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Lives and Trials of Jupiter - 1. Chapter 1

Lives and Trials of Jupiter Chapter 1





Ugh, first day of high school. I was so not looking forward to this. Not that I don't like school or that I don't get good grades, well OK grades, my sister is the smart one. I manage a 3.0 but that's mostly with her help. I'm more of a sports guy I love swimming. In fact, sometimes I think that's the only thing that is going to keep me going to class this year. You’re probably wondering why I hate the fact that school is starting up now. To be honest it really has nothing to do with school, and more to do with the fact that my best friend, Dave, moved away. Ever since we moved here when I was six I was friends with him. I'm not looking forward to this year without him. So having to go through the first year of high school without him is really dragging me down.

Now my Dad has noticed that I have been kind of down lately and has wanted to know why, but I have been afraid to tell him why exactly. Being adopted I'm terrified of what my family will think. Don't get me wrong, I love my Dad and my siblings, in fact my Dad is totally awesome, but I'm still worried about what he may think if he puts my bad mood together with Dave's move. I don't want him to think I'm gay. I'm afraid that if he thinks that he will regret adopting me. Not that he would ever say so but I don't want to disappoint him or see the look of disappointment in his eyes. He has always given us anything we want, after all he can afford it, he's totally loaded and runs his own companies. He won’t tell us how much he makes or anything but it has to be a lot, our house is huge.

It’s getting close to the time I have to get up for school now, and if I don't I know that I'll have CLAIR on the intercom telling me to get up. At least I have my own bathroom so I don't have to worry about anyone else getting in my way. When my Dad built this house he made sure that every room on this floor had a bathroom attached, he preplanned for the privacy of any kids he might want. I have to say that was cool of him. Well time to get up, on my way to the shower I stop and look in the mirror. I have to admit I do look good. The extra weights I have been lifting seem to be working. I'm starting to tone up and puberty has been good to me too. I love showers there's something about the warm water running down my body. After a very satisfying time I get out and rinse the evidence down the drain and get dressed. I kind of have a prep style but not what you would think for someone that has money, I don't wear clothes that cost more that some cars. That's one thing our Dad is big on is blending in, well except the house, grounds, and a few of the cars. Since I'm in high school this year I can get a ride with my brother John, at least I won’t have to ride the bus this year. That's one thing to be grateful for.

The ride to school with John was quiet. I think they gave up on me talking any more a few days ago. I'm going to have to watch myself. We arrive at school and John gets out I hear someone calling to him so I look up, he doesn't look familiar. He must be new, in this town you know everyone that lives here. He looks to be about my build 5' 6”- 5'7” and around 110 and has light brown hair. As he gets closer I can tell he has blue eyes, the type that seem to pierce right through to your soul. If you have ever seen Underworld © and remember the blue eyes that the vampires have then you know what I'm talking about. I hear myself gasp slightly, and see my sister Angela give me a questioning look out of the corner of my eye. But all I can do is stare at him. I faintly hear that his name is Mark, and that he plays football and is new to school before I go blank. I feel Angela elbow me in the side and see his hand is out to me. I think to myself; Wow he has to think I'm an ass. Before he can make to harsh a judgment I take his hand, there is an unexpected shock almost electrical. It’s so strong that I filch but so does he, wow that was strange. I introduce my self

“Hi I'm Alex nice to meet you, Mark” I’m still holding his hand I don't want to let go

“Thanks” He replies softly then drops my hand. It makes me grin and I try but can’t hold it back so it comes out like a half grin on one side. Just then he looks up and I give him a questioning look. I wonder what just happened. All too quickly the bell rings and he takes off saying something that sounds like he doesn’t want to be late for class. I turn to my brother and sister and they are just staring at me. I swallow hard...I have to cover for whatever that was.

“So…umm…looks like we have a new kid.” My voice is shaky I hope they don't notice. John is the first to respond.

“Yeah, I met him in football practice in the summer. He just moved here he’s really good receiver, but he was not that shy in practice must just be nervous about the first day.”

