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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Lives and Trials of Jupiter - 22. Chapter 22

Lives and Trials of Jupiter Chapter-22





I started looking around for Mark but could not find him so I went to talk to the guard at the door. “Have you seen Mark? He's about my height and weight, light brown hair, and sharp bright blue eyes.” I ask the guard he looks at me and seems to think for a moment.


“Yes, I saw him not long ago. Are you Alex?”


OK, why does he want to know if I'm Alex? “Umm, yes I am.” He takes a folded piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to me.


“He asked me to give this to you if you came looking for him, if you did not come to me I was asked to give it to Mr. Rahal.” My heart starts racing this is not good; it could not be good. No one leaves a note if it's good.


“Thanks,” I tell him and walk away. I unfold the letter, and read it.


Alex, I'm sorry to tell you this in a note, but I'm not sure I could have done it face to face. I can't be around you or your family any more. I was right when I told your dad that being gay only leads to pain. If it were not for me, your dad would be OK. I am leaving, please don't try and find me. Take care of Shawn for me, tell him I love him. Don't ever doubt that I love you; I just can't wait around for you or someone else to get hurt because of me.

I Love You,



“THAT STUPID SELFISH JERK! How could he do this to me?” I yell out before I start crying. John comes running over to me just in time to catch me as I fall to my knees. I don't care any more! My dad is in coma; my boyfriend left me, and we have people trying to kill us. I just don't care any more!


“Alex what's wrong?” I hear John ask me. I hand him the note as I get up while he's reading I just walk out of the hospital. I don't have anywhere in mind I just start walking. I cross the street and hear the sound of tires squealing.




I called the Lawyers about Isaac, and got the run around. The one Lawyer remembers an advanced directive but no medical power of attorney. The problem is they can't find it in their copies. It all seems strange to me, I know Isaac never got the power of attorney filed because he never wanted anyone to have that control over him besides me and he thought that it would give too much away if he named me. He was going to fill one out now that he's somewhat out, but he never got around to it. That is going to change the second he wakes up that is for sure.


I realize that if there is a copy somewhere still it is probably in the vault, back at the house. The problem is that I need John or Alex to get in it now, without Isaac around they are the only ones that can give that level of access now.


I found John in the waiting room reading a letter. “John what are you reading?” It's probably none of my business but, I'm nosey.


“It's from Mark to Alex.” So may be it is my business. He hands me the letter. I read it, and think, 'shit what else could go wrong'.


“Is Alex OK, we need to find Mark, he could be in danger.


“Alex went for a walk, I think he needs some time to himself.” Hearing that gets me even more worried. I call over some of the guards and ask them to start looking for Mark, I also ask them if anyone went with Alex, they tell me no one followed him. Remind me never to ask what else can go wrong again. I tell them to get two teams together, one to find Mark the other to find and follow Alex. They go off to do their jobs I turn my attention back to John.


“I need your help, I need to get into part of the vault back at the house. There may be a document that will keep your grandparents from having anything to do with your dads treatment. “ He nods his head and gets up. “We are going to take the helicopter; it's on the roof.”


We head up the helipad and get in, the pilot starts it up and tells us to put on the headsets. The trip is fast and we land at the compound and take the shuttle up to the house. Once we get in and past all the security, we head to the elevator. CLAIR tells us we are not authorized to use that level of the house.


“John, you need to over ride her, you should be an administrator now.”


“CLAIR, override and add permission for users, Charles Ashton Rahal, and John Trevor Daniels.” John says.


“Time for override?” CLAIR asks.


“Until My father returns.”


“Profiles for Charles Ashton Rahal, and John Trevor Daniels have updated and saved, please place hands on interface panel.” As she says this a slot folds down a stray slides out, I put my hand on the indentation and feel a sharp jab, I look down after pulling my hand away. There are sharp needle like point that shot out and jabbed me. The points retract and CLAIR tells John to do the same thing, he gets jabbed too.


“CLAIR, why did you stab us?” John asks.


“The vault doors and systems rooms require a genetic confirmation. In order to add your genetic code to your profiles I needed a blood sample.” I remind myself to talk to Isaac about being over paranoid.


The elevator starts up and takes us down to Isaac's floor. This floor has his workshop, the utility juncture, the server rooms, and the vault. The fort facing side there is a massive door sunk into the wall. I take John over to it.


“This is the first of the doors, Your dad was going to bring you all down here soon, but then he got hurt. Go ahead and put your hand on the indent and your chin on the rest.” I wait for him to do it. “OK now say, 'Identity conformation, Vault access sequence'.” he repeats the command phrase.


“Identity conformation started, This floor is now on lock down. Please state Name and birth date.” I see panels start to open and what I swear are guns mounted on pivoting arms come out and aim right at us. I really need to have a talk with Isaac.


