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Lives and Trials of Jupiter - 13. Chapter 13

Lives and Trials of Jupiter Chapter-13




I did not sleep well last night. I was thinking about my date tonight. I am so nervous I can barely interact with anyone. This will be my first real date with a guy. I have had a fuck buddy, but we never went out it, was always about getting off. I hope this blind date of Alex's does not go bad.

“Mr. O'Connor, do you know the answer?” Shit! I did not even hear the question Mr. Becker asked me.

“I'm sorry Mr. Becker. Could you repeat the question?”

“I asked what we would get if we added zinc to a solution of hydrochloric acid.”

“We would get zinc chloride, hydrogen gas, and heat.”

“Very good. That is what today's lab will be. We will be collecting hydrogen gas. We will then use the gas in later labs.” Explained Mr. Becker. I go back to worrying about my night. Lucky for me I didn't get called on again, and my lab partner is John so I don't have to explain why I am acting like I'm about to jump out of my skin. Having my new family know about me being gay has it's up sides, that's for sure.

My next class is study hall, that is a good thing. After that it's lunch.


Why did I let Alex talk me into this? What if he does not want to go out with me? What if he does not like me? Oh god! What if he wants to be public with it, if there is a we, or us? Oh god, what am I going to wear?

“Matt, you're going to be late for school,” my mom shouts down the hall. Ugh school! I have to see him all day, and I can't tell him that I'm his blind date. OK focus, I need clothes for school. I can decide what I'm going to wear tonight later. OK deep breath, stop spazing out. It’s just a date and you have like 12 hours ‘til the date starts. Just get through the day, kill Alex later.

With my nerves more under control, I run down the stairs and jump into my car. My mom yells out goodbye as I pull away. The ride to school helps keep my mind of my date. All that goes out the window when I get to school and see Derrek going into the school with his family. Then another thought hits me. If Derrek and I do start dating, and it ends bad, then my friendship with Alex, John, and Angela will be ruined. Great, more to think about. I slam my door and walk into the building. My classes seem to slip by without me noticing. I'm too lost in my own world to notice. Then it's lunch time. Before I can get to the lunch room, Alex drags me off to talk. He has a bag with him.

“Here, wear this tonight,” he says as he pushes the bag into my arms. “Go lay it down in your back seat so they don't get wrinkled.”

“Thanks Alex. I still may need to kill you later.”

“OK, you need to relax; Angela told me you have been a nervous wreck all day. If you don't relax, he is going to figure it out. He is just as nervous as you by the way.”

“Maybe we should just tell him. That way he can cancel before the dinner.”

“No way! We're doing this my way. If you meet in public then neither of you can back out because you feel too nervous about going out.” I lean against the wall then slid down to the floor. I put my head in my hands.

“I don't think I can do this Alex. I can't be out like him. What if he does not like me? What if he tells everyone?” He sits down next to me.

“You can do this, and you are going to do this. I don't think he will care if you come out or not. Being out was not his first choice, Nicole forced that on him. He wont tell anyone. He knows about me, Mark, and Jacob, and he has not said anything to anyone. As for not liking you, well, you won't know unless you give it a try. I know he thinks your cute.”

“Thanks Alex, I won't kill you after all,” I say as I chuckle. “I didn’t know Jacob is gay, too.”

“He may not be; he is still young, but he is leaning that way. Don't say anything to anyone, including him, about it though. He's very self conscious about it. I slipped when I included his name; I shouldn't have said anything.”

“Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. So how much is this date going to cost me?”

“Nothing Matt. The dinner is on the house. So unless you guys go somewhere after and ditch us, it is a cost free night. Well, beside the valet tip.”

“How can it be on the house?”

“My family has connections. You should know not to ask questions like that by now young man. We have been friends for what 12 years? Even if it were not on the house, you still would not be paying anything, don't forget who you are going out with tonight,” he says as he grabs me in the ribs then stands up and offers me his hand. I take the clothes out to my car then we walk into the lunchroom, and I see Mark look over at us with a questioning look.


