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Modern High - 12. Chapter 9 part 4 (A)

Well this is Chapter 9 part 4(A), only reason i did it like this way because its only the morning of Thurday! Theres Originally 5 parts but now theres six....the fifth part is Friday and thats when they go... i cant tell you! Not yet!

Modern High

Chapter 9

Drama in the Life of Jacob and Zack

Part 4a

Taking Sides and Picking Fights





At around three thirty-ish, I decided that it was time for me to ask a couple of questions. For instance, can I stay here with my mother? Can I move here and go to school? I just wanted to be away from my father, he just doesn’t understand why I’m the way I am. I miss him dearly, but not his attitude towards me or my orientation.


I walked into my mother’s study, where I found her sitting at her desk. I didn’t want to disturb her, because she looked very wrapped up in whatever she was doing. So I crept over to a chair by the fireplace, it didn’t have a fire in it at the time, but the fireplace itself had silver and gold embossed into the frame, with a vine type thing going around it, the fireplace looked beautiful. When I looked at the mantle, I knew it had to be apple wood or cherry, it’s the color of the wood that gave it away, but the mantle didn’t matter. What mattered were the pictures on the mantle of my mother and me standing or sitting by each other, either holding hands or hugging one another. I remember some of them, but not all of them. I smiled at the way we both had smiles in some and made funny hilarious faces in the others. I shook my head, because I wanted all the years back that I have missed being around her. I wanted to create more memories with her in the near future, I just wanted to be treated like I should be, not hit or pushed or even yelled at for what I am.


The moment passed by me and my mood turned to a sour, depressive one. I could feel my smile disappearing like it was never even there, in the back my throat I felt the sting of pain coming to tell me that I was on the verge of blubbering. I didn’t want to break down in front of my mother, so I hurried out of the room. Running towards the bathroom, I shut and locked the door. Once the door was locked, I slid down it and sat there with my back against it, I silently cried. While I thought of how much I wanted a different life, I so much wanted to be loved, to be cherished, and to be normal. Well not normal in the sense of the word, but normal nonetheless.


As I was crying my body shook, and shuddered. All the pain that I felt for the past 4 days came pouring out of me, all the mistreatments, all the yelling, sadness, hitting, pounding on the walls by me. I wanted this whole thing to be gone, done and over with.


I was sitting there and I heard it. I know I heard it, my father yelling at me, calling me a dirty faggot and punching the walls where I stood. Yelling at me, his spit landed on me a few times, he was that close. He kept screaming at me, as my body cringed, shuddered, cowered away from his, but I couldn’t go that far. He had me by my shirt, making the shirt so tight to my skin that it hurt every time he pulled a little bit more, grazing my skin with his knuckles. I don’t think he even cared if he’d hurt me. It scared me half to death when my mother knocked on the door to the bathroom. My heart beat was frantic, beating so fast that I thought it would stop, or come popping out of my chest.


“Honey, are you all right?” She must have heard me crying, I didn’t want that. So I took a few deep breaths to calm my emotions.


My trembling voice replied, “Yea… yea. I’m… I’m alright.” I lied and I could tell that she could probably hear my trembling voice through the door.


“Alright, well what did you need when you came into the study, honey?” I loved that she kept calling me honey, but my brain kept playing the things that my dad said, and let me tell you, every word stung, every word coming out of my dad’s mouth, made me back away from the door, grabbing the sink and holding onto it for dear life. It didn’t even sound like my mother anymore on the other side of that door. It sounded like my father; he was trying to get in the bathroom to beat me, to tear me limb from limb. I cowered away even more, going around the sink and moving towards the shower. He started to beat on the door demanding me to open up, let him in.


I realized if I didn’t let him in, he would most likely break down the door to get me, I opened my mouth to yell back, but I refrained from doing it, he never liked anyone talking back to him, not even the bishop. In a trembling voice, I spoke.


“No, no. NO!” I came into contact with the porcelain bathtub; I slid my left foot over the slick porcelain tub and moved the rest of my body into the tub, closing the curtain. I lowered myself into the tub, rocking myself back and forth. Slowly, the sounds of my father disappeared to be replaced by mother frantically trying to open the door. She slammed her body or her foot against the wood so hard that it broke free. She came running over to the bathtub and opened it to find me rocking myself, with hot streams of tears coming down my face. But I still could see my father. He tried to get at me, but I tried to mash myself against the porcelain even more to get away from him, to get me as far away from his as possible.