“ John Trevor Daniels, born August 25th 1993.”


“Profile accessed, Voice print confirmed,” light starts flashing in the retinal scanner and hand scanner. “Retinal scan confirmed, Hand print and finger print confirmed, “ Then I here the jabbing sound again. “Genetic profile processing, profile confirmed. Please list all guests accompanying you.”


“Charles Ashton Rahal.”


“Access granted, please step back.”


He steps back from the door as it starts to swing open. My jaw drops when I see it, it has to be at least four feet thick, the door opens the rest of the way and there is a little alcove with 3 more vault doors. I tell John to open the one on the left.


He walks up and places his hand on the scanner again it reads him and opens. This is the smaller of the vaults, it has all the legal documents in it. “CLAIR, where are Isaac's personal legal documents?”


“All personal documents are on the third self, section 3f2.”


I go over and see that everything is in a static and dust proof cover. I open the case for that section and start going through the papers, I find the one I'm looking for. I am shocked at what I see, it is an advanced directive, and it clearly states that any and all measures are to be taken up to prolonged artificial life support, it also names a director of care, in the event that his children are not yet of age, it's his aunt. This means that his parents just lost all right to direct care.


“What is all this?” I hear John ask, I see him looking at all the documents.


“This is where your dad keeps all his copies of any legal documents he signs or that pertain to him, his family, or his various businesses “


“There are sections with each of my brothers' and sister's names on them and one for me too. What are they?”


“Most likely adoption paperwork, medical records, school stuff, birth certificates, social security cards maybe even insurance.”


“What's in the other two?”


“Let's take a look, I found what I needed I'm just going to make a copy real fast then we can look.”


I go over to the mini copier and make three copies then put the original back in the case. “OK I'm ready, go ahead and close this vault, and open up the next one.” We walk out and John closes the door by placing his hand on the same scanner. Then he walks over to the middle door and repeats the process. The door swings open and my jaw drops again, I knew he kept some money on hand just in case, but there is enough cash to run a small nation for a year, not to mention the Gold, Silver, and Platinum bars sitting on racks. I look closer and I see bonds, and stock certificates stacked up; the money is in every major currency in the world. It makes me wonder why he has all this, but now the thick doors and the lead lined reinforced concrete shell made sense. This vault could double as a bomb shelter if it had too. Isaac is definitely paranoid.


“Holy shit!” is the only thing John says. He's looking around at everything. “CLAIR, what is the net worth of the contents of this vault.”


“At last inventory, the contents of vault two were estimated at three hundred and forty million dollars; that value will fluctuate based on market value.”


“Holy shit!” he repeats again. “How much is he worth.” I hear him ask under his breath, before I can stop CLAIR she starts to answer him. Isaac is not going to be happy about this. It seems CLAIR needs to learn when a question is rhetorical.


“Isaac Sebastian Daniels, born February 11th 1977, as of market close today has a net worth of thirty six trillion, two hundred sixty three billion, five hundred eighty nine million, six hundred twenty eight thousand, one hundred ninety seven dollars. That is subject to market fluctuation and includes all business and property holdings. It does not include charitable trust funds or trust funds set up for his children. Each of eight charitable trusts is valued at three hundred fifty six million, each child and foster child has a trust valued at two hundred million. “ OH yea Isaac is going to be pissed! Johns jaw drops, and he looks at me with wide eyes.


“Did you know about all this? And what did she mean that we all have trust funds; does that include Derrek and James; she said foster kids?


“Yes I had a good idea about his worth and what was in the vaults, I did not know how much was in here though. Also it is not just you, your siblings, and foster brothers, it's Mark, Shawn, and Rex as well. You were not supposed to find out about the money or the trust funds until you were older,\; your dad did not want it to go to your head. He set up the trust funds just encase anything happened and he was left with nothing, his kids would still be taken care of.”


“I knew he was rich, and probably the number one richest guy, but I had no clue it was by that much; he's like six hundred times richer then the next richest guy in the world. That is unbelievable, he has more money then most countries.”


“He has a bigger military then most too, and a bigger expense budget. I would really like it if you did not tell anyone any of this information.” I say to John. He nods and walks out. He closes up the vault and goes to the last one and opens it, it is the largest of the three. When the door opens we can see that this vault seems to hold heirlooms and personal things. There is jewelry, paintings, other collectibles, and then personal things like, the hand print Alex and Angela made in kindergarten, and the football from the first regional championship John ever won. There are pictures of family and just a lot of other stuff. Even an old rocking horse.


“Why would he keep some of this stuff it's worthless.” He said as he picked up a clay pot that I recognized as something he made in middle school art class, it was supposed to be a mug but ended up looking more like a pot.