I woke up wrapped in Alex's arms. I looked over at the clock; it was still way too early to get my ass out of bed, but I extracted myself from his arms and got out of bed. After emptying my bladder, I make my way down to the kitchen and fix Alex and me some breakfast. Strange, I feel more at home here than I do in my own. I also realize that it should be him getting me breakfast, since it is his house. I shake my head and take the tray and food upstairs. Alex is still asleep but has rolled over and is now hugging my pillow in my place. It makes me smile. I set the tray down on his desk and go over to him. It's hard to decide if I should let him sleep for the next 30 minutes ‘til his alarm goes off or if I should wake him up. I feel selfish so I wake him up. I crawl in next to him again, and start to kiss him whispering in his ear between kisses. “Alex wake up.” He starts to move, and I kiss him deeply. He moans a little, and when I pull back I see his eyes flutter open.

“Don't stop,” he mumbles half awake. He pulls me on top of him. I can feel his morning wood grinding into my crotch. We spend the next few minutes making out. What a way to start the day! I'm tempted to take it further, but I want to be able to eat and shower with him. So I stop and roll over; he looks at me and pouts.

“We have all night for that, but I brought you breakfast so we can eat together instead of a head long rush to swallow something as we run out the door.”

“Fine, but I'm holding you to the all night part.” He says, as he sits up and gets out of bed. He heads to the bathroom; his hard-on is leading the way. He comes back and bounces on the bed. “OK you wanted to feed me, so feed me.” I roll my eyes at him and go get the food. We eat and talk about tonight.

“Do you think we are doing the right thing with setting them up?” I ask Alex as we eat.

“Yeah I do. Neither one will make the first move and ask the other out. Matt is so afraid of being outed that he won't drop any hints. I have seen the way they act around each other. It may not work out, but there is a lot of sexual tension between them. It has to get worked out somehow.”

“Maybe you're right, but do we have to keep Derrek in the dark like this. They're both going to be a mess today, you know that, right?”

“Yes I know that, and messing with Derrek is not necessary, but it is fun. I have to be the little brother some time you know.”

“You're evil sometimes, you know that. Tormenting your new brother just because you can.”

“What's family for.” He says as he leans in and kisses me. Then we get up and head for the shower.

We take turns washing each other. Temptation is too much at this point and our shower turns into a sexual encounter. When Alex gets going I can't deny him. We get out and get dressed, then head off to school with his sister and Anthony.

When we pull into the lot, I see Derrek for the first time this morning. He looks like a mess. He is fidgeting constantly. All my doubts come back. In biology we are still taking apart our starfish. I think it is the most disgusting thing possible. I don't see a need to cut up animals to learn about them. Maybe one example in class to digitize it but after that why not make realistic 3D models of them. Good thing Alex does not seem to be bothered by it all and a good thing there is no blood. I write up the lab report as Alex does the cutting. When the bell rings, I head off to math as he goes to English. The next 2 periods go by fast. Soon I am making my way to lunch. On my way I see Alex and Matt talking. They are both sitting on the ground. I go and sit down after getting my food and wait for them to join us. After a while they walk into the lunch room. I give a small smile and questioning look to Alex, he smiles back and gives a slight nod to tell me everything is OK.


When I walk back into the lunch room having just talked to Matt, I look up and see Mark give me a small smile and questioning look. I smile back and nod in assurance. I go over to our table and sit down. As I'm eating, I notice that everyone is really quiet today.

“So what's going on? Why is every one so quiet today?” I know why a few of them would be, but not the rest.

“I don't know about the rest but I am just tired. I did not sleep well last night,” Cody says as he yawns. No one else bothers to answer. Lunch passes slowly as does the rest of the day. Before I know it it's time to go home.

When Mark and I get home we start planning for the night. I decide to go business casual instead of bringing out the whole suit. I pick out an all black outfit with a red tie. Mark goes with all black and a jade tie. We still have a few hours before we need to leave. I head over to see what Derrek is planning on wearing. I knock on his door; when it opens I see him standing in front on the full length mirror looking at different shirts. He is standing in just his boxers. I have to admit he is hot! He asks me a few opinions, then settles on the dark blue shirt, black pants, and silver tie. I steered Derrek to that matching because I knew it would match what Matt is wearing. I go back over to my room to take a shower. Mark is laying on the bed with his eyes closed; I can tell he is not sleeping. I grab his hand and drag him to the shower. When we're clean and relaxed we get out and get dressed, splash on some Cologne and go to collect Derrek. The three of us head downstairs and our dad stops us.