“Honey, honey… Honey?” Her voice was filled with worry, and concern. I shook my head, because I didn’t believe at the time it was her, she couldn’t save me, I was going to get beat, I knew it. She shook me so hard that my brain and eyes became clear, there knelt my mother beside the bathtub, trying to get me to realize that it was her, not my father trying to get me. I flung myself to her, hugging her for dear life, never wanting to let go of her, for fear that he would come after me. I hugged her so tight and clung to her, I cried in great big sobs. We lay on that floor for what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was maybe fifteen or twenty minutes.


I was still hanging onto her, when my tears dried up. She could tell that my body began to relax, but I was nowhere near letting her go. I just wanted to hug her for rest of the day. But eventually, we had to untangle ourselves. When we did, we came out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. My mother left me to and she went to the refrigerator. I sat down at the island, putting my face in my hands. I sighed with great relief that it wasn’t my father who caught me, it was my loving mother, she turned around with a scared, worried, concerned face. I tried to put on a mask to tell her I was fine, but after what she saw in the bathroom I knew I couldn’t fool her.


“Honey, are you okay?” I shook my head, well inside my brain I did, but not in real life. I didn’t want her to start setting up appointments for me to go see a shrink or a counselor. I didn’t want or need that, I just wanted her to be there for me while I went through this bad spot in my life.


“Yea… Yea, Ma, I’m alright now, nothing to worry about. OK?” Seeing her smirk, made me a little bit happier. I just needed to get through these next few days, that’s all. Nothing to worry about… nothing at all. And I didn’t want her to worry about me. I breathed a sigh of relief for now, knowing that I was safe once again.




*@* Dairy, Thursday October 13. Three days until my birthday. *@*

As I sit here looking at this page, I’m trying to *WILL* myself to put into words what I have been through since Monday.


Let’s see Monday, Toby made the football team do a gang bang on me, if you will, in so many words agree with me. I had to suck off all those men some cute, others not so much. Every time I would put one of those guys’ cocks in mouth, I had the urge to bite it off and spit it out, I wanted so much to do that, but I was already in so much pain from them kicking me every time I would graze their head. The urge just left me; I did their bidding as they saw fit.


After the football team left, there were only two-left; Toby and a person named Chris. While Chris was gentle and kind to me, Toby wasn’t. He wanted to humiliate me even more by video taping the fucking that I got from Chris; the fucking had nothing to do with me feeling helpless, a whore if you will. Maybe even a slut, and maybe tramp even more, if you think about it. Anyways, the better Chris got at fucking me the worse I felt, the more he pumped into me the more I wanted to throw up. I didn’t dare tell either one of them to stop what they were doing to me for fear that they would turn violent on me and probably kill me.


As time went on and they finished up on me, Chris had the decency to leave me alone, as I scrubbed my body clean. You have no clue what it felt like to know that the more you cleaned yourself, the more you felt dirty, filthy. I threw up twice as the experience came crashing down around me. I laid there with the water falling around me, cascading the pity party I felt. I watched as the soap washed itself down the drain, as I cried for what seemed like forever, I didn’t even try to get up as second hour came rolling on in. They all saw me, but didn’t help me. They left me there to suffer. I didn’t even feel like getting up for third hour, but the water finally turned cold.


Well if you read my last chapter, you know what happened, but I didn’t really tell you what I felt like through the whole thing. Being petrified that if I wasn’t looking or paying attention people would throw shit at me, kick me in the ass. I felt lower than dog shit as I walked down those halls, without my friends, every word spoken killed a piece of my soul, my heart. I seriously thought about killing myself to save what was left of my heart, my soul. To get the hurtful words to stop, to get people to know that they have pushed me too far, I wanted so much to die as I baby stepped my way to third hour. I wept softly to myself as I walked down that quiet hall, well I wouldn’t say quiet. People were yelling at me, pushing, and cursing at me. I’m glad that once I made it to third period I was saved. My friend Nathan transferred over to that class, he always liked Physics. He had my back every time some one would open their mouth to say some kind of hurtful remark. The teacher on the other hand, you could see that he wanted to bust a gut at the way the students, my peers wanted to make me even more miserable. I so wanted to run, to ditch class and never step foot into this school again.


I wish I could reverse time and start over. I wanted it so badly that I would have given my own life as a sacrifice, to just start over from scratch. Yesterday will be the day that I remember, for so long as I live.


