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Modern High - 30. Chapter 26 --- Friend or Foe

Sorry it took soooo LONG. Let's just say things have been complicated lately. But, i didnt forget about you all.

*@* Dairy Entry 5


In the past months, things have been hard, way too hard to accept...with Jacob and me. I really don’t know if I can keep this up. Jacob, he’s my prince. Ever since that day that I met him at his father’s church, we hit it off.

Ever since that day, things have become ‘complicated’, either with me or him. Now things are even more complicated because I really don’t know if I can trust him enough, same with me. I knew getting into one these relationship’s wasn’t going to be easy. However, I didn’t expect the things that happened to happen.

I hope I’m making sense, because I really do still love him. I don’t think I could ever stop, you know?

Now it’s at the end of the school yearand things are still not better between us. Nathan and Nichole have tried really hard to give us space, and let us think about what we want. But by letting Jacob and me think over everything, it’s also creating a rift between everyone.

I hope that I make the right decision about what I want and what I need, because, if I don’t, I just might lose the one person who made living bearable.

Here’s to hoping…


Zachary Martin. *@*


Modern High

Chapter 26

Friend or Foe



I remember the first kiss Jacob and I shared, as well as the emotions that were running through me and the turmoil that was in my mind. However, that didn’t stop me from lusting after him when we shared that kiss. I remember blushing and giggling when our lips parted. It was as if nothing in the world existed but us. For a brief moment in time, I saw myself happy.

I remember when Jacob and I sat at this table, laughing. That was when we were still very much in love. It brought a smile to my face, it was the happiest I have ever seen him, and I still remember the look he gave me that same day at lunch. Jacob being here in my school made me happy and more in love with him.

Seeing him now brings back wonderful memories, but some hurtful ones are brought back as well. I still remember when Jacob and Toby met for the first time. It hurt seeing him leave with Toby that day. I remember me thinking that Jacob was going to trade me for Toby… But thankfully, that didn’t happened, at least not at that moment.

It still hurt to think about that, it still saddens me to think that we came so far, but we lost our way when things became complicated. Especially when we were on vacation; how complicated that was to overcome.

If you’d ask me if I still wanted and or needed Jacob, the answer would be most definitely. I could never stop loving him to hate him.

“Zach?” a person said.

“What?” I shook off the daydream and looked towards the person.

“Are you here?”A girl named Stephanie asked me. I wonder why I never talked to her until now. She actually looks nice and speaks to you kindly. It’s a wonder why I don’t do things that I should.

“Yea, I’m… I’m here.”


You’re probably wondering by now if Jacob and I have talked. The answer to that is no. We decided after seeing the counselor that we should take some time to remember why we fell in love in the first place. It’s been a year since we first saw each other. That same day we fell for each other, and over time we fell in love. Now it’s like everything around me is falling apart. The faster I try to put things together the quicker they seem to fall apart.

So here we are at the end of the school year, June no less. And I still haven’t figured out why I fell in love with him. On top of that I have to worry about finals. Thankfully, today is the last one of the year. Then come report cards, yay! Let’s see how bad I fucked up.

The bell signals the end of class. I look down at my page and see it’s blank. There’s goes another grade. Shit, how can I explain to my mother that I have failed most of my exams? Damn, now I’m going to be worried about passing this year. I can’t screw this up…

Hurrying up, I fill in most of the questions, one through twenty. It seemed easy now that I’m not thinking about Jacob, which is a good thing because I need to stop obsessing over him.

“Are you coming Zach?” called Nathan. Did I mention that my friends came back? If I didn’t I’m sorry. Finals and such, ugh.”

“Yea, just let me finish this…”

“Zach, you know class is over.” I look at my teacher, Ms. Clearwater, and give her the “leave me the fuck alone” stare. I think she got it because she didn’t say any more.

Handing in my test about ten minutes later, I walk out of the door and to my friends. We decide to eat lunch here at school because Ashley and Candice haven’t taken their last test yet. It gives me time to remember this school, the people and such.

