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Lives and Trials of Jupiter - 8. Chapter 8

Lives and Trials of Jupiter Chapter-8



<<<<Alex: >>>>
“Alex, Mark!!, Last warning. GET OUT OF THE SHOWER!!” Considering this is the last chance I will get to be with my boyfriend in private ‘til next weekend, you would think my dad would be a little more understanding. Just because I have a limited sex life does not mean I don't enjoy what sex life I do have. OK, so we have been in the shower for 2 hours but we have 3 days to make up for, and then a week to be preemptive about.

This morning has been absolutely wonderful. We're talking earth shattering, eyes rolling back in to your head wonderful. I woke up this morning with Mark kissing me and sucking on my nipples. After I was up and ready to go, he slowly worked his way down my chest and my stomach. I nearly came right there, thinking he was going to give me a blow job. I should have known better, he was not going to make it that easy. He moved back to my mouth and started deep kissing me again. He swung himself over me and straddled my hips. Then he started to kiss my neck, ears, collarbone, and chest. All the while, Mark was grinding his hips into my groin. This time, as he makes his way back down to my hard throbbing cock, he looks up at me and meets my eyes. I can tell this time it is no tease. I nod at him to say it's OK. He tentatively sticks his tongue out and tastes the tip and the massive amount of precum leaking out. Then he opens up and impales his mouth on my rode. I let out a moan from deep in my throat. It seems like every nerve ending is tingling. I rub my hand through his hair and start moaning loudly. I can feel the cum start churning in my balls. Just as I think I'm about to go over the edge he backs off and moves up to kiss me again. After I cool down he goes back to work. This time he does not stop. I try to warn him to back off. I yell “I'm coming”, and all he does is redouble his speed and start humming. It's all I can take. I shout in passion and my vision goes dark except for the pin points of light as my orgasm courses through my body. I think I stopped breathing, too. When I start to come down, I start panting hard; my body is shaking. I can feel the sweat all over me. I notice he is still sucking on my cock, milking it for all it's worth. One last shudder, and the last drop of cum oozes out the tip of my dick. I have to pull him off. He moves back up to kiss me; I can taste cum residue in his mouth. We spend the next few moments intensely making out. When he rolls over, all I can say through my labored breathing, “Holy shit, what came over you today.” This was the first time we tried blow jobs.

“Well you came in me a few moments ago,” Was his reply.

“You can wake me up like that any time you want. Give me a few moments to make sure I'm still alive and I'll return the favor. Where the hell did you learn to do that anyway?”

“You can learn a lot on the Internet. Also, I hope you’re up for a marathon because I intend on making up for the last few days and stock piling for the next week.” That's all he has to say to get me back in the game. I roll on top of him and start duplicating what he had done to me. His precum has a slightly sweet taste but still kind of salty too. It's not exactly the best thing in world, but I will get used to it. I try to move down more on his cock, but I start to gag and back off. I stay closer to the tip and work his balls with my hand while jacking off the base of his cock to make up for my lack of deep-throating skills. He has his hand on the back of my head gently rubbing my hair. I can tell he is getting close 'cause his balls start to pull up closer to his body. He warns me that he is about to cum, and I decide that if he can take it, so can I. So I keep sucking. His first blast is so forceful it nearly makes me choke, but I know what to expect for the next one and those to follow. As he fills up my mouth I swallow, it is slimy and has a slight bleach flavor. This is not going to become my favorite drink, that's for sure. He erupts 4 more times before his orgasm is over. I keep sucking ‘til all of his cum oozes out. He pulls my head back saying it's too sensitive. I kiss him a few times, then we take a short break. And by short, I mean like 2 minutes. We spend the next 3 hours all over my room and bathroom re-enacting my wake-up call, the last 2 of them in the shower. We were rudely interrupted by my dad banging on the door. Thank god for on demand heaters or we would have drained the hot water for the whole house.

We got out of the shower, dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast with my family. George really went all out today. He made pancakes, waffles, 3 types of sausage, bacon, eggs, and a bunch of other stuff. We help ourselves to the food. I'm sitting next to John and Mark is at my other side. Once we were finished eating, Mark and Shawn headed home. My dad pulled me off to the side.

