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Forever Yours - 1. Chapter 1: Meet Ramon and Marcos.

Hey guys, this was my first story ever, wrote it ages ago and you'll probably be able to notice. I didn't have enough time to edit it due to loads of work, but I would love to ask any of you guys with capabilities to edit, to help me edit chapters before I post them. Feel free to help and I'll really appreciate it. Welcome onboard and i hope you'll love it like my other series.

Ramon opened the door to the house shouting for his father. Ramon Castillo, an 18-year-old high school graduate who lives with his father, Ben Castillo, and his brother, Eduardo Castillo. They lived near the seashore where they had a little house. All he wished for was to get to a good university and start a new life with his family but his father was unemployed and his elder brother had a small shop that helped them. Ramon was gay though he had never been involved with anyone, kissed a classmate in high school. His brother and father knew and they were okay with it. Aside from the kiss with a classmate, he was still a virgin.

"Ramon! What is going on with you?" He heard his father ask as he came to the small living room.

"I have got it." He said cheerfully.

"I don't understand what you are talking about." His father exclaimed.

"I have finally got the job." He said running to hug his father.

"That's good news, my son." He heard his father say as he hugged him back tightly.

"But what kind of job is it?"

"I will be working at ding Martinez hotel as a waiter and a bellhop." He responded as he broke the hug.

"I am happy for you, son but can you handle it?" His father asked with worry in his voice. "Being a bellhop can be very stressful, not to talk of a waiter."

"I know, father but I just can't sit and do nothing." He answered putting up a smile. "This is the only job I could find and I know that it will be able to help us live better lives."

"I have already told you that I can provide everything for all of us." Ramon heard Eduardo's voice.

He quickly turned around and saw him coming from the room. He was tall, handsome, muscular, and the best guy he had ever known aside from his friend Mark who also worked at the same hotel he was starting work. Mark was the one who helped him find a job at the hotel.

"I know that Eduardo but just think about it. I will also be able to save some money for the university."

"What can I say?" Eduardo sighed. "You already got the job and you can't quit now."

"Thank you so much for understanding," Ramon said as he smiled at his brother.

His father and his brother were his strength and he loved them so much. His mother had died when he was only 11 and his brother took the role of a mother in his life. Though he provided most of the things, he didn't have money to send him to the university. Ramon's dream was to go to the university and just get his father and brother out of poverty. He knew that his dream would be achieved one day and he hoped that the day was near.

After supper that night, Ramon went to his room early because he didn't want to wake up late and go to work late on the first day. That would create a bad impression on his employers. He was so happy that he had finally found a job and that too in one of the most famous five-star hotels in the country, owned by Marcos Martinez. He never knew him personally but he had heard and read about him. Marcos Martinez was the son of a business tycoon, James Martinez. They all lived abroad but they operated their businesses in the country.

Ramon fell asleep wondering how his first day at work would be.


The first day at work was great. When he had arrived, he was given a uniform, key card to all the rooms and introduced to all the staff at the hotel. Most of them were nice but some showed an immediate dislike of him, especially the housekeeping supervisor, Mr. Williams who gave him the creeps. After the introduction, Mark showed him around the hotel and he immediately began his work. There was a little change though. Instead of being a waiter, he was to be a room attendant.

He went home really tired but he acted strong when he reached home. The next day he was tired but on the third day, he got used to it and it was now part of his life. A week past and he was already familiar with all the places in the hotel. The guests used to be nice to him and some of them used to tip him as well for his great work, they said.

A week later, there was an emergency meeting at the hotel. Everybody was rushing to go to it and Ramon had no idea what it was about but he was about to find out.

"I have called this emergency meeting because Mr. Martinez is arriving here this evening." The manager said.

"His family is coming back for good in the country. But he will be coming back earlier than them to prepare a few things for their arrival so I want you all to be here so that we can welcome him warmly."

While the manager was still talking, he could hear some girls chattering to each other about Mr. Martinez but he never paid attention because he couldn't care less if he came or not. He only saw him in magazines and he was probably some jerk just like those other rich young guys.

"One more thing," The manager shouted with excitement in his voice. "He will be staying at this hotel and we may have him around for quite some time before he buys a house."

There were cheers all over the room especially from girls who were ready to throw themselves cheaply at Mr. Martinez.

"Some of you here will be cleaning and decorating his room." The manager added as the room was filled with more cheers.

Finally, the meeting was dismissed and everyone went away chatting with each other about the coming of Mr. Martinez. The whole day, the only topic people were talking about was the coming of the boss, and to be honest, Ramon was getting tired of it. He was glad his shift ended in the late afternoon and he went home though many of his colleagues insisted he stays to welcome Mr. Martinez but he was not interested so he cooked up an excuse and the manager permitted him to go home.


Ramon was busy chatting with Mark in the afternoon after he had some free time. Mark was busy telling him about how handsome and sexy Mr. Martinez was. From all indications, it was clear that he was crushing on him.

"Don't let anyone hear you," Ramon whispered to him. "You might land yourself and me into trouble."

"There is nothing wrong with a compliment," Mark replied. "I am just telling you what I saw."