Thank god he does not ask about my reaction I don't know if I could come up with a convincing lie right now. I notice Angela is still just looking at me with a look that tells me she is thinking something through. If anyone could figure out what is going on in my head it would be her. I swear some times it’s like we’re inside each others head. Finally she speaks but in a whisper to me.

“I think we need to talk later.” Oh shit I can feel the blood drain out of my face I have to look dead white. She walks off to our home room. I'm in full-on panic mode now and the inner-monologue is running high, but nothing I can do about it now. I just drop my head and follow her saying good bye to John.

I catch up to my sister and we walk into class together. We both checked out the school before hand to know where our classes were. Our home room teacher is Mrs. Weber she is also Angela's History teacher. As we walk in she greats us.

“Welcome to high school Mr. Daniels and you also Miss Daniels.” I think to myself why do old teachers have to be so formal. We both say thank you and I ask if there are assigned seats.

She says, “Yes there are, please take a seat next to Mr. Cromwell. You first Mr. Daniels, followed by your sister; Last row 3rd desk.”

So I look back and stop dead in my tracks - it’s him, Mark, what color is left in my face drains. I slowly make my way back to my seat. I have to act cool here. “Hey Mark, looks like we're in the same home room, what other classes do you have.” He takes out his schedule and shows it to me. I look down, damn he has almost every class with me. That could be trouble, every time so far that I've been around him I act like an idiot. “Well it looks like we will be spending a lot of time together this year.” As I look up he looks almost as nervous about that as I am, Hmm...I wonder why. “We have all but two classes together math and English. If you want I can show you to your classes.” He looks stunned and just kind of looks at me for a minute. “Or not…I mean you don't have to say yes.” I hand him back his schedule he seems to come back to reality and blushes but responds at least.

“Yeah sure if you want to, I’m sure it wouldn't hurt to have someone show me around. Thanks”

We start talking just about random stuff trying to get to know each other a little. We both seem more relaxed now, but the whole time my sister is watching us. He tells me about his family and I tell him what I am allowed to about mine. Dad does not want us talking a lot about the money and stuff, he does not want anyone to know how rich we really are or what he really does. In the middle of us talking Mrs. Weber calls us to order and goes over the school rules and other first day stuff.

We make our way to 9th grade biology with Mr. Swift. I look over at Mark. “I hear this guy is good, his classes are the best. Well that's what John says any way.”

He sort of smiles at me and says, “Do you think we will have to cut anything open?” He looks green; he must have a week stomach or something.

“Umm, I think we do worms, frogs, starfish and maybe a crayfish. That's what John said he did in 9th grade, and he had the same teacher. Does that bother you, cutting stuff open I mean?”

“Sort of, it's really gross, I'm not too good with blood and stuff.”

I don't mean to laugh but I start to and try to turn it into a cough, he does not fall for it. “Sorry I don't mean to laugh it’s just that there is no blood, their drained well. Living out here where almost every one hunts or farms I'm used to seeing guts and stuff.”

“Well then I hope we are partners because I’ll let you do all that stuff while I try not to puke all over you.”

I can't help it this time I burst out laughing and he just shakes his head and goes into the class. I follow him in feeling much more relaxed now and sit next to him. We keep talking ‘til the teacher comes in. I pull out my lap top, ready to take notes if he actually teaches anything. Mark looks at me then asks,

“What’s up with the laptop?”

“My hand writing is really bad I can’t even read it myself some times, so I carry my laptop with me.” I blush at that I hate admitting stuff like that.

“Your Dad got you a laptop to take notes with, must be nice.”

“It’s not just for notes; it’s my home computer too we, all have laptops instead of desktops, I think I'm the only one that brings it to school though.”

“What do you mean all of you, like John and your sister?”

“Yes, and Scott and Jacob too. They're my younger brothers.”

“You and your sister look a lot of like but not John.”

“We’re all adopted, me and Angela are twins so are Scott and Jacob”

“WOW that's cool, so your Dad adopted all of you.”