Sophomore year, it’s already gone. The only thing left are the memories of what I went through and overcame, so far. This year wasn’t for the faint of heart either. I dealt with A LOT of shit, especially with Toby. Heh, I can’t get over that… Toby got expelled and sentenced to a juvenile hall for delinquents…. That still makes me happy.

Once we got to the lunch room, I saw the one person I was hoping to avoid. But it didn’t seem that it was meant to be avoided.

We look at each other for what felt like forever, but in actuality, it was only a few minutes. I so wanted to walk over to him and ask him that simple question, but I hesitated. I wasn’t sure if going over to Jacob would be right. Nevertheless, I apprehensively walked towards him.

As I got near him, my heartbeat rapidly. He looked up and into my eyes and with a smirk he said, “What a pleasant surprise.”

“Yea, it might seem that to you. But hey, I have a question…”

“Well, what is it?”

“Can we go to your cabin this weekend so we can define our relationship?”

“What do you mean?”

I sigh before I reply, “Look Jacob, I just want to know what we are. I want to know, that’s all.”

Jacob looks down at the table, and then he looks back up at me with raised eyebrows and a hesitant smile. I stand there with my heart beating wildly, still waiting for Jacob to give me what I hope will be a yes.

Jacob gets up from the table and throws his lunch in the trash, leaving me there to look after him with a crestfallen expression on my face. Ashe is about to leave the lunch room, he stops and turns. Looking at me with a smile says, “Yes.”

My heart did a double flip with excitement and my face split in two with a huge grin. I thrust my fist in the air and exclaimed it by yelling, “YES!”


After lunch, I went with my friends to drop off Ashley and Candice for their test. They waved us off as they got closer to their classroom. We separated after that. I walked to my locker and I grabbed my back pack, along with a lot of junk that I neglected to grab. Shoving shit into my bag, I almost missed a folded it up letter. It had turned yellow over the year. A tear struck my eye as I realized who it was from.

Opening the letter carefully, I read what it said.

Dear Zach,

How I wish you were here with me. How I wish that I could see you. This class sucks, the teacher keeps talking. She’s about to put me to sleep. Haha

Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to come over today. Hang out a little bit. Get to know each other a little better before we go any further. I want you to know that I do like you, A LOT.

LOL, I might as well say it… I love you Zachary. You are my knight. And I hope that I am yours…

Ok I’m embarrassing myself, this is it… Talk to you later, okay?

<3 Jacob

That letter made me smile. It was the only smile that I remember. Shit it’s been so long since I’ve smiled that I almost forgot how good it felt. I will never forget that day, when Jacob came up to me and gave me the letter. He left so quickly that it was funny. Jacob actually ran into someone, running away from me. Hah, so cute he is…

“Zach? Is everything alright?” Nathan asked me.

Wiping away the tears that somehow escaped me, I turn around and face my best friend.

“Yea, Nathan. Just found this…” I held out the letter for him to see.

Nathan had a smirk playing upon his lips. I think he knows what letter this is.

“Awe, you found it. I thought you lost it… Do you actually know how old this is?” he said as he waved around the letter.

“Yea… Yea, it’s a year old.”

“The first letter Jacob ever wrote you.”

I smiled, a sad smile at best, “Yea, he was so sweet then.”

“He’s still sweet, Zach. He’s just going through a lot. So are you, actually.”

“How did we get this way, Nathan? How did we go from being in love, to trying to find that love again?”

“I really don’t know, Zach, but, you need to go. Jacob is waiting.”

“Yea, I might want to go then…”

Once upon a time I wouldn’t be hesitating, I would be overjoyed with the fact that I’m leaving with Jacob. However, now I don’t know. It’s as if I’m not sure.

“What are you waiting for?”

“Nothing… Nothing.”

“Then go, silly.”