My mind is mush, my hands are shaking and looking over what I just wrote, causing the floodgates to open. So this is all I am going to write for now, have a pleasant Tuesday!


Love sincerely *tear* Zachary Martin *tear* <3

*@* End of Dairy *@*


Closing the book to my dairy, I slid off my bed to put the book back in its hiding place. (And no, I wont tell you where it is because then you guys will know, so :P)


Anyway, like I was saying, today is going to be a fun day, I know that people haven’t been nice to me. They haven’t even spoken to me in a regular way since the picture of me came out. I can’t deny it because it would be lying. I have to accept that I couldn’t change things and I knew that, with the support of my friends and family, things would be better. It just takes time. I have to let people decide whether or not I’m safe enough to rejoin the human world again, but I wonder what Toby has in mind for me regarding the video tape. I hope that he has enough sense to realize that he has put me through enough without having to ridicule me yet again. I hope that he has enough brains to stop himself from giving in to the temptation of making my life a living hell in High School.


Oh, on a good note, I have heard from people that Jacob is doing better, but not by much. I have also heard his mother lives around here. I hope that I get to see him. Nevertheless, there’s still the thing with his father, have they resolved those issues or has Jacob just been staying with his mother until things become calm between them? I hope for the Jacob’s sake that everything works out. He’s too nice and too hot to be treated like Second class. You know, back in the day if you were different everyone considered you Second class. What it means is you are not normal; you don’t deserve to live in society; you’re basically a lower species to everyone else, you’re more likely to be called a dog or something of that nature.


Getting back to the happy subject, and forgetting about that for the now, anyway...


I started to fantasize about Jacob… I so wish that I could touch him again, to feel him quiver when I softly stoke his arm, or lightly kiss his lips. Like the first time, well the only time, actually, that we’ve kissed, I would like nothing else than to feel his warmth coming through his shirt as we held each other. Thinking back to the very first time I saw him, that sparkle in his eye, that warm smirk that he displayed as he walked away, or that walk. I think he did that on purpose just to tease me, god how I just wanted grab a hold that ass and tenderly knead it.


OK, I need to stop fantasizing about Jacob and get ready for yet another horrible day of school. With luck, maybe I can get through it without too much hassle from others. As I stood up, I could clearly tell that I made myself hard just thinking about him, at least my dick thinks just like me, hehehe. Sticking my hands down my pajama pants, I lifted my dick to where it’s just underneath the waist band. Once that was done, I grabbed the clothes that I took out last night. Heading for the bathroom, you could still see my hard cock through the thin fabric of my PJ bottoms and if my mother was coming down the hall an saw it, I think I would scare her... well, maybe. I wouldn’t know, but it’s just being safe that I looked before I crossed over to the bathroom. Going into the bathroom and shutting the door lightly, just for extra safety, I guess you can say.


Turning around and turning on the shower, I decided since that was done I might as well let the beast out of its cage. First though, I needed to take to off my shirt, as I raised my shirt up, the cold air hit my now visible skin, making me shiver a little bit and making little goose bumps. Once the bitter cold went away, my problem made itself known, but pulsing inside my pajama pants. Pulling down my pants, I watched as my dick went down and then bounced back up. I watched as it pulsed and twitched, making me intrigued. I giggled at myself once I figured out what I was doing, it might have been embarrassing for anyone else to see. I was enjoying watching myself get more excited with every second that passed, but I had to realize that I had to take a shower first. Maybe in the shower I might give it what it wants, but who knows, something might happen where I don’t get that far.


After the shower, and with the jack off session out of the way, I became calm. Unusual for me these days, but I’m glad that it helped, maybe it will help me with my day, to stay calm that is.


Walking down those stairs I smelled the aroma of my mother making breakfast... or was it already done? Hmm that’s the question and the answer. Walking around the corner, I could see my mother sitting at the table waiting patiently for me to become known to her, she might not even know that I’m here. Giving it a thought, I wanted to scare my mother this morning, for a maybe a laugh or two. Creeping very quietly over to her, but before I could get any closer she turned around and said “BOO!” Hehehe DAMN her, she knew. I laughed at my ways.


“Mom, you were supposed to let me scare you, not you scare me,” I protested in a whiny voice. She smiled at that.


“So… What’s been going on at school lately Zach?” When she said, it shocked me. Like why would my mother be asking a question like that, unless she knew something and, well, you can say she did.


