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Modern High - 17. A Vacation With Regrets 2-3..... There Once Was Love


There Once Was Love & Modern High

A Vacation With Regrets 2-3

When the morning came Tom rolled off the couch, “Ouch… son of a…”

“Watch it!” warned Lacey.

“Whatever...” mumbled Tom.

“What was that, mister?”

“Uhhmhm… nothing… just nothing,” replied Tom in a whisper.

“That’s what I thought!”

“What’s with the bitch attitude, Lacey? Someone didn’t take you home with them?” Tom asked with a smirk growing on his face.

“Keep it up… this might be your birthday weekend but you still can get your ass KICKED!” Lacey roared out. She stomped her way to the room’s door, slamming it behind her as she left.

Shrugging his shoulders, Tom made his way over to the bathroom, turning on the water and hopping in. Shaking his head as the water ran down his back, he started to wash.


“I can’t believe Tom is being like this,” said Lacey to Kevin.

“What did Tom do last night?” questioned Kevin, while he shook his head in a disapproving way.

“He got drunk and danced with this hottie he met there.”

“And that’s a shock why?”

“It’s not, but goddammit… what happened to him? Why is he being this way?” Lacey stopped talking when she saw one of the guys they met last night, before going out to the gay club. Kevin followed her line of sight and saw Zach walking with his friend named… Jacob? Yes, Jacob. His lips formed a smile, knowing that they looked cute together. Kevin wondered if they were really a couple.

“Hey Lacey?” He asked her from the side, but not really taking his eyes off Zach and Jacob.

“Yea?” she asked, doing the same thing.

“Are they… you know… gay?” Kevin whispered to her. That made Lacey whip her head to the side and give Kevin a look that meant ‘What do you mean by that?’

“Nothing, just nothing. Sorry I mentioned it.” Kevin looked down, while trying to still look at Zach.

“Yes, they are, Kevin,” Lacey said in a tone that Kevin had never heard before. It almost sounded like a sad fact.

“Look, I didn’t mean anything by it…” Kevin didn’t get to finish what he was saying, because Zach and Jacob came over.

“Hey, what’s up?” asked Zach. Lacey looked up from the table she was staring at, trying her hardest not to look at Zach or Jacob. ‘They just looked perfect, maybe too perfect,’ thought Lacey.

“Oh, noth… nothing, what’s up with you?” Lacey shied away, looking to the far wall, where there hung a picture of a handsome hunk. The hunk was wearing light brown studded armor; the armor covered everything but his arms, those muscles rippling in the sunset. His light hair blowing with the wind; it almost took her breath away... if it weren’t for Jacob interrupting her concentration.

(Giggling) “That’s good, we were wondering something…” Both Lacey and Kevin looked at them expectantly, Lacey eyeing them with lustful eyes and Kevin looking at them, waiting for them to continue.

“Oh… heheh, sorry. Anyway, we were wondering if your group wants to come with us to the haunted Cemetery tonight. It’s a costume party... So like no-one will know who you are.” They shrugged along with giggling some more… Lacey thought they looked cute together, she wishes that she could have that. Just once, she would like to giggle and smile for no reason, just thinking about that made her sad.

“Yea, that sounds wonderful. I’ll see if everyone wants to go, first I need to find Scott.”

“Actually, let me find him, I need to discuss something with him. Alright?” Kevin told Lacey, while Zach and Jacob took a seat at the middle of the table.

“Alright, then… I guess I get to tell Tom. YAY me!” Zach and Jacob looked at each other and then looked at Lacey with questioning eyes.

“It’s nothing; Tom’s just being an ASS today, that’s all,” said Lacey with an ‘I don’t care’ attitude.

“Alright, whatever… Look we don’t want you two to ruin tonight, so you guy’s better get this over with by tonight! Got it?” demanded Kevin, after he scooted out his chair and left… Leaving Jacob and Zach confused, while Lacey looked back down at the table, avoiding Zach’s and Jacob’s questioning eyes.

“Look it’s something that needs to be said between Tom and me, it’s nothing to worry about, hopefully.”

“We weren’t going to say anything. Shit, we barely know you guys,” said Jacob, with the most adorable looking grin a teen could have.


