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Modern High - 19. A Vacation With Regrets 2-3 Modern High & There Once Was Love

Second Chapter of Modern High and There Once Was Love.... In the coming week i should be done with the third.

In total there is 6 chapters to this "Convergence"... So look for the right chapter.

Remijay <3

Modern High & There Once Was Love

A Vacation With Regrets 2-3

Things happen for a reason...

~@~ Diary Entry 3 ~@~

Wow, things have happened that I didn’t intend to happen, the party, the kissing of the boys last night. Shit! How can I expect to be faithful if Jacob isn’t around to keep me from doing these things, where was he anyway? Last time I saw him was with Tom. Do you think? ... Nah! He wouldn’t, would he?

Ugh, now I’m starting to blame Jacob for everything that I do. Is that normal? For a relationship, I mean. I wouldn’t think so... Anyway, I met some unique people. This girl named Lacey, she’s awesome. With her attitude towards the people that piss her off, or the attitude she gives this guy Tom... HAHA, sometimes it’s downright funny, because Tom is a person who doesn’t think; he isn’t the brightest person out there.

Now Scott, I have just recently found out, didn’t come out until this weekend when this guy named William came up to him and asked him out. Scott seems more laid back than any of them. He likes to do things spontaneously, unknown to anyone... until he feels like he needs to tell them. However, I like him. Scott seems like the boyfriend I wanted a long time ago, but sadly, that won’t be happening, so I have to settle for a friendship.

Kevin. Hmm... what to say about him? He seems like the ‘in the closet' type where he doesn’t want people to find out about him, he does things without people finding out or knowing, just like his friend Scott. I think they would make a great couple, but sadly, Scott doesn’t know about Kevin just yet... Kevin is a great person at heart, but makes the poorest decisions.

Now that I have spoken about Lacey, Scott, and Kevin, let’s talk about Tom. Tom is a very sweet person at heart, but he does make people want to commit murder or suicide. He does these things that make his friends yell at him... a lot. Hahaha, it’s all in innocent fun, for him at least. Let’s just put it this way, I found out why they wanted to take this trip so badly. It’s because Tom couldn’t stay faithful with the person he was with, he kept getting caught with other people, and, well, the guy he was dating kicked his ass, along with his friend Keith. I thought it funny, because some people are never meant to get away with that kind of shit.
So overall, things have been fun; we met them and partied with them... more than once. I’m glad that my guy, wherever he was, can be faithful, and respect me for who I am, not what he can and can’t get from me.

Today starts a new day with Tom’s gang and our gang. I think we’re going out for breakfast and then I think going on some rides. That’s what we were supposed to do down here, not party every single day. So this is goodbye for now. I might write some more before we head out and drive home...
With love,

Zachary Martin

~@~ End of Dairy ~@~

The Day Begins...

As the day came to a fold, Zach and Jacob were barely on speaking terms. Whenever Zach would ask Jacob ‘what’s up?’ he would just clam up and look another way, so throughout the day, Zach, Nathan, Ashley, Candice and Nichole kept asking him what was wrong, but he didn’t answer. Jacob knew what he did was wrong, and he knew that if he even considered telling them what was wrong, it would only get back to Zach and he didn’t want that.

On the second day of not talking Zach woke with a start, almost regretting that he woke, he wished that he had died in his sleep so he wouldn’t have to face Jacob. Raising himself out of the chair that he slept in the night before, Zach stood and watched as Jacob's sleeping body fell and rose with a steady pattern. He watched as the sun hit him making his tan skin glow with light, just as the first time Zach had seen him at church that fateful morning. Since that day, Zach has thought he had found his true love, but in recent showing, he doesn’t quite know anymore.

The sheet moved from around Jacob's shoulders to his midsection, allowing the sun to shine and make his skin sparkle. It was a wonderful sight to see just before Jacob stirred in his sleep, making the sheet slip lower on his hipbone. Zach’s breath caught as he saw Jacobs’ firm bubbly ass that he loved so much to show. He remembered the softness and the firmness of it when he last touched it, remembering it made his cock swell in his boxers. After a few seconds of looking he caught himself, wishing that things were different and how he wanted to be in that bed snuggling with him, feeling complete, secure and safe once more.