“Why would you ask a question like that, Ma?” Being careful not to say or announce anything. She gave me a cold stare after that, it made me cringe in my seat. So I sat up, trying to find something to occupy my eyes, but once I realized that I wasn’t getting out of this conversation with her, especially with the deathly stare that was burning a hole right into my skull, I knew that I had to come clean. What should I or shouldn’t I say though? That’s the question. I hope that my brain will work that out as I go along. Taking a deep breath and then letting it out, I looked up at my mother to find her seriously staring and scaring the fuck out of me. It almost made me cringe again.


“Alright, alright. Damn!”


“Watch your language, mister, I’m not one of your friends, so talk to me without using *too* much foul language. Got it?” I nodded my head in understanding.


“So tell me, what’s this about you sucking off a football team, and a picture of you on your knees sucking off a guy?”She wasn’t asking, she was anything but making light of this conversation. DAMMIT! Now I knew that I had to come clean. Shit, Fuck, DAMN!


“How… How did… you find out?” I asked her in a trembling voice, I don’t think I really wanted to know that answer, I was just stalling for time.


“I can’t give that out, but I want to know, mister, and now!”


Quivering in my seat, I stared at my mother, but the stare made me uncomfortable. I looked down at the table in defeat. I looked but up with tears bordering my eyes, I didn’t want my mother to worry about me, I didn’t want her to go ballistic after she found out what I have been through and done.


“Well, you see… Toby is the most popular, famous person in high school. I didn’t know it at the time, he just used the “I’m new in school” routine on me. So I took pity on him. I seriously didn’t know that he was just using me to find out if I was GAY or not, well long story short about that and the picture...” Taking a few breaths, I watched as my mother’s face contorted into something that I wasn’t familiar with.


“Two or three weeks ago Toby and I messed around, I went to the bathroom after him, like we had planned, to find out that he wanted me to blow him in the stall. I thought that he was just nervous or something, anyways. After I got my knees and he undid his pants.” The tears started to flood, but I still had to explain myself. I knew that my mother didn’t really want to hear this, but it’s the only way she can know what I have been through.


“He was hard, so I decided what the hell, I went for it. But before I could get any further he took a picture of me, I didn’t know it at the time, but it was his idea and his buddies put him up to it, too. He said, “I didn’t believe them went they told me that you were, so I had to do this!” He pulled up his pants and walked out of the bathroom, I stayed there and cried.”


“That’s what happened with me and the picture, now for the rest… I’m sorry, Mom.” I looked up at her, with tears coming down her face, I didn’t know if it was because of what I told her or that she knew that I was hurting something awful. She handed me a tissue to blow my nose and wipe the tears away, but more tears came after each swipe.


“OK, hun. I know that this is hurting you, but I have to know, for when someone asks me I can give them the truth.” I nodded my head in agreement with her, I opened my mouth to continue, but I didn’t get that far, I couldn’t. The pain of reliving those days, I couldn’t bring myself to do it.


“How about some breakfast first, would that be good?” I slowly nodded my head again. When she left the kitchen table, I got the urge to throw up; luckily, we have two bathrooms, one up stairs and one down stairs. I ran towards the bathroom, barely making it to the bowl. Once I lifted up the toilet seat, I let myself go. I watched as my dinner from last night came back up, it looked degusting along with the smell.


A hand touched my shoulder, I flinched away from it, but with a soothing voice from my mother, it became bearable. Once I was done, I laid my head on the porcelain bowl and breathed, with my mother rubbing my back in a slow motion. After a while of sitting there, I stood up. It was time to finish this conversation.




At no less than eight am there was a knock at the door. Since I was the closest, I chose to open the door. When I opened it, there stood my father. For some forsaken reason, I didn’t have the guts to close the door in his face. In the background I could hear my mother asking, “Whose at the door sweetie?” Her voice kept getting closer and closer until she was standing right next to me, with me still being shocked as hell to find my father standing with hatred written on his face, mostly pointed towards me. I just couldn’t believe after three to four days he could still hate me, I just couldn’t believe it.


“Well isn’t this a pleasant surprise? What brings you to the neighborhood, Colon?” My mother used his first name. Like always, he scowled at her. Turning his face towards her, and leaving me to breath, finally.


“Well, let’s see… Our son for one thing,” he said in a sneer “and for two, to get him the hell away from the likes of you!” How can a man be a called a priest when he talks like that and treats people like shit? I don’t understand it.