“What’s the matter with you? It’s like you don’t care to be down here anymore,” Lacey yelled at Tom as quietly as possible for being an asshole all damn day.

“It’s nothing, god… I can’t be happy all the damn time, Lacey. Shit, if anything, you should know how it feels to be dumped for stupid fucking reasons, and then get your ass kicked by your ex and your so-called ‘best friend’. DAMN!” yelled Tom with frustration. He slammed his fist into the wall he was standing next too.

“Will you stop?” demanded Lacey. She took his hand and kissed it, after she looked to see if he broke anything. “Damn, what’s wrong? Come talk to me… Come on, sit… sit.”

“Alright, alright already,” giggled Tom as he sat next to Lacey.

“Now that’s the Tom I like to see, the giggling, smiling, god… What happened to you? Why all this anger?”

“I can’t honestly say...” Tom stopped talking to think, while Lacey sat next to him looking at him with a face that made Tom want to crack up laughing. “I guess ever since Eric broke up with me I’ve been, well, kinda down. Oh and we can’t forget that Keith helped Eric with kicking my ass.” Lacey patted Tom on the back to sympathize with him. She knew how he felt; she went through a couple of those herself.

“I guess things happen for a reason. I can’t just tell you that ‘it will get better’, because it won’t, we all know that. However, I can say that you have overcome what most people never could. Don’t let the bad things get you down, just live the way you want and don’t let anyone, ANYONE, tell you different, alright hun?” She smiled when Tom nodded his head, agreeing with her.

Scott and Kevin ruined the moment by barging into the room, making a lot of noise. “I know; what a crock of shit that guy was,” Scott was saying. They stop talking once they find Lacey and Tom, sitting side by side, looking them weirdly. “Whatcha all looking at?” Scott throws his hands up and laughs, “Sheesh! Some people’s kids, I swear.” They all laughed at that one.

“So Scott, what’s this I hear about you and that guy?” Scott turned his attention towards Tom and looks at him like he’s an alien or something.

“Oh, nothing, there’s nothing to tell at all.” Scott walks away, a little rushed, almost smacking his head on the corner of the bathroom doorframe. Lacey and Tom look from where he was and now is, snickering that he got caught.

“So later tonight, cemetery haunted?” Lacey looks around, expectantly.

“It’s the Haunted Cemetery, Lacey!” Kevin corrects her.

“Yea, yea, whatever. You guys game? Because I really want to go...” After she stated that the whole room went quiet, everyone except Scott was in thought.

“Sure!” Both Tom and Kevin say spontaneously, laughing as they finish.

“What am I going to do with you two?” Lacey asks.

“Absolutely nothing, I don’t think you can help us Lacey!” They both snicker, leaving Lacey there in a confused, lost emotion.

“Men; what can you do with them?” Lacey asked no one in particular.


“Oh, come on... Try this one on!” urged Scott.

“No, we’re not going to be wearing nurses’ outfits for a costume.”

Scott waved the costume in their faces once more. “I know you wanna!”

“NO!” both of them yell at Scott, making Scott flinch in surprise.

“You know, I have never been yelled at like that... ever.” Scott hung his head in defeat, walking the costume over to the rack and replacing it. He looks behind him to see Kevin and Tom laughing at something, normally he would be jealous that he wasn’t included, but he just didn’t care anymore. Scott didn’t want to be included in anything anymore, he just wanted to crawl under something and be forgotten.

“Hey sport, why the long face?” asked the one person that Scott didn’t want anything to do with.... But something snapped in him and he thought, ‘What the hell? Why not?’

“Oh nothing, it’s just been boring being here, doing nothing. Kevin and Tom don’t want to try on the costumes I picked out.” Scott stopped talking, letting the silence consume them. “I just want to be left alone... ok?” Scott knew that he was a little down and he didn’t want William to suffer at his hands.

“Like I care. Let’s go Fuck!” announced William in an excited voice, like he couldn’t wait until he got a hold of Scott.

“Sure, let’s... It’s not like I have anything going on here!” retorted Scott in a sarcastic, smartass way.

“Lead the way!” said William.

