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Barnegat Bay

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Barnegat Bay is a romance set mainly on the Jersey shore in the summer of 1932.  It focuses on its narrator, Doc, and his friends Mike, Larry, Al, and Spence, summer lifeguards soon headed into their senior year at CCNY -- the City College of New York.  This is in the uncertain times and job market of the still early years of the Great Depression.  Joining the guys are Mary and Claire, local to the area but no less ambitious for their lives.

It may initially seem an odd book for this site, but, believe me, it isn't.

Barnegat Bay will only publish once a week, Fridays, into February 2020, because I'm still editing and want to give myself plenty of time without pressure.  Also, because of that, I'll be reading comments more intently.

Barnegat Bay is based on a series of a dozen-or-so black-and-white 8" x 10" photographs I found in a Roanoke, Virginia, antique store in late summer 1988.  I thought there might be a book in them, and I thought it might have to do with betrayal and be somewhat related to one set of my grandparents.  I was wrong, but it's taken some years of occasional writing and repeated thinking to discover that.  And I'm still working things out.

2020 by Richard Eisbrouch

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The prologue and first two chapters bode well for the rest of the story. I am looking forward to reading this.

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Thanks.  I think it's pretty interesting, but as I mentioned, I'm still editing it, and it may be a tricky piece to find its readers.

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