Before Zach could truly take his eyes off Jacob, Jacob stirred once more before he came awake. Jacob lifted half his body off the bed and then collapsed, shockingly Jacob just laid there breathing heavy, panting. Zach wanted to go to him and ask if he was all right and as he made that first move, Jacob saw him, warning him with his eyes not to come near, to stay where he was. Not knowing that he was nodding his head until he stopped, Zach stood watch as Jacob's breathing became regular once more. With his eyes he asked Jacob if he was good; Jacob nodded his head yes, but looked away after.

Zach wondered if he was still not going to let him help, if Jacob was still not going to speak to him... As time flew by neither of them moved, not until there was a knock at the door, neither Zach nor Jacob moved, they stayed not moving. The pounding on the door went quiet, but the person didn’t give up, Zach’s cell rang. Zach looked over and saw that it was Nathan trying to call him, but he didn’t even reach for it, he let it ring. After the phone went silent so did the room, nothing but the air conditioner made noise. Jacob’s cell went off this time, but he didn’t reach for it; he let it go just like Zach did.

The room stood silent for quite some time before Zach had enough and had to say something; he was tired of this game, tired of waiting for Jacob to tell him what he did or didn’t do. Zach just wanted to know so he could try to fix it, make it better. Zach wanted his boyfriend to look at him the same way he has always looked at him; he wanted to see the blinding smile only Jacob could show, but when he looked at Jacob, Jacob didn’t have any of those things on his face. It only shown pain and maybe even guilt. As he opened his mouth to say something to Jacob, Jacob just held up one hand and waved it at him.

“What fuck does that mean, Jacob?” Zach couldn’t believe that he wouldn’t even talk to him, even after two days.

“Will you please talk to me?” Zach asked Jacob in a pleading voice. When Jacob didn’t answer him, or even look at him, Zach knew what was up. He finally figured it out, but he didn’t voice it. ‘How could he do this to me? On my birthday weekend, no less, how can I even look at him the same, just how?’ Zach asked himself.

Looking away, Zach let a tear roll down his cheek before he turned, grabbed his stuff and headed for the bathroom. Slamming the door shut, Zach forced back a sob that wanted to so desperately to escape. After Zach finished in the bathroom, he came out looking sadder than he did going in. Zach just looked at Jacob with sorrow, pity. Jacob was now sitting there looking out at the ocean. Before Zach even considered leaving the room, he spoke once more... “I hope he was worth it!” Zach looked back at Jacob in a way that Jacob never knew could come from someone he loved. That was it; Zach left the room, walking down the corridor slowly, almost stumbling.

Once Zach got to the end of the corridor, facing the scenery of the park, he pulled out his cell and called the one person he knew could hold him until he stopped crying...

“Nathan?” Zach spoke in a shaky voice, almost on the verge on losing it.

“Zach?” Nathan spoke quietly, almost afraid of what was to come.

“Nathan... I... I need you...” Zach’s voice squeaked out... 'I need to keep it together; I can’t lose it just yet...' he thought.

“Where are you?” Nathan’s voice took on a concerned, worried tone. Nathan knew Zach well enough that he was keeping control over his emotions, but they weren’t going to last long, and he also knew Zach well enough that he couldn’t let Zach out of his sight.

“I’m... I’m at the end of the corridor,” Zach sniffled, trying his best to keep from losing it.

“I’m coming. Don’t... Don’t do anything.” Zach could hear the rest of his friends in the background, questioning Nathan for information, but Nathan wasn’t giving any out, the next thing Zach heard was Nathan running out of wherever he was. Probably at breakfast where Zach and Jacob were supposed to be, having a blast... just before they were supposed to go riding rides. The huffing on the phone told him he was on his way. However, Zach didn’t think he could last that long.

“I can’t do this... I just can’t,” he whispered. “I love him too much...” Zach sniffled some more. He looked back out at the park, his favorite park.

“Zach?” Nathan called softly, almost afraid of saying anything; he knew this wasn’t good. The way Zach hung his head in defeat, the way his body trembled. As he crept closer to Zach he got to see the damage Jacob has done. Zach looked ready to call it quits, to say life wasn’t worth it...