"I want you four to be careful tonight, no drinking, no drugs." We all say we understand. He then hands Mark, Derrek, and me a black card. It is not a credit card, but it has our names on it. They're VIP cards for Neptune. I see the red line going across the top which means underage restricted. So we can go anywhere in the complex as long as we stay away from the bars and adult clubs.

"Thanks Dad!" I say. With that we head out to Derrek's car and drive to Neptune. I told Matt earlier to ask for my table. We stop at the valet parking, then head in.


Sitting next to Derrek during lunch is tough for me. Knowing that in a few hours I'm going to be on a date with him is making me quiet but fidgety. When everyone gets up to leave the lunch room, I almost don't notice. The rest of the day is miserable. I almost wish Alex would have made this a surprise for me as well. Then I would only be panicking about going out, not who I'm going with.

I finally get home and have a snack before getting ready. Thanks to Alex I don't have to pick out anything to wear. Good thing too because judging by what's in the bag I wouldn’t have had anything to wear anyway. It is very clear we are not going to the general public part of Neptune. Alex picked out black pants. Silver shirt and blue tie. He even went as far as to give me shoes, socks, belt, and boxers all black.

I lay down for a few minutes to collect myself. I hear the garage door opening; my mom must be home. It has just been us since I was 10. My dad went out for cigarettes and never came home. He left without a word. We get by OK with it just being me and my mom, but it would be nice if I had my dad around but I think I am doing just fine. I am worried about coming out to her one day. I am her only kid; I don't want to break her heart. I know I have to do it one day but I am still worried about it.

"Matt, I'm home. Where are you?" my mom announces like I did not hear the door open and close.

"I'm in my room, mom!" I can hear her footsteps as she approaches my room. I wait for it then knock knock knock. "It's unlocked." Ever since my mom caught me jacking off a few years ago, she never just walks into my room or the bathroom anymore. I nearly died of embarrassment, but I think she did as well.

"Hey honey, how was school?"

"Not bad mom. How was work?"

"It sucked. My asshole boss is getting on my case again." She is always complaining about her boss.

"Well maybe you should leave mom. You know Alex's dad has been trying to get you to come work for him for years now. I think you should take him up on that offer."

"I have been thinking about it." Wow, that's a change. Usually she just says no, I don't want to work for a friend. "If it gets much worse, I will be asking him if the job is still open. I know he has a lot of personal staff, so we will see. I may end up working for his department instead of him personally. Either way it has to pay better and be less of a headache." It would be great if mom got out of the place she works now. The guy she works for is such a sleaze bag. He is always making comments and trying to grab her. Sometimes I want to hit him and hit him hard.

"Is it still OK if I go out mom?" She looks up at me and smiles.

"It sure is. So, where are you going, and with whom?"

"I'm going out with some friends from school. They're taking me to Neptune's for dinner, then we're going to the clubs after." I see her look at me then I see her gaze glance over to where I have my stuff hanging.

"Is that what your wearing?"

"Yeah Mom, Alex got it for me. He said I may need it. He was right too. I don't have anything that nice. Even the few dress shirts I do have don't even compare to that. The tie is real silk. The shoes are real leather, too." I know that what I have is the best my mom can give me. So I try no to ask for much. These clothes that Alex gave me really got me excited; I have never owned anything this nice before.

"It looks like your going in the members part of the restaurant and club."

"We are; it's the platinum section." I see her eyes widen slightly.

"Can you afford that, Matt? I mean that part averages 50 dollars a plate?"

"Alex said we don't have to pay anything tonight except for parking if we use the valet." With my car I wont be using the valet.

"So who else is going with you?"

"Umm, lets see. There is Alex, Mark, and Derrek."

"I know Alex obviously, but who are the other two?"

"Mark is Alex's new friend, and Derrek is his new foster brother."

"Is the rest of his family going out?" She looks suspicious.

"No, it's just us. Is that a problem?" She looks at me then smiles.

"No, it's not a problem honey. Just be careful."

She leaves and I head for the shower to get ready. Once I'm dressed I give mom a quick hug and kiss then I am off to the restaurant.