“It is because to him this 'junk' as you put it is worth more to him than every thing else in the other vault. This is all his family heirlooms and personal memories and treasures. Like over there that menu from a restaurant is from the place he took me on our first date back in college. I would have thought that by now all of you would have figured it out. His family is the most important thing to him, yes the money helps take care of you, but you are his most treasured possessions, so it would make sense to keep the things that remind him of all of you.” He moves over to an old stuffed bear.

“I remember this, Dad gave it to me right after I came here? He told me that the bear would be my friend so I would not have to be alone. I thought It was thrown out, I had no clue dad saved it.” I can see some tears in his eyes, I put my hand on his shoulder, and rub it gently. “He really loves us, doesn't he?” I know he's not really asking, he already knows it, but I think this kinda showed what he's known all this time. Then John starts to break down, he turns around and hugs me and starts crying. “Why did they have to hurt him, why? He did nothing to hurt any one.” I just hold him while he cries. I was wondering when John would break, I guess it just took some memories to break through his shell. Most people think he's emotionally distant. Those people have never seen him with his brother's and his father.


We close up the vault and make our way back upstairs then head back to the helicopter and go back to the hospital. When we get there, a captain of the guard comes up to me.


“Sir, we have a problem. We found Mark, and he is back, but we can't find Alex. We tracked him up the street but all we found was one shoe.” The Captain says while he hands me what certainly looks like Alex's right shoe.


"Find him, and find him now!"


I can't believe some one would just grab me off the street like that. OK with every thing else going on I should have expected it, and taken guards with me.

“Hey you, yea you the one that looks high off his own shit. What do you want with me?” I yell at the ugly goon that is standing in front of me.

“You are our guest until your father drops the charges against our friend. But none of you were supposed to be alive right now. That part of the plan went wrong.” A guy says as he walks into the small room I'm being held in.

“You have a strange idea of what a guest is. Guests don't usually get chained to bed.” He comes closer and I can see him, he's the pastor for Corner Stone. Great may be they will try to get the demons out of me while they're at it.

“Your father has caused us some trouble and now your going to help us resolve it. I know there are other charges that he can not drop, but the ones he can will drop the investigation against me and my church. Oh I know what your thinking, and you would be right. It's not a real church, I just like having people look to me as the hand of God. I don't believe what I preach any more then you do. But it's great cover for my other interests. Among them being child pornography and prostitution. So if you father does not do as I ask, your cute face will be plastered all over the internet, well that is before I sell you to some perv in Russia as a sex slave. You were all supposed to die before Linda was arrested, then either she would take the blame or some one else would, either way the evidence your dad gathered on me would never see the light of day. Well as you know that did not work out so well.”

I could not believe what I was hearing. I was to shocked to say any thing back. I mean damn this guy just admitted to being behind everything, and to top it all off he's a fake minister. All the problems he has caused was to cover up his secretes. “My dad is in a coma, he wont be able to do anything.” It was true, I just hope he don't hurt me cause of it.

“Well that is an issue, but he should be waking up soon. Until then let's make a movie, I think we will cast you with Duke.” I don't like the sound of that not at all. He calls out Dukes name and a big German shepherded comes running in.

COPYRIGHT © 2009-2010 BY ThomasNealy. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. DISTRIBUTION FOR OR WITH OUT COMMERCIAL GAIN, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, POSTING ON SITES OR NEWSGROUPS, DISTRIBUTION AS PARTS OR IN BOOK FORM (EITHER AS A WHOLE OR PART OF A COMPILATION) WITH OR WITHOUT A FEE, OR DISTRIBUTION ON CD, DVD, OR ANY OTHER ELECTRONIC MEDIA WITH OR WITHOUT A FEE, IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED WITHOUT THE AUTHOR'S WRITTEN CONSENT. YOU MAY DOWNLOAD ONE (1) COPY OF THIS STORY FOR PERSONAL USE; ANY AND ALL COMMERCIAL USE AND ANY OTHER USE EXCEPTING EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS REQUIRES THE AUTHORS WRITTEN CONSENT. THE AUTHOR MAY BE CONTACTED AT: ThomasNealy@Gmail.com<br /><br />Notice: Posting on any site or newsgroup without the authors express written permission is prohibited. TO REPORT VIOLATIONS OF THESE TERMS CONTACT ThomasNealy@Gmail.com The stories posted herein are works of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. Some of the people named are real persons and celebrities in their own right, but their mention or involvement in the plot is strictly fictional and purely for the purposes of the story and in no way implies any personal or sexual preferences, ideas or beliefs, on the part of the real person of that name. No inferences are implied or intended whatsoever, to the persons mentioned, as a result of this work. The stories herein may contain scenes of a graphical nature which may not be legal in your area. If material of this nature is illegal in your present location, please leave now.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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