As they exited the Halloween USA store, Tom, Kevin, and Lacey looked on, waiting for Scott to announce that he was leaving, but Scott never once looked back at them. Leaving them standing there annoyed, maybe a little abandoned also.

“Whatever; let him go,” said Lacey, shrugging her shoulders. “Let’s get back to shopping for some costumes, I don’t know about you all, but I’m wearing this.” Lacey held up a two-piece swimming suit with a cape. The colors were of the USA: red, white, and blue. “What is it suppose to be?” asked Kevin, while tilting his head to the side trying to figure it out.

“I think it’s supposed to be American Woman,” Tom answered Kevin.

“NO! It’s Wonder Woman! God! How do you men survive without us girls around?”

“No idea,” They both answered, snickering.


“Wow! That... that was awesome, William!” After Scott left with William, William took him back to his Hotel, the same Hotel where William used Scott as a boy toy. “Yea, it was, wasn’t it?” They both sighed with contentment.

Scott couldn’t believe that he walked out of the Halloween USA store to come back here so he and William could fuck. He was still trying to figure out how William did that trick with his tongue on his crown. William made him wither in delight as he sucked Scott’s crown like a lollypop, he also couldn’t believe that no one knocked on the door to tell them to keep it down. Looking at the clock beside the bed, Scott saw that it was getting late; he had to meet up with the guy’s to see what time they were going to the party.

“Alright well I have to get going, time for the partying to start and for me to get my drink on!” Scott spoke loudly, pouncing off the Queen-size bed on which he just finished having the most mind blowing sex.

“Alright, well I’ll probably be there later on; I have things that I must, MUST get done.”

“Alright, well...” Scott kisses William on his luscious lips as he leaves the hotel room. “Bye!” Scott says as the hotel room door closes behind him. He lets out an audible sigh that he didn’t realize he was holding onto. “Thank god I’m done with that...”

But what Scott doesn’t know is that William was outside the door watching him walk away and he heard what Scott said. The look on William’s face when he heard that was heart breaking. As slowly as possible, he slunk back into the room, hanging his head as he went.


The scenery that played before Tom’s eyes made them sparkle with excitement. The colors, the pictures, and the creepy moving creatures, were all the excitement that Tom and his gang needed. As they made their way up the cracked and creaking stone stairs, they saw the guarded gate, with a black painted metal fence. Thy fence had paintings on it, with a large spider web that also had a mechanical spider going from side to side. Scott ooo’ed and ahh’d at the imagery playing before him. Kevin was next to coo at the spooky cemetery. Lacey and Tom were the only ones who didn’t say anything, they were just looking at everything that was going on, the moving creatures, the sounds that bounced off the walls and the trees. It was indeed spooky and haunted.

“So what to do now?” asked Scott.

“I guess go in....”

“What about the gate, it’s locked?” announced Zach from the back of Tom’s group, followed by his own group of friends.

“Oh, yea. Almost forgot about that....”

“What do you mean?” asked Nathan

“We just need to show him... These!” Tom pulled out 10 tickets for the whole group, passing them along to everyone, so they could give them to the cute looking guy who was done up in all black, with a ball chain wrapped around his ankle.


“Passes, please!” ordered the cute teenage guy, who also had sparkly eye makeup on. He looked too good to be true.

“Here ya go,” announced Scott, with a permanent smile attached to his face. He just couldn’t wait to get into the Haunted Cemetery. So as the rest of the group gave the cutie guard their passes, they all went through the archway that read ‘To Your Death!’ It was written in a dripping red type that spattered against the concrete walk.

As they all came into the dome that housed the party, the lights were flickering on and off, and there were screams that echoed off the walls... no wonder they couldn’t hear anything from the outside, everything’s sound proof. As soon as they get through the web-like cotton, the sound turns off and someone starts to speak, but no one actually was paying any attention to him. Tom felt bad for him, so he whistled for everyone... Once he got their attention the man on stage says his thanks. “No problem!” yelled Tom.

“Let’s get something to drink, shall we?” asked Lacey, everyone agreed with her and they made their way over to the bar, where every type of liquor was housed.

“What can I get you?” smiled the Grim Reaper looking guy. ‘He might look cuter if he didn’t have that mask on,’ thought Tom.

