unless it was to a girl? Hell if I knew.

“I’m… I’m just thinking and I shouldn’t be. Not right now at least… If you’re here to take me back to school, you can FUCKING forget it!” I didn’t think that would work, because my friends don’t skip, at least not that I know.

“Alright!” Plain a simple.

“Good,” I smiled at them, they smiled back… “Come join me?” I had to ask, shit the water feeelsss so god damn GOOD!

“Surrrreeee!” They both looked at me when saying that. Like they didn’t trust the water… or me. MuHaha.

“So, how did you guys find me?” I had to break the silence somehow, distract them both from the water. “Are you guys ever going to join me?” Trying to keep a straight face never works with me, so I smirked and then smiled. I almost giggled, but held back.

“Yea, we said we would.” Nichole was getting defensive.

I held up my hands in surrender, “Alright, alright. Don’t kill, down girl. Hahaha!” I couldn’t help it, sarcasm. You gotta love it.

“Very funny, smart ass!” She stuck out her tongue at me, and what a pink and red tongue she has, if only she wasn’t a she, I might have done or said something to that.

“Leave him alone, can’t you see? He’s in a better mood.” Nathan to my rescue, but that didn’t save him from Nichole.

Nichole pushed Nathan into the icy cold water. What a shocker, hell. He came popping back up to the surface sputtering and swearing like a sailor, he glared at Nichole before splashing her with the icy water. She screeched and hollered when the water touched her, and I can’t forget what she did after the water went in her hair. OMG, I thought she was going to kill Nathan, but she only evilly smirked at him, awaiting her chance to get him back. Oh, I seriously don’t want to be him at the moment, especially with Nichole smirking that away.

Nathan got out of the water, with steams of it rolling off his clothes; yes Nichole shoved him in the water with everything still on. He walked over to her, and with her backing up. It looked as if he was doing that on purpose. And guess what? He was. Because the next thing that happened was Nichole ended up in the icy water and we both cracked up about that, until Nichole came to the surface. If you thought she was pissed, hahaha. Try again, death written on her face was more like it. I’m soooo glad that I ain’t Nathan!

I was rolling on the concrete slab at the way those two were fighting. It seemed hilarious until, well, *I* ended up in the icy water. But it didn’t bother me; I was already used to the water. The only thing that changed was that I still had clothes ON. I climbed out of the water, dripping wet. Looking at both Nathan and Nichole, they smirked and we all laughed.


We ended up just staying at the park the whole day, lying in the sun to get dry because we all WANTED to go swimming. The best part of all this was that we were hanging out like we used to, I still didn’t understand why we haven’t hung out like we did, what changed? I had to ask…

“I have a question.” I faced both Nathan and Nichole, they were lying very close to each other, and I didn’t think they were doing anything because I couldn’t see if they were. When I took a closer look, Nichole had her hand down Nathan’s front, groping what I presumed to be a FULLY hard cock, stroking it up and down. And believe me, even if it was straight foreplay or oral. I still became hard; I’m a teenager you know, so any type of sex is going to get me hard. I watched as Nichole worked her magic hands on Nathan, making him writhe and squirm. Oh yeah, did I mention that I could hear him moan now that I was actually paying attention. I’m glad that we had chosen a spot where we were out of direct vision.

“Oh… Oh… Fuck me... Nichole… I’m… I’m …. Ahh… Oh god, I’m going to… ahhhhh!” Nathan exclaimed, making Nichole work harder at making him melt at her touch, pretty soon though, with every teen male, you know when they’re about to shoot.. “OH, OH… OH, Nichole I’m CUMMING!!!!” Nathan said louder this time as he arched his back and lifted up his ass, having a fully blown orgasm. Once he came down from his rocking orgasm, his breathing was still heavy, like panting. I know what that feeling is like.

Nathan looks over at Nichole, before he could say anything though, he saw me watching them. His face reddened with embarrassment and he hid his face in his hands. I had to laugh, but it wasn’t funny... well, maybe not for him, but it was for me. His ears started to redden with every giggle I made. I took a deep breath because I knew I was torturing him.

“Well, how was it, Nathan. (Snicker)?” I had a permanent smirk on my lips.

He looked up at me with a very red face and said, “Awesome!” He laughed at himself. With Nichole between us, she looked from one person to the next and then she laughed along with us. Oh wow, I have never laughed this hard since, well before I was found out.

“Wow! Damn, that was awesome!”

“Seriously!” Nathan added.

“I haven’t a clue!” Nichole stated. I think she’s confused.

“Ahh, well, I watched you give Nathan a MIND BLOWING orgasm.” Hahaha, you should have seen her face, almost the same color as Nathan’s.

“OK, OK... Enough teasing!” Nathan warned, but then started to crack up with me.




“So, as I was saying… do you think… it would be possible… if I could go with Zach and his friends for his birthday?” If you’re wondering I’m talking to my mother. It’s about twelve thirty; a half hour before we have to be in court.

“Um, first I would have to ask Zach’s mother, and for the second question… Are you sure?” I think what she means by that is, am I sure that I want to be away from her until Monday? Now that’s a question.

“Yea, Mom. I’ll be fine. What could possibly happen?” I forced a smile, maybe a little genuine.

“A lot could happen, mister. Even if it’s only one hour away, I still want to make sure.” Mothers, you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them, well maybe. I did for 5 years.

“Yes, Mom. Can we go to court now?” I bowed my head at that last statement.

She said in a loving way, “Sure honey.” She rubbed my shoulders when saying that, a comfortable feeling crept over while she rubbed. I felt safe once again.



“Alright, honey. Let’s get a move on it; it would be great to show up early rather than late.” As you can tell by that, it’s time to go to the court to figure out my fate. I would like to point out that I’m not really overjoyed with the possible outcome that might come from the verdict.

