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Lives and Trials of Jupiter - 9. Chapter 9

Lives and Trials of Jupiter Chapter-9





I woke up when Jacob got up. I was planning on just rolling over and going back to sleep, but Jacob rolled over and gave me a big hug. Good thing my ribs are better healed now.

“Thanks for talking to me last night Alex”, then he got up and left. I rolled over and went back to sleep. I was awakened when CLAIR announced that Dr. Reed was here. I got up and went downstairs. Sitting at the table is Dr. Reed, my dad, and a man I never met before. I go and sit next to my dad. There is something about this stranger that is very familiar. My dad sees me staring and introduces us.

“Alex, this is Dr. Liam Kurt Cromwell.”

Mark’s uncle. I should have known. He has Mark’s eyes, or is it Mark has his eyes, either way, introductions were made, and Dr. Reed examined me. He says I was healing nicely and removed the stitches, telling me to take it easy for a few days, so I don't rip the new scar. He also tells me to use moisturizer on it for one week to keep it soft and stretchy. Once he leaves, I talk to Mark's Uncle and my dad for a bit while we eat breakfast. He tells me most of his things are being shipped in so he does not have much to move or unpack yet, and what he does have with him is upstairs already. As we are clearing up breakfast, the house staff comes in ready for the day. They love it when they get the night off and the morning too. My dad gives them as many nights off as he can, especially Dolores and George since they are married, and don't get much time alone since they are on call most of the time. Dolores comes over and takes over the clean up. She seems like she is in a really good mood this morning; she probably got laid last night. I see George and wink at him; he blushes. None of the house staff is really that old, I think Dolores is the oldest at 30 something. In no time we have everything picked up, and I can see George checking to make sure his kitchen is still the way he likes it.

“Isaac, Joseph DuLin has arrived. The guards are requesting permission to let him through the gate.”

“Thank you CLAIR, tell them it is OK. Also, let them know I will provide them with a list of persons with pre-approved access.”

Joseph DuLin comes in with about five other people, some looked like painters. They have paint and carpet with them as well. I also see a bunch of boxes with them. Then I see a few more people coming in with supplies and furniture. All the rooms have beds in them, but most of the unused rooms don't have the other stuff except a simple desk and small dresser. They brought in a full bedroom set and entertainment stuff as well. My dad goes up to him, they greet each other and talks about a few things; he then sends them all upstairs.

I decide to go soak in the hot tub and relax before lunch. I spend about 2 hours relaxing in the tub before I get out and go back to my room to take a shower and get dressed for the day. I can hear the workers doing their thing, so I go take a look. I have to say Joseph is really good at his job. I walk over to him and ask what the colors are that he is using.

I can make out a slight French accent as he begins to talk. “Well, your father told me that your new brother likes earth tones and natural colors, so I decided to do the walls in coastal plain green with nonchalant white and cobalt blue as accents. The floor will be Irish cream carpet with a cherry hard wood border. I'm adding a subtle swimming and basketball theme to the bedroom and bathroom so as not to look childish, but enough to give the subconscious impression of a sports motif. We are using black window curtains and bed trim. I picked out a natural blend of cherry and walnut wood for the furniture, with a European Country style. For the entertainment center, I decided on the Modloft Ann Entertainment Center with optional shelving.” The room is going to look great; I may think about having my room redone. I thank him for his time and head to my room to shower.

Once I'm in the shower I start to think about yesterday. Of course I get hard and can't get my erection to go down. So I do the logical thing that every teen would do, I jack off thinking about the amazing blow job Mark gave, and me going down on him and him blowing his load in my mouth. Feeling clean and relaxed after my jerk session, I get out of the shower, rub moisturizer into my scar, and get dressed. It's almost lunch time, and I have about an hour left. So I dump all my bags out from the store yesterday and look everything over. I can't wait to get my car tomorrow. I already plan on having the windows tinted to the maximum limit the law will allow. I ordered an under-body light kit, a light trim kit for the inside of my car, a kick ass car audio system, and a remote start and alarm system. For that stuff, I need to take the car into the place to have them put it all on. I would do the lighting myself, but I think it would look better if done professionally. I bought a few odds and ends for the inside like floor mats and a badass steering wheel cover. I'm taking it in and get it all worked on next week along with my sister’s car. She just got the alarm and remote start. The down side to all this is that the maximum distance for my car is going to be decreased because of the extra pull on the battery system, but that will only matter if I use it all the time. It was funny to watch the guys at the store tripping over themselves when I listed everything I wanted. At first they all looked skeptical, they were staring at me thinking ‘how is this kid going to pay for all this.’ Then I put down the shiny Black American Express card, and they were all my best friends. Amazing what that little piece of black plastic can get you. I wish Mark could go with me when I take my car in, but it only has 2 seats and I need someone over 18 to go with me.