Everyone said what they wanted, some were of alcohol and some were just classic drinks. The party resumed, along with the music and the dancing. It might have looked like a Rave to Tom, but this was just a regular Halloween party for the folks in Florida.

“Hey cutie!” Some guy whispered in Tom’s ear, making him shudder with delight. As Tom gets ready to turn around, Lacey spots him. She intercepts him and talks to the guy herself, leaving Tom there looking confused and perhaps mad at her for doing that to him. He just huffs and stalks off leaving Lacey there, he didn’t care anymore, what a bitch anyway.

“Hey Tom, wait up?” Tom looked behind him and saw Jacob rushing towards him. ‘But where is Zach, aint they together?’ Tom just shrugs and waits for Jacob to catch up.

“Let’s go somewhere.” Jacob drags Tom with him behind some curtains that surely no one can see through.

Once they get behind the heavy cloth curtain, Jacob attacks Tom with aggressiveness, making Tom wither in ecstasy. Tom moans out in pleasure as Jacob goes for his neck. Pushing him into the heat of the moment, Tom takes control and flips Jacob around to where he’s the one up against the wall. Tom starts to suck and nibble on Jacob’s earlobe, working his way down to his neck. As Jacob gets worked over, Zach and Lacey look for them but can’t find them anywhere in sight; they soon give up and start dancing together.

Alright I think this chapter has had enough....


Author’s Note!

As you all know this chapter has taken me awhile... Well I have a reason for that, during the time of visiting with Ricky, one of my ex-best friends called me and asked if I wanted to come down and visit with them. Shit I haven’t seen or heard from him in awhile, so I jumped at the opportunity...
Well needless so say, things didn’t go that well, things happened and now I’m living with this guy named Jerry, he’s awesome but he can be controlling at times, I don’t care really, but Ricky does, shrugs!
So for the last couple of weeks or month, if you will... I have been through things that I didn’t think I would have to go through... EVER!!!!
Long story short, I’m in Michigan at the moment visiting with them, yay me!!! For a little over a month, I’ll be here.... I have four things I must do before going back down to Texas and going to College, plus I’ll be getting my G.E.D.!!!
In this chapter I have really gotten into my character’s personalities... I didn’t seem to realize it until after the halfway point. You get to see the characters grow up a little while on vacation, or Zach’s and Tom’s Birthday Weekend. So keep the comments and Reviews coming, I want to see and hear, plus write back...


@}-;--- ((A Rose))

Remijay <3Take Care and Be Safe!

Review! Review!
This Story is in no way shape or form to be sold, or used for a persons benefit. The characters and places in this story are made fiction, meaning they are not real and if by chance they're then its pearly coincidentally. This story is copyrighted, if you want to copy it please send me a pm, yes i know sometimes its too late to write but a pm or a msg would be great.<br /><br />This story is Written by me Remijay and the Year is 2010, well not in the story, but the year i wrote it. Thanks again. <br /><br />Also, this story has multiple sex partners, there are group sex occasionally but not always. There will be underage sex of two or more male on male sex. So if you dont like that, please turn away from this story and read something else. Remijay <3
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WOW... whats up with Jacob??? I was thinking him and Zach were ... you Know kind of exclusive...... and the way he laid into Zach when he was looking at other guys when they got to Orlando...???? this is not setting right with me.... What about  some Loyalty here???? I know its just a story... but I"m not really  feeling this sudden change in Him, no matter how cute Tom is. and if this is his way of getting even with Zack... they have lots of troubles to work out before they say the I love you part... just really blew my mind.. I could never do that to someone..:no::no::no::puke::facepalm:well , you have to clean this one up Quick for me...  I know it is reality, but it does'[nt  have to be!!!!! I'll be watching him for sure EWWWW!!!! frruussterrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol loaded with lots of emotional changes... YOU GOT ME!!!!!!!:yes::yes::pissed: Brat!!!! so bad that I submitted before I was finished commenting, and had to EDIT:thankyou:




Edited by Dmrman

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Part of me hopes that it’s a guy in a similar costume and that it’s not actually Jacob though I suppose that would be too nice. I can’t believe thsf Zack just found one for these guys, I expect it was Tom, attractive while Jacob actually cheated on him. Ugh poor Zach.

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