My mother being semi-happy about it, and hopefully that will last once we get there and have to sit through all the bullshit my father is going to spew out. I just know that he’s going to make up lies about my mother so he can have the upper hand, but if he thinks that I won’t tell the court about him hitting me, then he has another think coming. I don’t want to be in that situation anymore, I don’t want to go back my boring life, where I couldn’t even go outside without him tagging along.

So, once again let tell you, if my father gets total custody of me… I will…. most likely kill myself, and that’s not an exaggeration… I will do it. If it gets far enough away from him, I don’t even want the verdict to be him having me sometimes, like a split custody thing. NO! I don’t ever want hear those words, but I have a feeling that it’s going to most likely turn out that way.

“Alright, Mom. I’m ready, for my death sentence.” Sarcasm at its best.

“Don’t say that, Jacob, even if it’s most likely that your father gets you. I don’t ever want to think about you killing yourself either. Do you hear me Jacob Alexander!?” I hate when adults use my full name.

“Yes, I hear you. Loud and clear, can we go now?” I was trembling after that statement. I knew that this day was going to come, but I did not want it to be this EARLY. Then again I’m also glad that it happened early, it means that I don’t have to torture myself over whether or not I have to go back to my father. (Shudder)

“Yes, we may go now.” Always the caring parent, I hugged her before I walked out the front door, heading for my sentence.

“You don’t have to be so, scared of the outcome Jacob.” I wonder if she knows what I’m thinking…

“I know, Ma, but ugh! I can’t help it; the faster this gets over the faster I can relax, HOPEFULLY!” She gave me a sour look, meaning don’t overdo it.

“Alright, if that’s how you feel.” She shrugged, with a semi content smile.

Why does she have to be so… so, I don’t know, calm about this? Doesn’t she want me? Doesn’t she know how I feel about my father? I need to stop this; maybe she’s right. I’m just exaggerating this situation. Maybe she can sense that I’m worried, and overly emotional about this problem that wanted to rear its ugly head. Shrugging, I got into the car, waiting to leave.

“Everything will be fine, Hun, nothing to worry about, okay?” I nodded my head, as we backed out of our drive; I put my head on the cool glass. I watched the scenery pass by.



“Court is now session; please rise for the honorable Judge Karen Stouffer.” The judge’s bailiff stated. As always, we have to stand for the judge and wait for her to tell us to be seated.

Once seated, the judge looked over everything that was going to be happening today, but she didn’t say anything once she looked up at us, she looked from one person to the next, and when it came to me, her eyes pierced mine. I looked back at her. Her eyes were a piercing green color, just like mine, I was wondering about that even after she stopped looking at me.

After I came out of my thoughts, she was already talking to my dad’s lawyer and my lawyer that my mother hired for this. “Well, this seems like a simple, case. But tell me, why bring this to court?” she asked my dad’s lawyer.

He seemed confident to tell the judge “Well your honor, my client, Fr. Alexander, came to collect his son. Jacob Alexander ran away from home.”

“Why he did run away from home Mr. Whitman?” I was shaking in my seat, because I knew the answer, but what came out his mouth was a total lie.

“You see your honor. Jacob ran away because he thought that...” He looked down at the yellow notepad that had all the things he wanted to say on it. “He thought that his dad didn’t love him; he thought Fr. Alexander was threatening him.” Oh my FUCKING god! That is not, what happened. I had to state what did, and did too!

“Excuse me, your honor. That’s a total lie and bullshit!” I stated, with my heart beating against my chest, and my hands getting all sweaty, I couldn’t control what my body did, but I knew that I was going to have to answer for what I just said.

“OK, Jacob. Instead of using inappropriate language try to refrain from using such language. Now tell me, Jacob, what really happened. Why did you run away?”

“Certainly your honor,” I smiled. But that soon was replaced by fear. I looked over to my father and he was giving the death stare, telling me not to mention what he did to me or said to the bishop. Taking a few deep breathes, I had to get myself under control or my words would come out all stammered and incoherently. “You see your honor, my dad found out I was gay by accident, I didn’t mean for him to find out the way he did. But that’s not worse part,” I glanced at my father again before I continued. “I was talking to my father about a friend that I had met Sunday, and apparently I outed myself without knowing it. Getting on with it, he hit me… Twice! He punched me in the stomach while driving, and then he pulled over and punched me in the mouth. He called me a lot names that day, ever since then I have been afraid of my father,” I had to take a break from talking, I knew that I was going to end up rushing through my statement and I didn’t want that…

“Alright, I get what you’re saying, are you done or do you have more to add?” She asked in very nice tone, letting me know that she taking what I was saying into consideration.

“No, your honor I’m…. I’m not done; I have to take breaths in between.” It wasn’t a lie, but I could tell that my dad didn’t want me to tell the Judge what happened. But I didn’t care anymore.

“Alright then, please continue.” Wow, I like this judge.

“Certainly, your honor. Like I was saying, all the way home that day he yelled and screamed at me, he told me that we were having a meeting with a bishop of the Episcopal Church, you see he’s a priest of that church, a church that believes gays are not an abomination. Anyway, I didn’t think he would act the way he did, because he is a priest of that church, but I’m terrified to be with him alone now. Once we met the bishop, the bishop told him that I couldn’t be ‘converted’ back to straight. Dad didn’t like that one bit, so instead of the conversion. He wanted to know about the camps that gays are referred to. The bishop told him that the camps only help people like me ‘act’ straight in the real world, they don’t ‘cure’ them. My father went ballistic; he didn’t like that one bit. So yea, after the meeting was over, I went out to my dad’s car. Oh, and this was Monday morning when we went.”

“Anyways, once I was out in parking lot, I made up my mind to run away until my dad calmed down. As you can tell he hasn’t. He says he only wants what he thinks is best for me, and well I don’t believe he does; he wants me to be straight, not to be Gay. Your honor, if you place me back with my father, there is no doubt in my mind that he will beat me until I tell him that I’m not GAY anymore!” My heart rate seemed through the roof once I was done speaking. I didn’t want to tell the judge those things, but it was the only way that I could have a semi good life.

