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Modern High - 4. Chapter 4- Reunited

Well heres the newest Chapter, i didnt get a chance last time so this time it might be better! LOL

Thanks Pete!

Chapter 4 - Reunited...

After I cooled down some, I was still in the stall when I heard the bell for second period. I got up and made my way to my second period after looking at myself in the mirror! While I was heading to my class, some guy slammed me into the locker and whispered loudly, “You fucking fagot.” Laughing, he walked away from me.

Still in shock of what just happened, no one was around to care about what they saw him do to me. I hate this school! What a bunch of fucking jerks I have to go to school with, I know tomorrow is going to be hell if Toby prints those pictures out. Literally!

As I made it to my second period with the asshole Toby, I didn’t want to sit near him anymore. In this class you can sit wherever you like, thank God. As I made it there, I entered the room; there sat Toby, sitting and watching my every move, making sure that I felt everything he had done to me. As I made it to the other side of the class, wanting nothing to with his stupid fucking ass, I sat down in the far back, away from everyone, including the teacher. As the class began, I couldn’t stop thinking of what was in store for me tomorrow. Surely my mother would find out. I couldn’t exactly tell her, but I knew I had too. GRRRRR! Why do people have to be so fucking mean? I should have seen it coming. I mean, I should have at least seen the signs of Toby doing to this to me. If tomorrow comes and I see pictures of me holding a cock posted all over this school, I don’t think I could take it; I would run outside and yell for being so fucking stupid.

As class was becoming more boring and with me beating myself up for what just happened, I didn’t learn anything. I put my head down and sighed a sweet worry free sigh. The class soon ended and I was heading for my lunch period, the only time to actually unwind from this stressful day. I didn’t even want to eat lunch; I just looked at it for as long as possible. Until someone saw me---

“Hey,” the guy said in a sweet voice.

“Hey!” I said back, not really wanting company.

“How are you today?” the guy asked.

“I’m good I think… Somewhat anyways!” I countered his question.

I looked up finally and I saw one of my friends that I haven’t seen in ages; it felt good be sitting with my friend from middle school. How great it felt so to have a friend right now.

I have four friends from middle school, three girls and one guy. Their names are Ashley, Nichole, Cindy and Nathan. I’ve been friends with them for like, shit, three or four years now. They’re not in any of my classes and I thought they had the other lunch period, too. Damn, it’s good to see Nathan!

“Omigod Nathan, what are you doing here in this lunch period? I didn’t know you had this lunch. Shit, if I’d have known that, I would have at least come and sat with you. Who else is in the lunch room that I know? Are the rest of the guys with you?” I said, giddy and happy that I didn’t have sit alone.

“Hehehe! Wow someone’s glad to see me. Damn, you must have had a one hell of a day! And yes, the other three are over there.” He pointed them out for me.

“I can’t believe that I didn’t see you guys in here. We don’t have any classes together and that sucks. But what can I do? I miss ya’ll so much!” I said with a big shit eating grin, plus blushing, if that counts.

“It’s OK, I guess. I haven’t seen you lately, so I decided that it was time to look for your stupid ass!” He tried his best to a keep straight face while saying that.

“I’ve been busy and recently I fucked up my life big time, I guess you can guess what I mean by that. Hopefully you can still accept me for what I am,” I said, looking down at the table and ignoring his stare at me

“What do you mean? What did I tell you a long time ago?” I tried to think of what he meant by that, it’s been like forever and I can’t remember what he told me when we were in middle school. Grr! This stupid brain of mine, I can never remember what people tell me.

“Did you hear me? I said, ’Do you remember what I told in middle school?’ Or does that brain of yours not function?” he asked sarcastically.

“You might have to refresh my memory!” I looked up at him; the smirk on his face, told me that he was right all along. Hehehe.

“OK, remember what happened in middle school? You did something gay, but I told you not to worry, that people in life can’t accept the things around them. Did you act gay again? And if so, who with, so I can kick their ass!” His facial expression told me that he was not joking.

“Well I there is something… that my stupid ass did and he took a picture of it and, guess what, it wasn’t anything like the incident in middle school. This one is more R-rated, maybe X! So I don’t know what to do; I thought he was actually a nice guy. But I guess my brain didn’t want to believe that he wasn’t. I liked what he did me, too and I thought he liked it!” I said a whisper, so no one around us could pick up our conversation... hopefully anyways.

“Omigod Zach, you didn’t… did you? What were you thinking, especially in school, no less?” he said, shaking his head at me in disapproval.

“I’m sorry; he’s like Omigod gorgeous! So like, he was the one that came to me and did that to me first. I don’t know what can come from this!” I countered, still looking down at the table. I was about to look up when Nathan got up and walked away.

