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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Lives and Trials of Jupiter - 25. Chapter 25

Lives and Trials of Jupiter Chapter-25





“Mark, Alex get up. Dad is waking up!” I sort of heard as some one was shaking me. I slowly woke up first noticing that my head was on Mark's chest and that he was still holding me and that my arms were around him too. Then I noticed that John was standing over me shaking both of us. The last thing I figured out was what he was saying. Once I did that I bolted awake dumping Mark on the floor.


“Oh my god Mark I am so sorry!”


“It's fine really, it was just my ass that got hurt.” He said as he stood up rubbing his butt.


“Come on you two we need to get over to the hospital. Dad is waking up, he is probably already awake.”


After hearing that I got up and got dressed, I had on my boxers but that was it. After me and Mark were dressed we went to the hospital. We probably looked like a mad mob as all of us were in a group but I could care less. When we finally made it to his room Dr. Reed was waiting outside the room for us.


“Hold on every one. He is still some what out of it, so I want no more then two at a time in there got it? We will start with the youngest first. That means Rex and James if you want to go in first you can.”


“No let his family go in first.” Rex said.


“Well you are family too, go in if you want to..” I told him, I wanted him to feel like a brother since his dad and our dad were together. I noticed that James was hiding behind Derrek. “James what's wrong?”


“I'm scared. I don't wana go in.” he said in a little voice.


“It's ok bro, you don't have to go in.” John told him, I looked up and smiled at him.


“Well if you two don't want to go in, then the next are Scott and Jacob.” They had no issue going in, even though they hate hospitals as much as I do if not more. They were in there for a few minutes before they came out and Ang and I went in.


He looked half dead, I think at that moment I was more scared than I was when I was being held by the ugly guy and the minister. “How are you doing?” I know it was stupid to ask but it was the first thing that came to mind. Ang elbowed me in the side and I winced.


“I feel like I got shot and hit my head on the ground then was put in a coma for two days. I really just want to go home but they won't let me out of here just yet.”


I was shocked it did not sound like my dad, something was wrong. He was not acting like I was used to. There was no love in his voice it was like he was talking to a stranger.


“It looks like you got in to one hell of a fight too kid, I hope the other guy looks just as bad or worse.” he said to me after I was quite for a moment. This was really strange and I was starting to get worried.


“Do you know who I am?” I asked, I had a really bad feeling about this.


“Well, no but you never gave me your name. I just assumed that you were a volunteer here like the other two kids that came in. You know the ones that they send into sick people to make them feel better.” My world fell from under me. My dad had no idea who we were.


“Dr. Reed!” I yelled out. He came in and gave me a strange look.


“What is wrong?”


“He does not know who I am!” I shouted I saw my sister on the verge of tears. Then he said something really weird.


“Alex wake up, your dreaming. Wake up Alex.” I could not figure out what was going on. First what he was saying was so strange what did he mean wake up. I was a wake, then he said it again and it sounded like it was Mark's voice. I was so confused. Then I felt someone slap me. Then next thing I knew I was in my bed in the hotel and Mark was next to me looking worried. Dr. Reed was standing over me so was John. I started crying, it was all a nightmare, but it seemed so real.


Everyone was still looking at me like they had no idea what to do for me. The thing that surprised me most was that Mark was right there holding me. At least one thing is back to normal.


“Alex what is wrong?” I heard someone ask I had no idea who it was. I was way to far gone at that point.


“Dad does not remember me!” I sobbed out. I knew I was not making any sense but it was all I could do.


“Ok kido lets start from the beginning.” I here someone say this time I was sure it was Charles.


“John woke me up and said that dad was awake then I went to see him but he had no idea who I was and he was a jerk too. Then someone started to tell me to wake up and then I got slapped but I never saw any one slap me.”


“Ok slow down Alex everything is alright I think you just had a bad dream is all. With everything that has been going on I am not surprised by it at all.” Dr. Reed said to me trying get me to calm down. “And you did get slapped, by the way you can thank John for that. You were hysterical and he thought it would snap you out of it. It seemed to work too.”


I finally calmed down enough to finish taking in my surroundings. Mark was looking at me with a worried look on his face John was just staring at me and Reed and Charles were talking about something and looking over at me once in awhile.


“Mark how long have you been holding me?” I asked as I cuddled in to his chest more. He sighed and pulled me closer.


“I never went to sleep. I was too worried about you, I have been holding you for six hours just watching you slept. I love you Alex, I will never leave you again I swear.” He leaned down and kissed me, I was all too happy to return the kiss. That's when I heard someone clear their throat.


“Dr. Reed and myself have been talking about if we should tell you something or not given your dream. I think you will be fine as long as you do not start to think your dream was real. Your dad is awake and John did come in here to wake you up, but you were already freaking out when that happened.”


I started to panic thinking that my dream was coming true but then Mark tightened his hold on me and I relaxed.