Before I can answer Mr. Swift starts talking again so I stop and listen even though it’s mostly the same stuff Mrs. Weber said. During class I notice that Marks leg rubs up against mine and then kind of rests there. He doesn't pull away at the contact; His leg is so warm it feels good. Damn, now I’ve got a hard on I really hope no one notices, especially Mark, how embarrassing would that be. “Sorry, your leg rubbing on mine turned me on.” That’s not a conversation I want to have any time soon. So I pull away and glance over he seems disappointed that I moved. I'll have to file that away for later. Finally class is over.

The next class we had was one we did not share I had English and he had Math. The English department is on the other side of the building, the Math department is sort of in the middle. “Well I have to go to English now but I can walk with you, math is on way. We switch places after that so I'll see you at lunch you should sit with us today, I'll save you a spot.” He agrees and we take off to class. I get to mine and I see my sister in the back so I go sit next to her. She looks up at me

“So where's the cute guy at?”

“Umm…he has math this period.” It was too late to catch myself I just admitted to thinking he was cute, I wince as I remember. She just gets a big smile on her face.

“I like him; I would not mind getting to know him better.” For some reason that idea bothers me, but I decide I should play it cool.

“Umm, well you will get your shot at lunch he’s eating with us; just try not to slobber all over him.” There, that should throw her off. She gets a look that seems like she’s thinking. “Yeah, right.” It makes me blush.

The rest of the day goes by fast ‘til lunch. I see John standing in line, Angela and I join him. I ask, “What's for lunch today?”

“No clue, it doesn't look like food.” John says.

“Great, I was hoping that the food would be better in high school.” I say.

He laughs at me and says, “Wishful thinking little bro.”

Mark comes up behind me and says hello to us all. It makes me jump at first, he moved too quietly. I turn around and ask how his day is now that it is half over. By this time, we are through the line and sitting with some friends of ours. I make introductions real fast to the ones I know, John and Angela introduce their friends. That's the good thing about our cafeteria the tables are big so we can fit about 15 people at the table. After the introductions are over we pick up our conversation from before and he says, “Well Mrs. Peacock seems to not like me but then she seems not to like any one. People like her should not be teachers.”

Just about everyone at the table that is not a freshman starts to laugh. One kid, I don't remember his name, explains.

“Yeah she’s a bitch all right, nobody likes her, the board's been trying to get rid of her for years but she’s got tenure. Just be glad you’re white and not gay or else she would probably kill you on site.”

I watch Marks face to see his reaction, and I notice his face goes pale like all the blood just drained out.
I look over to John and Angela. “Do you think Dad would let George make us lunch to bring with us, this food really sucks; it’s worse than the middle school’s.” Mark interrupts us asking who George is so I explain he is our house chef. Lee, the right guard on the foot ball team, is walking by and hears the comment about the chef and responds with a look off jealousy.

“Yeah didn't you know the Daniels are super rich? I'm surprised they don't have personal assistants following them around wiping their asses for them. People like them don't belong in school with the rest of us, but they seem to like rubbing our poor noses in it. ”

All three of us cringe at his comment. I feel myself getting mad I hate this guy he is always on our backs. “YOU'RE just mad because YOU never get invited to OUR parties. Now why don't you go and get drunk some more or go smoke some more weed with the other losers.” I don't know where it came from but I blurted it out before I even had a chance to think about what I was going to say. All eyes are on me and no one in the lunch room is talking, they all want to see how this plays out. Once again my big mouth is going to get me into trouble. Here I am 5’ 6” 105 pounds and I'm mouthing off to a lineman that has at least 80 pounds on me and is at least 4 inches taller than me. All I can think about is “shit I'm going to get my ass kicked”. I can see his face turn red and his muscles bulge. I can see out of the corner of my eye Mr. Carvalho our principal making his way over, Lee must have noticed too because he glares at me. I can almost feel the hate and rage coming off him. His eyes look around the table and sweep past John, Angela and I, then he say in a hard voice. “Watch your back Daniels next time you won’t have others around to back you up.” Then he turns around slams the door going outside open and leaves.

Mr. Carvalho comes over and asks, “Is there a problem here?”

