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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Lives and Trials of Jupiter - 14. Chapter 14

Lives and Trials of Jupiter Chapter-14




No school today. That is the first thing that comes to my mind as I wake up. The next thing that crosses my mind is that I have Mark in bed with me. I will never get tired of waking up next to him. I watch him sleep, he looks so peaceful and well, HOT! I kiss him gently on the lips and his eyes flutter open.

“Mornin' babe. Did you want to sleep in today or get up and do stuff?” He stretches and I can't help but stare at his beautifully sculpted chest and abs when the sheets are pushed down. He considers my question, then responds with snuggling in closer to me, kissing my shoulder then going back to sleep. That is fine by me. I close my eyes and go back to sleep.

I am woken up awakened or woke up later by 3 very hyper 10 year olds. That's what I get for not setting my door to lock. Jacob, Scott, and Shawn all throw themselves on the bed jarring us awake. Mark sits up right with a total look of panic.

“It's an Earthquake. Take cover,” Mark yells. He used to live in California. I start laughing. He seem to come around. Then glares at me and the other 3. Normally he's more of a morning person, well more so than me. I don't think any teen guy is a morning person. Then he pushes his brothers back and curls up to my side more. I really hope they don't drag the cover off us, we're both naked.

“What do you guys want?” Mark asks. Jacob roles his eyes.

“It's almost noon. Get up and pay attention to us.” Jacob whines.

“Yeah, you can't stay in here and have sex all day,” Scott says. That earns him a thump in the head from my pillow.

“Come on guys they're too old to have sex all day.,” Shawn says. My mouth drops at that. Me, too old; hell I haven't even turned 15 yet; I'm not even at my peek yet. I jump up and chase after him completely forgetting that I am naked and sporting morning wood. When I stop I see that 4 sets of eyes are glued to my cock. I go red and jump back in bed to cover up. Mark is laughing at me now. He seems to find my embarrassment funny. I have been around my brothers naked before, but not with a hard on; well, I have with John but that was unavoidable.

“OK guys, let us get up and get dressed then we will hang out with you guys. What is it you want to do anyway?”

“We want to go to the movies!” They all say at the same time. Great! Now I have 3 people that talk in tandem.

“What do you want to see?” I ask.

“Planet 51” Shawn says. I have seen the preview for it. It would be OK for them to see.

“Fine. But you three have to go convince John or Derrek to take us.”

“Can't we all go?” Jacob asks.

“You mean the whole family? I think Dad is busy today; he doesn't have the day off like us.”

“No, we mean just us kids,” Scott says. I count us all up. There are 8 of us, and I wonder if Derrek would want to bring Matt, then I realize Anthony would probably have to come too. What a drag. So 10 at most 8 at least.

“OK, we will have to take 2 cars then may be 3 depending on if Matt and Anthony come.”

“Anthony is not here. He went home to see his family,” Scott says.

“Why would Matt come?” Jacob asks. Well, how to answer that one without giving away that Matt is who Derrek went out with.

“Well they're good friends so he might want to bring him.” Mark steps in and saves my butt.

“We just want the family.” Scott says. It's not lost on Mark, Shawn, or myself that he included Mark and Shawn in his statement of family.

“OK, go ask the others and we will be out soon.” They get off the bed and go to bother the other members of my family. Too bad Dad can't just buy the movie producers, then we could get the movie at home and not have to leave.

“I like that Scott thinks of us all as a family, even Shawn and I were included.” Mark says.

Why wouldn't he? We're partners, and I'm sure something is going on between Shawn and Jake.” I don't want to tell him that the three of them have been messing around. There seems to be more between Shawn and Jake and something stronger is developing. I keep seeing their eyes meet and the way they look at one another. It is so cute! In a few years, who knows they may end up dating one another.

After we shower and get dressed, we go join the rest of the family in the dining room for lunch. When we are done eating, we head out to the movies. When we get there John goes up and gets all 8 tickets for us. The guy behind the window can only be described as bored. We go in and get our seats. The movie still has 20 minutes ‘til it starts. That time is spent with us going in and out getting food and drinks. Finally, the lights dim and the movie starts. For being an animated film it was not bad. Not something I would go out with my friends to see but, as a family afternoon out movie goes, not bad.

When we get home Dad is waiting for us in the Great Room. Nancy is there with him so is a little boy. He is covered in bruises and what looks like electric burns. He looks to be about 8 or 9 years old, and a carbon copy of Derrek. I can hear Derrek gasp as the little boy runs to him and throws himself into Derrek's arms. They both start crying. We make our way into the room. The boy refuses to let go of Derrek. He seems scared and on the verge of running to hide. I can see the panic in his eyes. Poor guy looks like he was tortured.