“Zach?” Nathan said again, this time he put his hand on Zach's back. He felt Zach tremble, shiver and shake... ‘He’s definitely not going to make it!’ Nathan thought to himself.

When Nathan attempted to turn Zach around, Zach did something utterly surprising; he punched the wall next to them. Cracking the plaster where his fist made contact. When he lifted his hand away Zach cradled it. Sobbing, he tried to make words, but the words were all jumbled, making Nathan laugh despite the situation. It seemed to help Zach; he smiled even though he didn’t want to. They slid down the wall hugging each other. And that is where Nichole, Candice, Ashley, Lacey, Scott, and even Tom found them, it looked cute to them, but seeing Zach’s face and the wall where Zach left his mark, they knew that it wasn’t as good as it seemed to be.

“You’re going to have fun and you will get drunk!” Nichole yelled at Zach for being stubborn and pigheaded.

“No! I don’t feel like it... just leave. (Sniffle) Leave me alone, Nichole. You can’t fix everything; this is one of those things!” I yelled back as I buried my head under the pillows, trying to drown out Nichole and Nathan’s voices. They were the only ones left in the room; Ashley and Candice went ahead of them and were getting everything set for me when I got there.

“UGH!” Nichole looks from Zach to Nathan, giving him an evil look, meaning ‘You better get this fixed and fast.’

“Zach?” Nathan softly spoke to me. I flinched because I knew he was using his calm, collected voice. I always hated that voice; I couldn’t disagree with him or argue. It gets so bad that I just hate myself after the calm and caring voice is gone. As Nathan keeps trying to convince me that going out tonight is fun, I feel like I want to die.

“Come on Zach, it’ll be fun... I promise!” Nathan sounded so sure, but I didn’t agree. What’s the point of having fun when the person I want the most is ripping me apart from the inside out? What’s the point of being happy without that person?

“FINE!” I yelled at them both, shocking them to no end. They thought that they would have to be here all night trying to reason with me, but you know they’re right. Why not have fun?

“Well?” I looked at them, with their mouths slightly open, I lift my hands and raised their chins to close them for them... “You don’t want flies in there, do you?” I smile, making them both laugh.

“I guess not!” They say, seemingly happy that I finally, though reluctantly, accepted their proposal.

“Good, let’s get our drink on!” I screamed as I ran to the bathroom. Throwing and trying on everything that I brought with me on this trip. Who cares about Jacob right now? My friends want me to be happy and that’s exactly what I’ll give them. Even if inside I want to die, to crawl under a rock and croak. At least then I would be happy, content... but also a little bit sad... 'UGH! Who cares?’

“Ready?” Nichole asks, while she leaned against the bathroom doorframe looking me over. I didn’t need her help with what I wanted to wear, I knew that I looked good, damn good at that.

“Yup...” I look at myself one last time before shutting off the light, “YUP!” I yelled softly.

“I think he’s a little excited.” Nichole had to stop for a second because I decided to yell once again... “Wouldn’t you say?” she asked Nathan, who looked from me bouncing around to Nichole with an annoyed happy face.

“Yes... Yes I would!” Before he could continue, the door to the room opened. We all look at the person who came in. It was Scott, looking sexier than ever. I whistled, of course, making Scott go crimson red... He looked even cuter, maybe a little bit more towards HOT!

“Will you stop?” Nichole scolded me as I went back to bouncing on the couch, “Sorry about him, he’s a little unlike himself tonight. Is...” She lowered her voice just to where I couldn’t hear. I wasn’t allowed to know about tonight. “Good!” Nichole sounded excited, almost gleaming with excitement.

“What’s going on?” I asked everyone, as they looked to each other and then back to me... However, nothing was spilled. They just looked innocent.

“Nothing, you’ll find out soon enough. So calm the FUCK down and sit!” Nichole pointed her finger to the cushion, demanding that I sit. However, I didn’t want to sit, I wanted to be happy. Just like they asked me to be.

“Who are the ones who asked me repeatedly to be happy? For once, I listen and I am yelled at... See if I listen again. MEANIES!” I stuck out my tongue at them, expecting a laugh, but I didn’t receive one.


“Come on Zach!” Nichole looked at Zach after she finished kissing Nathan, she was almost reluctant to do so in the beginning, because she knew how bad Zach was feeling when he looked at them making out.