After saying that, he burst into laughter. It was not long before Ramon saw the housekeeping supervisor coming in their direction and he was close. Ramon wondered if he had heard what Mark had just said because if that was the case then they were in serious trouble. Ramon just stood there courageously pretending that everything was all right.

"Ramon!" The housekeeping supervisor shouted as he drew near.

"Yes, sir," He replied.

He came there and just looked at them like he knew what they were talking about.

"Is there any problem, sir?" He asked.

"Go and clean Mr. Martinez's room immediately." He replied. "It's room 567."

"Yes, sir," he nodded.

Seriously, couldn't he have found someone else to clean the room, he thought with a sigh? It was always him. Why did Mr. Williams like assigning him even when there were others? But it was his job and if what Mr. Williams wanted was to have him fired then he had to follow his instructions to avoid that.

He took all the equipment he needed and some extra towels and put them on a trolley and left for Mr. Martinez's room. He went into the elevator and soon found himself in room 567. He knocked on the door but there was no answer. He knocked again but still no answer and he assumed that Mr. Martinez had left early. This was a great opportunity because he would clean the room without him being in there. He took out his key card and opened the door. The room was beautiful and it had three couches and a small table where there were used plates and a cup. He cleared everything and cleaned the small living room and went to the bedroom. He made the bed and decided to clean the bathroom first before returning to cleaning the whole room properly.

He went to the bathroom door and opened it when all of a sudden he froze. The steamy water was running and Mr. Martinez was in the shower, naked. Ramon's eyes met with Mr. Martinez's eyes and he got scared. He was standing in the shower looking straight at him without saying anything. Ramon turned and run away from the bathroom. He quickly got all his stuff and left the room pushing the trolley like a crazy person. He went to the elevator and it took long to open but as soon as it opened, he went inside and went downstairs sweating all over. He did not know what Mr. Martinez's reaction would be. It would even cost him his job.

"You look like you've seen a ghost," Mark asked him when he got to the storeroom. "Are you okay?"

Ramon couldn't answer him because he was too busy thinking about what Mr. Martinez would do and worse how Mr. Williams would react.

"Hey!" Mark yelled.

"Y...Yes" he exclaimed.

"What is wrong with you?" Mark asked suddenly grabbing his hand.

"I... I am fine." He stammered.

"No, you are not," Mark added. "Remember that you are talking to someone who knows you better than you know yourself."

Mark was right. Ramon couldn't hide anything from him since they have been friends since childhood.

"Something happened when I went to clean Mr. Martinez's room." He sighed as he felt hot. "I thought he was not in the room but then I saw him in..."

"Where did you see him?" Mark asked worriedly.

"He was in the shower."

"In the shower," Mark shouted excitedly.

"Hey! Keep it down." Ramon said as he covered Mark's mouth. "This could land me in trouble."

"Tell me, did you see him naked?" Mark whispered. "Did you see his...?"

"I turned immediately and left," Ramon assured. "I am really scared. This could cost me my job." He said as a tear run down his face.

"Don't be sad," Mark said as he rubbed his tear. "I am sure he is not that heartless. You are a guy and so is he. You didn't do anything wrong."

"I hope you are right because I am scared here."

"Don't worry," Mark said. "Now give me a smile."

Ramon put up a fake smile while his heart raced and his whole body was sweating. He just hoped that Mr. Martinez wouldn't say anything to the housekeeping supervisor because he would be fired before he even got the chance to say anything.

"Ramon!" He heard Mr. Williams' voice. "Ramon!"

He came closer to him and he was looking so angry.

Oh God, was this it?

"What did you do in Mr. Martinez's room?" He asked furiously.

Ramon's eyes watered from just hearing Mr. Williams' question.

"He wants you in his room in 60 seconds." He added.

"60 seconds?" Ramon exclaimed.

"Your time is running." He said as he glanced at his watch. "Now it's 50 seconds."

Without wasting any more time, Ramon began running towards the elevator while his heart raced like a running train. He didn't know what Mr. Martinez wanted to do to him or say. He pressed the elevator button and it quickly opened and he climbed in. He later found himself knocking on the door but there was no answer. He used his key card and let himself in.

He entered the room slowly letting his fear get the best of him. He saw Mr. Martinez seated on the couch with his legs on a table wearing only a towel around his waist. He went to him and just stood there waiting for him to pass his judgment but he was just staring at him with a stern face.

He had a handsome face that was well curved and clean-shaven beards that were on his chin. He had green eyes which seemed to sparkle when Ramon caught a glimpse of them. He had hair on his chest which got lost when they reached the towel. In other words, this man was perfect in every way but Ramon was too scared to even care.

"Are you the one who was in my room earlier?" He asked in the deepest and sexiest voice he had ever heard from a man.

"Yes, sir," He said, his voice barely above a whisper.

Marcos was just staring at him without saying anything further. Ramon didn't know what was going through his head and he got ready to receive anything.

"Take your clothes off." He said, crossing his legs. It looked like he had already undressed him with his eyes. “Didn't you hear what I just said?”

Ramon was so confused that he didn’t even know what to say or how to react. He just stared at him dumbstruck.