“This is James, Derrek's little brother. As you can see, he has had a rough time.” Nancy says.

“I have been given custody of him pending his parents trial.,” my dad says. I try to talk to him but he backs away clinging closer to his brother. Dad asks us if we can show James around while he talks some more to Nancy. We don't have a room set up yet for him, but Derrek says he wants to have James in his room anyway; at least ‘til things are more settled. We all go down to the entertainment floor and hang out ‘til dinner. James never says a word and never leaves Derrek's side.

After dinner Derrek shows his brother the upstairs floors while we head downstairs to the pool room. After they're done, they meet us down by the pool. James seems to brighten up when he sees the pool, but still refuses to say anything or move away from Derrek. It is clear that this kid has been through hell since his brother was kicked out. Every time someone get close to him he tenses up and flinches away from them. It breaks my heart to see.

I'm surprised when Jacob goes up to James and he does not flinch away. Jacob smiles at him and asks what he wants to do. I can see James's mouth move but can't make out what he says. But Jacob, Derrek, and James get up and head to the changing room. They come back out with swimming trunks on. James must have said he wanted to go swimming. They swam around together, then Scott and Shawn joined them. At first James seemed uneasy then he warmed up to them, too. By the end of the night, he was more at ease but still refused to really talk to anyone. He finally stopped clinging to Derrek. At 9 o'clock they got out of the pool, and we headed back upstairs. We spent the rest of the night watching TV with dad and Mark's uncle. We headed for bed about 11 o'clock since tomorrow is Thanksgiving.


The next morning we get up at 10 am to make sure we are ready for the day. Dad's extended family is coming in. He always gets pissy when they come to dinner. I get the feeling he does not like a lot of his relatives. He spoils his little sisters . His sisters are 18 and 19 years younger than him at 15 and 14 years old. They're about the same age as us. I am glad no one looked too close into Anthony's story, or they would have found my two 14 and 15 year old aunts.

Dad , his father, and stepmother always seem to be to at each others throats. His stepmother is a bitch in every sense of the word. She is always acting like she is disappointed in him. She says things like he could have done better and that he is wasting his life. Even without knowing the truth about him, he still is a very rich man and a very good person. I don't know how she can say he has not done well. His father spends the day drinking wine complaining about how his only son never married and never gave him any grandkids. That makes us all feel real special that's for sure.

Dad's one cousin, Jess, is a stuck up asshole, and his parents are not any better. Dad and his cousin Nick and his Uncle Ken get along well together, but they never come around. His one aunt ,Gerry, is really cool though. She is into all this new age stuff that I think is cool. After seeing the way his family acts it's no wonder why dad treats us the way he does. He seems to be making sure we are treated the way he never was. So it's a wonderful fun filled day that we get up to.

The only bright side is that Mark's mom decided to go have Thanksgiving with her women's church group and her kids are not welcome to join her. So they are spending the day with us, even if she thinks that they are having a proper dinner with just they're uncle. What she does not know can't and won't hurt anyone.

Besides Dad's family there will also be Aunt Ella and Uncle Charles Rahal along with their son Rex. Krista, my dads assistant, and a few members of his board that are also his friends - Naudia Brasher and her family, and Jess Davis and his partner. So over all, this is going to be a very full house. There will be around 42 of us at dinner; that should be entertainment enough that's for sure.

When your serving 42 people there is a lot of work. George called in his full staff, all 12 of them. The cleaners were all here, as were all the butlers and serving staff. All of us got roped into helping, too. I was assigned to the kitchen. I love to cook, so this was no big deal to me. Around 3 'o'clock people start showing up. The first to arrive are Ella, Charles, and Rex. They come to every holiday dinner and are more family than the real family. When they get here dad takes Charles to his offices. Ella strikes up a conversation with Liam, and Rex starts helping us with the food. We're planning on eating around 5:30, so around two and half hours left to get everything ready. We have all 6 ovens going and every stove and range in use; it looks like World War 3 here. With everyone running around and George shouting orders, but it really is orderly chaos. We have 4 turkeys cooking each 15 minutes apart. Between pies, casseroles go in. Through the day, we made a total of 16 baked pies, 2 cakes, and 3 pies that just get chilled and not baked. The last baked pie is cooling now. Everything is going great. Around 4 o'clock Naudia Brasher and her family, and Jess Davis and his partner show up. Right behind them Dad's Aunt Gerry comes in; she is carrying crystals and talking about how the energy's are out of alignment. Dad comes down and starts talking to his new guests; he looks slightly flushed. We are told to go have fun and to make sure we are cleaned up and ready by 5 o'clock. At five my dad's family starts arriving and the fun begins.