I look up at him, I can tell my face is still paler then normal. “No Mr. Carvalho, everything is fine.”

“See to it that is stays that way Alex, but if you need to, don't forget my door is always open.”

“Thanks but I don't think there will be any more issues.” I know I don't believe that, I don't see how he would, but he seems to for now because he leaves. As soon as his back is turned I slump down in my chair breaking out in a mild sweat. Mark asks what Lee's problem is and John answers for me, I'm still shaking a little.

“He resents the fact that we have more money than he does, but I don't see how we can help that. It's not like we brag about it or put people down. We never look down on people just because our Dad makes more than someone else. We're adopted so it’s not like we don't know we got the luck of the draw. We used to be friends before his Dad become a drunk and lost his job. He and his Dad blame us for it.”

Marks face becomes confused. “Why would they blame you guys? That does not make any sense.”

I respond this time, “It's cause our Dad fired him for coming to work drunk one too many times. Lee is just like his father; a complete drunk.” He looks like he wants to ask a question but does not want to seem rude. “If you have question, just ask.”

“OK, I was just wondering what your Dad does and where he works.”

“He works for the same company your mom does, Olympia Corp. Except Dad is over more than one division.” I have to be careful here I can’t say too much about Dad he does not want anyone to know a lot about who he is and what he does. But he seems to accept that and moves on talking with John about football. We all finish eating and head off to our next classes. Mark and I walk together.

The most of the day seems to go by fast ‘til it’s time for gym; at least it's the last period of the day. It’s not the gym part that bothers me it the changing part. The idea of changing anywhere near Mark makes me nervous again; what if I get a hard on while I'm changing, what will he think of that? We get to class and Coach O’Neal assigns us lockers. As luck would have it mine is right next to his, just great…so now I have no choice but to be near him. Luckily there is no dress down today it’s all paper work. After class, he heads toward the football/soccer locker room and I head to the swimming changing room and pool, we both have practice today.

Practice seems to go well. My friends and I seem to be in better shape probably cause of the pool at my house and the weight room too. The Coach notices and compliments us and says that if the rest of the team were in half as good a shape as us we would have an unbeatable team. I hate having attention drawn to me, it just leads to more Lee type problems. When we finish the Coach comes up to me and asks me if I'm willing to put in extra practices with my new relay partner to make up the difference of loosing Dave. I agree and say we can do them at my place and he can catch a ride with me and John. The Coach seems pleased with the idea and goes to get my new partner and my old one. Tim, the new relay swimmer, and Rich, my one of my old partners, meet me at the door and we head out to the parking lot to meet John.

We get out to the lot and I see Mark standing with John, I wonder what going on. “Hey John do you mind giving Tim and Rich a lift to our place so we can get in some extra practice time.”

“No, not a problem but we have to take Mark home first.”

Without stopping to think, man I really got to get a handle on this brain mouth filter, I blurt out,
“Why not just take him home with us? He can stay for dinner or even over night if he wants.” Shit, I could hit myself. What's wrong with me? Why do I keep acting like this around him? John looks at me then asks Mark what he thinks.

“Well…I don't want to intrude.” He responds

“No it’s not a problem, is it John?” I interject.

“No, Dad won’t care, but you probably need to ask your mom first.” He says and turning to Mark at the last part.

I turn to Tim and Rich. “You guys want to stay for dinner too?” I hope no one notices that I left the overnight invite off. They don't seem too. They all say sure but that they have to call their parents first. No one’s parents seem to mind. We all get in the car and I sit in the back like always. Mark sits next to me in the middle. He lets his leg rest against mine, I don't pull away neither does he. Definitely not normal for a teen guy. No one else seems to notice, that's a good thing. Tim and John are in the front talking about classes and some new hot teacher they both had. Rich is in the back with us but he’s quiet like Mark and me. John looks up into the rear view mirror and tells me that Angela went to her friend Rachel's for the night so she won’t be at dinner tonight. That means we have the pool to ourselves all night. “Well at least I won’t have to fight her for the pool and stuff.” That’s the only thing I say the whole ride home. I'm too busy trying to figure out why I blurted out my invite to Mark like that.