"Uh," Ramon gasped.

"I said, get your clothes off." He said as he played with his fingers.

"Why, sir?" He bleated.

"I want us to get even." He replied as he stood up. "You saw me naked earlier so it will only be fair if I see you naked. I don’t think it’s fair that I am the only one that gets to expose my nakedness to you."

"I'm so sorry that I came to the bathroom while you were showering." Ramon pleaded. "But believe me, sir, I didn’t see anything."

"You may try to defend yourself but I don't have the time. Now, strip!" He demanded.

"I am sorry, sir." He shook his head. "But I am afraid I can't do that."

Mr. Martinez was standing so close that Ramon could feel the heat emanating from his chest.

"I am ordering you to take your clothes off." He insisted. "No one has ever disobeyed me. Especially my workers so if I were you I would do it quickly."

Ramon's heart was beating so fast that he felt like he was gonna have a heart attack. Not even in his wildest dreams had he ever thought someone would ask him to do what Marcos was asking him to do. He couldn’t do it.

"I can't do that, sir."

Like a flush, Marcos gripped Ramon's waits, bringing him closer. Ramon felt his heart pound in his chest and he groaned, almost painfully. His eyes were wide and he could feel the man’s breaths on his face. Ramon had never felt as scared as he did at that time.

"Many men would have jumped at an opportunity of getting naked in front of me." He whispered seductively. "It comes with a lot of benefits and I may just reward you greatly or promote you. That is if you satisfy me with your sweet little..."

Before Marcos could finish his sentence Ramon released himself from his grip. He didn't want to hear how the sentence would end because he knew what was coming next. It was all so clear to him. It only meant that Mr. Martinez was gay. What hurt him was the fact that he thought Ramon was a whore. His eyes watered at the thought of it. Just because he was gay didn't mean he never believed in love. It was people like Mr. Martinez that thought gay people were only good for sexual satisfaction that made gay love difficult but he was never going to give it to him.

"I am not like those men, sir." He exclaimed. "I am different from those men. I have so much respect for my body. I know that I am poor but I wouldn't engage myself in something as disgusting as that just for money."

He was right after all, Mr. Martinez was a jerk and he wished he hadn't met him because then he wouldn't be hearing these painful words from him.

"I am your boss here and I have the power..."

"With all due respect, sir," He said quietly. "I am not interested in your offer. You should try other men who would be interested in it."

Mr. Martinez was standing there looking at him with the look of a jerk and all Ramon wanted to do was leave the room before anything else happened because he was not sure of what Mr. Martinez was capable of.

"If you don't mind, sir," He begged. "Excuse me."

Ramon turned and left the room leaving Mr. Martinez standing there looking puzzled. He couldn't believe that Mr. Martinez was gay and desired to have sex with him on their first meeting.

While he was in the elevator going to the reception he couldn't even think properly. He didn't care if Mr. Martinez fired him for refusing to have sex with him. He was prepared for anything. He tried to make himself look calm to avoid questions especially from Mark who read his mind. The elevator opened and he put up a smile to look fine.


Marcos just stood there still trying to come to terms with what had happened. For the first in his life, he was rejected, and that too by a common room boy who worked in his hotel. This had never happened before. This young boy was the only one who had the guts to reject his offer. He would have even offered him a promotion which would have benefited him but he still refused.

24-year-old Marcos Martinez, a well-known gay playboy rejected for the first time in his life by a common room boy. He was not going to settle for that and whatever it was gonna cost him, he vowed to have that boy in his bed.

To be honest, the boy was handsome, he thought as an evil grin appeared on his face. He had a very handsome hairless face with deep blue eyes which seemed to sparkle when he glanced in them. His dark hair made his face look even more handsome. Even in the uniform, he was looked so handsome that Marcos couldn’t compare him to any of his encounters and this turned him more.

He wanted the boy in his bed, screaming his name and moaning loudly as he shoved his big fat cock in his tight hole. He wanted to make the boy moan and cry at the same time while he pleasured his dick with his tight hole. He wanted to show him that he was the king of domination and what Marcos wants, Marcos gets.

He liked them when they played hard to get. It turned him on more and made him extremely horny. Whatever it takes he was going to have that boy in his bed. He was the kind of person who never took no for an answer. I mean come on, he was super rich and he wouldn't let a young boy like that reject him. It was payback time.

Marcos went back to the wardrobe and got dressed quickly. He wore the tightest jeans and a vest which he thought made him look sexier. He went back to the couch to think about how he would quicken his moves to have sex with the young boy.

Marcos was openly gay and all his family members knew about it. He had an older brother Barry who was like his shoulder and his twin sister Madison who loved him like crazy. All of them worked in their father's company. His mother and father had always insisted he settle down just like his brother but he wanted to live his life to the fullest. A guy needs pleasure not just from one guy but from many. He had a boyfriend but he wouldn't call him his boyfriend. He was just his childhood friend who his mother insisted became his boyfriend but he was not interested. He had sex with him numerous times but that was it. It was just sex with no strings attached. He was never into relationships and he never believed in love or relationships.

