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  1. Hello Xfighter1984. It is hard to believe that you joined just a few weeks after me and that we have never spoken. Better late than never, Hi how are you! You appear to have many members who are enjoying your stories, judging by all the likes your chapters receive. Now that I know you exist(my fault) I will try to give them all a read and add my comments. I would like to wish you a Happy 28th Birthday and that you had a great day of celebration. Keep on writing, best wishes to you.


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  2. “That ladies and gentlemen ishow you close a deal,” Brian shouted slapping Triston on the back as they ended the conference call. “We’ve closed three major accounts this month, you are on fire.” “Dedication and hard work yields the payday,” Triston responded packing up his laptop. Several coworkers stopped to congratulate him on a job well done. “We should go out for drinks to celebrate the momentous occasion,” Brian suggested. Triston shook his head as they walked to the elevator. “One, it’s the middle of the week and two, I already have plans this evening. See you in the morning Brian, and don’t forget we have shareholdersmeeting on Friday.” Triston smiled to himself on his ride home, their home, or at least that seemed to be the general direction they were headed. More often than not Cory ended up staying over at his place and even Caleb had joined them for the occasional Sunday night dinner after his weekend flings. He enjoyed having someone to wake up to and someone to hold him at night. Just as he expected the house smelled delicious as he walked through the door, Cory’s talents in the kitchen put himown to shame. “Something smells wonderful,” Triston announced as he made his way into the kitchen. Cory was lost in his own world with music playing as he sang and danced occasionally stirring something in a pot or adding seasoning to the chicken on the skillet all the while wearing nothing but an apron. Cory jumped in surprise when he noticed Triston standing in the doorway watching him. “I didn’t hear you come in,” Cory made his way over wrapping his arms around Triston for a quick kiss. “I figured I would throw something together to celebrate your big day.” “Well I appreciate your efforts,” Triston responded with a smile. “How were your classes?” “I just wish they would let us experiment more. I feel like I get more practice making meals for you than the boring things they have us preparing,” Cory answered with a sigh before returning to the stove. “Well, I’ll gladly be your test subject any day,” Triston assured him as he came up and kissed Cory on the back onhis neck. “Besides, I’ve eaten more home cooked meals in the last three months than I have all year.” “Has it really been that long already?” Cory said with a smile, before it was quickly replaced by a frown, “I hope I haven’t been neglecting Caleb too much.” Triston turned the young man around and lifted his face to his own. “I’ve already made it clear, you are free to come and go as you please. You don’t have to always plan your time with your friends around me. Now, let me get out of these things and get ready for dinner,” Triston gave him a quick kiss before departing. Cory smiled and enjoyed the feeling of not having been this happy in quite some time. Cory sat in the back on the coffee shop giving him a clear vantage point of the door, it was a coolday out and he was just waiting on Caleb with a drink already on the opposite side of the table. Speak of the devil Caleb walked through the door looking around, a goofy grin spread across his face when he spotted his waiting friend. Caleb became concerned when Cory didn’t seem to offer the same vibrant expression he had become accustomed to seeing. “What’s up chum? Why the gloom and doom look?” Caleb asked sitting down and taking a sip of his overly sweet ice coffee, just the way he liked it. Cory looked down at the cup between his hands before taking a deep breath, “I’m sorry for neglecting you as a friend. I’ve been caught up in the whirlwind of being with Triston and I hope you don’t resent me.” Caleb broke out into fits of laughter drawing the attention of several patrons. “Is that what you were worried about? I don’t feel neglected at all and Triston makes a point of having me over when I feel like it.” Caleb smiled over at his friend, his concern for the state of their friendship was over nothing. “So buck up, no time for sad faces not when you have a hottielike that around.” A sigh of relief escaped Cory, thankful that nothing between them had changed. “I will say, I do miss our best friend cuddle time though. Maybe we can make it best friends and hottie cuddle time.” Caleb ducked as Cory threw sugar packets across the table. “I don’t think I could deal with the two of you in the same bed thanks but no thanks,” Cory laughed while Caleb folded his arms and pouted. Cory yawned as he climbed in bed snuggling up behind Triston. He turned to Cory pulling him down for a soft kiss. “So how did it go? Is everything ok with you two again?” “It was never a problem to begin with as far as Caleb was concerned. Though he mentioned as a way to make it up to him I should lethim come cuddle with us,” Cory teased. “Well, what are you waiting for? Stop wasting time and get his butt over here.” Triston respondedbefore he couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore earning him a quick punch in the arm from Cory. “Oh babe, comehere I was only messing about,” Triston said as he pulled Cory on top of him. Cory broke out into a smile himself. “I’m not worried,” he responded grabbing a handful his man’s ass. “I know that this is all mine.” They came together in a passionate embrace as Cory grabbed hold of Triston’s hard member. “I’m going to make love to you late into the night. I hope you don’t have to sit much tomorrow,” Cory growled as he placed his now slicked up member at the entrance of the beautiful man beneath him. He latched on to Triston’s neck as his slowly pushed inside. “I love you,” He whispered in Triston’s ear. “I love you too!” Triston cried out as he pulled Cory to him, their lips crashing together.
