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Studly Ranch Hands Premium

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Sub-genres: Drama, General Romance

Marc got what he’d wanted for years, but it’s enough to tear apart his friendship with Casey. Marc tries to avoid Casey, but that’s not always possible. A series of incidents puts both of their jobs on the line and Marc and Casey have to decide whether or not the resulting consequences are worth continuing their feud. Or can they put the past behind them and learn to work together as the team they used to be, and maybe even explore what's between them?

Copyright © 2017 Renee Stevens; All Rights Reserved.

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Sometimes the road through life and love is a bumpy one. This is certainly true for Marc and Casey. These cowboys will have to find a way to communicate. Not an easy task with secrets and misunderstandings.

renee has weaved a realistic tale of life and love. Often complicated to navigate. A story well worth a read.

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Marc was told by his father to leave the family ranch for being gay.  He finds a ranch where he is accepted by the owner Ryan and becomes a foreman of the Double R ranch.  His best friend is Casey the foreman of a neighbouring Del Rio ranch. One drunken night changes everything.  Unbearable secrets, open hostility erupting into fights, sullen stubbornness that lack communications and an underlying yearning permeate this story of love. Happy ending, yes, but not happy ever after.  That is left to be seen.

The story is well written and very realistic.  The characters are both flawed, but identifiable and engaging.  The setting is well developed and this feels like an authentic western story.   The plot is well written and has a smooth continuity.  A very good read. 

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· Edited by Doha


The tale of two cowboys coming to terms with being gay in a world where this is not always accepted, Studly Ranch Hands delivers a well-thought plot with clear character development. 

Marc is thrown out of home for being gay and meets Casey, who is struggling to accept his own sexuality. 

Through ups and downs, miscommunication and lack of understanding, the guys finally find each other and begin to build a future together, but will it last? That is left to us to decide. 

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