His Uncle Tom and Aunt Pat are the first to show up followed by their son Jess , my dad's cousin, and his wife. His uncle starts in on the comments right off.

“I swear, every year this gets more elaborate. He is only doing this to rub our noises in it. I don't know why we come, he treats those brats of his better than his own family.” There son Jess and his wife walk in with noses held high acting like their shit don't stink. I still can't figure out what they have to be so proud of. They are 28 years old and live with his parents. He is an unemployed music teacher, and she just sits around the house all day talking about how women should not have to work. Every year they bring their own food because ours is not good enough for them. They claim it doesn’t taste right. Whatever, I could care less. His aunt starts in next after grabbing a glass a wine off a tray.

“All this wealth should be spread around. It should be a crime to be richer then the rest of the people. All this money could help out people who don't have a job or money.” Well maybe if they got up off their asses and got jobs they would have money. She is into the whole idea that if one person is poor then everyone should be also. What a load of shit! I hate it when they come over even more then I hate it when dad's parents do.

Dads parents and sisters come in next. His sisters run up to him and give him a hug. His father starts yelling for a drink saying that the house staff is lazy and should all be fired. His stepmother says that if Dad was not so lazy and worthless he would not need staff. She then spends the next 20 minutes talking about how much of a disappointment he is. When we are all seated to dinner things get even better.

“I see the trash has multiplied,” his father says referring to me and my siblings. By this time he has already had a bottle of wine and is starting in on the next. My dad just sets his jaw and remains quiet while he lets his father continue. “So nice to see that my son wastes his money on gutter trash instead of taking care of his family,” he continues.

My dad speaks up, “I set up a trust for the girls.” He is referring to his sisters.

“Yes, so nice of you to make sure they know that you have more money then their parents do. But what about the rest of your family,” comments the dad.

“I take great care of my Aunt Gerry, and I help out Uncle Ken! I fail to see why I should be forced to support the rest of you. When all you do is insult me and my children and can barely stand to be around me!” my dad says. He is starting to get worked up; I can see he is clenching his glass now, and his face is starting to get red.

“Well maybe if you had kids then you would understand family better,” his father says.

“I have family you bastard. I have 9 great children. All of whom I love with all my heart. Which is more then I can say for the way you feel about your kids.”

“No, I mean real kids, not trash that leaches off the money you should be spending on your family. That's right though, your too scared to put your dick in a woman like a real man to have any kids. So instead you adopt all the trash you can find.”

What happens next shocks us all. Dad throws his glass against the wall and starts to yell at the top of his lungs.

“Enough Father! I will not have your insults any longer. I have the best kids anyone could ask for. I love them no less because they're adopted. I have picked a new family, one I like.” he jesters to us and his friends. “As for me not marrying, I have news for you father dearest, I'm gay just like half my kids and half my friends. Charles is my lover and has been since college.” He takes a breath then turns even redder. I can tell he did not mean for that to come out. I look around the room, there are a lot of open mouths. “CLAIR, Guards now!”

When the guards come in he addresses them. “Please escort my parents and my uncle and his family out.” He points to each in turn.

“You are no longer welcome in my home NOW GET THE HELL OUT!” His Parents get up and leave along with his uncle and cousins. I notice that his sisters stayed. “We are taking you out of our will, Isaac, you will get nothing from us,” his father yells.”

“I have not needed your help since I was 8 and you started beating me you pompous fucking asshole.”

Well, you won't get your sisters now if any thing happens to us.”

“I'm not too worried about that. I will get them some day, and besides I only have to wait 5 years and I will get them any way. When they turn 18 do you really think they are going to stay in that house you call a home. If you do then you are more delusional then I thought you were, you fucking dumbass. Now get out. And guards, if they resist shoot them.”

The room is so quite I swear you could hear a pin drop with perfect clarity. A server brings my Dad a new glass and fills it up. He raises it in a toast. “ To family we chose.” He takes a sip and sits down. Everyone is still quite. “Now lets eat.” With that we all start eating and talking again.

When we are halfway through the meal CLAIR announces that the sheriff is outside and wants to come in. My dad says that is fine and the sheriff comes into the dining room. This can't be good.

“Hello Isaac. I am sorry to interrupt your meal,” he says.

“That is perfectly ok. Why don't you join us? We seem to find ourselves with 6 extra seats, and my uncle will not be here ‘til after dinner,” my dad says.

“Well, I would Isaac, but this is not a social call. Your step mother is down at the station saying you kidnapped her daughters.”

“Well I did not. So ,now you can join us for dinner.”

“Are these young ladies your sisters Isaac,” the sheriff points at the 2 girls.

“Well, yes they are. But I did not kidnap them. I kicked their parents out, and they decided to stay. Unlike my parents, my sisters are always welcome here. They may come and go as they please. Now correct me if I'm wrong but to kidnap someone you have to take them. In this case, they came to me.”