"I know what to do." He simpered as he quickly got up from the couch heading for the door.

He had just got a great idea that would make him have the boy. He was going to have his way with him whether he was interested or not. He was not the kind that gave up easily.

Marcos went to the Manager's office where he would execute his plans. He never knocked but just entered and found him busy with some documents. He let himself in and sat on the chair looking at the manager who was looking back at him as if he was about to say, "What the hell are you doing in my office?"

He did not care that he did not knock. Come on, why would he knock on his property? He hired the guy anyway but he was not going to be disrespectful.

"How may I help you, sir?" The manager asked with a puzzled look.

"I am here to inquire about the boy who cleaned my room today." He answered with an, "I don't care smile."

"And who may that be, sir?" The manager asked him.

"I don't know but I thought you might know since you are his boss." He replied as he combed his hair with his fingers.

"I think Mr. Williams, the housekeeping supervisor is the right person to give you that information." The manager answered with a smile. "Let me call him."

The manager picked up his office telephone and spoke to someone. Marcos didn't care who as he was too busy caressing his lovely hair which he adored.

"Did he cause any problems for you?"

"What?" He answered trying to listen to what the manager had said. "Oh, no. don't worry he is not in any trouble at all."

He was not in trouble, yet but he would soon be in trouble with his dick. Just the thought of that made Marcos chuckle to himself and he found himself laughing.

"Are you okay, sir?"

"Don't worry about me." He laughed. "I am absolutely fine."

He tried to bring himself under control but he just found himself chuckling again. He couldn't wait to have his dick ridden by that boy. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and Mr. Williams came inside. Marcos couldn't even let the manager speak to him as he found himself busy speaking to him.

"Mr. Williams, please sit here." He pointed to the chair next to him.

The man did not even sit and he asked him another question.

"I believe you very well know the boy that cleaned my room today."

Why wouldn't he know? Of course, he was the housekeeping supervisor and knew everyone person he supervised.

"Yes, sir," He gasped.

"Well, tell me about him."

"His name is Ramon Castillo. He hasn't been here long. He started working here last week and I don't know much about him." He blurted.

So his name was Ramon Castillo. Nice name for a handsome young boy like him who will soon be in his bed.

Marcos could see that the man was getting scared or rather uncomfortable at his question of Ramon.

"Has he caused any trouble for you?" He asked as he sat at the edge of his seat. "I knew that boy was a trouble maker. I will fire him immediately, sir, so that he will cause no more trouble."

Fire him? No, that would ruin all his plans and he was not going to allow that.

"Please don't do that to him." The manager begged. "I know I have only known him for a week but he is a good boy and I am sure that he didn't mean to make trouble."

"No... No!" Marcos stammered. "Don't fire him. He has not caused any trouble. The only reason I wanted to know about him is that I want him to be assigned to my room while I am staying here."

There was silence before he heard the manager speak.

"You mean for just a day or..."

"Permanently," He answered, leaving everyone looking puzzled especially the housekeeping supervisor.

"He has only been working here for a week and I still don't know if he can be trusted." Mr. Williams insinuated. "There are a lot of girls that I can suggest for you. I can recommend the best for you."

"I only need Ramon." He answered trying to keep his cool. "I don't care whether he has been working here for a week or even an hour. Just do as I have instructed."

"I agree with Mr. Martinez." The manager said with happiness in his voice. "Ramon is a good boy and a hard-working one too."

"The manager has agreed. Assign him to my room as soon as possible. He is only to work in my room until I say otherwise." He said as he got up from the chair.

The housekeeping supervisor just nodded and Marcos left the room smiling. He liked it when people listened to him without asking any questions.

If only Ramon had been that easy then he would have had a taste of him. Seriously, he got furious at the thought of being rejected for the first time by a boy. He was a hunk, rich, sexy, handsome, and he would have changed Ramon's life with a snap of a finger. What was so special about Ramon that he rejected him like that? He was never going to give up. He was going to show Ramon that he was the kind who got what he wanted.

Marcos took a glance at his watch and it was already 3.56 pm. He had forgotten that he was supposed to meet with his friend, Anthony. How could he have forgotten about it? Maybe he would send him a text or a short call when he got back to his room. He wanted to take a look around the hotel but he was going to make Ramon show him around the next day.

He went back to the room and sent a short text to Anthony.

"Hey dude, sorry I couldn't make it today but we can still do this tomorrow. Come to my hotel. It's room number 567."

That night he had a hard time sleeping. All he thought about was Ramon. He was fantasizing about how he would fuck him hard and how he would make him scream his name and moan loudly. The fantasy felt real as soon he saw images of him fucking Ramon throughout the room. Everywhere he looked, he saw himself fucking Ramon deep, rough and hard. The room was filled with different moans coming from both of them. These voices were driving him nuts and he felt like he was going insane. He tried to cover his ears but he could still hear them.