I look over at the clock; it's lunch time. I head downstairs. It looks like my dad decided to invite everyone to lunch with us. All the people working on Derrek's room were there, along with Mark's uncle. After Evan brings in all the food and sets it on the table, the rest of the staff joins us for lunch as well. George made Smoky Corn Chowder and Reuben Sandwiches for everyone. While we were eating, Nancy comes in with Derrek behind her. This guy looks very uncomfortable. He has light brown eyes and light brown hair; it looks curly and would look great if it were shorter. He looks to be about 5' 11” and around 120 – 130 pounds. His clothes are ragged, and he needs a haircut badly and a shave. That 16 year old beard is not working for him at all. At least he is clean, so Nancy must have given him a shower and washed his clothes. I don't know a lot of what happened to him, but I do know he spent the last month on the street. Evan gets up and sets 2 more places. My dad invites them to join us. Nancy sits down but Derrek looks like he wants to run out the door. Poor guy he must have had a rough time to make him this jumpy. I feel bad for him. So I get up and go over to him extend my hand. “Hi I'm Alex; I'm your new brother.” He looks at my hand like it might bite him, but then takes it. I notice the room is very quiet and everyone is looking at me which makes me blush.

“I'm Derrek.” He says. His voice sounds tired and depressed, but it definitely has a sexy quality to it. If it were not for his homeless look, he would be pretty good looking.

“Cool, nice to meet you. Join us for lunch then I'll show you to your room. I saw them working on it. It's going to be awesome when it's done.” He seems to relax a little and joins us at the table. After we're finished eating, I take him up stairs; he has this wide eyed look and keeps looking around. I must be de-sensitized to the house because everyone seems to act like this when they first come over. I hope CLAIR does not freak him out. Nancy is coming up with us to see the room and so is Dad. I figure I should head off any CLAIR issues now. I know how people react when she just starts randomly talking to them.

“Derrek, there is something you should know before we get up stairs.” Everyone looks at me. “This is a smart house, so if you hear a female voice start talking to you and see doors opening and lights going on and off by themselves it's the house doing it.” He looks overwhelmed. That's the only word to describe it. We get to the floor our rooms are on, and I show him to the room that will be his by the end of the day. “I don't think it is fully ready yet but this will be your room when it is done.”

My dad interrupts. “It should be done by tonight.”

When the door slides open Derrek jumps back just like Mark did on that first day. The room looks amazing. It is almost totally done. It looks like they are just waiting for the paint to dry before setting everything up.

Derrek looks around the room then turns to Dad, “This is my room?”

“Yeah, I hope you like it. We can change anything you want. I told the designer that you like earth tones and natural colors, and that you played basketball and swam. So he came up with this.” My dad says.

“It's so big. When Nancy said she found a place for me I was thinking it was going to be some dump where they have a dozen people living there. Then we pulled up to this place.”

“Well, there are a lot more than a dozen people living in the compound. Close to 200 people live in the Jupiter compound. Only 8 people in this house, well 9 now with you. Two are temporary, and will be leaving in few months”

His jaw drops as my dad says this. “Why are there so many people here?”

“Most of them are staff that work on the property. Others are professionals like medical staff, legal staff, and system engineers that keep everything running. There is also a complex at the back of the property where executives and board members of the company where I work live sometimes.” Derrek just nods; I don't think he understood anything my dad just said. Dad then says, “Alex, why don't you take Derrek on a tour of the house so he knows where everything is located, then set him up with CLAIR and make sure he is comfortable. I'll set his access level later.” I tell him OK and lead Derrek off.

