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    Wayne Gray
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Wayne's Poems - 8. Finished

A thrumming under my hand,
A living, beating heart.
Mind trying to understand,
How such a thing could start.

"What have you done to me, dear?"
The words I barely find.
You only smile, draw me near,
You let me make you mine.

I smile against your warm face,
You're all I want and need...

I wake.
A dream.
Like me.

Despite the content, yes, I'm fine. 🙂

Copyright © 2019 Wayne Gray; All Rights Reserved.

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11 minutes ago, MichaelS36 said:

Glad you're fine. I like your poetry. 

Thank you, Mike.  I keep getting encouraged to write it.  So here we are.  😊

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2 minutes ago, Thorn Wilde said:

What Mike said. I like this. It's erotic and sad at the same time.

Thanks, Thorn.

I wanted it to feel cut off.  Like dreams often are.

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