“Alex, I know I can't tell you not to be sexually active, and I know that if I tried to, that you would just sneak around and do it anyway. But could you please try and keep it down. You were very loud this morning, you could be heard in the hall. Now that's saying something considering the rooms have sound dampeners in them.” If I could die of embarrassment, I would.

“I'll be more careful next time. Sorry dad.”

“Well it's not like I don't understand. Oh, and if you keep this up you’re going to have to tell Jacob and Scott sooner rather than later. For the most part, I think they have a lot of it figured out, and whatever they did not guess before, they heard this morning.” With that he walks away leaving me red faced and looking for a deep dark hole to crawl into. Having your father comment on how loud you are when having sex has got to be one of the most embarrassing things in the world. I head up to my room to spend the day relaxing and reading. I also have some homework to do. After lunch, my dad gets a call and off he goes. When he gets back, he asks us if we want to hit the car supply store and few other places. I think that's a great idea. I have tons of stuff I want to get for my new car. So John, Angela, the Twins and I head out, security detail following us of course. Man I hope they find Lee fast, I'm sick of having a tail everywhere I go. We spend about 3 hours shopping, then head home.



<<<<Mark: >>>>

Shawn and I get in the car, and a driver takes us home. Shawn seems very quiet. “ What’s wrong Shawn? Are you OK?” He turns to me.

“Are you like Dad?” Well I figured I would have to deal with this sometime, I was just hoping for more time. The best laid plans.

“What do you mean?” I know full well what he means, I'm just hoping to buy some time to think.

“Do you like boys too?” I notice he says "too", and not "like dad". Maybe my suspicions are correct after all.

“Is that a problem if I do?” I'm nervous now; if he tells mom before Isaac's plan goes through, I'm fucked, and not by Alex.

“Not really, I just wanted to know.” He gets a distant look in his eyes.

“Are you OK with it Shawn. You know, if I like boys?”

“Yeah. I think I do too, but I'm not sure. I like Alex; by the way, the two of you look good together. Don't worry, I won’t tell mom; she would kill you like she did dad.” Several things he just said made my world drop from under me.

“We will come back to you not being sure, and how you know I'm dating Alex in a minute. But first what do you mean like she killed dad?” What the hell could he possibly think. Dad was drunk, and his car crashed.

“I heard mom on the phone after the accident. She was talking to someone. She asked them if they were sure the brake tampering could not be detected. Then she said the money would be wired to their account, and that they better never tell anyone what she did.” He has a vacant look in his eyes again. That explains why he has been so distant since the accident, and why he always says "when dad was killed", not "died" - killed. I can't believe it. I knew my mom was bad, but I never thought she killed him. The full weight of it hits me. Holy Shit! My mom had my dad killed. I pull him into me and hold him then whisper in his ear.

“You can never tell anyone that, not ‘til I tell you it will be OK. Never let mom know you heard any of that. I'll take care of us, don't worry. We will be safe. There is something I have to tell you.” I tell him all about the plan and make sure he understands how he needs to act, and make sure he knows not to tell anyone about me or Alex ‘til we tell him it's OK. I realize I have to let my uncle and Isaac know about this as soon as possible. But right now we have a show to put on.

When we pull up to the house I see a car. It must be Uncle Liam's. I look over to Shawn and tell him to remember what we talked about. Then we both put on our best happy faces. We walk in and see our uncle at the table. We run up to him giving him a hug. He tells us about moving here for awhile, and we tell him about our weekend. Well, most of our weekend. Then true to script he says

“You mean that “fag” lovers kid. I really don't think you should go over there anymore. I don't want him making you gay like your abomination of a father.” My mother beams at him; we pretend to be shocked. He tells us he is taking us all out to lunch and that we better be ready to eat by noon. My brother and I head to our rooms to unpack. When lunch time comes, we head out to some small family restaurant to eat. Uncle Liam talks more about his new practice, and how he has a private patient and backer as well. We ask who it is, and he says he can't tell us because of patient-doctor confidentiality. After lunch my Uncle asks if we want to take a ride with him, and show him around town. We say sure, and drop mom back off at the house. As soon as we are back on the road, I tell my uncle that we have to go back to Alex's house, and that it's extremely important. He says OK, and that he needs to meet everyone anyway. I take out my cell phone and dial Alex's house.