“I see, and why do you think that Jacob?”

“I object, your honor!” my dad’s lawyer roared.

“Why are you objecting, Mr. Whitman?”

“Because this isn’t about Jacob, this is about what is best for him.”

“Fucking lying son-a-bitch. He only wants my father to have me so he can beat me some more, telling me that I’m not gay and that I shouldn’t even be having these thoughts.”

Judge Stouffer banged her gavel several times and said, “Enough, Jacob will you excuse yourself? You are getting way out of control here. There will be a ten minute recess!” Once she banged her gavel again, she rose from her seat and walked to her chambers. We rose as well.

But she wasn’t even out of the court before my father screamed at me, “HOW COULD YOU FUCKING TELL HER THAT, JACOB… HOW?” he demanded. He stomped all the way over to me before he was stopped by the bailiff. My heart, oh my god. I thought it was going to stop!

The judge walked swiftly back to the bench and slammed her gavel down so loud that it made everyone look at her. Her face was redder than I have ever seen anyone’s face before. There was a scowl on her face and she looked very, very, very mad. She pointed at my father.

“Sit down now, Fr. Alexander!” She demanded of him, he rushed over to where he was supposed to be seated.

“Now I will have order, do you hear me, Fr. Alexander?”

“Yes…Yes… Your Honor.”


“Now then, I don’t have to read or review what your son has said to me, I can tell just by the way you acted that he is absolutely terrified of you. I wonder why that is…”

“But your honor...” Dad’s lawyer said, and he should have kept his mouth closed.

“Bailiff, take Mr. Whitman into custody.”

“Yes, your honor.” The officer complied.

“This is an outrage!” Mr. Whitman yelled at Judge Stouffer,

“Well let’s see how you feel about it tomorrow morning.”

The bailiff read Mr. Whitman his rights before he took him into the back room.

“Now then, as I was saying, Fr. Alexander, you have some rage issues about your son and I don’t think it’s in the welfare of the child to be placed with you. Ms. Woods, I give Jacob to you in Full Custody, it will be up to you if you want Fr. Alexander around your son, but I highly advise against it, until such time as Fr. Alexander poses no threat to Jacob. Until that time, take care of him and love him, like a parent should.”

“Thank you, your honor. Thank you so very much!” My mother stated in a bubbly voice, one that I love to hear.

“You’re Welcome, now have a nice day.” We got up and started to walk away, but before we left the courtroom, Judge Stouffer called my father back to tell him of the anger management classes that were available.

As we left the courthouse I was in high spirits, all happy and giddy, just like a child.

“Aren’t you the happiest boy ever?” my mother teased me, but I didn’t care, I was oh so happy to be with her for now and forever.

“Yes, I can certainly say, I’M THE HAPPIEST I HAVE EVER BEEN IN… FOREVER!” I loudly whispered.

“Hahaha, that’s great. Now, how about some lunch? My treat.”

“Yes, please. I love you, Mom!”

She stopped walking when I said that, I cringed because I didn’t know if it was right thing to say to her or not, the way that she stood there, not moving. I think she was in deep thought or something, because when she came around, she hugged me and kissed me.

“I love you too, Jacob, I love you too.” Happy tears were coming down her cheeks, it made me smile and it gave me a warm feeling that I haven’t felt in a long time. Today seemed warmer, happier. The sun shining on my body, and the breeze felt awesome against my skin. (Sigh) How can this day get any better?

I didn’t know at the time, that later on today things were going to get much, much, MUCH more interesting.




Seeing Nathan and Nichole interacting together, made me feel a twinge of regret, well, I wouldn’t say regret... maybe sorrow. I wanted a relationship like theirs. I had a relationship with Toby. Ugh. Toby! Anyway, the relationship with him seemed alright at first, and then everything changed, from him being nice and being cute and super hot to the arrogant son of a bitch that we all now know and hate. Well, with my group of friends anyway.

“OK, can we, like, go?” I asked the giggling duo.

“Haha… sure… haha,” Nathan responded with a laughing giggle.

Ugh! Why do they have to rub it in my face? Argh, I hate this.

“Wait, wait. Wait. What’s wrong Zach?” Nichole asked. Why does she have to be the one who always picks up on my tone or language? It never fails.

“Nothing, just nothing. Can we go now, or may I go?” Sorrow and hurt is what my mood changed too, all because I wanted what my best friends had…

“No, you may not. Now Zachary, tell me… What’s wrong?” Ugh! She has to be caring why? Shaking my head, I looked down at the ground, I didn’t give a response. I just stood and walked off, leaving my friends there to look at my backside They also probably had some worried looking faces at the moment, but I seriously didn’t want to be with a couple like that, or within a range of a couple. I needed to get home and, well, sulk, yes SULK. I wanted, no, I NEEDED to be alone right now.

My cell rung from inside my pocket, but I didn’t take it out, there’s voicemail for a reason. So yup, as I walked home I felt myself slip deeper and deeper into the dark path of depression, or whatever they call it these days. I just needed to be alone and think about things. If this was any other situation I wouldn’t even dream of being alone to think. But some thinking is required for what I may have to face… As usual I didn’t get that far away from the lovely couple before they were running up on me. I bowed my head and stuffed my hands inside my pockets, walking slowly to let them to catch up. They started talking to me, as if the world could be any righter, that’s what Nichole did.

“Wait the FUCK up, Zach!” She screamed at me, I cringed knowing that I had pissed her off, and nobody ever wants to be on that side of her, EVER!

“WHAT!” I screamed back at her, her face expression changed into one of compassion. I don’t know if it was because of the screaming at each other or whatever, but thank god.

“I’m sorry, Zach; I didn’t mean to yell at you. You just wouldn’t listen.”

“What do you want, Nichole?” I was still on the being alone part, but for some reason, being with friends sounded better.

“We want to help.”