“I’m fine,” I said, as I bowed my head, wiping away a stray tear.

“You okay?” Nathan spoke softly to me, leaning over my shoulder. The fine hairs on my neck prickled with a tingling sensation that I have never gotten from Nathan, ever. Nodding my head yea, I got up and crossed the room, heading for the door.

“I guess he’s ready,” Nichole spoke quietly.

Walking down the corridor as Nathan and Nichole followed me, speaking quietly so I wouldn’t hear them, but I knew what they were talking about. I overheard them earlier about my surprise at the bar... I just don’t know if I was going to be willing enough to do it though.

As we reached the main floor, I saw Jacob being led by Candice and Ashley. They didn’t see me, but I saw them. I wonder what they were up to. Jacob looked very cute in what he was wearing, making my heart swell in my chest; it ached for him. I wanted nothing more than to go to him and wrap my arms around him, saying it was alright and I forgive him. I so wanted to, but something kept me from doing that, I think it was the fact that he cheated on me, making me feel that I wasn’t important enough for, him. This crushed me more, more than anything else that has happened to me. I love him and will always love him...

“What’s wrong Zach?” asked Nathan, snapping me out of my thoughts and making me realize that I was crying softly to myself, hating myself even more because I couldn’t hide my emotions like I wanted.

“Nothing... nothing...” I squeaked out my reply as I used all my will to make myself quit crying like a baby.

“It's okay to cry. You know that, don’t you Zach?” Nichole spoke sincerely, wrapping me into her arms and hugging me. I felt the comfort that I wished was Jacob, not Nichole.

“I’m fine... I mean, I will be fine...” I muffled out.

“I hope so. I just hope so!” Nichole sniffled back a sob.

“Okay, okay. Enough with the mushy, touchy-feely crap. Let’s go dance and get drunk!” I tried to sound happy, but it came out a little squeaky.

“HAHA! Sure, Zach. Sure!” They both said at once.

Crossing the street led us to Brooklyn Bridge. It also led us to the bar Tom mentioned as the place of my surprise birthday party. As we were crossing the bridge,

I looked over the silver railing to find the water sparkling blue, dancing with lights that glowed from below, making my eyes turn a greenish blue; they also danced with happiness.

“Are you smiling, Zach?” asked Nathan from beside me.

I didn’t answer of course. The wind picked up, making my hair fly behind me. Feeling the cold air that swept by my skin made me shiver with happiness. Just being out here with my friends has made me feel lighter than the air that brushed by my lips, making them tingle with joy. Turning around, I found Scott standing a little bit away, his lips curling into a smile, making me blush a little scarlet.

I wanted so badly to wrap my arms around his slim but muscular body, but sadly, that didn’t happen. Reality brought me back as my friends hurried me along the cracked, stony bridge. ‘Why do I keep thinking these things? Why do I want Scott so badly? Do you think it’s because of what Jacob did to me, that I want revenge to make him hurt as much as he hurt me?’ A dull painful ache in my head brought me back to reality once again. Since no one noticed I wasn’t paying attention to the conversation, I kept what I thought to myself, thankfully.

As we crept along, walking down a narrow street, we heard the laughter as it filled the night. Looking behind me, I saw some people walk out of the restaurant we just passed. Walking away from the restaurant, the sound became distant, leaving us once again in silence, well except for Scott telling Nathan some things, and Nichole listening to them. The more we progressed into the night, the more it seemed to become haunted. Chills ran up and down my spine, making me shiver.

I looked across the street and found that we weren’t in town anymore, in fact, we left downtown a block ago. I scanned the streets up ahead, trying to see if anyone was there. Sadly, no one was, only the light that flickered. It became creepier as we passed an alleyway; peering into the darkness I saw yellow eyes, with a body hunched over. I heard something that sounded like someone slurping. Without paying attention, I crept closer. ‘What I am doing? Are you mental?