“Thank you for Calling The Jupiter Compound how may I direct your call.”

“ CLAIR, please do a private transfer to Isaac.”

“Please hold for the transfer.” a few moments go by and I here Isaac pick up.

“Hello, this is Dr. Isaac Daniels. May I ask who is calling.”

“Isaac, it's Mark. Don't let Alex know I'm calling. I need to see you right away. I found something out that is very bad.”

“OK, when will you be here.”

“About 10 minutes. Alex can't know I'm coming ‘til after you hear what I have to say.”

“I'll send him to the store with John and Angela.”

“Thanks Isaac, I'll see you soon.” I look over at my uncle.

“This trip to see town worked out perfectly. You are not going to believe what I found out from Shawn.” We get to Alex's house and his dad is waiting for us. He walks us up to his office, then tells us all to sit, asking us if we want anything to drink. He has it brought up, and once we are alone again he begins to talk.

“I'm assuming this is not a social call since you have your uncle and Shawn with you.. I'm also assuming that Shawn has been let in on the plans since he is here.”

“Yes, I told him on the way home. After he told me that my mother had my father killed.” Both Uncle Liam and Isaac were drinking when I said this, and both sprayed it out and started choking. My uncle was the first to speak.

“What do you mean that bitch had my brother killed? He crashed his car after drinking too much.”

“That's what I thought too, but Shawn overheard mom talking to someone. Well, he should tell you.” Everyone looks at my brother. He looks like a deer caught in headlights; I tell him it's OK, and to tell them what he told me, but no one else ‘til he is told it's OK. He starts telling his story.

“Like Mark said, the night of the accident after the police came and told her what happened, I heard her on the phone. She was talking to someone. She asked if they were sure that the tampering with the brakes could not be detected. Then she said that the money was wired to their account. And told them never to tell anyone what she did.”

“Holy shit! The crash never made sense ‘til now. The reports all said he never passed out so they could not figure out why he did not stop. They kept trying to tell me it may have been a suicide attempt. Now I know the truth. That bitch had him killed. Sorry for the language guys.” My uncle says.

“We still need the plan to work though, just in case the charges don't stick. I need you all to play your roles and see this through to the end. After we have made sure she can never get you guys back, we will tell the police what we know.” We talk about it all for a little bit, then as we are going Isaac says. “I'm going to have a team shadowing your place to make sure you’re OK. Just hold in there until this is over. It won’t be much longer.” We leave and head back to our house. I head to my room and work on the homework that I'm behind in.


<<<<Isaac: >>>>

The moment the door closed, I went into action. “ CLAIR get the Family, Business, Civil, and Criminal legal team here within the next hour along with the division heads of Erebus.” An hour later I had my legal team and Erebus heads sitting in my office. I offered drinks to the guests and had it all brought up; then once Evan left and we all had what we wanted, I addressed the criminal lawyer first. “How much legal trouble can I get into for withholding information on a contract murder that was hate crime motivated? I fully intend on coming forward once I know more, but can I be held accountable for withholding knowledge?”

“That depends on why you’re not reporting it. If you’re covering it up then you could be guilty of misprision and be charged as an accessory after the fact. If you intend to notify the authorities, then those charges would no longer apply.”

“Good, that's what I was hoping. Would the same apply to a minor who overheard a conversation in which the murder was contracted, but did not report it?”

“If the minor feared for his life, or is below the age of responsibility then yes. What is going on here Isaac? These sound like very specific questions to be hypothetical.”