“Isaac, they need to come with me.”

“Well, they are free to leave if that is their choice. Otherwise, I will not force them to leave. I do believe then you would be kidnapping them, not me. So why not let them finish their dinner then I am sure they will have no issue going. Now that is settled, sit down and eat.”

“Fine but after dinner is over, they have to come with me. By the way, your father said he was under the impression that if he came back for his daughters you would have killed him.”

“Well I would not have, but I'm sure that if a trespasser was found the guards are under orders to shoot first and ask questions later. You know, because of the whole Lee thing. Besides if he did not abandon them here in the first place, he would not have had to come back now would he. Personally, I think you should hold them for abandoning their children.” The Sheriff just shakes his head and takes a seat. One of the servers moves to get him a plate and a drink. After dinner we head out to the great room, and the parlor is opened as well so that the adults can get drinks if they want them. Later we all go get dessert. Dads other uncle arrives and my dad catches him up on every thing. Once dessert is finished the Sheriff insists that my Dad's sisters go with him. They complain saying they would rather stay. My dad laughs and makes a comment about how he does not blame them. In the end, they go with the sheriff but ask if they can come back again. Around 10 o'clock our guests start leaving. By 11 o'clock it is just the family, Ella, Charles, and Rex. We all go down to the family room, because it is much more comfortable.

“So, any comments about what happened today?” my dad asks.

“Yeah, we are surprised it took you this long to kick them all out.” John says. We all laugh. It's no secret that none of us like them.

“Well, I held my tongue for my sister's sake. However, I was referring to my slipped revelation about Charles and me.”

“It does not make any difference to us. You accepted Derrek and me I without any issues. Why would we not accept you?” I'm careful to leave Shawn and Jake out of it. I don't know how much my dad knows about them. I know he would be OK with it, but it's not up to me to out them. “I would think this would be harder for Ella and Rex than us.”

“I have known about it since I married Charles. So it's not a surprise to me,” Ella says.

“So what does that mean for me?” Rex asks. I have to admit I was wondering about the family thing now that it is out in the open.

“Now that you all know, I will leave it up to Ella and Charles, but I see no reason why we all can't just live together now. Ella, you can have one of the suites upstairs or one of the executive houses, and Rex can live in his room or with you.”

“I think I would like one of the suites. Rex can live in his room here.” Rex gets an excited look; he loves when he comes over here.

“Well then it looks like we are going to be one big family then.” Charles says as he gets up and moves over to our dad and sits next to him taking dad's hand in his.

“Well then, I will have Joseph here tomorrow to get James's room ready so I might as well have him do Rex's while he is here. Now time for bed everyone. It's nearly midnight.” All of us kids head up to our rooms while the adults stay up and talk.

Mark and I get in our room and head right for bed; we talk about what happened for a long time ‘til I can't keep my eyes open any more and fall asleep. The next thing I am aware of is Mark talking to someone.

COPYRIGHT © 2009-2010 BY ThomasNealy. ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED. DISTRIBUTION FOR OR WITH OUT COMMERCIAL GAIN, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, POSTING ON SITES OR NEWSGROUPS, DISTRIBUTION AS PARTS OR IN BOOK FORM (EITHER AS A WHOLE OR PART OF A COMPILATION) WITH OR WITHOUT A FEE, OR DISTRIBUTION ON CD, DVD, OR ANY OTHER ELECTRONIC MEDIA WITH OR WITHOUT A FEE, IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED WITHOUT THE AUTHOR'S WRITTEN CONSENT. YOU MAY DOWNLOAD ONE (1) COPY OF THIS STORY FOR PERSONAL USE; ANY AND ALL COMMERCIAL USE AND ANY OTHER USE EXCEPTING EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS REQUIRES THE AUTHORS WRITTEN CONSENT. THE AUTHOR MAY BE CONTACTED AT: ThomasNealy@Gmail.com<br /><br />Notice: Posting on any site or newsgroup without the authors express written permission is prohibited. TO REPORT VIOLATIONS OF THESE TERMS CONTACT ThomasNealy@Gmail.com The stories posted herein are works of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. Some of the people named are real persons and celebrities in their own right, but their mention or involvement in the plot is strictly fictional and purely for the purposes of the story and in no way implies any personal or sexual preferences, ideas or beliefs, on the part of the real person of that name. No inferences are implied or intended whatsoever, to the persons mentioned, as a result of this work. The stories herein may contain scenes of a graphical nature which may not be legal in your area. If material of this nature is illegal in your present location, please leave now.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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It was quite obvious from the start that Isaac and Charles are lovers....and the family keeps growing.

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