Turn around... TURN AROUND, YOU DAMN FOOL!’ I yelled at myself, but my legs didn’t listen, they kept moving towards the sound of the slurping. Getting close enough to hear the sound even better, it sounded like it was bouncing off the walls, making me gag because of it. I crept closer still, determined to find out what was making this noise. I stepped on some broken glass; the sound echoed through the alley, causing whatever was making the sound to stop. For a moment I just stood there as still as a statue with my heart beating in my ears. I stood there awaiting a moment to creep a little closer. ‘Turn around, turn around... It’s behind you!’ I yelled at myself. Turning myself around, I stood face to face with the creature. His yellow eyes seemed more intense now, he hissed out a sound like a snake, making me step back from him into the darkness more. His body pressed into mine, breathing heavier, until I smelt his breath hot on my face. A low growl came from the thing that stood in front of me, making me flinch away from it.

I turned my head to the side as the demon crept closer. My body pressed against the wall, making it impossible to run. This creature, or demon, whatever it was, was in the way so I couldn’t run. I was terrified that if I screamed he would lunge for me, tearing me to pieces with his razor shaped teeth. I whimpered as the creature licked my neck, tasting my flavor. I cringed away from it as it nibbled on my neck, grazing my skin enough for my blood to slowly drip out of me.
Weakness overtook me as I slid down the length of the wall. As slowly as I could I closed my eyes and wished this would be over, be done with it. The creature stopped touching me as my butt met the concrete, but I still knew he was there, awaiting the chance to take me all the way, rip me to shreds with its bared teeth. However, nothing came, nothing at all. I opened my eyes to see that the creature fled, leaving the alley empty. People walked in front of the alley, but no one came to see if anyone was in the darkness.

“Zach?” I heard my friends... My friends, they came back for me, thank god!

“I’m...” I cleared my throat, and tired again. "I’m... over...” I couldn’t do it, my body felt weak. My poor little voice couldn’t yell out that I was in the darkness, with probably a dead body only a few feet away.

“Zach?” In chorus they all screamed for me; frantically I scrambled to my feet. With the help of the wall, I led myself out the dank alley, leaving whatever that was behind me.

“Zachary?” They screamed at me once I came out of the darkness, but my body crumpled from beneath me. Falling to ground as my vision blurred.

“Zach?” Nichole shrieked out, calling to me as I fainted into blackness.


When I awoke I was leaning up against something, the scent was so familiar that I could tell who it was without even opening my eyes. The warmth that came from Nathan kept me from freaking out. I could sense that people were around me, their stares burning into me. They were talking in low voices; they probably didn’t want to wake me. Before I opened my eyes I heard them.

“What if he doesn’t wake up, Nathan?” Nichole asked in a worried voice. The way she spoke about me made me feel special, as though someone cared about me.

Opening my eyes slowly, the light from wherever they put me was too much. However, before I could protest, Nichole gasped in surprise, wrapping me in her arms as tight she could. For a minute there I didn’t think she would let go of me, but with the help of Nathan, she finally did release.

“Zach?” Nathan spoke softly, almost on the verge of tears. His voice was shaky at best. I craned my head up to face Nathan, the person who held my head with his shoulder. That’s what I love about Nathan the most; he always cares about me. If you think for one minute that my life would be anything like it is now, you would be so sadly disappointed in me. Anyway, looking at my best friend I could see that he was trying his best to keep from sobbing. I lifted myself off the bench and looked down on my friend with his head bowed. I felt sad, very sad.

“Nathan?” I asked, but he didn’t answer me. I asked again. “Nathan? Look at me, please.” I spoke calmly, almost tearing up myself. Lifting my friend's chin to where I could see him, the tears that fell from his face told me everything. Nichole helped to lift Nathan up; he stood there not looking at me or Nichole.
When I didn’t think he would budge, I stepped up to him and wrapped my arms around him, within a minute I had Nathan crying softly on my shoulder, hugging me tightly, I was almost to the point of asking him to loosen up. However, I didn’t really care. I let him just cry it out.

“Let’s get our drink on...” I spoke softly.

“Let’s!” They exclaimed


As we made our way down the dark narrow road once more, I finally felt good again. I was set. I was smiling as we came upon the bar that Tom mentioned. I saw a 'Happy Birthday' sign hovering over the doors. It was lit with green and blue, my favorite colors.

“Are you ready, Zach?” Nichole asked me. I couldn’t help but to laugh. I mean, who wouldn’t be after what I'd just been through?