“With what, there’s nothing to fix or change,” I threw my hands up. “Or even consider fixing. I’m fine. (sniffle)”

“Oh Zach, I’m… I’m sorry.” She tried to hug me, but I pushed her away, I knew that doing it would make her upset, but I just couldn’t.

“What’s wrong?” Nathan asked

“Nothing!” As you can tell I’m getting a little irritated with these two, I think I’ve spent enough time with them for one day.

“Alright, if that’s how you’re going to be… then, whatever, I know when we’re not welcome!” Nathan stated with dislike, but he couldn’t do anything to help my mood.

“Nathan… I didn’t mean for it to come out that way, but damn, can’t you see that I’m still a little depressed?” I stated right back to him, giving THEM both what they wanted to hear.

“Whatever. Let’s go Nichole,” he said. Then taking Nichole’s hand they walked away, with Nichole looking back at me. Shaking my head I continued to walk my solemn way home.

Scratching my head as I lead my way up my walk, it seemed that today wasn’t really that great. Yea Toby got punched in the jaw. That was Spectacular, but that’s about it. At the park with Nathan and Nichole, I can’t believe I actually got jealous. Why would I get jealous? There’s no reason. Gay couples can’t do that in public unless they’re out; I want that, but I don’t want to be TOTALLY out. I’m not ready for that.

I opened my door to find the house very empty. Thank god, I really didn’t want to have my mother on my ass for skipping an entire day of school, but I think she would understand if she knew, right? Shaking my head, I knew that I was just kidding myself, I knew my mother well enough to know that she would totally KILL me. Kicking off my shoes at the door, throwing my keys and phone on the end table, and throwing my book bag in the closet, I decided to get something to eat. I walked around the corner, I found that my mother was actually here, sitting at the island, reading something. She turned around at the sound of my bare feet pattering their way to the kitchen. I stopped when I noticed her, looking from the door to me and back. I knew I was caught no doubt about that. I waited for her to say something, anything really. But she didn’t, she just stared at me, while my body stood there trembling. Awaiting my fate!

“What are you doing home, Zachary?” My mother asked in a heavily cold soft voice, meaning that she was MOST definitely pissed at me; I shook my head inside my mind, knowing DAMN well I had to confess to her.

“Look Mom, before you go ballistic let me explain.” She opened her mouth to say something, but she didn’t. Just leaving it open, with nothing coming out.

“Alright, thank you. Anyways, I’m pretty sure you know why I’m home, right?” She nodded her head, still giving me enough time to explain. “Like I was saying, when we got to school, everyone wanted to say sh…I mean crap. But that’s not what made me actually leave, Toby…” Now she finally talks.

“Ahh, yes. Him!” That’s all she says.

“Riigghhtt, he wanted to start talking shi…. Damn… oops sorry Mom, he wanted to start talking crap about Nichole and me. Well Nathan wasn’t having that so he decked him, but that’s not the reason I left…”

“Get to the point Zachary Martin!” she demanded.

“Well, after that everyone was, like, in shock and then they, like, started talking, I didn’t feel comfortable anymore, and I felt… I felt humiliated. So I ran…. I ran to the river, and that’s where Nathan and Nichole found me.”

“So you skipped because you felt humiliated? Why? For what reason Zach?” Her anger was replaced by sympathy and probably pity, good I can use it.

“I didn’t want to be around that, Mom. You gotta believe me, high school is not what it used to be, and you, for one, should know what I have been through, it’s making me depressed… And… And sad.” I hung my head once again in defeat, I don’t know why I keep doing it, but it just happens. As I hung my head, tears started to fill my eyes. I couldn’t be seen crying. I took a few deep breaths before I asked to be excused.

“Mom… MOM! Can… can I be excused?” Damn my voice, dammit to hell.

“Sure… Sure, Hun,” I nodded my head as I turned to walk away, but before I could get any further, my mother asked, “Zach, is everything… is everything okay?” I wanted so badly to say yes, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it, it was right there at the tip of my tongue.

‘Just say it!’ I told myself, but when I opened my mouth, this is what slipped out, “NO! But I’ll be alright, I love you, Mom!” I swiftly walked away as the tears started to drip.

Once I was in my room with the door closed and locked, I flung my body towards my bed, bouncing twice before I finally threw my head into my pillow and cried for what seemed like eternity. I didn’t understand why I felt this way, why would I? There’s nothing in this world anymore, I don’t want to feel this way anymore. I don’t want to feel, I want to become numb. If you consider this abnormal then that’s your problem, I don’t care anymore.

While I cried for all I was worth, I couldn’t get one person out of my mind... Jacob. Every time the thought of him came rushing in, I would push it away. I didn’t want to feel loved right now. I only felt pain and that pain manifested because of one person, Toby. He did this to me, if I wasn’t so in LOVE with him back then, then none of this SHIT would have happened. I would still be in the closet, still trying to figure out if I could stay there, and when I would be exposed or ridiculed like I am now. It didn’t seem fair how Toby could stay in the closet and make fun of me when he was the one who started this whole thing. He’s the one who suggested that we do things. Granted, I might have started some things, but it wasn’t like we didn’t try them first. So tell me, how can HE still be liked and I be hated? …or so I thought.


After crying awhile, I became calm and relaxed. I couldn’t cry anymore if I tried, so I stayed in my quiet spacious room thinking. Thinking of all the things that I’ve been through, and how I can get back at that Asshole TOBY! I was just on the thought of arsenic or something, when the doorbell rang. I waited for my mother to answer it, because I thought she was still home. But the door went un-answered. After like ten minutes of total quiet, my phone went off, making me jump off my bed clutching my chest. WHAT THE FUCK! Ugh, I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Nathan. That figured.


“Don’t answer the phone that way, Zachary!” he came back with a smart ass comment.

“Fine, what do you want, Nathan?”

“Oh, we looked to see if you were home and well, the gang is here to hang out, like every Thursday night. Don’t tell me, you forgot.”

“I didn’t forget, just slipped my mind, have you seen my life LATELY, Nathan?”

