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Modern High - 8. Chapter 8

i have just read the last of Young Sage's story. And what a story that is. Anyways another chapter done and ready for you guys at GA.

Modern High

Church Side Fun


“Because, well, I just wanted to…you know.” Well that gave a very good explanation. I looked at Jacob like he was stupid for making me think that I’m that slow. Tilting my head to the side, I tried to figure out Jacob, what was his angle. Was he like Toby? Was he trying to find out if I’m gay? Well there is only one way to find out.

“What do you think… I’m GAY?”

“Well, yea… I… ah… kinda figured, you know, that you were like that.” He gave me what I wanted to know, but was I going to out myself again? This time it would be to someone I barely even knew! Well, I can’t say that I knew Toby, but Toby was different. Toby didn’t know my mother, and his parents weren’t my mother’s friends. So I had to do something, am I or am I not going to out myself once again? That’s the question that might just kill me.

“Well… I… Ahhh,” Damn this is going to be harder than I thought it would be. I looked at Jacob’s features again, and I just stood there hopeful that Jacob would morph into something other than the cute guy he is, but to no avail. It didn’t happen.

“Yes!” I shook my head, and hung it yet again today.

“What? Was that a yes? For what?” he asked, I was really starting to think that he was indeed slow, or dumb.

“I said,” I let out the breath that I didn’t know I had been holding, “I said, yes to the question you asked me. You… you happy now?!” I told him that. I started to turn around, but he grab me by my shoulders, halting me from going much further.

“What do you want? Do… do you want to kick my ass now that you know?” I must have sounded like I gave up, and in reality, I think I have. I am so sick and tired of people and their thoughts on gays. I just want to live my life, the way I intended to.

“I didn’t say that, and why would I do that? I mean, yea great, you’re gay, does that mean that I have to attack you for it? I don’t think so. So why act like it’s the end of the world?” His voice is just not right.

“Like I said, and you should know, gays are the devil, they prey on little kids, they’re perverts, and should be burned at the stake---” I didn’t get to finish that statement. Jacob punched me in the mouth. I fell back against the wall, holding my jaw. He really got me there, and I wouldn’t have put it past him either.

“Don’t you ever say that again, gays are not perverts, they’re not predators and they’re most definitely not after children. Why the fuck would you even say that? Are you one of them? Do you prey on little kids? Well are ya?” Jacob sounded very pissed off, and that’s what I was shooting for, but this was anything but over.

“No, Jacob, I’m not one of those people who preys on kids, but it doesn’t matter. Queers get blamed for anything, everyone out there thinks that. Everybody thinks that Gay’s are after kids. They think we rape them, or hold them for ransom for their parents to pay to get them back, some even think that gays rape and kill little kids for their own personal gain. But you know what is really sick? That no one out there actually understands gays. So we get blamed for everything, have you ever seen on TV about women or men that aren’t gay get blamed for anything? No, maybe kidnappings, but that’s about it.”

“What I’m trying to say is… is… is that I’m… not like most people. I’m, UGH! I’m Gay, alright? So don’t give me that shit. I know about it, OK? I have a father who’s the pastor of this church, and he is also your mother’s friend. I have a question? Does she know about you, like, are you out to her?”

“Well, I’m glad that you are like me, but that doesn’t change anything, No she doesn’t know about me, and won’t, until I’m sure about actually telling her; she asked me this morning on the way over here, but I denied it. I’m not ready for my mother to know yet. Yes, I do understand that your father is the pastor, and yes I do understand NOW that you do get what I’m saying. So why punch me? Was it what I was saying? I knew that I shouldn’t have said it but it’s what everyone out there thinks. You can’t change their minds unless you give them something that is worth proving.”

“OK, OK. Now that we got that settled, what do we do now?” He asked, and well time for treatment. I grabbed him by the shoulders and swung him around to where he was on the one on the wall, and me, I was only maybe three inches away from his face. The aroma I smelt from him got me hard in an instant. He smelt delicious, so appetizing, making my mouth water for more. I came very close to him, swiping my tongue against his velvety smooth skin, tasting his scent. I breathed in his scent again, making my member known to Jacob, “Zach!” Jacob said in a low whimper. That turned me on more.
He placed his hands on my head, holding me there for me to suck and nibble on him, making him squirm for more. This was getting more, more exciting with every passing moment. Jacob took my head from his neck, placing his lips on mine, in lust no less. It was nothing less than hot and steamy. Mashing my lips against his, I felt like I was heaven. Making out with Jacob was the happiest thing I have done since, well, last night, but nothing like this. Jacob soon decided it was time for some tongue, he invaded my mouth. Sticking his soft sweet tongue inside my mouth, soon my mouth was filled with Jacob’s taste. I wondered how far this was going to get, to answer that question, he grabbed my ass, pressing my member against his. Wow, what a size he had, so hard. I drove my member into his over, and over again, driving me and Jacob crazy. Soon we were both moaning inside each-others mouths, still grinding my member into him, and he doing the same, I sensed that I was getting close to exploding from all the excitement, I had to back away.
I backed away from Jacob, breathing heavy, panting was more like it. I looked at Jacob, he had the silliest grin plastered on his face, I broke out in a smile to match his.