When he came back to his senses, he found he was horny and his briefs were wet from the amount of pre-cum oozing out. He might as well finish the job which his cock had started before he got even crazier. He took out his now throbbing cock and began jerking it off. Just three strokes and he could feel his whole body vibrating in pleasure as huge ropes of cum shot out his cock to his hand and chest. He couldn't help but moan at the pleasure he felt as he allowed his cock to give him pleasure while he stroked it faster. More cum shot from his cock and it felt like he had been coming forever until it finally stopped. He could still feel cock pulsing in pleasure.

He got up to clean himself but got surprised at the amount of cum that was on his body. It had even reached his chest which was something that had never happened before. Where did all that pressure which moved his cum to his chest come from? Was he that horny? There was so much cum on his hand, chest, and tummy which started dripping to the floor. This was new because he had never released so much cum in his life. Not even when he fucked the hottest ass he had ever had. He just couldn't wait to shoot all that cum on the boy's face, mouth and ass.

Marcos quickly went to the bathroom and took a short hot shower. He came back, put on clean boxer briefs, and slept while still thinking about fucking Ramon.


"But sir, can't you appoint someone else to clean his room." He pleaded. "Why does it have to be me?"

Ramon couldn't believe that he had been assigned to be cleaning Mr. Martinez's room until he left the hotel. Why was this happening to him?

He had come to work very happy as he had forgotten about what had happened the previous day only to find out that he has been assigned to his room again. To be honest, he was scared and just wanted to change with someone else. He just hoped Mr. Williams assign someone else instead of him.

"No! He specifically wants you to be doing that henceforth." Mr. Williams answered, crossing his arms on his chest.

Ramon knew that Mr. Martinez did this so that he could have sex with him but he was never going to do that. Not even if he was the last man on earth.

"But, sir anyone can do it."

"He's the boss and whatever he wants he gets. However, if you mess up, I will not hesitate to fire you. Now get ready and start work immediately."

"I can exchange with him." He heard Mark's voice and he felt a bit relieved.

Ramon had even forgotten that he was with Mark. All this had just gotten to him and he was not thinking properly. He was feeling a little bit scared. Who knew the extent Mr. Martinez would reach to have sex with him? What if he was an animal and rapes him?

"You heard what I just said," He barked. "Mr. Martinez only wants your friend and he is acting as if he's not interested. I know he's filled with joy inside because it will be an opportunity for him to beg for money."

"No, sir," He pleaded. "You got this all wrong. If only I could switch places with someone just to prove to you that I don't want to be in this position."

"Whatever!" Mr. Martinez said as he raised his hand in the air as if ordering him to leave. "Just start your work immediately before Mr. Martinez accuses me of not following his instructions."

Ramon nodded as Mr. Williams gave him a cold look and left. The other workers were going to think just like Mr. Williams and soon rumors would fill the whole hotel that he was going to make money out of Mr. Martinez. This all was thanks to Mr. Martinez. Now he would even make more enemies especially those who wanted to have the opportunity to be close to him. His heart was beating so fast. When he felt a hand on his shoulder, he almost screamed from fear.

"Are you okay?" Mark asked.

"I don't know, Mark." He tried to put up a smile which failed drastically.

"You will be fine." Mark smiled at him. "Do you know how many workers would love to be in your shoes right now? I can't reject an opportunity to be close to Mr. Martinez. You should consider yourself lucky that he chose you."

If only Mark knew what he had told him in the room the previous day then he would have understood why he was scared to work in Mr. Martinez's room. But he couldn't tell him because he would just get more worried.

"I guess you are right," He smiled sheepishly. "But I still don't want to work in his room."

"Don't worry, I will just be here for you anytime you need a friend," Mark said as he gave him a tight hug.

As much as he needed for that hug to last forever, he knew he did not have time to hug him for long. So he broke the hug.

"I need to go." He said as he smiled at him.

Mark smiled back and Ramon went to Mr. Martinez's room to begin his work. It was not long and he found himself knocking on the door but there was no answer. He knocked several times but still no answer. He used his key card to open the door and let himself in hoping that he was not making a huge mistake. He slowly entered the room with his cleaning equipment.

"Hello!" He called but it was quiet.

He went to the bedroom and found Mr. Martinez still sleeping with headsets in his ears. He took a glance at the clock on the wall and it was already 10. Am and he was still in bed.

Ramon turned to leave when he heard Mr. Martinez's voice.

"Hey, how did you get in here?" He asked in a sleepy voice. "Were you trying to see if I was in the shower so that you could catch a glimpse of my sexy body?"

"N-no, sir," He stammered. "I knocked several times so I thought you were not inside."

"I heard you." He laughed. "I just wanted to see if you are really smart or ... anyway you know what I am trying to say. But judging by your action," He said as he got out of the bed in a tight boxer brief. "I can see that you made a smart move by letting yourself in." He chuckled as he slowly came near him. "You may start cleaning this room while I shower."

He went away rubbing his hairy chest. The boxer was so tight Ramon could see the outline of his dick. He was still scared and could not trust him no matter what happened. He knew he had to be careful especially with a man like him who was probably a playboy.

Ramon quickly made the bed and cleaned the rest of the room before he finally went to dust the couches. He wanted to do this quickly so that he could get out of the room and avoid trouble from Mr. Martinez. As he turned around, he found Mr. Martinez standing behind him smiling probably staring at his ass. He was looking so handsome in black skinny jeans and a blue and white striped shirt which looked perfect on his body. He was looking so handsome but to Ramon, he was still a stupid hungry for sex man.