I had to fight back the tears that threatened to come. I really did fuck up this time! I can’t believe that I did it again. How stupid am I to get caught again? A year later no less. Even my best friend from elementary school and junior high walked away from me. I guess I fuck up big time and at every school that I attend. Now they all know that I’m gay. I guess it was enough for Nathan and now he ain’t going to try to help this time!

I got up, this time looking back at my friends a few tables over who were shaking their heads at me. I put down my head and walked out of the cafeteria, finding nothing but misery as I walked down these darkened hallways. I thought this school year was going to be different, well I guess I’m right... this is definitely different! As I got to my locker I found a note taped to it. I looked around to see if I could at least sneak a peek at the person who left it, but no luck. No one was in the hallway.

I opened the envelope and read the letter:

“Dear Zach

Watch your back fagot! I know who you are now, not even your friends can help you! See you soon bye!

Signed X”

After reading the letter, I couldn’t help but put it in my locker and slam it shut. ‘I don’t know who this person was or is, but he ain’t going to make my day worse, maybe some other day, but not today!’ I thought. As the bell for lunch rang, saying it was over, I looked for my friends, hoping they would understand. I guess not since I didn’t see them at all leaving the lunch room. I guess it was too good to be true. Right? Grrr… People today, they fucking suck something worse. I walked to my afternoon classes, watching out for anyone who would want to do my body harm.

The final bell rang, signaling that the day was over. I walked over to my locker to see someone had spray painted my locker in pink saying ‘Fag’ all over it. Who would do that? I didn’t know and I didn’t care at the moment, I didn’t even tell anyone. Even though no one in school could miss it. I slammed my locker door again, walking outside the school. Mhmhm Fresh Air! How sweet the smell, I couldn’t get enough of it. Then more bad news... I went to unlock my bike and found I had two flat tires. FUCK!!! I checked the tires and saw that they weren’t damages, so the asshole only let the air out of them. I fought back the tears; I wasn’t going to give them that satisfaction.

Luckily, I only live a few blocks from school, so I unlocked my bike and started walking it home. I was in my own little world when a hand landed on my shoulder. I jumped and spun around to see who it was. It was Nathan and Nichole, those two make a cute couple.

“What do you want Nathan? After the talk we had to today, I thought that you were tired of me!” I said in a trembling voice.

“Who said anything about me not wanting to be your friend? Just because you seem to attract the right crowd for making them find out about you doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be your friend! And anyway, we’ve already known about you for awhile. And it’s not what you think either!” he countered, smirking that sweet smile.

“What do you mean you’ve known about me? Without me telling you? How did you know about me? Am I that easy to figure out? But at least I still have my friends! Right?” I asked them both.

“Oh sure! Don’t worry that pretty little head of yours… sweetie!” Nichole said, looking cute in her blue and black clothes.

Nathan is about 5’10”, athletically built and he loves sports, brown hair, cut short enough to still spike. He wore preppy clothes, but still acted like one of us; that didn’t change about him. Grey/green eyes that love to pop out sometimes, depending on what he wore that day. His skin color is like caramel-light brown, meaning he loves to tan. What I wouldn’t do to see him naked and see all that Nichole gets to see!

Nichole on the other hand, she had Brunette hair down to her shoulders, always the length she chose. She has baby blue eyes that sparkle with whatever emotion she felt at the time, her boobs came in, finally. She was no longer the flat-chested girl who we loved to tease about it… Hehehe. She loves sports too, just not as much as Nathan. I don’t think anyone could be as much into sports as Nathan. She also is athletically built, again, just not as much as Nathan or me. But Nathan pulls it off more and shows it more than me and Nichole.

Then Nathan asked, “So why ain’t you riding? Is this “Walk Your Bike Day”? And we all cracked up.

“Nah... some jerk, probably the one who spray painted “Fag” all over my locker, flattened my tires. They don’t look damaged and I have an air pump at home.

“Wait a minute! They spray painted your locker and flattened your tires? That totally sucks, Zach!” Nathan looked like he was approaching his boiling point. “Did you report it?” he continued.

“Nah. What can they do?” I answered and shrugged. Nathan just sighed and shook his head. Nicole looked puzzeled.

We started to walk towards my house; it was the closet, so we just walked and talked about this and that, always coming back to my problems that occurred in school today. I thought for sure that it was going to be different. I guess not and it fucking sucks that something is going to happen for me to not want to go back there!

Once we got close enough to my turnoff, we said our goodbyes and separated, going our own ways. I paused to watch my friends walk side by side. It made me smile for the first time today. I turned around and at the end of the road stood my house. This day turned gloomy on me and it basically represented my mood for now. I walked slowly to my house, hoping to take as long as I could to not show my mother my face. She could always figure out if there was anything wrong with me, my stupid eyes or my voice always gave me away.