My head was killing me and my mouth was dry, I opened my eyes only to regret it right way. I tried to sit up but I felt week. Then I remembered what happened and I started to panic I wanted to know if my kids were ok. The next thing I knew was that a bunch of nurses came running in to the room and saw that I was awake and started fussing over me. One ran out and came back with a doctor. He started to move to inject something but I stopped him.


“No” I croaked out in a horse voice. “Reed only.” I managed to say before I stared to cough. The doctor tried again and I stopped him once more. He started to protest so I ripped the IV out. I knew enough to know that I was not safe anywhere but home until Jess or Phil said otherwise and this doctor seemed to want to get the drugs in me way too much.


I must have been right because another Doctor came running in telling a nurse to get Dr. Reed right way. When he saw the other doctor already there he yelled. “What are you doing here, you know we are under orders to not do anything to him without Dr. Reed being here. And why is his IV out?”


“Water!” I whispered.


“Not until Dr. Reed gets here. Now I want to know what happened in here.”


'He became agitated and ripped it out.” the first doctor said.


“NO!” I tried to yell but it came out as a loud whisper.


“Mr. Daniels seems to disagree with your statement.”


“Sir. What happened?”


“I don't want drugs.” I whispered and then started coughing again.


“He tried to give you something so you took your IV out?”


I held up my figures showing him three.


“Three drugs?”


I shook my head no.


“He tried three times?”


I nodded. I really just wanted some water so I could talk, my throat was so dry it hurt to talk. I looked up and saw Reed coming in with a bottle of water, he took the cap of and helped me drink some. My throat felt so much better. It was still sore but at least I could try and talk now.


“I tried to refuse the drugs. He kept trying to give them to me anyway, so I ripped the IV out.” I still sounded hoarse but at least I could talk without coughing every where. “I want my kids!”


“They are across the street in the hotel with Charles. I will go and tell them what is going on.” He stood back up and turned to face the nurses and doctors in the room. “I do not want anyone treating him or giving him anything until I get back. Do I make myself clear? In fact I don't even want anyone in here. Guards!” He waited for them to come in they looked at me out of the corner of there eyes. “I don't want anyone in this room until I get back. And I do mean anyone. Anyone that tries you send them to me to get clearance first.” He then left the room looking like he was in a hurry.







“It's ok Alex he remembers who you are and he wants to see all of you. I want all of you to shower and get cleaned up and dressed. Meet me down in the lobby when you're ready, that means you too Charles.” Reed said. Before walking out of the room.


“Charles is he really ok?” I asked.


“Yes, from what Dr. Reed told me he is fine. Pissed off that some doctor kept trying to give him drugs he did not want but ok.”


I nodded my head and got off the bed pulling Mark with me. The doc never said I had to shower alone. I looked back and Mark was blushing as he met the eyes of John and Charles. “Oh come on Mark it's not like they don't know what we do already. Besides I'm not up for any fun right now.” I dragged him in to the bathroom with me and got the shower running. I turned around to see what Mark was doing I was happy to see he was getting undressed. I did the same and then got in the shower he came in right after me.


We did not have a lot of time to do any thing so we had to make do with just washing each other. I was so happy that I had Mark back and that he was not all depressed any more. I could not help my self I had to know what changed his mind.


“Not to bring up bad topics. But what changed your mind about everything?” I ask as he was washing my back.


“I figured out what your dad was trying to tell me last time you were in the hospital. He said that being gay had nothing to do with it. That it was intolerance that was to blame, I think he was right all my problems were not caused by me but by my mom and her hate and other people like her. The only thing that was my fault was leaving you.”


“Well I forgave you for that. So was that what you two were talking about that made you want to go out with me back then?”




We stepped out of the shower and dried off. I still did not have any of my own clothes here so I wore more of Marks, which was odd 'cause I could have sworn they were mine any way. “Mark, when did you get the new clothes?” I asked, I was confused because I knew he did not have anything like what I picked out.


He blushed a little. “Their not new. They are your clothes. None of mine look as good as yours do so I have been wearing your clothes. Besides all of mine my mom picked out and I hate most of them.”


“Well then I think we need to take you to the mall when this is all over.” I did not mind sharing but I would like for him to have his own as well. Besides he was hitting a growth spurt and would be taller then me soon any way.


“You don't need to do that. I can wear my own if it is...” I kissed him to shut him up. Some times I think he says stuff just to get me to kiss him. “A problem.” he finished once I stopped kissing him which only made me kiss him again. I had my arms wrapped around his neck when Derrek came in with James to see if we were ready.


“It is not a problem. Now I think we should go before more people come for the free show.” I walked over to Derrek and gave him a hug. He really was turning out to be a great brother.


When we made it over to the hospital my fears came back cause I heard my dad yelling. “Who are you and what gives you the right to tell me who can and cannot come and see me.” I relaxed as I heard what else he was saying. I also noticed that he was leaning in from the door way because the guards would not let the man in to my dad's room.


I was pissed not only had I not talked to my dad in two days now some ass hole was upsetting him.