"Are you done?" He asked still smiling.

"Yes! I was just about to leave."

"Leave?" He asked losing the smile on his face. He began coming closer to Ramon and he got even more scared.

"I want you to stay a little longer with me." He said seductively.

Ramon took a few steps backward as Mr. Martinez came near him and he found himself cornered. What was he going to do now?

"I am sorry sir, but I can't do that." He said trying to put up some courage.

"And may I know why you can't?"

Mr. Martinez was so close to him that he could feel his breath on his face.

"Because it is not part of my job description to sexually satisfy my boss."

He did not know where he got the courage to say that but he was glad he did. To his surprise, Mr. Martinez just stood there staring at him. He did not know if he was hallucinating due to fear but he could see his face getting closer and it was like he was about to close his eyes. His breaths increased and his heart was like a moving train. Then suddenly, he heard him laugh and move away from him.

"You are so funny and so serious." He said in between laughs. "Who said anything about sex? What I meant to say is that you will be working in this room. That means you have to serve my meals, clean my room, take my clothes to the laundry, iron them, go with me wherever I want you to."

"Go with you?" He stuttered.

"Yes!" He smiled. "And most importantly... You have to take care of me."


"No buts, I will increase your salary." Mr. Martinez assured.

Well, he was not going to argue with that. But what if this was just a way to get to him? He was still in thought trying to figure out why exactly Mr. Martinez wanted him in his room for before Mr. Martinez snapped a finger.

"First things first, I want you to show me around the hotel." He said to him.

"Of course, sir, just let me take these equipment downstairs."

"That is where we are going." He responded. "Let's go."

Ramon took all the equipment that he had been using to clean the room and the both of them went downstairs in an elevator. Ramon could notice that Mr. Martinez had his eyes on his ass the whole time.

They went downstairs and Ramon noticed that all eyes were on the two of them. Some were smiling but others had frowned their faces. Mark even raised his thumb showing approval. If only all of them knew just how much he wanted to get away from the pig of a man.

Ramon showed him around the hotel and it took a whole 2 hours to finish and by the time he was done, it was already 3 pm. The man couldn't allow him to have his lunch and he was starving. When they went back inside, they met with Mr. Martinez's friend who seemed nice even to a worker like him.

He was taller than Mr. Martinez, blonde hair, not very handsome but just average and he was wearing a white trouser with a blue shirt which was a very good combination. At least he seemed well mannered than Mr. Martinez who was probably the most foolish guy he had ever met.

"Hey Ramon," Mr. Martinez put his arm on his shoulder. "Bring some food and a bottle of wine to my room immediately."

"Yes, sir" He replied while almost bowing his head.

"We will eat here before we go to his room." Mr. Martinez's friend said to him. "I won't have him drink on me this evening."

Both of them chuckled and they left chatting while a pair of girls talked about how hot Mr. Martinez and his friend were but he couldn't care less. He went to see if Mark he was ready to go home since his shift was almost over.


"You want to do what?" Anthony yelled.

"Hey, quiet," Marcos said as he covered his mouth. "He might hear you."

"Has the food we just had got you insane or what?" Anthony bleated.

"I am absolutely fine." He replied.

"You do realize that he is just a poor servant boy and you may hurt him?" Anthony asked him with a stern look.

"He rejected my advances at him." He sighed. "And I will make sure that I show him that whatever Marcos wants, Marcos gets." He declared.

"I hope you are not planning on doing something that will ruin the life of that boy."

"Why are you talking like this?" He asked, suddenly feeling bad that Anthony had a different view about his plan. "Why do you seem so defensive about that boy?" He asked.

"The other boys you targeted were very easy because you blinded them with your riches," Anthony said as if reprimanding him. "This boy rejected you as soon as you tried to lure him into having sex with you even when he knew that you could change his life by a snap of a finger. Doesn't that tell you something about him?"

Marcos was now getting confused at the question of Anthony. What was he trying to say to him?

"It tells me that he is one of those boys that love playing hard to get and very soon he will be in my bed pleasuring my cock." He said as he got up. "Can we just forget about this issue?" He begged.

"Of course, anything you want," Anthony answered.

After a little while, they found themselves chatting and catching up on the lost time. This was the friend he needed and not the friend who didn't support him. They talked and talked until Marcos realized that it was late and he escorted Anthony outside the hotel where he noticed many people were staring at him. It was now time for dinner and he knew who to order to bring dinner for him.

He saw a housekeeper who probably had a crush on him but he was not into women. He called her and she came seductively smiling at him but she was only irritating him. Better be quick with it so that he could save himself from this annoying girl.

"Can you call Ramon for me?" He said showing a fake smile.

The girl looked like she was frozen. She kept looking at him and he knew that she was interested in him.

"Hey!" He snapped his finger and brought her back from whatever world her thoughts had taken her.

"S-sorry, sir," She apologized still wearing a smile. "He left about an hour ago."