First stop is my room so I can let him get to know CLAIR. “I think the first thing we should do is introduce you to CLAIR. This is my room, but it's the closest room with a full interface panel that I have access to.” When my door opens he looks around; he still looks overwhelmed. “CLAIR, this is Derrek he will be living in the room between John and Angela. Give him the basic systems explanation.”

“User profile updated. Hello Derrek. I am the Custom Learning Automated Interactive Response system, but you may call me CLAIR for short, everyone else does. I manage all systems and utilities in the compound, and am capable of interactive help functions as well. You may activate my interactive systems by saying my name in any room where there is an interface panel or line present. I am also able to monitor all activity in the home with the exception being the bathrooms and the bedrooms if deactivated.” It is word for word the same speech she gave Mark except she said compound instead of house. She feels saying house makes her sound limited.

He looks over to me. “I thought you were kidding when you said the house talked.”

“The house does not talk, I do. I am not a house.” For a program that is not supposed to have emotions CLAIR can be very moody when you call her a house.

“It can understand me?” He says.

“Yes, she is fully interactive and borders on being a true A.I. Now let's get your user profile built. Put your hands on the touch screen next to the door, hold still and keep looking forward.” He does exactly as instructed. Normally, we don't do this for people unless they’re going to be living here. I'm going to have to do it for Mark soon since we upgraded him to resident.

“CLAIR, start the Bio scan for the profile input.”

“Scan started. Weight and height logged, Bio heat profile logged, hand scan logged, optical scan logged. Please state your full name, and birthday.”

“Derrek Zachary O'Connor, April 19th 1993.” Derrek says.

“Voice pattern logged, bio breath markers logged, Bio profile complete.” “Please connect cell phone and enter cell phone information for phone link and tracking.

“Set cell phone link to standby pending cell phone activation.” I tell CLAIR.

“Please enter user access level and medical history, for user Derrek Zachary O'Connor.”

All these instruction had been given by CLAIR. I tell CLAIR, “Pending the approval of our father, set his access level to resident with standardized restrictions in place, set his medical history to pending and send a page to Dr. Reed for input.”

“Cell phone link in standby, GPS monitoring and tracking is activated, Bio monitoring activated, Custom Learning activated, Alcohol restriction activated, Medical file built.”

“User profile updated. Access level set to guest pending resident level approval of Isaac Daniels. Custom user profile for Derrek Zachary O'Connor is online and activated. Welcome to The Jupiter Compound.”

“Thank you, CLAIR.” “OK Derrek, you can step away from the panel now.” He steps away and looks bewildered.

“What was all that?”

“She built a user profile for you. CLAIR is able to monitor us throughout the compound; she can locate us by our bio profile. It's how she knows who is entering a room and where to send pages and phone calls. She can also monitor for sickness and injury, too. See that blue line running around the room? That is her sensors. As long as that line is there she can see, hear, and monitor you. When you want privacy, just simply say, “CLAIR turn on DND and privacy mode.” “DND is do not disturb and privacy turns off her video monitoring; she can still track you with her infra-red sensors though. If you're in your room and you activate DND, it will lock the door and block pages unless an override or house page is used. You will get used to it.”

“You mean we get followed and recorded?”

“Umm yeah, but, there are no video recorders in the bedrooms or bathrooms. The tracking is used for the system, not so dad can follow you around the house, although if you ask CLAIR where someone is she will tell you. See watch.”

“CLAIR, where is dad?”

“Isaac is currently in his office.”

“CLAIR, where is John?”

“John is currently off the premises. Would you like to use GPS tracking to locate him?”

“No CLAIR, that won’t be necessary.”

“That's creepy.” Derrek says.

“As I said, you get used to it. So do you want to see the rest of the house? If this is too much for you right now; I could just let you chill in here ‘til the rest of the family gets back. Then we are heading to the mall and other stores to get you everything you need.”

“What do you mean, everything I need?”

“Well, you need clothes, a computer, and other stuff. A hair cut would probably not be a bad idea either.”

“You're getting me all that stuff?”

“Well yeah, you need it don't you? By the way, you will have to use a laptop; the only desktops are down in the game room. If you're planning on being here with us for a while, Dad will probably get you a car soon too.” He goes over to my chair and falls into it.

“This is all a little much for me. 48 hours ago I was living on the street after my parents kicked me out. Even when I was living with them, I did not have this much stuff.”