Nathan helped me out by pushing me towards the exit. My heart rate increased as I walked towards it. Looking back at Nathan, I saw he wore a smile.

Opening the door, with the sun shining down on me, I looked for my knight. And there he was, leaning against his car with his legs crossed and his arms crossed. Just like that movie, when the girl walked out of the school. Aw, he’s so cute.

As he spotted me, he smiled. It was the happiest smile I have ever seen on Jacob. Walking slowly down the stairs, I met him. Jacob took my bag and opened the side door for me. I smiled at him; such a gentlemen.

On the road heading to the cabin, Jacob and I barely talked. It was as if we couldn’t bring ourselves to. Every time we began to talk, we’d run out of things to say. I wanted to ask him a lot of questions, but I just couldn’t. Every time I would open my mouth, it felt as if I couldn’t form the words, couldn’t say what I really wanted too.

Turning towards him, I looked at him as he drove. Jacob, my prince, my knight, his light pink lips, his pale but fair skin, they all glistened with the sun, making it seem as if he was actually an angel. Oh how I wish that was true.

“What?” he asked as he laughed.

“Nothing, just admiring.”

“Admiring what?”


“Aren’t you sweet?” He smiled.

“I would think I am. What about the other times?”

“What other times?”

“You know what I’m talking about… The cheating, secrets, not telling me what was up. How about the time you were with Toby?”

“I can’t believe you just brought that up, Jacob.”

“What? It’s a question. I’m not accusing you of anything. I know that you had it rough with Toby. I’m just asking. What about him, were you ever happy with him?”

“Jacob… Toby was an asshole, he used me. He made me do a lot of things that I was not proud of and I’m still not. I love you, okay. I love you and only you.”

“I love you too, Zach.”

“To answer your questions, the cheating… I only cheated once and it wasn’t my fault. Nathan got me drunk to the point that I didn’t realize what I was doing. The secrets, what secrets? I told you everything that happened. You were too pissed off to actually listen to me,” I sighed. I can’t believe that I am still defending myself.”

“No you didn’t tell me everything, Zach. You kept most things to yourself. That’s why I got pissed; you weren’t telling me. I am your boyfriend and I still want to be that. But you need to explain what happened to me. Why did everything go to shit?”

“It went to shit because I got drunk and stupid, and fucked around. Tell me you never did. I saw you with my own eyes. I tried… I tried to explain to you that day, but you weren’t home; you were over at his house. That night at Toby’sI wanted to, and for weeks when we were fighting. I told you what Toby was like too, but you said that you would handle it.”

“Yea, I did handle it. But I didn’t plan on you coming to Toby’s house that night either; I mean, shit Zach, that wasn’t planned. Toby was coming onto me; he’s just so... so hat he over powered my will to fight. However, when you left that same night, I got up enough balls to tell him NO. So no, I didn’t cheat. I have never cheated on you.”

“So, I’m the fuck up. I’m the one that made this relationship what it is. Just tell me, am I that much of an asshole that I only think of myself?”

“No, Zach. You’re not an asshole. A jerk maybe, but not an asshole, and no you didn’t destroy this relationship. I had my part in this as well.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I did things that I shouldn’t have, I should have listened to my boyfriend. I should have been kinder to him, I love him still. And I know that I should have been more helpful to him. When he needed it...”

“Can we please start over? I want us to forgive and forget what we both went through, I want my boyfriend back.”

“I think that is a fine idea, but how?”

“That’s a good question.”

For rest of the car ride, we stayed quiet. I liked it quiet, to be honest; it gave me time to think over a lot of things. As we got closer to the cabin things outside the car became distant, there were mostly trees and the occasional house or building.

Once we pulled up to the cabin, I saw how beautiful it was. The cabin sat in the far back left of the property, in front of the cabin sat a circular driveway, where people could pull out driving forward. In the middle of the circular driveway sat a statue and a garden, with roses, tulips, and pretty purple flowers. Everything looked so amazing. As we drove further up I could see that his parents put solar lights along the driveway, for people to see at night. I smiled, because this is going to be an awesome experience.