“Yes, I have and I’m sorry, I should have known. Now come open the FUCKING door, bitch!” He hung up the phone before I had the chance to call him one back.

So instead, I walked down the stairs, flung open the door and watched as my friends’ faces turned from fun to worry, I must have looked like a mess, damn this crying thing. Why can’t it seem to leave me the EFF alone!

“Are you going to stand there or are you going let us in?” Ashley spoke up first, making me think that there’s something wrong with this image displayed before me. I stepped aside for them to come in.

“What happened to you, Zach?” Nichole spoke quietly in my ear. I shook my head.

We walked into the living room to find Ashley adjusting the stereo and Nathan setting up the couches and stands. Candice chose to sit while all this was going on. Nichole and I walked over to where Nathan was. Nichole was sitting beside him on the love seat that matched the rest of the furniture. I chose to sit next to Nathan on the larger sofa, in the corner basically. Candice chose to scoot her way over to me, while Ashley still tried to find a good station.

I had enough, “Ashley 98.7… Please!” I demanded and she obliged.

“Thank you, now then. What can I do for you guys?” They all looked at each other and then everyone, including me, looked over at Nathan. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. Well that’s a start.


“OK, OK. Damn, chill for like a sec, DUDE!” I did what he told me, I sat back waiting for him to start. I waited and waited and then waited some more, until I’d finally had it.

“Nathan, dude. Come the FUCK on, already.” I love that I can say these things to him.

“Well damn, alright,” Nathan looked from Nichole to Ashley and then Candice and finally, at me. I looked blankly at him, waiting still for him to continue. “Well as you know, we come here every Thursday, but this Thursday we came to like, do an… Inter….”


“Zach, just listen, OK? Just listen,” Nichole commented, in her usual soft spoken voice.

“Seriously, just listen, Zach,” Ashley seconded.

“I agree, you should,” said Candice, joining in with the other two.

So basically I was stuck, and I literally mean that. In the corner is not the perfect way to get out of this kind of situation.

“Fine, I’ll listen. That’s all though!” My voice poured on the cold, staring every single of one of them down. Nathan though, he had like this smirk type of grin happening, it made me sick.

“Good, we all know what’s been happening to you lately. We feel really bad about it Zach…”


“Whatever, listen asshole, and then you may talk. Got it?” he demanded.


“Anyways, all of us feel terrible that we can’t help you, we just don’t know how. It might seem like we’re giving up, but honestly, Zach, we aren’t… When you’re in these kinds of moods, it makes us seem like we’re useless, powerless to help you. You want to know why that is?” I nodded, going along with the charade “It’s because every time we get close enough to you, it seems as if you don’t want help. It’s like you want do it all on your own. Zach, can you really, seriously, really do this on your own?” I shrugged; I didn’t care one way or another. “Nichole?” Nathan asked her to continue, I could sense that he really was fed up with me at the moment.

“Zachary Martin, you listen to me GOD DAMMIT!” She raised her voice, making me jump a little.

“Alright, damn. Talk if you want, I don’t care anymore,” I stated. But I got a harsh smack to the back of my head from Nathan, he never hit me before. I looked at him; he had a scowl permanently attached to his face.

“What is it, Nichole?” I asked quietly.

“Thank you. You know how much we care about you, Zach; we have been your friends forever. I don’t see what went wrong; we already went through this before in Middle School. What changed Zach? What made you act out like you did this year? I just don’t understand. Why Zach, just why?” Nichole ended with her steely eyes building tears. I knew that this was hurting her, I had to look away. I couldn’t look at her anymore or she was going to make me cry with her.

“I honestly can’t answer that, Nichole. I could say that I didn’t do anything or go out of my way to provoke Toby, but the truth is, I don’t know what the hell I did to him for him to come onto me like he did. Everything started with him, he did everything to me first, and YES Toby is GAY. But that’s the part that confuses me; why would Toby set out to destroy me? Why would he go out of his way to make me feel like the SCUM of the earth?”

“I don’t know, Hun, but I can tell you this, we’re your friends and want to help…” The door bell rang right when we were getting into a very interesting conversation.

“Hold on, let me get that, be right back.” As I left the room and opened the door, there stood prince charming, Jacob.

“Oh, Hi.” My mouth formed a smile and I felt instantly exorcised.

“Hehe, Hiya Zach!” he exclaimed.

I hugged him and he hugged me back. Wow! The hug, so warm and affectionate, so amazing, I didn’t know that I really needed a hug, well that and something else. I leaned forward and touched my lips lightly to Jacob’s. I felt the spark that I so wanted, so needed. My heart seemed to race in that kiss, everything melted away.

But it soon ended when Ashley called out, “Who’s at the door, Zach?” GUH, why did she have to ruin the moment? UGH!

“C’mon Jacob, I want you to meet my best friends.” I reached for his hand, literally tugging his arm, as he was reluctant to follow. I snickered because it seemed so cute coming from him. God, how much more can I stand?

We walked all the way down the hallway with Jacob’s hand tightening with every step, “Jacob, loosen up, or I’m going to lose feeling.” He looked down at my hand and saw it was white; he released it somewhat, but still had a tight grip on it. Finally getting to the room that had my friends in it, they looked at Jacob, and then at me. I smiled. Nathan and Nichole knew him, well, somewhat; they only spotted us kissing nothing else. Oh, and grinding on each other.

“Everyone, this is Jacob, he is, well… I don’t know.”

“Hello Jacob,” everyone said.

He timidly said something in a soft voice, “Hi all.” Jacob moved closer towards me, with his eyes still watching everyone in the room, I didn’t know if it was because he was shy or scared, hell maybe petrified, but I was there to keep him from running out of the house.

“So tell us, Jacob, how did you meet Zach here?”

He looked at me and then back yet them, but he didn’t say anything, so I spoke up. “We met at Church last weekend, he bumped into me in the parking lot and we liked each other after that. Yes, it was right before the picture of me got out.”