“Wow, just wow,” he said in-between breaths.

“I second that.” I put my hand right by Jacob’s head, still breathing heavy, and panting. “Wow, if that is going to happen every time we make out, I just might need a breathing machine. But I didn’t say that it wasn’t worth it.”

“Let’s go get cleaned up. Our parents wouldn’t like it very much if we showed up with our crotches wet and damp from cum.” I kissed him one more time before he left our little church side fun.



On the way to the restaurant, my mother wanted to ask me about Jacob, what can I really say, “Yea, Ma me and Jacob went beside the church and made out.” That would be very interesting to talk about. No, I didn’t say anything, just the usual, I guess. Just that I met him there in the parking lot this morning and, well, we hit it off; I cant really tell her why I like him so much and I don’t expect Jacob to tell his dad either.

Sitting there in the parking lot of this very big famous, expensive restaurant waiting for Jacob and Fr. Alexander to arrive, my mother thought it was a good opportunity to ask me about Jacob some more and why I thought he was, well, I don’t know really.

“Well Zach, you haven’t really told me about Jacob, what is he like?”

“I don’t know Ma, we just talked about almost everything. I mean what’s up with you and Fr. Alexander?” Yes, two people can play this game.

“Zachary Martin, I know you did not just go there... and there isn’t anything going on. I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Hahaha, I laughed at her return statement, and the way she turned her head, trying to make it seem that I wouldn’t catch her blushing. If I was that old, and well, liked that kind of thing, I would say Fr. Alexander was actually a good catch for my mother.

“Ok, I’m sorry Ma, but you had that one coming. Anyways, Jacob is a very nice teenager. He likes what I like and he’s a very down to earth kind of guy. He likes to hunt, fish, camping, play sports, ummm… I don’t know really, he’s just awesome… An all around my kind of guy.” Oopps I shouldn’t have said that.
“What was that last part?” My mother had to ask, she never let anything slip past her. And also, did I mention that she had a cheeky smirk going on?

“I… ah… nothing, just nothing, forget what I just said, please?!” Damn! Damn me to hell. Ugh! Now I’m never going to hear the end of this.

“So I was right about this morning when I asked you if you were, you know?”

“NO! You’re way off, I told you this morning that I’m not gay, and if I was. And I mean IF I was, I wouldn’t tell you.”

“Why, wouldn’t you tell me, c’mon son. You’re going to sit there and tell me that I don’t know my son and that I can’t see through his mask that he seems to put on every time this subject comes up?” UGH! Kill me now! What did I tell you? She would never give up.

“Alright, you might know me more than me, but you’re way off, I’m not gay. I don’t like guys, I love girls, I like everything about them. I just meant that I see Jacob and I becoming very close personal friends, that’s all! Alright?” I had to Remember to keep breathing, I shook my head, inside my head. I can’t ever keep quiet, can I?

“Alright, Alright. I guess I was wrong, so sue me. Anyway, enough talk about Jacob. How’s school, everything OK?”

“Yea, everything’s alright, Like, I think I’m going to quit soccer, I don’t even know why I signed up. I think I signed up because of Nathan, but you know, there comes a time when you go a different way than your friends... I’m not saying that I’m giving up on them. It’s just that I want something else.”


Driving from the church to this restaurant that Mrs. Martin told my dad about, I think my dad could feel how happy I was, because he asked me, “Son, what happened? This morning you were a devil child, what’s going on?”

“Nothing, this morning I had one of those mornings that’s all. Why do you ask?”

“Oh, let’s see, when we got to church you were pissed about something, and then you meet Zach, Mrs. Martin’s son, and you change your attitude. Now that seems kinda weird, even for you. So let me ask again, what’s up with you?”

“OK Dad, yes, I was pissed this morning, because one of my friends told me something yesterday when I was hanging out with them. But you know when you meet someone new, you just like change your attitude, try to be nice and happy for them, and I like Zach a lot to tell the truth.” My dad slammed on the brakes, put the car in park, turned in his seat and looked at me. My dad never stops the car and puts it in park, it scared me, too, when he looked at me. He tilted his head from side to side, looking at me as if I was someone he just fucking met.

“What Dad? What’s all the stopping and parking?”

“Well, when someone says something like that, it’s a big fucking shock, that’s all. So tell me son… are you a queer?”
Shit I can’t believe that I just outed myself, and what’s more confusing is that my father caught onto it before I did. I sat there very quiet for some time thinking over what I can say before he says something else.