“Why do you look so happy?” Jacob asked me.

“Have you looked at your cabin, or should I say house?”

“Yea, and…”

“It’s… It’s beautiful.”

“Thanks.” He smiled at last.

As we finally pulled up and got out, Jacob went to unlock the door while I got everything that he and I brought with us out of the trunk. Pulling things out, I saw a bag of something green that smelled really good, and a case of what I thought was beer.

Filling my arms up, I walk past Jacob and into the house. The inside of the house, was awesome. To the left of the door was the den, it was huge. Next came, the kitchen, with all brand new stainless steel appliances, with a black granite countertop island. Everything so far looked and smelled amazing. I can’t believe Jacob didn’t invite me here sooner…

“Hey…” Jacob spoke, making me jump.

“Holy shit, Jacob!”

“What?” Jacob started to laugh, and I lightly punched him on the shoulder.

“Ass.” I stuck out my tongue at him.

“Oooo.” He cracks up even more.


Later on, after we put away our clothes and such, we settled down to watch a comedy flick. While we watched the movie and laughed, we talked about what we wanted and how things could be better between us.

I lay my head down on his lap and he draped his arm over my abdomen. He had me squirming, because of the sensations that he made my body produce. After a while of just laying and watching the movie, he started to circle his hand around on my stomach, giving me goose bumps in the process.

As I look up to him, and as he looks down, our eyes connect for a single second. That’s when he bends down a little and I lift up, bringing our lips closer together. As our lips connect, I feel over powered with emotion. A single tear strays from my eye, leaving in it’s a wake a trail of wetness.

Jacob breaks off the kiss and grabs one of his beers from the cooler next to him. He cracks open the top and takes a gulp. He hands it to me as he grabs the bag with the green stuff in it…

“What is that?”

“What do you think it is?” He smiles.

“Weed.” He nods his head, with a smirk still on his lips. “When did you get into smoking?”

“It was when we were fighting. A friend that I know got me into it,” he says nonchalantly.

“Okay, but why?”

“Because it’s better than feeling…”

“Feeling what?”

“Nothing. Here.”

Jacob passes me the bowl and lights it for me. I look into his eyes for his opinion. He looked so intent on getting me high that I couldn’t fight him; it was as if I wanted to just please him so we wouldn’t fight. I couldn’t handle it if we did. As I take the first hit, and inhaled, I choked. This shit that he put into the bowl was way too strong. After I stop coughing and take a drink, Jacob looks at me with a smile. This turns into a laugh. “Light weight!” he exclaims.

“Fuck you.” I laugh.

“It’s true.”

“You have more experience than I do, so shut up.”

“True. Haha!”

After a while of smoking and drinking, we became animated. We started to wrestle, and then we would lie on the floor and laugh our asses off. I was feeling so good at the moment that nothing actually mattered. I think this is what Jacob meant when he was talking about ‘the feeling’.

“Kiss me, Jacob.”


As Jacob gets on top of me, he starts to rubs my sides. Then he slides his hand under my shirt rubbing his way up my stomach and to my torso. There he fondles my pecks, moving them from side to side. Jacob then takes one of my nips and tweaks it; t makes my toes curl up, getting me more excited by moment.

Taking my hands, I slide them up and under his shirt, to where they settled at his shoulders. He quickly tore it from his body, leaving his golden skin for me to feel. As I tracked his skin with my hands, I wound up at his midsection, lightly grazing his abdomen, while I teased his lips.

Jacob had enough and so have I. We quickly undressed each other. He stood before me with his member waving in my face, I was so tempted to lick it, but he quickly grabbed my hand and led me towards the stainless kitchen. There he proceeded to bend me over the black counter top and spit in his hand as he loosened me up.