“Ah, OK. But what is he doing here, isn’t the church like 20 miles away?” Ashley stated.

“Yes, but that’s none of our business, Ashley, now kindly say you’re sorry.”

“Sorry, Jacob.”

“It’s alright, don’t listen to Zach, he’s just trying to protect me, that’s all.” They laughed at that, after that though, there weren’t any more awkward moments, until well. We kissed; well Jacob kissed me out of the blue. All of us were talking just fine about what to do with Toby or how would we get back at him for everything that he’s done to us so far. And then the kiss came along, everything seem too quiet and awkward. That’s when the party stopped and everyone got up to go. On the way out the door, Ashley stopped and hugged me and then kissed both of my cheeks, making me blush. She turned to Jacob and did the same thing.

“You guys have fun, with whatever.” Nathan waved from the sidewalk, along with Nichole. Ashley just shrugged her shoulders and Candice grinned at us.

Once my friends left and we had the house to ourselves, I turned to Jacob. Smiling a devilish smirk, I think he knew what I had planned, but he had to go ruin it.

“Nah uh, mister… We have plans, so get dressed and come with me.” He smirked at that, while I had a blank stare. “Well GO!” He shooed me off.

I skipped all the way upstairs and left Jacob downstairs. What could Jacob have planned? What should I wear, what kind of plans does he have in mind. UGH! This is going to kill me.

When my arm left my side, my hand stretched out trembling as it went for the knob of my dresser, opening it up a little at a time. I felt exorcised all the way, but my body worried that I would make a fool of myself, this was the very first time anyone, and I mean ANYONE, has asked me out, especially a guy. The first piece of clothing was a shirt; it was black with a print design of a dragon on soft microfiber cotton. I love the feel of that material, but I got interrupted by Jacob yelling, “C’mon slow poke, we’re going to be late!” Ha-ha, it seemed that he was more in a hurry than me, I can relate. LOL.

I grabbed a pair of black pants that also had a design on them. I had to be matching. Especially since this is going to be a very romantic date... hopefully! Once dressed, I ran out of the room, but before I could get any further I ran back, grabbing my cologne and spritzing some on. I love the scent of my cologne, so sweet and savory. Finally, I ran down those stairs hopping two by two. Hehehe, Jacob must have thought I was a freight train coming down them. Stopping short of hitting him, I kissed him once and then twice, and well it turned into a passionately slow tender kiss that lit up my soul, making my body feel on fire. Wow, I love this feeling.

“You ready?” he asked.

“Hell YES!” He giggled at my enthusiasm, or excitement.

“Hehehe, alrighty then, let’s go!” He ushered me out my door with him closing it behind himself.

“Wow, what a beautiful night.” I stated, because I was looking at the stars, so sparkly and bright. I smiled when Jacob snaked his arm around my body, making me almost melt at the mere contact, but I couldn’t stop now, I had a whole night of getting weak kneed.

“Well, c’mon, sexy. Time’s flying!” He giggled once more, after that we were off to the place of my dreams, well, soon to become it anyway.

I kissed him once on the cheek because, well, he deserved it. In all my dreams, and all my thoughts, I have never actually known that I could have what I wanted, and that was Jacob. If you consider all the bullshit and torment I went through to get to this one moment in my life, and if you’d ask me if I’d go through it again, I would say HELL FUCKING YES, I would. Because no matter what, tonight is my night to be happy, to live life like I haven’t in a while. To be free to express myself any way, shape or form I could possibly imagine.

“God, Jacob, you have no clue how wonderful this makes me feel!” I said that all with a great huge grin.

“I’m glad,” he said, also with a smile.

“So where are you taking me?”

“Oh, I can’t tell you, it’s a surprise.” Mysterious, I like.

“OK, whatever, just promise me that it will be great.”

“Oh, it’s going to be more than great, you’ll just have to wait and see.” Devilish, I like the bad boy type, it suites him well, and in all honesty, it makes him seem more hot, sexy. If only I could drool...

“OK, OK already.” I giggled, he laughed with me on that.


“Are you ready for the night of nights?” Jacob asked me. Once we made it to the park, Jacob told me to shut my eyes. I didn’t want to at first, but he has this way with my emotions, so I gave in.

“Yes, Jacob. Now please, can I open my eyes?” I giggled because I thought this was an immature game, but one that I will play anytime for Jacob.

“Not yet... We’re almost there!” He had this excited voice, almost like he couldn’t wait either... We both laughed because it was an amazing feeling to be lead by the hand while blindfolded.

“Well, hurry up. I’m getting antsy,” I stated.

“Alright, you can open them.” Once I did, it blew my mind. There on the ground laid a blanket in black, with two red roses in separate vases, followed by a half dozen candle lights. Making the night glow, I turned around and there Jacob stood with a box of strawberries, accompanied by whip cream. It made me smirk and then smile, I guess when Jacob said tonight was one to remember, I should have listened.

Leaning forward, I lightly touched my lips to his again, feeling that spark once again play with my heart, to make my soul seem on fire. I could have literally melted by the sensations alone. That first kiss didn’t end our activity, we kissed again and again, until Jacob pulled away stating, “There will be more time for that later, sweetie.” He grinned. God, how lucky can I get?

“You promise?”

“Always and forever, babe!” Wow, I love it when he calls me these things.

Feeling giddy and special, I sat on the blanket taking one of the roses to my nose, smelling the sweet scent, letting that flower consume me, lift me up and gently let me fall. How can tonight get any better? How can Jacob seem so, so, special?

“Penny for your thoughts?” Jacob asked, almost giggling once he saw that he shocked me.

“Nah, just thinking... Nothing serious though.”

“Right, OK then... Open up!” Whipping my head towards him, I didn’t understand what he meant until I saw him push a strawberry covered with whipped cream towards me. I giggled before opening my mouth to the creamy deliciousness. How the two flavors combined to make an orgasmic mouth watering flavor is beyond me.