Through a giggle I replied, "Yes!" Going through the double doors, I opened the door to the bar area. The odor of the bar hit me as I stepped in it. The smoke that filled the room was overwhelming at first. Then I was assaulted by the smell of stale beer. Seeing Tom by the bar filled me with joy. The bar was set on the back wall, filled with people milling around it, laughing and having a good old time.

Grinning from ear to ear, I couldn’t help but to be more excited as everyone there yelled "Happy Birthday" to me. Feeling a bit embarrassed, I slunk over to a booth that was also filled with my presents. This place seemed like it was made it the 1950s, with its pale blue walls, the checkered tablecloths on the booths, and pictures hanging on every wall. Hehe, it seemed like I stepped back in time. The music, thankfully, wasn’t from that time, it was modern.

“So, do you like, Zach?” I looked over and saw Tom was standing next to me wearing a black suit that made my eyes pop, he looked beautiful.

“Y-yes... I like.” I felt foolish for saying that, how lame can I get?

“Hehe, you’re cute. I didn't want to believe what Nathan told me about you, but that’s one thing he got right.” He held up a glass that was sweating, I wondered what it was. It piqued my interest; I needed to know.

“What are you drinking? Yes, Nathan can tell you a lot about me... Hopefully good things though.” I blushed, lowering my head to where my chin touched my chest.

“You’re seriously cute when you do that... Oh, and I’m drinking Tequila Tonic, you want some?”

“S-sure!” God, how embarrassing! He laughed as he walked away, leaving me there wishing I was anywhere but here.

A few minutes turned into a few hours that I didn’t know went by. After the drink that Tom handed me, I just kept accepting more. My vision wasn’t the best and my eyes kept trying to close. The noise around me kept me from closing them. The shouts from people who partied around me were so annoying, but at the same time relaxing. I know, I know, I’m drunk.

“Zach, are you okay?” asked Scott from beside me. Turning my head in his direction, with my eyes opened as slits, I smirked knowingly.

“I’m fine.” I looked at his beautiful skin, the softness of his eyes. “You are HOT!” I exclaimed, making him blush.

I heard Scott yell over the loud music to my friends saying, “He’s toasted, let’s move on to Plan B!” I looked at them and they looked at me. I knew something bad was going to happen, but I wasn’t in the right state of mind to do anything about it, let alone to give a shit.

“Yea, he’s totally plastered... You ready for your second part of the night, Zach?” I looked up at Nathan, his face totally didn’t look right. However, that didn’t stop me from replying 'Yes'.

“Good! Let’s go then.”

As they picked me up and carried me to the entrance, I blacked out... I knew that with my friends there beside me, I could do anything, be anything... So yup, I just totally went with the flow of things.

“Zach?” Scott asked from beside me, waking me a little bit. Looking around, I didn’t know where I was, the lights were too bright, just like earlier this evening.

“Where are we?” Getting confused is not something I like, but Scott was here. Wait a minute, why was Scott here... and where is here?

“We’re at the hotel standing in front of a door, and behind that door is someone waiting for you...” I looked at him and he just smirked. In my stomach, I knew this was wrong; however, I just shrugged and opened the door.

There, sitting on the bed, was Tom, with a sheet wrapped around him, looking much like a toga. As I looked closely, I could see a bead of sweat glistening on his neck, moving slowly, leading down to his torso. I licked my lips, as I wanted to taste his flavor, savoring it as it melted in my mouth. I watched as it dipped under the sheet, imagining that it was I who was slowly working my way down his stomach, pooling around his naval. Watching as Tom slowly lifted up the sheet to reveal more skin, my breath caught within me, making me feel faint. Slowly but surely, he lifted it to where I could see his abs glistening with perspiration. My legs moved without me, the sight beckoning me to come closer to him.

As I came to the edge of the bed, I finally, thankfully came out of the fog enough to know what the fuck was going on. I looked at Tom in his bed awaiting me to come to him, but that wasn’t going to happen, I’m not about to cheat on Jacob, even though he had no problem doing that to me. I decided to sober up; nothing is going to get me in that bed, unless it was Jacob and only him.