“I don’t who the FUCK you think you are, Colon, but I’m keeping our boy safe, that’s for damn sure, especially after what he’s told me. Why on earth would I give him back to you? Hmm, why Colon?”


“Because, Helen, when you left, that made me the legal Guardian of him! So if you don’t want to give him up then I will call the cops. Yea, let’s do that.” He took out his cell phone and started dialing random numbers. I knew that he wasn’t calling the cops, because everyone knows to dial 911 when you want something done.


“STOP!” I yelled at both of them, both of my parents looked at me startled, well I had to stop this before it got out of hand. “I don’t want you to fight anymore! I had to listen to it when I was younger and now since I am older, I choose to live my mother. At least then I know that I will be given a fair trial, not some cockamamie bullshit you call yourself Father. Or shall I say Fr. Alexander? Why on earth would I go back? Knowing fully well that once I get in that car you’ll hit me some more and call me dirty names, for what, being gay? FAT chance in hell, Daddy.” Wow, I can’t believe that I stood my ground against my father. Why couldn’t I have done that in the beginning? Both my parents had their mouths open wide, if they could go any lower, their jaws might hit the pavement.


“I know you did not just say that too me,” my father yelled at me, basically producing spit on my face. I cringed every time he would get louder and swear at me, I’m surprised that he didn’t hit me so far. Just lucky, I guess.


“You heard him, Colon, now get off my property before I call the cops!” My mother demanded, and when he wouldn’t budge my mother pushed him in the direction of his car.


While they were arguing still and, believe me, you could probably have heard them from a few blocks over, the last thing I heard before a car door slammed was, “Believe me, Helen, this isn’t over. I will be taking this to court!”


And when he left that hanging there, I cowered away from the front door. Moving all the way back to the couch, pulling my legs and arms together, I sobbed, because I knew that I would be going back to my father if he won.


That’s the way my mother found me when she came from outside, huddled together and sobbing uncontrollably. She petted my hair and spoke to me gently, she wanted to let me know that she was there for me and that she will always be here when I needed her the most. I untangled my limbs and cuddled with my mother until I was too weak to hold my eyes open, but when my mother thought it was safe to leave me, I awoke.


“Where are you going?” I asked in a groggy voice, wiping my eyes of all the crud that was stuck to them.


“I’m going into my office for a few, I have papers to do for clients. Are you going to be OK?” She said that in the most sincere way possible, I nodded my head because she would have known that I was telling a lie. She said “Alright, hun, you be safe. If you need anything, ask.” There was something I wanted, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make me mother worry.


“Ah, Mom?”


She turned around at that, “Yea, what is it?” I took pity on her, because she had to deal with me.


“Could I, like, go for a walk?” The look on her face was priceless, but compromising.


“Sure, honey. Just be back before lunch, alright?” She smiled the way I remembered as a child.


“Thanks Mom!” I hugged her.




When we were finished with the chat that started when I woke up, I was in fits of hysteria, sobbing uncontrollably, hiccupping every so often. Yes, I told my mother the whole truth, I didn’t want her to hear anything else from someone that wasn’t me.


“It’s alright honey, calm down. Everything will be fine, don’t work yourself up.”


I tried to take a couple of breaths but they didn’t last long, so I tried one last time before I had to go. After the last gulp of air I held for ten seconds, I relaxed enough to let my emotions come back in check. I looked up at my mother with tears still coming down both our cheeks. With Kleenex right next to us, I blew my nose and wiped my eyes for what seemed the billionth time.


“Are you alright?” my mother asked me. She could probably tell that I was better, after the hour of crying my brains out.


“Yea… Yea, I’m… I’m good!” I tried my best not sound too emotional, but you can only hold your breath for so long, but my emotions were coming back into check.


“Aright, now then. Off to school you go, here’s your cell, call me at any sign of trouble, you got me?” I nodded my head, but she wouldn’t accept that, “In a language please?” Hehehe, that made me smile, along with her.


“Yes, ma’am. I will call you at any sign of trouble!” She laughed at that, thank god. She has never let me call her that in like forever. We hugged extra long this morning, I welcomed it, because I needed it more than anything in the world.


I went out the door, once my mother thought I was good enough to leave. I was thankful for that, I would have thought she would keep me home, the way she just kept grabbing me into hugs, but I had to leave or I was never going to make it. I walked down the street to the corner, where I always meet my friends. However, this morning when I got there and stood waiting for my friends, someone else came strolling along the sidewalk. You can guess if you’d like, but I’m going to tell you anyways, it was Jacob. In his all my days I have never seen someone like him ever. My dick, on the other hand, I wanted what I saw. Who could blame it?