“That's because it is not hypothetical. I want to have all my bases covered before I move forward on this one.” I turn to Jess Davis, the head of Enyo. “I want the guard on this compound tripled, fully armed and visible at all times, as well as two dozen sharp shooters in the lookout posts around the clock. No one gets in this house or into the garages without my express permission. If they don't stop, shoot them.” I look to the head of Nyx, Phil Zimmer, next. “I also want an undercover team assigned to Mark and his brother Shawn. Their mother is not to know of it. If she so much as looks wrong at them, I want to know. If she tries to hurt them, get them both out of there regardless of the problems it may cause. I also want a drone to be over the school parking lot when my kids are in class. I don't want anyone tampering with their cars. ” He looks at me like he wants to ask why, but then thinks better of it and nods. Looking at the head of Metis , Naudia Brasher. “I want you to look into the death of one Mark Emerson Cromwell, Sr. He died in a car crash a little over a year ago. I have reason to suspect the brakes were tampered with in a way that normal checks would miss. I want Linda Madison Cromwell's financial records pulled and analyzed, as well as any phones she had at the time. Find who she paid and how much, then, track his fucking ass down. Once we have everything we need, I'll take it to the correct people. This is to be top priority, as well as top secret.” Turning back to Phil, “While we are at it, put her under surveillance too. I want to know everything she is doing, and who she is talking to and about what”.

Turning to my Business and Civil lawyers I ask, “What are the ways to avoid any repercussions on firing some one?”

“What would be the official reason?” the Business lawyer asks.

“Officially it would be for sending a letter to the Board of Directors demanding my termination for supporting gay rights in the work place. Unofficially, it would be very much personal.”

“Depending on the language of the letter, you may not be able to. If she uses derogatory and inflammatory language, then you could. Otherwise, it would be seen as retaliation.”

“If I did fire her anyway just out of spite, would I be held personally responsible, or would the company.”

They talk it over for a few minutes between themselves.

“We feel that in order to avoid personal responsibility, you should make it an act of the board, and not an act of the Vice President persona you have adopted. You will also need proof of the letter.” I nod once to them and move on to the next question.

“I need iron clad custodial documents made up giving Liam Cromwell complete, permanent, and irrevocable custody of both Mark and Shawn until they turn 18 or emancipate themselves. I want myself listed as a secondary in the event he is unable to care for them, or moves out of the district before Shawn graduates. On brief examination, they need to look like your standardized temporary guardianship documents. I need them drafted in India ink and acid free paper, and need them ready before December 8th. Now in the event that she figures out what we are trying to do, what legal issues will I be facing.” We spend the next hour going over every possibility and action; then I dismiss them.

“ CLAIR, page Evan.”

“Yes Isaac what can I get for you.”

“Please bring up a bottle of HENNESSY X.O, a glass, and some ice please.” A few moments later Evan walks in and sets down the bottle, the glass, and an ice container.

“Anything else sir?”

“No, that will be all. Thank you Evan.” He turns to leave, but stops at the door. “Forgive me sir if I'm being too forward, but is everything all right? Forgive me but you look like hell, and a full legal team and the heads of Erebus just left. In the all years I have worked for you I don't remember you ever calling an emergency meeting like that.”

“It's alright Evan you have never been too forward with me. As for if I'm all right, well we will just have to let everything play out and see. Why don't you take the rest of the night off? Go home and relax. Tell the others as well. I think I would like to be alone with my family tonight.” He nods and thanks me and leaves. As I'm sitting there relaxing trying to get my act together before my children get home, CLAIR announces I have a call.

“Isaac you have a call on line 2 the id matches the number of Nancy Lane. Would you like me to transfer her through to your office phone?” What the hell could the social worker want now? Of all days she had to call while I'm dealing with everything else.

“Yes that is fine CLAIR.” I go to my desk and pick up the phone.

“Hello Nancy, how can I assist you today.”

“Well I'm glad I got a hold of you. Are you able to take a placement in the morning?” To borrow an expression from the British, bloody hell. I guess when it rains it pours.

“Yes. What are the vitals.”

“His name is Derrek Zachary O'Connor. He is 16, birthday April 19th 1993. His parents threw him out after finding him in bed with his best friend. He has been living on the street for the last month. He is staying with me tonight, but I can bring him by in the morning.”

“That's fine, but could you make it the afternoon? It's been one hell of night. And I have to tell the family. Also, am I correct in assuming that Derrek is gay and has a boyfriend?”

“Gay yes, boyfriend no. Is that a problem? I know your history, so I did not think you would mind taking in a gay endangered teen.”