"What?" He shouted. "He left without informing and getting approval from me?"

How could Ramon do this on the night when Marcos was about to try again? He was so angry that his anger could be seen on his face.

"Sir, are you okay?"

"I'm fine!" He answered.

"I can do anything you want me to do, sir." She said seductively.

"All I want is him." He yelled.

He could see that the smile on the girl's face had turned to a frown and some people who heard him shout were looking at him.

"Is there anything wrong, sir?" He heard the housekeeping supervisor ask.

"Of course," He shouted. "We have a really big problem here. Who permitted Ramon to go home?"

"I'm sorry, sir," He apologized. "His shift was over."

"He now works for me and I get to decide when he leaves." He shouted as people stared at him.

Marcos stormed out and went to his room drowning in his anger. He didn't know why he felt so angry. Maybe it was because he had plans and his plans were ruined.

He immediately went to sleep feeling so much anger at Ramon. This boy was giving him a headache and he did not appreciate it. Maybe he had to be nice and slowly seduce him and that was what he was going to do.

At exactly 9 am, he heard a knock on the door and he quickly went and opened the door. There was Ramon, standing at the door looking scared as usual.

"Why are you coming to work at this time?" He asked as he took a glance at his watch.

"I'm so sorry, sir." He apologized. "I have a father and a brother and I had to prepare some food for them..."

"I don't need your life history." He answered rudely. "From now on you are to arrive here at 8 am and I will determine when you leave."

Ramon just nodded and Marcos dismissed him to do his work. While he was cleaning the room, Marcos had his eyes on his ass. He just admired how beautiful his ass was and to be honest he had a nice bubbly butt which made him horny every time he bent. Ramon cleaned the room and finished in the afternoon. After that, Marcos had him feed him his lunch in the room. Ramon was hesitant but Marcos was the boss and he soon complied with what Marcos demanded. The plan was to make Ramon touch his body regularly and then just make a move while he did that.

After lunch, Marcos made Ramon massage his back while he lay on the bed feeling the pleasure Ramon's hands were giving him. If he planned to work he had to be nicer to him. At 7 pm, Marcos permitted Ramon to go home and he apologized for being so hard on him during the day. He came up with some lame excuse about his family companies giving him problems. Ramon left without saying anything to him. Not even wishing him goodnight. This was harder than he thought because the boy hated him and he could see by his actions.

The next day he was awfully nice and still received the same attitude as the boy and he did not know what to do anymore. For four days he was being nice and always smiled at the boy but his hope of the boy ever liking him was all lost. He couldn't do anything and he was so horny. No matter how much he tried to jerk off he was always horny. He even had thoughts of having sex with him without his consent. Call it rape or anything but he was so horny that so many thoughts were running through his head. He planned on having sex with Ramon on the fifth day whether he liked it or not. He was on his bed stroking his cock trying to free himself from this torture he was going through. He had not fucked any ass ever since he came back to the country and his dick was feeling like it was about to explode. As he was busy giving his cock pleasure with his hands his phone rang and it was his father from abroad.

He answered the phone and he couldn't believe that his father wanted him to attend a meeting for their family company in another town. What was worse was that he had to go to the meeting for a week. What could be worse than that? He had planned on fucking Ramon the next day and he had to leave very early the next morning for the next town. It looked like life had different plans for him and he couldn't even continue jerking his cock. He put up his boxers and went to sleep.

He woke up early the next morning and left. He was so furious. It was like the meeting was trying to ruin his plans but he promised himself that when he comes back he would have his way with Ramon whether the universe likes it or not. This was a promise which he was going to fulfill no matter what happened. He could feel the hard cock in his pants pressing against his crotch and it was really painful.

While at the meeting all he thought about was sex. Most of the time he couldn't even hear properly what the board of directors and business partners were discussing and he knew he wouldn't last. He needed to get off easy but then there was another obstacle, time. The meeting started very early and ended late that he didn't have the time to visit the gay clubs. Ramon was the one who would pleasure him when he came back from this business meeting. Finally, the meeting ended on the sixth day in the late evening and there was a party in honor of him. People were happy that he was back in the country. When he went back to his room, he couldn't sleep. On one hand, he was happy he was going back to execute his plans on Ramon and the other his cock was painfully hard.

Marcos woke up early the next morning and began going back to the hotel. He was so horny that his cock was leaking huge amounts of pre-cum that there was a wet spot on his black trouser. He was glad the trouser was black because many people would have noticed and he would have been embarrassed. Finally, he arrived at the hotel after 4 whole hours of being in the car with only his driver. If only there was a plane. It could have made things a bit easier. He was horny, tired, and sweaty.

Soon as he had arrived at the hotel he was welcomed by some housekeepers who took his small bag to his room while trying to look around the hotel to see if he could spot Ramon. He was so happy that he found Ramon in the room the minute he arrived. This was the time to execute his plans and finally fuck Ramon senselessly.

"Welcome back, sir," Ramon greeted him with a smile.

He did not care that Ramon was smiling at him for the first time but his dick was now in control. He closed the door and without saying anything moved closer to Ramon. He took his hand and led him to the bed and wrapped his arms around his waist as he had done before.