I park in the lot myself not wanting the rest of the people to see my car. This is the first time I have been in the main restaurant. I have been to their ethnic sub-restaurant, but never Neptune proper. When I walk in my mouth drops. I knew it was an aquatic themed restaurant, but I didn’t know that the aquarium was 360 degrees around the eating area. The room is built in to the tank or should I say the tank is built around the room. Its like being at a ocean exhibit at Sea World. There must be a few thousand fish in there. And a few sharks too. This is so great.

I walk up to the podium. "Hi I'm supposed to meet a friend of mine here, he said he reserved a table for us." The man looks up and smiles.

"Very good sir. What is your friends name?"

"His name is Alex Daniels." I see his face take on a shocked look.

"Did you say Daniels? As in Isaac Daniels?"

"Umm yeah, that's his dad." He looks down at the podium I notice he is not looking at the reservation list but a smaller list labeled VIP Black membership."

"Right this way sir." He leads me off to a table and waves a young woman over. She asks me what I would like to drink. She leaves and comes back with my drink. I sit there and wait for the rest of my group to show up.


I give my name at hosts podium and we are taken back to the table I reserved. My dad told me not to use the family table, so we could stay more unnoticed. Matt is already sitting there and I look over to see Derrek's face light up. I figured I was right but its good to have it confirmed. We are seated given our menus and asked what we would like to drink then told our waiter will be with us shortly. I am glad to see they brought the no price menus like I requested. We all pick out what we want. Every one complains that there are no prices. I tell them not to worry about it. Our drinks arrive and still our waiter/waitress still has not shown up. We wait a few more moments and just as I'm about to ask for the manager, our waiter comes to our table. He looks around our table then says his name and then says he will be back to take our order. I think that it was rude of him to just walk away. Our waiter comes back and we place the orders.

"May I recommend that the young sirs chose something else." He says with a condescending tone.

"Why, is something wrong with what we chose?"

"With the food no, but perhaps you should stay within your price range. The dishes you chose are high priced. Perhaps too high priced for you." He emphasizes you at the end of his sentence.

"Well in that case, we will certainly not be changing our order."

"I will have to ask you to pay in advance then. You're considered high risk."

"Excuse me?" Wow, this guy must be new, or really dumb. Even if I was not a known member his actions are totally inexcusable. Mark leans over and tells me to just pay and let it go, but I can't. I take out my VIP card that my dad just gave me and toss it at him. He looks down then smirks.

"Like that means anything to me. Just 'cause mommy and daddy are members, does not mean you won't try to run." That does it.

"Bring your manager out here now. I would start looking for a new job if I were you." He walks off and I can tell my face is red. I'm pissed and Mark can tell. He rubs my shoulder and tells me to calm down. I am so sick of people treating us badly just because we are young. If the ass would have taken the time to look he would have noticed that our clothes are worth more than his car. That should have been a dead give away that we are not some random kids out for a good night. The Manager comes over. I was expecting just the shift manager, but the general manager walks over. Lucky for me he is in the loop and knows who I am, and who my dad is.

"Jerry how are you? When I asked for the manager I was expecting a shift manager not you."

"I'm doing good Alex. Is it just you and your friends tonight?"

"Yeah, we decided on a night out. Everyone else is back home."

"Well tell them I said hello when you go home tonight. Now what is it I can do for you, Alex?" I notice that the waiter is looking nervous at this point. It must have occurred to him, that I, at least, am known around here.

"Well for starters you can fire that jerk and then get us a waiter that is not rude to customers." He blinks once then turns to the waiter.

"Paul you're fired, get your things and get out." He says to the waiter. It makes me smile. Matt's and Derrek's mouths drop open. Mark just shakes his head.

"What? You’re firing me cause some snot noised brat says I was rude to him?"