“Sorry Thomas, but you're going to have to get someone else to have sex with you because I’m not... You see I have a boyfriend, and even though he cheated on me I can’t do the same to him. So this is goodbye handsome.” After that I walked over to the door, staggering as I reached the door. At the door awaited the one person I didn’t want to see, Jacob. He stood right there in front of the door with the key... How... what... when did... Ohmigod! I could not believe Nathan and Nichole were responsible for this, oh they're going to get it. Right after of course trying to yet again save my relationship.

“Jac---...” He didn’t even let me finish, Jacob turned around and walked swiftly the way he came, hopefully that was back to our room.

Looking at Scott and knowing he was in on this, I came up to him, pointed one finger, just one, and said... “You have three seconds before I start hitting you.” That smirk that was on his face vanished quicker than you can say “Holy Hell!” Scott ran for the door, slamming it behind him.
Racing after Jacob was harder than it seemed to be. As I came to the corner of our hall, I saw that he was exiting the hallway and entering the elevator. Quickly as I could, I ran, reaching the elevator doors too late, just as they were closing. I slammed my fist on the metal, repeatedly, until my fists hurt too much to punch anymore.

Sliding down the metal doorframe, I tried to think... ‘Where would he have gone? I know he wouldn’t go to any of my friends’ rooms; he just wouldn’t be that dense. Hmm, would he have gone to Lacey’s room, or the lobby, or would he be on the street walking?’

To be continued...

PS: What kind of creature do you think that was in the alleyway? Any guesses?

Author’s Note

It took me a while to get this chapter done. There was a problem with writing this chapter, but I got some help from my Best Friend Richard Kaleta! He’s awesome when it comes to these things. In addition, my editor told me some things. I think it is better than it was before.

Anyway, as I told you guys/gals at the end of the first chapter, I was leaving for a little bit, and that 'little bit' turned into 2 months. I’m back now... It seems like a dream, but dreams never last, so here I am in Michigan once more.

I’m also proud to say I’m looking into going to College to be an RN (Registered Nurse) or CNA (Certified Nurses Aid or Nurses Assistant). I will let ya’ll know how that goes. For now, have fun, summer’s nearly over. So be careful...

I want to know how my readers feel about this chapter. Any comments or concerns would be great, thanks! In addition, they will be answered!


RemiJay <3 ((Hugz)) Take Care and Be Safe!


To my Editor

I hope you like this chapter; I know that you’ll have fun proofing it. Thanks for being there for me, without you... I couldn’t go very far. Love ya, RemiJay!

Had trouble with this chapter also, but thankfully my editor and I fixed them.... Yay

Like always i would really love it if my readers/fans commented on my chapter. So please Comment or review!

Remijay <3

This Story is in no way shape or form to be sold, or used for a persons benefit. The characters and places in this story are made fiction, meaning they are not real and if by chance they're then its pearly coincidentally. This story is copyrighted, if you want to copy it please send me a pm, yes i know sometimes its too late to write but a pm or a msg would be great.<br /><br />This story is Written by me Remijay and the Year is 2010, well not in the story, but the year i wrote it. Thanks again. <br /><br />Also, this story has multiple sex partners, there are group sex occasionally but not always. There will be underage sex of two or more male on male sex. So if you dont like that, please turn away from this story and read something else. Remijay <3
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when and with whom did Jacob cheat with?

Jacob cheated on Zach with a guy at the club. i thought i put that part into the interlude. But apparently not. Anyway, after that everything became more confusing for them both. Having Nathan Nichole decide his fate. But Scott messed big time!

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Ok so this clears things up somewhat. From what I had gathered from the previous chapters I thought Zach had slept with Tom but apparently he didn’t actually sleep with him. So it’s only Jacob who cheated though I wouldn’t have felt like it was cheating exactly if Zach had slept with him. I can’t believe it sounds like they got Zach drunk so he likely would sleep with Tom. I’m confused because of the comment above as it says Jacob cheated on Zach with a guy from the club but I’m pretty sure it was Tom he cheated with at the Haunted Cemetery. I’m guessing his friends didn’t know that or Tom wouldn’t have been the one they used to make Jacob jealous. I kinda feel sorry for both Tom & Zach at times because sometimes their friends don’t seem like good friends as both of them get yelled at a lot when they don’t deserve it. Of course right now Tom deserves to get yelled at.

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