“Why did they kick you out?” It's probably none of my business but I’m curious.

“I got caught doing something they did not approve of and my dad beat me and threw me out.”

“What were you doing?” I hope he's not a drug addict or something.

“Well, I hope you don't hate me after this. I was caught in bed with my best friend.”

“That's it?”

“Well by in bed I mean having sex, well not sex, just blow jobs.”

“Still sex man either way you look at it. Don't worry. In this house I already beat you to the punch for breaking the 'I'm gay ice'; they all took it really well.” He looks at me with wide eyes. It makes me squirm and turn red.

“You're gay too?”

“Umm, yeah I am, but I have a boyfriend so don't get any ideas.”

“Don't worry, you’re not my type. I don't like blonds. No offence.”

“No offence taken.”

“So, why does your dad want to give me all this stuff? I was expecting to be living in a closet and wearing someone else’s hand-me downs. Did you say a laptop and maybe a car too? It's all so much. Why would he do that for someone he just met?”

“Well Dad is very free and very generous with his money, and he hates to see kids abused and abandoned. We have a lot of money, so he doesn't really think much about it at all. We don't flaunt it for the most part at school. It's kind of hard to hide this house or the cars we drive, but we do try to keep as low a profile as we can. We got about an hour before John and Angela come home, and about 2 hours before Jacob and Scott get here. Did you want to see the rest of the house or take a nap?”

“Let's finish the house first.” We get up and I take him around the rest of the house. He gets excited when I show him the game room and media room as well as the pool. I explain about the compound a little, and the green houses and atriums, and the underground buildings and tunnels. By the time we make it back upstairs, John and Angela are getting home. Introductions are made and true to her normal self, Angela starts talking about shopping and clothes.

“John, get him some of your stuff to wear, then let's go shopping; he is in desperate need of a fashion upgrade. Actually, so do you and Alex.”

“Angela, not all of us want to or need to look like a model out of a fashion catalog all the time. There is nothing wrong with my or John’s clothes. Although you're right, Derrek does need to go shopping.” I turn to Derrek. “No offence but your clothes are a little worn out.” He shrugs his shoulders.

“No problem, Derrek, come with me; you look about my size so you can wear some of my clothes while we shop,” John says.

“Normally, I have very good fashion sense, but living on the street for a month with only what you have on your back is limiting,” is Derrek's reply to Angela. I lean over to Derrek and ask if it's OK if I out him, he says it's fine.

“Well Angela, it looks like you finally have a gay brother with the fashion gene you keep trying to insist I have.” It takes a moment for her to figure out what I'm talking about. Then it clicks and she starts a high pitched squeal. She then jumps over to Derrek, giving him a big hug from the right side.

“This is so cool. Alex was such a letdown when I found out he was gay. Totally useless when it comes to clothes, but he makes up for it with cooking. You and I are going to have a great time. There are so many sales and stores. Oh my god we have to …...” She starts to trail off without anyone else giving any more input into her conversation with the air. Derrek interrupts her, “I said I have a good fashion sense not that I was a Shop-a-holic.” The look on Angela's face is the same one that a kid gets when he finds out his dog just died.

“You know next time Dad gives us a new brother, I'm making sure they're gay and like to shop. I will have a gay shopping partner if it's the last thing I do. For now I'll just have to shop enough for all of us.” I roll my eyes. Derrek is actually laughing; I have not heard him laugh since he came here.

“OK, go get changed before my sister attacks you for not being 'gay enough' for her.” He and John head up stairs. When they got back down, I paged Dad to let him know we were heading out; he tells us to have fun and be careful. We take John's SUV and head out for the mall; unfortunately, my tail is still with me. We go to the haircut place first. We get him styled and shaved. Then we head to the electronics store. We pick out a laptop, an iPod, an iPhone, and an air card for the laptop. Then, we head to the mall and get him clothes, shoes, jacket, cologne, jewelry and a watch. Then, we go to the department store to get him his personal hygiene stuff. After 4 hours of shopping and $30,000 later he is all set. He has no clue how much we just spent on him. We just kept sliding the wonderful black plastic card to all the clerks. At the electronics store the clerk refused to ring us up ‘til she validated the card. She went and got her manager to make the call. When her manager came over, she took one look at the card, saw the name on it, looked up at us, and told the clerk to go help someone else. She proceeded to ring us up, apologizing the entire time. As we were leaving, I saw her arguing with the clerk. I felt kind of bad, but still my family does shop there a lot; well more precisely I shop there more than the others. So she should have known better. Just because we’re young is no reason to treat us like we’re doing something wrong.

