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Dragonborne - 9. Chapter 9

“No, we refuse to participate.” Bastion answered quickly.

“What do you mean no? We are supposed to unite to face a common enemy.”

“I made it clear we needed to make a concise assessment and to refrain from doing anything rash, which you did not.” Bastion barked. “Now you are going to have to get the council involved as well as you must have representation.”

“You wish to leave us at a disadvantage or have you turned traitor and conspired with those creatures”

“I simply do not have the time or patience to get involved with your nonsensical schemes. Come Sage we are leaving.”

Gillian attempted to block their exit with his weapon drawn, Bastion sighed casually moving the blade aside.

“Do you have time for this? A fight with me would do more harm than good. Even if you were to beat me there is no telling the shape you would be after the fact or do you have a reason for this newfound confidence?”

Bastion glared at him daring Gillian to make a move. He was confident in his ability to deal with him if he had too but underestimating his opponent had cost him before.

“You continue to defy me when you should be on your knees begging to serve me.” Gillian barked as he swung his blade.

Annoyed Bastion caught Gillian’s wrist mid-swing and grabbing his neck with his other hand. They locked eyes before Gillian shook himself free sheathing his weapon.

“Have it your way, you will come crawling back to me seeking a position in my court once I claim victory, you would do best to remember your place when the time comes peasant” Gillian whispered the latter half in his ear before the group moved on.

“You two never got along as far back as I can remember” Sage sighed as he leaned against the wall.

“His arrogance born from being of a noble house always rubbed me the wrong way, now we are left with no choice but to make a report to Master Hendrix.”

“You’re one to talk you know, you were quite the hothead when it seemed like you were always on top” Sage laughed

“Funny but I seem to remember that would be more your game” Sage blushed as Bastion continued “do not think I haven’t noticed. The innocent act you put on fools the others even the masters, but I've spent a good deal of time with you. I know your skills behind closed doors firsthand and I know the air of a seasoned combatant”

Sage silently drew his short sword from within his sleeve poised to strike in an instant. “Seems to be your go-to method of attack today” Sage spoke with a sharp edge to his voice as Bastion took hold of his arm.

“Woah hold on there, I have no intention of revealing anything about you to anyone. I don’t know what your motives are or what the endgame is in all of this, but clearly, you have an agenda all your own. Should the time come, and we are to be on opposing sides so be it, for now, we can leave things as they are. Besides, I’d rather not turn my occasional bed partner into an enemy.”

As things were calmed down both knights found themselves knocked off their feet by a sudden pulse of energy. Struggling to a nearby balcony they observed the scene unfold before their eyes. These dragonborne continued to exceed their expectations repeatedly. Bastion found himself again questioning all he had known. How could beings of such power have been cut down so easily during the last war, some things just did not line up.


“What do you mean you haven’t done a full body shift? We essentially figure this out as hatchlings” Jin shook his head.

“In case you forgot I didn’t grow up here as a ‘hatchling’ and thought I was a normal teenager until I was thrown into all of this. I have spent the last few months training and trying to fit in, do not look down on me as if you are so much greater. You were the one who grabbed me, or need I remind you of that. Besides are we even allowed to take on those forms in this kind of battle? They are humans not dragonborne like us.”

“Ok, break it up you two. Jin if you want us to learn to work together this is not the way to go about it” Sune intervened.

“How was I supposed to know the kid could not shift, he has been training with Merlin all of this time I would think he would know something so basic. Don’t underestimate those so-called humans, not only are most skilled with advanced weaponry, but the magical arts are also not something exclusive to our kind” Jin huffed.

“The particular skill in question was neglected but not forgotten” Merlin and Thade appeared out of thin air. “With his true self suppressed for years, it would be quite dangerous to attempt a shift without a proper understanding of what he truly is. You all well know how difficult and dangerous a rouge dragon can be as a hatchling, a young drake would be a whole different matter.”

Levi was still bristling his wings outstretched and his tail snapping onto the ground, his outlook towards the red wyvern continually shifted between hot and cold. Merlin placed a hand on his young apprentice who immediately calmed at the elder’s touch.