“No, I have no problem with it. I just wanted to have my facts in order. Find out what his tastes are and I'll have the room made up.”

“I figured you would ask for that information so I have it ready. He is a swimmer and basketball player. He prefers natural earth tones.”

“Will he need a full wardrobe?”

“Yes. Other than the things he has with him, he has nothing else. By the time we found him, his parents had already destroyed everything of his.”

“OK. After he is settled in I'll take him shopping. While I have you on the phone, I wanted to tell you that you should prepare yourself for another case like the Twins.”

“What have you done this time, Isaac?”

“I may be saving a child's life. But, I will need your signature on the documents, as well as Judge Henry's and a few other people.”

“Dear God Isaac, you are doing a permanent guardianship change, aren't you?”

“Yes. We can talk more about it when the time draws close; I just did not want you to be caught off guard.”

“Well I can't say I'm pleased, but I will stand with you like always.”

“Thank you Nancy. Now if you don't mind I have to get back to relaxing before my kids get back. I will see you tomorrow.” We hang up and I go back to sipping my Cognac. By the time my kids get home, I'm on my third glass. I don't normally drink, but it has been one hell of a month. I head downstairs to break the news to my family.


<<<<Alex: >>>>

The first thing I notice is that the guards have increased, a lot. I wonder what is going on. We get in, and my dad is sitting in the great room drinking something that looks like brandy. He does not do a lot of drinking, so this is odd already. He hears us come in and turns around. I can see a slight blush in his cheeks. He has had more than the one glass. He tells us to all to come in and sit down as he has some things to go over with us. We all sit down; we all ignore the drink. If he wants to tell us about that, he will.

“I got a call from Nancy Lane earlier. Tomorrow afternoon you will all have a new foster brother moving in. His name is Derrek, he is 16.” He lets that sink in. “If you are uncomfortable I can call Nancy back, but I would rather not. Derrek is in need of a good home, and we have more than enough room.” We all answer that we have no issue with it. He moves on to the next item on his mental list. “I gave the staff the night off, so we're on our own for dinner. I was thinking of ordering pizza, if that's OK with all of you.” Once again we say that is good, and he places the order as we tell him what we want. Then he moves on again. “For personal reasons that I will not go into, we will have an extended guest living in one of the suites on the top level. He is Mark’s Uncle.” I already know about this, but the others looked confused. He looks at me then says, “Alex, Dr. Reed is coming by in the morning to possibly remove your stitches.” Then in a general statement to everyone again, “Anthony, Alex's undercover guard, will be coming to stay with us ‘til Lee is found. The cover story is that he is the son of my sister. He is staying with us ‘til his parents come back from Europe. He will have all the same classes as you, Alex.” He seems to have a lot to talk about. No wonder he looks tired. “If you are willing to postpone your return to school ‘til Wednesday, then on Tuesday we can go pick up the cars. I was going to do it tomorrow but with everything else going on, I don't think I can handle you two driving home in two new cars as well.” I tell him that is fine. He stops and takes a sip of his drink. We are all just sitting there looking at him. “I will be calling Joseph DuLin later tonight so he can get here early and get Derrek's room ready. I'm putting him between John and Angela. After he is settled in somewhat, he will need to go shopping for a full wardrobe, computer, and all other personal things. If any of you want you may go as well. It will most likely be after school.”

“Isaac, the pizza delivery man is here and the guards are requesting permission to let him through the gate.”

“Thank you CLAIR, tell them it's OK.”
He gets up and gets the food, then comes back. “Let's just eat in the kitchen tonight, I still have some things to talk about.” We get up and go to the table area in the kitchen. He looks at me and Angela. “Once you two have your cars, you may drive with anyone over the age of 18. Since Anthony will be with Alex all the time, you two will be driving to school on alternating days. When it is Angela's turn you both will take her car with Anthony in the front seat. When it is Alex's turn, Angela will have to ride with John still, since Alex is getting a two seat car.” When I get up to get a drink he follows me and pulls me off to the side. “Alex, I want you to tell Scott and Jacob about you and Mark. I want them to hear it from you before they find out from anyone else.”