“Well dad, umm. No! I’m not a queer, I’m---“ I couldn’t even finish that statement, because he would know for sure, and that wouldn’t be good, because he might send me to some church camp or call a person to come fix me, he might even send me away until I became clean “Get the devil out of me” UGH! GOD! Dad’s never acted like this before. I’m getting scared... I’ve never been afraid of my father before in my life! I know our church has gay members and Dad has never had a problem with it before. Why now? What’s going on?

“What son, you’re what?” He raised his voice, which he only does when he mad.

“I just can’t tell you, you’d take it way out of proportion.”

“You don’t even know that, try me.”

“Well Dad, this might come as shock to you, but I’m… your son… I hope you love me enough, to at least accept me---”

“Just cut the shit and tell me, Jacob James Alexander!!!”

“I’m Gay, Dad, GAY!” My dad bitchslapped me across the face, and then punched me in the mouth.

“We are going home and cleaning out that dirty mouth of yours. Then I am calling Bishop Campbell to see what I can do with you! You got me? I don’t even know if I want you as a son, you dirty cock sucker.”

Omigod! What’s going on? Dad counsels gays all the time. What’s the big deal? Why is it different with me?


When we got all through our conversation, my mother’s cell went off, she answered it. She talked very quietly, even in an already quiet car. I think she didn’t want me to hear what’s going on, but I can tell you this, I heard Fr. Alexander yelling. It didn’t sound pretty, and then what a shock came when my mother glanced over at me... with a frown. I didn’t even know what my mother and Fr. Alexander were talking about, but I knew that it wasn’t good. Finally my mother hung up after telling him, “Hopefully everything is going to be OK... alright... bye.”

“Well, Zach, I don’t think we are going to be having lunch with Fr. Alexander and Jacob, it seems that Jacob told his dad that he is gay, and well, being a priest, he didn’t accept those kinds of things, so Fr. Alexander slapped Jacob, and punched him. I know that he wasn’t really suppose too, but I can’t say or do anything for him, so I’m sorry Zach.”
I tried to answer my mom, but my throat closed up and when I thought that I could answer her, I let out with hissing noise. She hugged me, as soon as my head hit her chest, I let out a high pitch cry. She rubbed my back and hair, telling me “Shush, it’s going to be okay, nothing is going to happen with him, I’m so sorry Zach, I would have never guessed him to be gay, but everything is going to be okay, I will make that semi-promise to you.” I nodded my head with it still on her chest, I just felt bad and sorry for Jacob, if Fr. Alexander did that too Jacob, then I really don’t want to know what my mother is going to do with me, if she ever finds out.

What happened to the Fr. Alexander who I talked with about being gay? He told me that God had no problems with it. Shit, he said HE had no problems with it. Why is it different with Jacob?

Authors Comments

I know, what a shocker for an ending, but it had to happen, no other way. It would have never really been an ending if I didn’t put that in, and to tell the truth, I didn’t want to. I wanted Jacob’s dad to accept him, but in real life, the clergy don’t really accept, at least not within their own families. Well, none that I have met either. So yea! Hopefully you won’t hate this chapter.

Till next time

((Hugz—Kizzes)) Remijay <3

Edited By Pete! Thanks for the editing.
Pete, is the one that knows more about Episcopal Church’s than I, so thank you once again Pete for the editing.

Well Write me, thanks!
This Story is in no way shape or form to be sold, or used for a persons benefit. The characters and places in this story are made fiction, meaning they are not real and if by chance they're then its pearly coincidentally. This story is copyrighted, if you want to copy it please send me a pm, yes i know sometimes its too late to write but a pm or a msg would be great.<br /><br />This story is Written by me Remijay and the Year is 2010, well not in the story, but the year i wrote it. Thanks again. <br /><br />Also, this story has multiple sex partners, there are group sex occasionally but not always. There will be underage sex of two or more male on male sex. So if you dont like that, please turn away from this story and read something else. Remijay <3
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Chapter Comments

I have a real problem reconciling the priest who talked to Zach and the priest who punched his son for the same thing. I have a problem with a priest that would punch anyone, for that matter. I am an organist in a Disciples of Christ church and my pastor not only knows about me, but accepts me and loves me unconditionally as do many others in my congregation. Might I mention that I also live in the Bible Belt.

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I don’t understand how Zach’s mother could sort of calmly state something like “...Fr. Alexander slapped Jacob, and punched him. I know that he wasn’t really suppose too, but I can’t say or do anything for him, so I’m sorry Zach.” as she could definitely say as well as do something. Father Alexander shamelessly admitted to assaulting/physically abusing his own son for his sexuality not to mention it might not stop at that one incident. It seems like he’s ok with other people being gay as long as it’s not his son. I’m worried about what’s going to happen to Jacob.

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