“Oh, oh wow... Jacob, that’s... that’s just, oh my GOD! Orgasmic!” He laughed at my expression, but I couldn’t help it, I have never actually tasted anything so good before.

“I’m glad you like it, but you have...” He didn’t even bother; he came closer to my face, licking the spot clean where the whipped cream missed my mouth, after that he moved his lips to my lips for a taste of me and the strawberry delight. You talk about melt in your mouth, that’s exactly what Jacob’s tongue feels like, and his taste, Ohmigod.

We gave up on the sweets and went for something more... what do you call it? Awesome? Nah. Orgasmic? Nah. Maybe oh-my-fucking-hot-damn-son-of-a-hot-stud? There ya go. I think that fits. HAHAHA, wow, creative aren’t I? We made out like forever, only coming up for air every once in a while, I had to pull my lips away because I needed to ask Jacob something, something that has been bugging me for a while. “Jacob?” No response, he just looked at me. “Jacob?” I said more sternly. He snapped out of whatever was happening to him.




“Yes Zach?” The way Zach looked at me, it felt, I don’t know, like he wanted to ask a serious question, the way his lips looked so damn hot, almost made me dive back in, but I resisted.

“What do you like about me?” What kind of question is that?

“Umm... Hmmm... Let’s see, you are adorably cute. You’re smart and witty and like to stick up for people. You have an awesome personality and it’s one that I do not wish to cross, but enjoy. You love to hang out with people and you like to be yourself when you can be. I don’t know Zach, why did you ask?”

“I just wanted to know what you thought of me, that’s all,” he stated with a hint of sorrow. OK, now I’ve done it, I’ve gone and made this night a failure. I’m pathetic.

Zach was lying on top of me and he saw how my face turned from happy to a little giddy to sad. He asked, “Jacob, what’s wrong?” I had to think, but there was only truth, “I can’t believe I upset you.

“You didn’t upset me, it’s just that... I like you a lot Jacob and I wanted to see where you saw me,” Zach said, as he lowered himself more onto me, pressing his very hard tool into me, almost very lightly rocking himself back and forth in between my legs. Making me want him even more, but the thing is... I have never actually done this with anyone.

“Zach? Ah. Oh wow. Hehe, Zach.” I stopped his movements because I wanted to get this out, before the night was totally ruined on account of me.

“Oh, OK. What’s up?” He laughed at his lame double entendre, which considering the situation, was funny.

“Um, you... know that I haven’t done this with anyone, right?” He didn’t reply, I don’t think he knew how, so I had to ask.

“Have you ever done anything with anyone?” Zach nodded his head, sadly. Putting his head on my chest, he whispered, “I’m sorry Jacob, I wish that I could be a virgin... but I can’t.” He spoke sadly, and I knew why.

“It’s OK, Zach. It doesn’t matter, I just wanted to know and now I do. How was your first time?”

“It was amazing, but to tell you the truth, it wasn’t love. This... this right here, I want it to be.” Zach spoke more clearly, he looked up into my eyes, searching for something and I think I knew what, but I wanted him to tell me.

“And what is this, Zach?”

“Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.” He spoke softly, almost like he was afraid to say it.

“What, no. no, I didn’t mean to ruin the night. It’s just that I had this feeling it was one sided that’s all, I really do need to... just shut up.”

I looked away from Zach, I couldn’t believe yet again that I have almost ruined this night for Zach and me. Am I that much of an idiot? Zach, gently as he could, touched my chin with his fingers, caressing it before he took a hold and moved my face back to his.

Looking into those expressive blue eyes, I could tell that he had doubts, worries, maybe he was even scared. When I leaned for his lips, he waited that moment before shutting them. When our lips touched, a spark flew by, the lightest of touches were found, and before we knew it, we were searching each other’s bodies, trying to find somewhere to hold on.

When I rubbed my tool against his stomach, he moaned inside my mouth, giving into the sensation that I wanted him to feel. Reaching behind him, I grabbed his bubble butt, kneading it and squeezing it, I oh so love the texture of his ass. Feeling the muscles flexing as he started to pump into me. Moaning into his mouth this time, because he was hitting my shaft with his cock, I pressed down on his ass, to make him grind into me more, feeling the full effect of his member rubbing me all the right ways.

While we ground together, I reached for his shirt, taking it off as we were still kissing. Once the shirt was off, I could feel the heat coming off him and sweat started to form on his back. The sensation to feel a half-naked boy, as we were grinding our cocks together, it felt surreal. As if, every thing slowed down, just for this experience to happen.

I reached for his shorts to take them off, but he wouldn’t allow that, we broke our kiss as we needed air. While I looked into his sparkling blue eyes a tear formed, I started to get worried and I think he knew, so he flashed me a smile, one that I wouldn’t forget. I licked my lip to entice him more. That’s when he smiled a wicked smile. Giving me a seductive glare, laughing at him, or was it with him? Hmmm.

“What are you thinking about Jacob?” Zach asked me in a husky voice, one that I would love to hear more of.

“Wow, Zach. This right here, I don’t want it to end, ever.” He pecked my lips with his, making me moan all the more.

“I couldn’t agree more.” He melted my heart by kissing me, making me crumble.

He went lower on my body, first Zach sucked on my neck. Nibbling a little here and there, getting my body all sex crazed, making me hump his lower half as he descended on my body. Zach giggled at first, until I touched a spot that made him gasp, he quit after that. Going lower still he came to my nipple, swirling his velvety tongue around my sensitive nip. Whimpering as he sucked and nibbled, feeding greedily on my nips, making them so sensitive that I had to make him stop. He looked at me with a mischievous smile, winking as he went lower on my body, circling my naval, making my body shudder with ecstasy. I had to grab the ground, for the sensations were driving me mad with passion, or lust.

I grabbed his shoulders before he went any lower, meaning he was chewing my pants, the waistband of them. Getting me so hot and horny for him that the pants had to go, lifting my ass up off the ground for Zach to pull easily at them, he toyed with me as he slowly took his time getting them off. Once the pants were off and my member was on display for him to see, his twinkling eyes met mine and they danced for him, letting it be known that I’ve wanted this for a very long time and now the time has cum.