We get home and Mark’s mouth drops. “Wow, it’s huge.”

I giggle and say, “That’s what she said,” I know it’s childish but I can't help it. It was the perfect setup. They all just shake their heads and head to the door. I tell Tim and Rich to head down stairs and I'll meet them at the pool. They take off having been here often before they know their way there. I turn to Mark. “Do you want me to give you a tour of the place real quick before I head down. Actually, you might want to sit in the sauna for a bit.” He agrees and I take him around the place showing him where everything is. We head to the elevator and he looks shocked. I ask what he’s thinking.

“I’ve never been in a house that needed an elevator or even had an elevator for that matter.” He says.

“Well with 7 floors, including the basement, the stairs take too long some times.” His mouth pops open but gets in the elevator with me “We'll start on my floor, the top one is just the guest suites for family and adults that come over.” We get out and go down the hall and I show him the rooms telling him what rooms are whose. We get to my room and the door slides into the wall. He jumps back slightly. “Don’t worry, that's every ones reaction the first time they see our house. The doors have sensors in them that can detect when we’re in front of them; they know us personally. That part does kind of creep me out; the fact that the house knows where we are and follows us.” He just stares at me like I'm from another world. “Umm, it’s a smart house, my Dad designs them.” I blush and am starting to feel nervous again. I take him into the room and show him everything. He looks around while I put my laptop on my desk and put my stuff away. “You can put your stuff any where you want I don't care.” Then while he’s looking around I step over to a tablet PC built in the wall by my door and say “CLAIR, page George.” I wait a few seconds and George comes on.

“Yes Alex, how can I help you. ”

“I just wanted to let you know that we will have 3 extra people with us for dinner tonight and that my sister will not be here tonight .”

“Very good sir, thank you for telling me. Do our guests have any requests for tonight or should I just make it a surprise.”

“I don't know about them, but I would like some roast beef if you can.”

“I will take that under advisement. Is there anything else, Alex?”

“No thanks George.” The intercom clicks off.

“CLAIR, page Evan.” After the wait he comes on.

“How can I help you tonight Alex”

“If you’re not too busy could you take some drinks down to the sports floor along with the chips or something, and turn on the sauna and steam room as well please.”

“Right away, sir. Anything else.”

“No, thanks Evan.”

After I get done talking to the two of them I notice Mark is looking dumbfounded again. “What’s wrong Mark?”

“You have servants on call here?” It sounds like a cross between a question and a statement I’m not sure which it was meant to be.

“Umm... yeah just the 3 three full time ones and then there’s Dad’s assistant, and the cleaning crew that comes in once a week to help out our house keeper Mrs. Mayfield, Georges wife. Does that bother you that we have live in help?”

“No, not at all. It's going to take some getting used to that's all. I have never met anyone that is as rich as you. It’s all surprising to me.”

“So, if it’s going to take some getting used to, does that mean you plan on being around some times at least?”

“Well yeah, if you want me to hang out, I would not mind. You are like my only friend here besides the guys on the team.”

“Awesome! So were friends then?” To strong, to desperate, need to take it down a notch.

“Yeah I would say we are. So, how about the rest of the house, are you going to finish the tour? Or stay in your room all night?”

I blush and lead him out and back to the elevator. “Next floor is my Dad’s office and room, as well as the family library.”

“You have your own library?”

“Yeah, my Dad likes to read and collect books. I spend a lot of time in there to; it's relaxing.” We get out and head to the first door, it opens and a light comes on in the entrance. A voice welcomes us.

“Welcome to the library Alex and guest. Can I assist you in what you are looking for today?”

“No thank you CLAIR, I'm just showing Mark around the house.”

“Name profile updated. Would you like a user tour of my systems Mark?”

He looks shocked again; I hope I'm not driving him off with all this.

“Alex, who the hell is that?”

I can’t help it I laugh. CLAIR responds before I can.