“Hey jack off who are you and why are you in my dad's room.” he turned around and glared at me.


“That is none of your concern as for him being your father that is an incorrect statement.”


“It is my concern and who the fuck do you think you are telling me he is not my dad. Sorry dad I know don't swear and I'm grounded.” I said to him and then to my dad as I saw he was about to yell at me.


“I am form social services. And I am here to take you all to somewhere safe. You don't have to worry about him any more. We are trying to have two adoptions over turned. Mr. and Mrs Daniels were so horrified at what their son was doing to you all that they called us and told us what was going on.”


What the fuck. I swear I'm so going to kill them.


“What do you think you know about us and our family? I can tell you right now you know nothing mister.” John said. He was calm on the outside but he always did have a better control of his temper.


“I know that he bought you all for his own perverted sexual gratification and that he bribed officials to push the paper work through.”


“Dude your dumb as shit ain't you?” Scott said, my mouth dropped open. I guess he payed too much attention to me over the years.


“That is aren't you not aint. Aint is not a word.” my dad corrected him and I saw him smirk.


The man is the cheap bad fitting suit just stared at us all.


“Ok here is how this is going to go. Your going to leave us and our dad alone or these four guys here will make sure you have a rough walk outside, if you get my drift. Issac is the best dad I have ever known. Why is it you people come in and try and mess with happy families but where were you when I needed you? When my birth dad was raping me and beating me just because I was gay? Where were you when they sent James to be cured in some camp? Where were you when John's dad beat him every day? Where were you when Scott and Jacob's brother was killed? You were not there then but now that we have a good home with someone that loves us and treats us well you want to take us away. Well tuff shit dude, you can't have us!” Yup I was right he was going to make a great brother. I looked up and saw my dad beaming with happiness. It was kinda sappy but whatever I loved it any way. I saw my dad nod to the guards and they started to carry the bad dressed man out.


“Ang I think he is in need of a fashion make over why don't you try to help him?”


“Some people are even beyond my help Alex.” she said as she walked in to the room hugging our dad.


I could not take it any more and ran to my dad and started hugging him too. I was so glad to have my dad back again. After a few more hugs me and Ang backed off and let the others have sometime with him. I was surprised to see Derrek hug him too but I probably should not have been after his speech. I wondered if Dad was going to adopt him, he would have to adopt James too.


It was strange Derrek had adjusted well and fit right in. His brother James was a different story; he almost never talked and never wanted to be around us for long. Jacob was the exception to that, James would hang out with Jacob more then the rest of us. I knew dad would not adopt one without the other.


The Doctors came in along with Dr. Reed and told us that Dad could go home the next morning if he would relax and take it easy for four weeks. I could tell dad was not thrilled with having to take it easy for that long. They were sending him home with an oxygen tank as well. I heard him say something that sounded like 'old man' but I could not make out the rest of what he said.


“Doc, now that I'm awake can I be moved to a private floor?” Dad asked after the doctor was done talking.


“Well, you could but there is little point in that now.”


“I don't want unexpected visitors being able to just walk up to my room. The people I want to visit is short. In fact they are all here now. I don't want anyone that is not family, with a few exceptions, or does not work for me to have any access to me at all while I am here. My parents are not to be allowed anywhere near me for any reason. Now if you would all kindly leave me alone I would like sometime with my family and friends without all of you watching and listening to me.”


All the doctors and nurses and guards and other staff cleared out. My dad waited for everyone to leave before he started to talk to us.


“So Alex, I hear that you have really shaken things up?” He asked.


“I have no idea what you mean.” I said in a attempted to claim innocents.


“Yea right like I believe that.” he said with a smirk. “We will be talking about it latter. Now what have we found out about who tried to kill me?”


Charles stepped forward. “Well we found out that it was Linda that hired him. Also we found out that her minister put her up to it. We do not have to worry about him any more. It seems he was caught in a fire. Now someone else tried to kill you while you were in here to. They paid off a nurse to inject a lethal dosage of a drug. We have no leads on that at all. We do know that it was not the minister. He was counting on you being alive and well to bargain to get Alex back.”


“Get him back? Where was he?” Dad asked as his eyes narrowed.


“I thought you were told already. Alex got himself kidnapped. That is how the minister ended up in a fire.”


“We will be talking later Alex.” Dad glared at me, he never looked at me like that.



“Has any one stopped to think it was his parents that did it.” John asked. He was right we were all thinking of it.


“They did not want him to wake up in the first place. And they have been doing everything they can to get rid of us and get to dad money.”


“As much as I hate my parents, I find it hard to believe that they would go that far. But your right it is something that needs to be checked out.” Dad sounded defeated.


“Alex until I am back to normal I want you and John to keep leading the company with Charles at your side. Until I can get up and move around again, I would not be in the position to act as head of the company. Also I am going public about the ownership.” He held up his hand telling us to stop when we all started to protest. “It is for the best. Before any one asks, no I will not force guards on you.”

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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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