Pulling Zach up to my lips, where we wrestled for eternity, wanting him more than I have EVER wanted anyone before, grabbing his ass, I flipped him over to where he was on the grass. A surprised look came upon his face, but he just smiled. I nodded once and went at it, repeating everything Zach did to me, but I flicked, swirled and nibbled more than he did. Making him wither at my command, hearing him moan brought a huge smile to my face. Tasting his sweaty, salty nectar, licking the trail all the way to his naval where I swirled my tongue around and in, nibbling on the little flap, I craved his skin. His flesh set me on fire, with a blaze he could only extinguish by Cumming into me or Cumming in my mouth, to let me taste his fruit would be the world.

Taking my hands, I unzipped him slowly, teasing him and me. Drool crept down my chin as I waited for my treasure, licking my lips as to patiently await my reward. Once he lifted his ass, I knew that I was about to have my reward given to me by the one guy that I thought highly about.

As the pants came and went, the only thing standing in my way was his boxers... supporting the raging cock that I wished to taste along with his delicious balls. I wanted to please him, to taste him, to take a whiff of the magnificent odor that only a guy could produce.

Biting down on the cotton fabric, I slowly used my teeth to pull down the boxers, centimeter by centimeter I could see more skin, and then his dark brown pubic hair, trimmed to perfection. Zach’s boxers finally gave way, as his dick came flopping back to him, smacking his smooth skin with a clap. It excited me that I get to taste him first, to please him first. God, how I wish this night could go on forever.

“You like what you see, babe?”

“Oh, yes, yes I do.” I lifted myself back up to him and tasted his ruby red lips once more before going for the GOLD.

“Oh, wow. Jacob. Oh, damn.... That... that feels so... ahhhhh... so.... oh god.” He whimpered as I swirled my tongue around his crown, withering him even more.

Zach pulled my hair tight, meaning that I must be doing something right, twisting my tongue around from side to side, and then sticking his cock in between my cheek and teeth, giving him the first blowjob that I have ever done. From Zach’s reaction, it was awesome. I felt his heart beat in his cock as I went up and down, also with him pumping my face with his cock, it felt awesome, amazingly awesome, and spectacular even. Soon though, he grunted and shuddered, meaning one thing, he was getting close. And with that, his balls drew up to his body. Zach lay ridged, panting, and moaning, louder and louder, as his orgasm took his body over. I held firm, still sucking on his sensitive tip, sucking harder yet, twirling my tongue around his crown. As the first blast of cum hit my throat, I drank it. With that came the rest. He kept cumming, never stopping as his body shook and shuddered, he groaned into his hands to keep the noise down. As the last shot sprayed on my tongue, I savored the flavor. Taking my time to get to feel the milky texture, his cum tasted sweet, tangy and oh so good. Licking from my lips the missing drops that came out of my mouth, I lifted up to kiss the still panting Zach. With his eyes closed, I lowered myself to him, tasting his lips that I have missed. He responded by opening his mouth for me to play. God, how could I not love him? Hmm, how?

“WOW! Jacob... That was awesome, amazing.” He giggled after that.

“I’m glad you loved it, (Kiss Kiss) and I’m glad I was the one to give it. (Kiss Kiss) Wow!” I lay my head on his shoulder, listening to his heart beat slower. This night has got to be one of my most favorite nights ever.

“I love you...” Zach whispered down to me, my heart stopped. It skipped a beat as I realized what he just said.

“Do you mean that Zach, really?” Lifting up my head, I looked straight at him as his eyes could never lie to me.

“Yes, I mean it. Seriously.” He smiled at me, brightening up my night even more. “You know we’re not done yet, right?” What did he mean by that? I have already gotten off as he was cumming... shrugging I didn’t care.

“Um, Zach, that blowjob was just for you. You don’t have to give me one back.”

“Oh on the contrary, my dear, I do and I will. Now lie down and enjoy...” He licked his lips as he went for the gold, as my heartbeat increased...

~Till Next Time~


Author’s Note

As you guys and gurlz know, I haven’t gotten any feedback or anything in a while, it’s OK though. I have learned that while there are people that read this story, but don’t review or comment, I have people that like this story, my editor and my friends, they’re who matter to me and keep me writing, and my fans that do write. Thanks though to all that do write me, it means the world to me. <3

In addition, like There Once Was Love, this story will be in the crossover, so watch out. Things are about to get more sticky and cum filled (BIG GRINS). And also mysteriously fun, read and find out. Thanks again.

Till next time.

Remijay <3 (Hugz—Kizzes)

@}-;--- (A Rose)

Please leave me some comments or feedback. This story is getting great views but no and i NO comments or feedback, so please write me. Thank you Remijay <3
This Story is in no way shape or form to be sold, or used for a persons benefit. The characters and places in this story are made fiction, meaning they are not real and if by chance they're then its pearly coincidentally. This story is copyrighted, if you want to copy it please send me a pm, yes i know sometimes its too late to write but a pm or a msg would be great.<br /><br />This story is Written by me Remijay and the Year is 2010, well not in the story, but the year i wrote it. Thanks again. <br /><br />Also, this story has multiple sex partners, there are group sex occasionally but not always. There will be underage sex of two or more male on male sex. So if you dont like that, please turn away from this story and read something else. Remijay <3
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Thank you for getting Jacob away from his abusive father. I only hope that Zach and he can get past all the problems caused by others and have a loving relationship.

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Rhem... I could really smack ya for the Hanger. I was so involved, and wanted more ,and whaja do... ????? ya dropped it EEWWWWE ..:huh::huh::lmao::no: now I'm sstranded and lost .... NO No no It's okay...... that's what writers do right??????? they mess with people LOL good reading and I am so glad things are changing for the two, and they are at least building some trust with each other... that's a start.. thanks looking forward to more:kiss:

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