Jacob was wearing a navy blue tee-shirt tight to his skin, along with black jean shorts. He looked so delicious, did I mention his eyes. Just like the first time I remembered them, sparkling with the sun. And the way he moved his hips from side to side it might have been seen as erotic, but god damn. If I don’t say it myself, who will? JACOB is one sure fine piece a meat. He smiled that brilliant smile and once he saw who was standing at the corner, he rushed at me, grabbing me into a hug and squeezing until I told him to loosen up a little.


“Hi Zach.” He spoke in a shy way, that made me blush.


“Hi Jacob.” I looked down at the ground for the first time since we met. We shuffled our feet at the ground after that, it became too awkward, if you will. Embarrassment or something, I couldn’t tell you. I looked up at Jacob staring at his feet, so bashful, this one. I loved it!


“So what brings you around here?” I had to ask, the awkwardness was getting a little too uncomfortable for my tastes.


“My mom, actually,” he stated, without looking up. That smile I saw, was now replaced by shyness, I guess.


“Oh, well then… Umm, would… Would you mind if I… if I kissed you?” I had to ask, I was craving his lips. They looked extra delish today.


“Ah... Ummm… Suurrreee!” He spoke in a very quiet tone, barely able to hear. I don’t think he was expected that to be asked. As I closed the gap in between us, I looked at him and he looked back. Those eyes spoke volumes to me for some reason. They sparkled with anticipation, it amused me at first, and then it became serious. All these emotions rose to the surface, rushing to connect with Jacob, hoping he would provide me with safety for now.


Once our lips lightly touched, it shocked me at first. Where it made me jump back a little, Jacob took it from there. He took his hands and secured them on both sides of my head, making me rejoin him in this moment. For the second time in my life I have felt complete, happy, bubbly. That kiss alone made things happen, sparks flew, fire works being shot off. The more we kissed the more I wanted him, the more I smashed our bodies together, soon we were grinding on each other in broad daylight. Oh, did I mention we were also waiting for my friends to show up?


I couldn’t help it, we moved back until he was up against the wall on the corner, there we worked each other into more of a frenzy, smashing our lips together, letting our tongues duel for the winner. It was oh so hot and steamy, but that ended along with that hard pole rubbing up against my stomach. If you’re wondering why we stopped, it was because my friends scared us half to death by coughing out so loud that it broke our moment of happiness. I looked at them and Jacob and back again.

They laughed at us for be caught, soon their laughter spread itself over to me, where I started to snicker, but it wasn’t funny. Looking at poor ol’ Jacob standing there looking petrified. I had to help him out. “Quit laughing at us, c’mon guys. STOP IT!” I yelled at them for not listening, they laughed harder.


“OK, fine, whatever! You guys laugh and I’ll go to school. OK?” I was getting more pissed than happy, like I was a moment ago. They stopped when I said that, thank you.


“OK, OK. We’re sorry but we couldn’t help it, the way you two looked when we scared you guys, it was priceless.” They snickered some more but I wasn’t having it. I started to walk away, getting more irritated as they snickered.


“C’mon Jacob, let’s go!” But he didn’t move, I think he was afraid. “Look don’t let them get to you, they already know about me.” I looked him in the eyes to make sure he knew that I wasn’t telling him a lie.


“Will you guys stop it, damn. You guys are scaring Jacob, now FUCKING stop!” I yelled, making them stop. “Thank you. Now then, if you will let me continue here.” I waved a hand over to Jacob, “This is Jacob. And I would like it if you guys greeted him!” I demanded to them, only my friends know about me when I get mad or pissed at them. I become surreal, like quiet, or I grit my teeth and say in a very calm fashion what I expect them to do and usually they listen.


First one to welcome Jacob was Nichole, because she knew that I wasn’t playing around anymore. “Hi, Jacob. Any friend of Zach’s is mine,” she said in a happy tone. Then she came over to me and whispered in my ear. “He’s a looker, be careful,” she warned. I gave her a knowing look. Nichole backed off after that.


“Hi, Jacob. Nice to meet you,” Nathan said, but before he let go of Jacob’s hand, he warned him about messing with me. “Listen here, Jacob, I don’t want to have to repeat this… Zach has been through enough, he’s still going through it. I don’t want him hurt. Do I make myself clear?” Nathan spoke to Jacob in a stern voice.