"Yes. Even if he was not a member of a family that belongs to the highest level membership we offer. I would still fire you for being rude. If he could afford to get in this section what makes you think he can't afford to pay for his food? The guests in this section pay more to get in here on their yearly memberships, than for the food. They pay to be treated like kings. Not to have some waiter give them a hard time because they're young. Not to mention, did you even bother to look at the card he gave you? It has a line of credit on it that is more then you will make in a lifetime. His father is one of the top 20 richest men in the world, and is personal friends with the owner and I." Well technically he is the richest man in the world, and owns the place but I'm not going to be the one to correct him on that. Nor am I going to correct him on the fact that the card is not a line of credit it's a 'everything is free cause I own the place' card. "Besides all that, even if they were seated in any of the lower sections and you asked a guest to pay first I would still fire you. That is the most insulting thing you could have possibly have done. I would rather lose the money on a few plates of food then risk pissing off customers."

"Whatever Jerry. You can go fuck yourself. Since when can a customer fire someone?"

"Since he is a Daniels." I see the waiters face blanch at the name. He must not be a total idiot after all. His gaze darts to the family table, then back to me. And his face goes totally white. The reaction is not lost on Jerry, 'cause he smiles.

Paul leaves and Jerry takes our order himself. He looks at the other three in a way that makes me think he wants to know if he can talk freely. I shake my head no and he nods slightly. The rest of the night goes well.


When I see that it is Matt that Alex set me up with I can't help but smile. I have had a crush on him since he came over that first time. I had no clue he was gay. I take the seat next to him. I place my drink order and start talking to Matt.

"I had no clue it was you, Matt. I have been so nervous all day."

" Yeah, me too. I think it made me more nervous knowing who I was going out with."

"You mean you were in on this set up."

"Yeah, I hope you're not mad."

"Mad? No, why would I be mad." We are interrupted by the waiter coming to get our orders. He looks at us then leaves with out even asking if we are ready. He comes back after a few minutes and we place our orders. He gets all rude with us, talking about how we should order something in our price range. Alex says that we are fine with what we ordered. Then the guy really blows me away. He asks us to pay in advance. Alex gets this look in his eyes like he wants to hit him. He takes out the VIP card and flings it at the waiter. The waiter makes some smart ass remark and Alex asks for the manager. The Manager comes out and starts talking to Alex like he has known him his whole life. Hell, from what I have seen so far, that may true. When Alex gets done talking to him, he turns to the waiter and fires him on the spot, just 'cause Alex asked him to. That seems odd to me, but hey, I have learned not to ask questions about their behavior since I came to live with them. I'm sure when they're ready, they will tell me why they have so much influence everywhere. The manager, who I learn is the general manager, takes our orders then leaves us be. He has a new waiter attend to our needs during the meal. Once Jerry, the manager, leaves Matt and I start talking again. We talk about a lot of things, then Alex says its time for the clubs.


After dinner we head to one of the clubs that teens can get into. We stay ‘til around nine o'clock, then head home.

"I can't believe you had him fired, Alex." Derrek says.

"Yeah, well it's what dad would have done... Ah, I mean, wanted me to do." Oops, I should not have said that. Ah well, maybe it will go over his head.

"Maybe, but I don't think he should have been fired right off for it. Anyway, thanks for tonight. How did you know I like Matt?"

"Well he liked you and I figured the feeling ran both directions. You can't out him though, not yet anyway."

"You're alright for a little brother Alex. I'm happy to be part of your family."

"Thanks Derrek. Anytime anyplace. So are you going to go back out with him?"

"Yes, we made plans to go out without you two. This weekend we are going to go to the movies. We are both fans of Twilight, so we are going to go see the New Moon movie. Even if the books are better, the movies are not that bad if you don't think about the book."

"That is so cool. I hope you made it for Sunday and not Saturday. We have our party Saturday night and during the day we have to go get our cars worked on."

"Yeah I remembered. I made it for Friday night" Even better. We make it home and head down to the family room where our family is waiting for us to regale them with our nights story. We each take turns telling about our night.

"So you had him fired?" My dad asks after we're all done talking.

"Yeah, I asked Jerry to fire him. If he's rude to us I can only imagine what he was being with the other guests. Why? Do you think I was wrong?" I say.

"No, not all. I would have done the same thing. I should probably call Jerry and tell him it's OK." I see Derrek looking at my Dad confused like, then he just shakes his head and seems to except whatever is going on.

After that, Mark and I head upstairs for some alone time. We don't make it too far into the room before our clothes are striped off of us, and were in bed sucking on each other. After we both cum, we spend some time making out again before going to sleep.

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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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