"What are you doing, sir," Ramon shuddered as he spoke.

"Am I not attractive?" He whispered as he got closer to Ramon.

"Am I not?" He shouted in his face.

"Y-yes, sir," Ramon stammered. "You are attractive."

"Then please give me pleasure, quench this fire that I feel for you." He whispered as he sniffed his neck.

"S-sir please let me go," Ramon begged as he tried to release himself from his grip.

"All my life no boy has ever rejected me." He yelled. "And I will not let that start with you. You are just a common worker and I must have you today whether you permit it or not."

Marcos could see that the boy's eyes were now watering and a tear dropped but that did not affect him in any way. It just turned him on even more.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way." He whispered. "It's your choice."

"Sir, I beg of you. Please let me go." Ramon begged as he struggled to release himself but Marcos just held him firmly. “I know youre better than this. I… I am begging you.” He pleaded

"What do you want? Is it money?" He yelled, releasing the boy from his grip. He furiously went to his bag and got bundles of money which he threw at Ramon's face.

"You can have it all but I must fuck you today." He shouted. He did not care if people outside heard him.

For two weeks he had not had sex and his dick was painfully hard. He needed to fuck Ramon or he would go crazy.

Marcos threw a lot of money at Ramon. Ramon felt insulted, humiliated and just hurt. His whole being was hurting from what he was hearingHe felt like some cheap whore, and the fear of getting raped didn’t make things any easier.

"You can have it all but I must fuck you today." Marcos shouted.

Ramon furiously turned and began rushing to the door. But Marcos gripped his arm powerfully, pulling him back. It hurt like hell and he began panting.

"Didn't you hear me?" He said in a hoarse voice. "You are not going anywhere."

Tears welled in Ramon’s eyes and the more he tried to set himself free, the more he hurt his arm. Marcos was pulling on his arm so hard that it felt like it was gonna rip off.

"Let me go." He pleaded. He couldn’t fight his tears. “Please, have pity on me. Don’t do this.”

He tried to release his arm but he was furiously thrown to the bed. He hit his head but didn’t care, because he was gonna get raped if he didn’t think quickly.

"Just cooperate and I promise you will feel so much pleasure." He groaned while he ripped off his shirt revealing a hairy chest. Ramon was filled with so much fear that he jumped out of bed and tried to run but was soon caught and thrown back to the bed. He was about to shout when his mouth was covered and now he was helpless. Mr. Martinez climbed on top of him and had an evil grin on his face. Just by looking in those eyes all he could see was lust.

"Don't worry I will give it to you hard." He whispered. "You will feel the pleasure my cock will give you. I have never disappointed anyone before"

Ramon could already feel the hard member pressed upon his leg. It was like a metal that was ready to pierce him. Tears were running down his face but no sound came out. The only thing that he heard was the sound of his muffled cries. He could feel Marcos’ hand tracing his chest and then his face. He was so scared that he felt like his heart was about to rip out of his chest. He felt as Marcos moved his hand to his zipper and he knew that he was gonna be raped anytime. He didn't know where he got the power from but he began struggling, hitting Marcos on the chest until he managed to push Marcos off him and he got up to run. marcos tried to catch him but he used his whole force and pushed him and he fell hard on the floor with a thud.

While he was on the floor, Ramon quickly got the opportunity and got out of the room as fast as his legs could carry him. He tried to open the elevator but it was not opening so he thought it wise to use the stairs because if he waited for the elevator, Marcos was gonna catch him again. It took long but he found himself running downstairs with people at the reception and everyone looking at him. His whole face was wet with tears and soon he heard the manager's voice.

"Ramon, what's wrong?"

"I am sorry sir." He said in between sobs. "I can't work here anymore. I quit."

He quickly got his key card and gave it to the manager and without saying anything run out of the hotel. He was so scared and happy that he had escaped what would have ruined his life completely. His arm was still hurting but he was so happy that he had escaped. He had left a few things at the hotel but he knew Mark would bring them to him. He couldn't believe that it was the end of his job at the hotel and he hasn't been working there for even a month. Not even a salary or anything and it was all thanks to this stupid owner.

While Marcos was out for the business meeting, Ramon had missed him though he was always an ass to him. He had even started liking him. But what had happened turned those feelings he had into fear.

How could he have been so stupid, he thought? He should have just quit when Marcos made his first move on the first day. He should have listened to his brother and just stayed home as he had suggested. He was really lucky that he had escaped from the clutches of Marcos. It was in the afternoon and on his way home, people were staring at him and probably wondering why he was looking so lost and so scared. If only they knew what he had escaped from?

He had almost got hit by a vehicle three times.

After a long walk, he finally reached the house and he could see his father and brother sitting outside chatting. What was next? Was he gonna tell them or cook up a story that would convince them why he wouldn't be working anymore? He rubbed his face and he began going to the house while a lot of thoughts run through his tiny brain.

To be continued....

Anyone to please edit chapters to this story? I would appreciate it...

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Oh wow, what a spoiled ass;...absolute power corrupts absolutely; perhaps with his riches he will finally see his own ugly reflection now.

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