“I have just been made aware of what has happened I apologize for being away from you all. As for the topic of using these in this upcoming trial, I do not see that it would cause an issue. I am sure the knights will use every resource at their disposal as they may view this as an opportunity to establish dominance and control of this realm. We must use every gift available to us. Levi, I do believe you should be more than capable of handling a shift at this stage” Merlin turns the young drake towards him and looked him in the eye “Remember you must not lose your sense of self, should that happen, you could place yourself and all of us in danger”

Levi nodded at his master and noticed Thade over his shoulder who offered him a nod of acknowledgment. The ground shook, an incredible aura weighed down on all the drakes as Merlin seamlessly shifted into a large golden dragon. His long neck ending in a pointed snout with two large fangs hanging down. With a might roar shockwaves rippled through the sky.

Levi’s leg felt weak in the presence of the elder dragon in this form. He looked around and noticed the others appeared to have the same reaction, even Jin struggle to maintain his composure. Levi turned back to the dragon coming face to face with him as his snout gently pressed on his chest “I release you”

A circle of light appeared around Levi separating into five pillars slowly lifting him into the air. One of fire, water, wind, earth, darkness, and light, before converging in the center where Levi once was creating one massive pillar of spiraling energy. He screamed out in fear as his senses were assaulted and overwhelmed, his consciousness felt like it was fading.

“You must not let fear drive you. You must not let anger control you. Your mind must be your own. Your will must be absolute.” the voices echoed.

“I don’t understand, I've never heard of five affinities converging into one. That much power will rip him apart for sure” Jin looked over at Sune who was appeared equally as astounded along with the other drakes.

Just as quickly as it has started it was over and there was nothing but an eerie silence, Jin felt nothing and saw nothing in the place where Levi once stood. The world around them felt as if time itself had stopped, the space felt warped and heavy. The sky began to darken around them when they were startled by a roar as Thade shifted into his dragon form as well, placing himself between the young drakes and where the magic circle had been.

A pillar of light rained down from the clouds, from which two large wings emerged. Next, a long fork-like tail followed by two large claws stepping to the ground. The new dragon let out a roar of explosive force. The drakes looked at the creature before them which stood on its hind legs and appeared to be staring down at its own claw hands. Its scales shimmering as though constantly changing color. Its eyes glowed red as it focused on the black dragon in front of it.

The drakes were paralyzed in fear, they could feel nothing, no sense of energy, no sense of thought, nothing and it scared them beyond comprehension as they stared at this dragon so foreign to them.

“What is that?” a young drake asked quivering in fear.

Jin’s spine tingled and grew, his hands changing to claws as his face partially formed his snout. Sune appeared to be experiencing the same unwilling change as their fight or flight instincts went into overload.

“Get ahold of yourselves young drakes” Merlin’s voice echoed as he took position next to Thade.

The dragons stood face to face; the air thick with tension. Getting to his feet Jin moved forward on what could only be described as instinct alone smoke bellowing from his partial dragon snout. The new dragon let out another explosive roar and charged at the approaching drake.

Merlin and Thade moved quickly blocking Levi’s advance, a thunderous force ensued as the might titans clashed

“Jin step back!” Thade’s voice echoed in his mind and a large black tail blocked his path. Seemingly ignoring Thade’s words Jin continued his approach before coming face to face with the Levi’s dragon form.

“Jin have you lost your mind?” Sune screamed as he attempted to bring Jin back. He simply shrugged Sune off and continued to advance on the beast.

“Are you so weak you succumb to nothing but instinct and destruction? You who was picked to be Merlin’s apprentice. You who continue to impress and astound those around you. You who makes my blood boil. I refuse to accept what I see before me.” Jin roared as he approached the dragon before him, his inner being pulsing as he locked eyes. Levi roared once more pushing the two dragons aside just enough before striking down on Jin, the resulting shockwave forcing Merlin and Thade to shield the other drakes from the blast.

When the dust cleared Jin was standing, his legs shaking ready to give out, battered and bruised holding an unconscious Levi in one arm who had reverted to his humanoid form. “You’re a real handful you know that runt, just like he was” he whispered to the boy before he too collapsed.

Copyright © 2019 Xfighter1984; All Rights Reserved.
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What an amazing journey you are taking us readers on. Jin as gruff as he is is very caring it seem of Levi. Such power with all of the elements, and what seems like an innate ability to have those who get close to be drawn to him. Looking forward to read what Levi becomes as a natural leader.

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Great to see Bastion and Sage step back from Gillian

Hmmm 🤔, headstrong with crazy blind love 😜, Jin does like living on the edge. Jeez Merlin, you might give a little more instruction or take Levi more removed from others before unlocking the hidden ancient bloodline affinities.

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