“I am the Custom Learning Automated Interactive Response system, but you may call me CLAIR for short, everyone else does. I manage all systems and utilities in the house and am capable of interactive help functions as well. You may activate my interactive systems by saying my name in any room where there is an interface panel or line present. I am also able to monitor all activity in the home with the exception being the bathrooms and the bedrooms if deactivated.” I look over to see what his reaction is; he has a sort of happy look on his face.

“So what do you think?”

“Dude, she's cool, what limits does she have, does she understand what were saying now?” Well, looks like he's a computer geek like Dad and I.

“Yes, and she does not have many limitations. She learns as she goes too, she's almost a true A.I.”

“Cool! Well, show me the rest. This is getting better as we go.” He giggles a little, the sound makes me smile and relax.
“The next room is my Dad’s office, we won’t be able to get in because he’s not here. The door will only open for some people, unless he’s in there to open it. We can come back after dinner and look at it if you want. The last door is my Dad’s room.” We head back into the elevator and go down to the main floor.

I show him around the kitchen, dining room, great room, back atrium, and parlor room. “We’re not supposed to be in here without an adult because of all the liquor in here. Next stop is the entertainment floor. Wait ‘til you see it it’s the best floor in the house.” We get down to that floor and the first room we see is the family room and off to the one side there are 2 doors. I take him to the first one. “This is our media room.” I open the door to a large theater room with amphitheater style seating, but instead of chairs there are recliners and love seats.”

Mark gasps as he comes in “Wow, this is amazing. It's like a real theater, only more comfortable.”

“Yeah we can play any kind of video in here, it doesn't matter what it's on. The projector is connected to the main media server also so a lot of the movies are stored on the server and are playable with voice commands, thanks to CLAIR. She can also stream to any of the bedrooms.” I take him back out and head to the next door. “This is the game room, it’s where all our game systems are and desktop PCs.” I open the door and he looks like he has died and gone to heaven. It makes me grin to see him happy. I have no clue why I am reacting this way though, I just met the guy. He gets excited and says. “We have to come back here and play some 360 sometime COD WAW will be a must.”

I smile at him. “Most def, we can come down here after dinner if you want. But now we have to finish the tour.” I tell him that the next floor down is my Dad’s work shop and no one can open the door to it but him, the elevator won’t even stop at that floor unless he’s in it. What I don't tell him is that the vault, server room, and utility junction is also there.

We get out at what in most houses is the basement. Only ours is a sports floor. A full sized Olympic pool, weight room, sauna, steam room, and hot tub. And a sliding glass wall that leads to an outdoor pool with another hot tub. Tim and Rich are all ready in the pool and John is in the hot tub. “Well the changing room is through here if you use the steam room or sauna I would not wear anything and hang the towel in the entry way.” I walk into the changing room and wait to see if he follows, he does. “The towels are on that rack over there, when you’re done throw them in that bag over there.”

Both of us just kind of stand there I assume neither of us wants to be the first to undress. I take a deep breath and take my shirt off and kick my shoes off. He inhales quickly, almost a gasp, when I take my shirt off. I try to hide my smirk but I don't think I do very well. I don't blame him for staring I do have a nice chest and abs for a 14 year old, you can almost see the 6 pack coming in with the classic swimmers V waist. I don't want to push him or embarrass him but I want to see what he looks like so I speak up. “Well are you going to get undressed or look at me all day.” I say it with a smile on my face hoping that he does not get offended by the comment. He looks scared and ready to blot so I tell him it’s cool and he seems to calm down. He starts to undress. I stop at my boxers and so does he. We’re both openly checking each other out now; he has really well developed muscles, better than mine. He seems to be thinking about something and then I see he gets a determined look on his face. Then he yanks down his boxers and steps out of them. It's my turn to gasp now, what I'm seeing is the perfect specimen of 14 year old glory. It looks to be about 3 inches flaccid and cut, with low hanging balls. He has a nice pubic patch for his age too; not fully grown in, but more than most our age. Now we both blush as he realizes I'm staring. He says my line back to me.

“Well, are you going to get undressed or look at me all day?”