We make it home and it's past the normal dinner time; we are all tired and hungry. George made a huge meal to welcome Derrek to the house. The twins look excited but nervous. We ate and told Dad about the shopping trip. When he asks how much the trip cost, my wonderful, but sometimes clueless sister says “Around 30 grand I think. But we got some really great and cool stuff. I think he should get the Truck version of John's car too.” Poor Derrek is so surprised he starts choking on his food. When he recovers he asks. “You spent how much on me?”

“Around 30,000 I think; it may be more.” Angela says. He looks speechless and my dad just smiles and continues eating like it was no big deal that we just spent the same as an average person’s yearly salary. Not to mention how much the room cost to set up. Like always my dad could care less as long as we are happy.

“I'm sorry, I did not mean to get that much. You can take it back if it is too much.” My sister snorts and my dad looks up with a hurt expression on his face. I think he is genuinely insulted by the comment.

“Derrek, one thing you will have to learn here very quickly, money is not a problem. I make that much in about 3 hours, so please never complain about how much something costs. All that matters to me is that you are happy and healthy.”

“Yes sir. I will try to remember that.”

“That's one more thing you are going to have to learn. I don't let my family call me sir. As long as you live with us or want to be part of this family, you will either call me Isaac, or in time if you want you may call me Dad. Is that understood?” Derrick replies, “Yes.”

Dad continues, “Now as for the car, I was thinking of getting you a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited EV when we go get Alex's and Angela's car tomorrow. We may have to wait for it if they don't have the color you want. Of course I'm assuming that 1) you have your driver’s license, and 2) you want something bigger then a car. If you want a car we can get you something else. I do insist that it is at least a hybrid or can be turned into an electric car.” Derrek looks overwhelmed again.

“Yes, I have my license and I do prefer Jeeps and SUVs”

“Good, now that is settled. After dinner why don't you all help Derrek move into his new room. They just finished before you all got home.” The rest of dinner passed quickly. The twins came out of their shell and started to talk to Derrek; he seems very good with them. When dinner is over, we get up and start making our way to the elevator when Anthony walks in. Introductions are made by my dad. I wonder if we will have to let Derrek in on the cover story and family secret, otherwise he is going to be very suspicious of my driving with someone that is claiming to be 15 and a freshman. I did not have to wonder for long because my dad explained that Anthony is really my body guard, but the public story is that he is the son of his sister. He is told not to tell anyone about it including Nancy.

Anthony has a few members of the guard help him get his clothes into the guest room on our floor. We put him in the last room on my side of the floor. Then the rest of us go and help Derrek unpack all his new stuff. We link the cell phone with CLAIR and put his number in the system and exchange numbers with him. After everything is put away we all sit around and talk to Derrek trying to get to know him better. Then Jacob, Scott and Angela show him their rooms. He has already seen mine and John’s. After that we all go to our respective rooms to relax and get ready for bed.

I call Mark and we talk for a while; I tell him about Derrek. He warns me to keep my dick in my pants. I tease him a little by telling him that my dick was hanging out when Derrick came into the bedroom; he knows I am lying when I start laughing. I love that boy so much.

He says he is coming with us to get the car tomorrow. He says his mom got called into work for a few days, so he is going to spend the night at his uncle’s, in other words in my bed with me. I am totally excited. We say good night and I hang up. I realize that I'm going to have to add Derrek's new car to the appointment when I have my car worked on. Angela is getting an alarm and remote start put in also. I hope they don't mind adding Derrek to it. Then we could just take all 3 over at once and have John drive us around while they're all being worked on. I'll make the call in the morning while everyone else is at school. It will be just me and Derrek tomorrow. I'll have to think of something for us to do. I would like to swim now that I have my stitches out. I'll ask him if he wants to swim in the morning. I pick up my book and read for a bit then turn out the lights and go to sleep.

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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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