I parked my bike and stood in front of my house for like five minutes before getting enough nerve to enter my house. Unlocking the door I stepped in. Wow! Luckily my mother wasn’t home yet; she would for sure try to ask a million questions before she gave up. I dropped my bag by the door, breathing a sigh of relief. Walking into the kitchen, I opened my refrigerator and getting out the OJ, I poured a glass and took a long deserved gulp, slamming down my glass and sucking in a deep breath to refill my lungs. I put my glass in the sink and went out to the garage and got the air pump. Five minutes later and the tires were like new.

After washing my hands in the downstairs bathroom, I grabbed my backpack and went up stairs and into my room. Shutting the door behind me, I set my backpack on the floor and fell face first into the blankets and yelled for the rage to escape my veins. I hated this day and tomorrow was going to get worse, no one liked me and by tomorrow, people were going to surely hate me more. Does my school have a GSA program? Probably not, but if by chance they did, I would join that club just to get piece of mind. I must have fallen asleep thinking about the problems of today. I was awakened by my mother gently rocking me to wake me up.

“Time for dinner, sweetie. Come get it while it’s hot!” she said in a caring voice that I cherished.

“OK Mom, be down in like five minutes!” I said, rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

She left, leaving me to think of things that would surely change my life for either better or worse, I’m hoping for better!

I went into the bathroom, splashed cold water on my face just to wake me up, then I washed and dried my hands. I came out of my bathroom and while I was walking through the corridor, down a flight of stairs, I couldn’t help smelling the sweet smell of a home cooked meal. Once I got to the dining room, the table was set and the food laid out in front of me. Looking over the table made my mouth water and I was just dying to taste it. How lucky I am that I have a mother loving enough to cook like this. Before I sat, I gave my mother a hug. I sat at the side of table and bowed my head and said grace for the food I was about to eat. Once done with that, I smiled at Mother and she gave me one back. I didn’t know that she had it in her to do this, but it must mean something special to her. I grabbed the pork chops and peas, then the potatoes and gravy... and I can’t forget some salad.

After savoring the first bite and finding it delicious, I dug into it and devoured it. Hehehe… just like any other guy, but I wouldn’t tell my mother that. I cleaned my plate and looked at my mother, giving her a very proud smile. She returned the widest and biggest smile I ever saw on her face. I think I brightened her day by letting her know that her food was very good tonight.

After dinner, I helped clean up the table and scraped the dishes, putting them in the dish washer and starting it. Again I looked at my mother with pride that she finally had a smile after two days; I knew it wasn’t going to last, or was she just giving me one so I wouldn’t think that she was depressed about my dad leaving us? Who knows, but I felt somewhat glad that she was doing it!

That night we turned on the TV, finding something to watch. We decided on One Tree Hill, my and my mother’s favorite show on CW50. I felt happy and calm, laying my head on my mother’s shoulder while she petted my hair. It felt like old times, when my dad had to work late.

After that, we both decided to go bed. Going up the stairs, her room was first and mine was the one all the way at the end of the hall. We said our goodnights. I went into my room, feeling a little bit better, and shut the door behind me. After stripping down to nothing, I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, letting it heat up while I was looking in the mirror; looking over my body. Turning to leave the mirror, I jumped in the warm water that felt like a welcomed call to an end to the day. I let the hot water undo all my stress. I thought about Toby, how he just went from a sweet caring guy to a guy who would backstab you. That shook me, making a cold shudder run down my spine.

The only thing I wish would happen was for Toby to be the same sweet caring guy that I began to like, maybe even love, but there was nothing there now! Not now and not ever again will I fall for that trick!

I turned off the shower, stepping out and drying myself off. I opened the door to my bedroom and allowed the cold air to wrap around my warm skin, letting the towel fall the floor. I hopped in bed and slid underneath the covers, wishing that tomorrow would be anything but what I knew it was going to be!

My last wish for the night was for everything to be the same, where nobody knew about me being gay, not even Toby. I just wish that I could restart the two days that brought me to this miserable day, please God, I only wish to restart these days for me to make new ones!

Amen. Good night, God.

To Be Continued! ((Hugz*Kizzes)) ^Remijay^

Edited By Pete, thanks pete you're the best, at what you do!

'til next time, have a safe Holiday!
This Story is in no way shape or form to be sold, or used for a persons benefit. The characters and places in this story are made fiction, meaning they are not real and if by chance they're then its pearly coincidentally. This story is copyrighted, if you want to copy it please send me a pm, yes i know sometimes its too late to write but a pm or a msg would be great.<br /><br />This story is Written by me Remijay and the Year is 2010, well not in the story, but the year i wrote it. Thanks again. <br /><br />Also, this story has multiple sex partners, there are group sex occasionally but not always. There will be underage sex of two or more male on male sex. So if you dont like that, please turn away from this story and read something else. Remijay <3

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