“You're right dad, I will tell them when I get back to the table.” I get my drink and we walk back in. I sit down and turn to the twins, “Jake, Scott, I have something I need to tell you.” They look up at me with questioning looks. My voice is cracking it is clear I'm nervous.

“What’s the matter Alex.” Jacob asks.

“Well, I'm gay. And I'm dating Mark.” I exhale in a rush. I did this with the rest of my family and yet I still feel nervous about coming out. I wonder if it is going to get easier over time.

Scott talks first. “We kind of already figured that out.” Then Jacob finishes. “Yeah, it's not like you were quiet when you were having sex with him this morning.” My mouth drops open and Angela starts giggling. I can see John trying to cover up a smirk from the corner of my eye.

My dad says. “Now boys there is no need to bring up your brothers sex life. First of all, you’re too young to talk about things like that.” I'm bright red by this point, and he tries to change the subject. After we eat Dad says he is taking an early night and heads off to bed. We all head to our rooms to do whatever. Everyone else has class in the morning. I call Mark on his cell phone and talk to him for a while. I tell him all about everything that my dad talked about. We talk about having a new person living with me, and I wonder if we will need to cool it for a bit ‘til we get a feel for him. I told him about the noise complaints. He says next time we just have to turn on the music. I laugh at the way he says it. He tells me about coming out to his brother, or rather his brother outing him. Then I invite him to go with me to get my car on Wednesday. He says he will think about it. We say good night and hang up. There is a knock on my door.

“CLAIR, door.” When it opens I see Jacob standing in the door looking nervous as hell. Scott is not with him this time him like he would be normally.

“What's wrong Jake?”

“Can I talk to you for a little bit?”

“Sure bud, get in bed with me.” He climbs in and settles next to me. I wrap my arms around him and pull him in closer. I hope he never gets sick of cuddling with me. I know I still like to snuggle with John, but that might just be me. “So, what is it you wanted to talk about?”
He looks up at me and seems to think about it.

In a small barely audible voice he says. “How do you know if you’re gay?” This is not how I saw this conversation going, not at all.

“Well, you just know. Why do you ask? Do you think you may be?”

“I don't know. I have tried things with guys, and I like it. Does that mean I'm gay like you?”

“You’re still young, so it may just be experimenting. You may end up straight, bi, or gay like me. Who have you been trying things with? You know you have to be careful with who you mess around with. You should never do things you or the other person does not want to.”

“The person I usually did things with, and still do sometimes, talks about girls too. I don't think I like girls like him. The other person never talks about girls.”

“You have messed around with two people. Jake you need to be careful.”

“It's all right. I have known the one person my whole life, and the other one, well you would think he is fine; you know both of them.” My head goes into over drive. The only person he has known his whole life is Scott. That would be fairly normal for identical twins to experiment together. The only one of his friends that I know, and would think is fine, is Mark's brother. The rest of his friends can be brats and I don't really like them all that much. Then I remember what Mark said yesterday about thinking his brother was gay.

“Jake, you don't have to tell me, but are the people Scott and Shawn?”
He tenses, and looks up at me with fearful eyes starting to brim with tears. “It's OK if it is, You’re right, I do approve of Shawn, and a lot of twins mess around with each other. So it's totally normal. I still think it's too early to tell if you're straight, gay, or bi yet. If you don't like girls at all, then you might be gay, but give it a few years to decide. As for Scott, if he talks about liking both guys and girls he may be Bi. Also, don't worry, I won’t tell anyone about our conversation.”

“Thanks Alex.”

“No problem little man. You know I would do anything for you guys.”

“I know. Can I stay here tonight?”

“Sure Jake. Go get ready and you can sleep in here with me.” He runs off to get ready for bed and I get up and do the same. I crawl back in bed and he comes bounding back in. He cuddles up to my left side. It is strange, Jacob always goes to my left, and Scott always to my right. It must be a twin thing. Because Angela and I do the same thing whenever we hug someone or cuddle with them. I always take the left and she always takes the right. I pull him closer to my body and we both fall asleep.

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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Two dozen sharp shooters seem a bit extreme. Mark´s mother is even worse than I thought, glad there´s a nice uncle to look after the kids.

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