“Sure, sure… I would never dream of hurting him… I like him too much.” Jacob tried not to let on that Nathan scared him, as Nathan backed up, I got pissed.


“Nathan, I can’t believe you just did that! As if he doesn’t have enough to worry about, it’s my fault. What’s going down at school is my fault. I did those things, so stop being so macho and start being a kind and sensitive person!” I screamed at him. He looked frightened but that soon turned to a knowing look also. I turned to Jacob and spoke, “Jacob, I’m sorry. They don’t know what you have been through. I didn’t even think about telling them about you, last I heard you were living with your mother and still had problems with your dad, so forgive me if I didn’t tell them.”


He looked up at me, with tears bordering his eyes… He nodded his head ‘yes’ to let me know what he thought. I looked back over to my friends. “I’ll tell you while we walk to school, so kindly, if you will apologize to Jacob for being so rude to him Nathan.” I smiled at that because he knew what the treat was for doing this.


“I’m sorry Jacob, Zach’s right. We didn’t know… So could you, like, forgive me?” he asked Jacob in his most apologetic way. Again, Jacob nodded his head. Nathan beamed at that. Next thing that Nathan did was so shocking! He actually FUCKING hugged a guy, like he actually hugged a guy in front of Nichole and I.


“Whatthefuck!” Nichole and I said in unison. We looked at each other and then at Nathan, like he’d lost his mind.


“What?” He stated in his most innocent voice


“You know what, you have never hugged me, and the last time I remembered, we have been friends for like five to six years and you never EVER hugged me, in all the years of me being alive.”


“And now you hugged another guy. That’s got to be the most shocking thing ever!” Nichole agreed with me, so Nathan hugged me too. OK this was getting way out of hand. But I didn’t reject him for doing it, though. He laughed at our expressions, even Jacob had a shocked look, so I gave him one that would surely last. I kissed him deeply and passionately for all of 10 seconds.


When we separated, Jacob clearly had to catch his breath and the first thing out of his mouth was, “WOW!” We all laughed at that, but it had to end. Nichole’s cell had to ring.


I hugged Jacob and kissed him one last time before we had to separate, Nathan and Nichole were ooooing and awing, plus saying ‘Awww isn’t that sooo cute!’ I wanted to smack them, but I knew it was in a friendly way. When we left Jacob, he was still on the corner holding his hand to his lips, with the most adorable look ever.


~Till Next Time~


Remijay <3

One more part to go and the parts are finished, thank you for reading this story. @}-;--- (Another rose)

Thanks again Pete! You are awesome at what you do. Thanks

Well Post me or write, i would really like it to hear back from the people who read my story or chapters. Theres a forum and you can alwayz Review..

Thanks in adavnce! :) <3

This Story is in no way shape or form to be sold, or used for a persons benefit. The characters and places in this story are made fiction, meaning they are not real and if by chance they're then its pearly coincidentally. This story is copyrighted, if you want to copy it please send me a pm, yes i know sometimes its too late to write but a pm or a msg would be great.<br /><br />This story is Written by me Remijay and the Year is 2010, well not in the story, but the year i wrote it. Thanks again. <br /><br />Also, this story has multiple sex partners, there are group sex occasionally but not always. There will be underage sex of two or more male on male sex. So if you dont like that, please turn away from this story and read something else. Remijay <3
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OOOOOkay.. Loved it.. ( except ...You know.... The Father (HA HA) thing)... I have a plan though... How about pops goes away for beating (EMMOTIONALY , and physically) Jacob to...... I don't know maybe Prison.. and the biggest , baddest , big Cock person there is his cell mate.... And It's like love at first site... And maybe, just maybe he and his 15 inch tool are certified only  Top material... and he has his way with him... oh I don't know ..say 4,5,6 years. That might just straighten( or un-straighten ) his nasty attitude.... Just thinking out loud here!!!! CAN I GET AN AMEN... CAN I GET A WITNESS.... Seriously I must say I am Starting to Love the passion and tension going on between Zach and Jacob.. OH you can bet I will be looking for More here! thanks for you skills.. like fine wine, it gets better with time :read::unsure::rolleyes::great:

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How did Zach’s mother know about what he did in the locker room? Are those guys shamelessly telling people they let a guy give them blowjobs because you’d think that would make them worry about people thinking they are gay. Maybe a third party saw what was going on but whoever it was apparently didn’t report it.

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