After he got three fingers to wiggle inside me, he knew that I was ready. Jacob then teases my hole by lightly pressing his mushroom against my sphincter. It drove me wild enough to tell him, “Fuck me already, god damnit!” Jacob laughs at me, but complies.

He starts to pump within me, as he also reaches around and grabs my cock. The faster he fucked me, the faster he pumped my cock. Jacob then takes his cock from my hole and kisses me once on the neck before he takes my hand again and leads me to the entertainment room.

“Get up on the pool table, on your hands and knees,” Jacob tells me.

I complied. Jacob comes up behind me and placed my toes in the side pockets. He then started to fuck me all over again. It was awesome to say the least; I can honestly say that now I have been fucked on a pool table.

Jacob stops fucking me yet again and kisses me once more before he again leads me to a different room. This time it’s the den again where we didn’t actually fuck. Instead, he sat down on the couch and patted his lap. I’m guessing he wanted me to be on top of him and ride him. Sitting on his lap, I start to rock back and forth; faster and faster I pumped his dick. I rode like that until my G spot became too sensitive. Getting up from his lap, he kissed me and led me towards the bedroom, hoping this was going to be the last stop for the night.

“Get on the bed and lay down on your back,” he told me.

I complied again. Jacob came on to the bed and lifted my legs until they were on his shoulders. He grabbed my legs and started to fuck my hole. I moaned out in pleasure. Taking my cock in hand, I start to stroke in time with Jacob pounding me. As I get closer and my inner walls start to tighten around him, he starts to fuck faster, faster than he has all night. With one great stroke I erupt onto my stomach.

Jacob removes his cock from my hole and jacks off. He only lasts a little bit longer before he too came all over my stomach. Jacob rolls over onto his back. We both lie there panting for air. When the high of getting off came down, we fell asleep. Jacob laid his head upon my shoulder and I leaned my head on his head. That’s how we slept, in great contentment.

Remijay<3 ((Hugz)) Take Care and Be Safe!


The next chapter will be the ending of either book 1 or the end of the story. I haven’t made up my mind yet if I want to continue this story into another book or leave it off at Chapter 27.

I would like to know what my reader’s/ fans have to say about it. Please either write me an email at Gayjay0507@gmail.com or go into the forum and write your comment or question there. Thank you in advance Remijay.

Please Comment, or review. There is only one chapter left. And it's going to be surprising. Also, vote. Check out the forum and leave your questions, or comments there. Thank you, Remijay <3


This Story is in no way shape or form to be sold, or used for a persons benefit. The characters and places in this story are made fiction, meaning they are not real and if by chance they're then its pearly coincidentally. This story is copyrighted, if you want to copy it please send me a pm, yes i know sometimes its too late to write but a pm or a msg would be great.<br /><br />This story is Written by me Remijay and the Year is 2010, well not in the story, but the year i wrote it. Thanks again. <br /><br />Also, this story has multiple sex partners, there are group sex occasionally but not always. There will be underage sex of two or more male on male sex. So if you dont like that, please turn away from this story and read something else. Remijay <3

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I felt like screaming when I read “Yea, I did handle it. But I didn’t plan on you coming to Toby’s house that night either; I mean, shit Zach, that wasn’t planned. Toby was coming onto me; he’s just so... so hat he over powered my will to fight. However, when you left that same night, I got up enough balls to tell him NO. So no, I didn’t cheat. I have never cheated on you.” because we know that isn’t true. We know he slept with Tom and we know from his point of view that Jacob slept with Toby repeatedly. I mean there’s a sex scene for goodness sakes where’s he’s clearly having sex with Toby. Oh, and Zach says he only cheated once while drunk which was with Tom except I thought in that chapter he was heading to the door only to be seen by Jacob after having told Tom he couldn’t cheat on Jacob even though Jacob cheated on him. I mean there’s no sex scene but after Jacob saw him and left I suppose he might have slept with Tom though I doubt it. So according to them Jacob never cheated snd Zach cheated once when it seemed like fhe other way around at the very least.

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