I can’t help but burst out laughing at that and then I calm down and take my boxers off. I'm about the same size as him with less hair and my balls don't hang as low. I look up at him and I swear I can see him lick his lips. I must be losing my mind. I turn around and put on my Speedo. Grab a towel for me and him and head to the door, he wraps his around his waist and goes out with me. He heads to the steam room; I head to pool.

After about an hour and half of practice we get out. Tim and Rich go to the Hot tub to soak a little; I head to the steam room. He’s sitting there with his eyes closed and his head leaning back against the wall. I sit down across from him and take my Speedo off setting it next to me, and let the steam work out the kinks in my muscles. I take advantage of the fact he can’t see me. I look at his body and my eyes trace every line of muscle. We sit there for few minutes when I hear. “ Household page from George.” After a few seconds delay George comes on.

“Dinner will be ready in about 30 minutes. Please be ready by then.”

Mark is looking at me again but just smiles and puts his head back again. Talk about an open invite to stare, and stare I do. With about 10 minutes left I walk over to him, tap him on the shoulder and tell him we need to get ready. We both head back to the changing room with towels around our waists. Tim, Rich, and John see us and get out of the hot tub and follow us into the changing room. We all get dressed again and no one looks at anyone else. We all head back up to the main floor. Tim and Rich set their stuff by the door as we head to the dining room.

My Dad and younger brothers are already at the table. He knows Tim and Rich, as do Scott and Jacob, so I introduce Mark to everyone. My Dad welcomes them all and tells us to have a seat. Evan brings dinner out and starts serving us. It's roast beef just the way I like it rare and still red in the middle, with roasted garlic potatoes and a spice sausage gumbo for a soup. After dinner Tim and Rich say goodbye and head out to Rich's dads car to go home. Tim is staying over at Rich's tonight.

Mark and I head down to the game room and John goes up to his room to call his girl friend. We play about an hour on COD, and then I ask if he wants to go swimming or keep playing. He says, “I don't have anything to swim in.”

“That’s not a problem with Angela gone tonight you can go without swim trunks or you can borrow one.” He blushes again but agrees to go swimming so we head down. This time we both strip and wrap towels around ourselves and head to the pool. We hang our towels on the rack and jump in. We start to fool around trying to dunk each other and play a little grab ass. The close contact seems to be having an effect on not just me but him too, we are both hard as a rock. I look down and see a 5 inch erection staring back at me, it’s just a little bigger than mine. We both seem flush. He dunks me again and takes off laughing. As he tries to get away I chase after him and grab him from behind puling him into my chest. He leans back and sighs, then says in a husky voice that is betraying his level of arousal.

“We should get out.”

“Yeah we should.” I say, but neither of us makes a move. He's still leaning into me and I'm still holding him. Then he pushes away from me and heads for the edge of the pool and gets out then without looking back, heads to the changing area after grabbing his towel. I wait a few minutes to compose myself. What the hell is going on? What just happened? I shake my head and get out and get changed. Neither of us talks on the way up to my room. When we get there I notice the clock says it’s a little after nine. I tell him he has 3 choices for where to sleep.

“You can sleep in here on the floor, share the bed with me, or take one of the guest rooms, it's up to you.”

“I should probably take a guest room if it’s OK.”

“If that's what you want.” I say as I unconsciously take a step closer to him.

Out of nowhere he says. “You have the darkest green eyes I have ever seen. They go perfectly with your dark blond hair. Has anyone ever told you that before?” I'm too shocked at the turn of the conversation to say anything back. So he goes on.

“I’m going to head to bed now can you show me a room I can use?”

I just nod, take him to the room next to mine and tell him the bathroom is to the right. I leave him and head back to my room. I get undressed and slip into bed naked and try to make sense of the day and what is happening between Mark and I.

I don't sleep well and wake up in the middle of night moaning; I reach down and feel the aftermath of my wet dream. That in itself does not bother me, it's that the dream was about Mark. More confused than ever I get up grab my boxers and wipe everything up then get back in bed and go back to sleep.

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A talking house seems nice, not sure I´d like to live in one though. Great characters and a good story so far.

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