  3. Chapter 3 Pure bliss was the only way to describe the feeling Cory was experiencing as he woke up from the wonderful memories of the weekend. “Well, someone was having quite the dream, must have been a really good weekend.” Cory shook off the sleep from his eyes as he realized that he was in bed with Caleb grinding his leaking hard member against his friend’s backside. “I’m sorry Caleb I didn’t realize what I was doing.” Caleb waved his friend off as he got out of bed. Waking up with Caleb in his bed was not an unusual occurrence, more often than not Caleb would find his was into his bed sometime in the middle of the night if he was not entertaining a guest. Cory grabbed a pair of shorts before making his way out into the living room. “So, tell me about your weekend with the mystery man,” Caleb said while making himself a cup of tea. “He is an amazing. We spent most of the first night at the bar just talking, and after you decided to take his friend home he offered to let me sleep over at his place to avoid your latest porn flick." Caleb simply shrugged and waited for his friend to continue. “Nothing happened this weekend other than some kissing and cuddling, but we are scheduled to go to dinner this evening.” Caleb smiled at his friend. It had been a long time since he had seen him this enthusiastic about someone. “Well, this sounds like the perfect excuse for a wardrobe update so let’s get a move on. Triston let a sigh of relief as he closed his laptop screen, he typically didn’t mind working extra over the weekends as he usually didn’t do much aside from the times that Brian dragged him out, not since things ended with Henry. This time however he was anxious for his dinner date with Cory. He couldn’t believe how easy things flowed between the two of them and just how natural it all seemed. Triston absent mindedly reached for his growing member as his mind flowed with thoughts of the young man. He huffed in frustration knowing he didn’t have the time right now and hoping he wouldn’t be doing this alone soon enough. Triston felt the butterflies in his stomach flutter as he pulled up to Cory’s apartment. The young man was fidgeting with his clothes as his friend slapped his hand away, Triston couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. “Would you stop that, I already told you that you look great,” Caleb chastised him as Cory continued to mess about with his new clothes. Triston’s eyes were locked on him the entire time as he made his way up the walkway. They just stood admiring one another, before embracing each other in a tight hug before parting with a soft kiss. “You two are just so precious. I can’t wait until I meet my knight in shining armor,” Caleb gushed causing Cory to let out a loud laugh knowing friend was definitely not the relationship type. “We should get going our reservation is within the hour,” Triston said as he began to lead Cory a way a hand on the small of his back. “It was nice to see you again Caleb,” Triston called over his shoulder. Caleb smiled happy for his friend as he watched the pair drive off. The restaurant, one of Triston’s favorites, a secret little Argentinean place that he had stumbled upon while entertaining clients was a short drive away. It was a simple gesture but it made his heart flutter as Cory placed his hand a top of his while it rested on the gearshift. The young man simply looked over at him and smiled before his eyes returned to taking in his surroundings. He often times seemed so lost in thought and Triston couldn't help but wonder what was going on in his mind. Finally parking the car, Triston already missed the feel of Cory’s hand on his and as they walked towards the restaurant he couldn’t stop himself from taking a hold of Cory’s hand offer the young man the same kind of smile he received only moments ago. “This is one of my favorite places in town. I’ve never ordered anything I didn’t enjoy.” Triston felt the need to mention suddenly feeling very self-conscious about the date. Cory noticed the shift in the man’s demeanor and quickly took charge pulling his faster toward the door. “I’m sure everything will be perfect.” He grabbed Triston’s face between his hands bringing their lips together feeling the rush of warmth flow through him that he has waited for so long. “Now, let’s get in there I’m starving.” Dinner was everything Cory imagined and more, the smells of the authentic food wafted through the building. When their plates arrived it was heaven on earth from the first bite to the last. Triston watched how much he enjoyed the meal and it brought him joy to know that Cory appreciated something so trivial in his eye. When the bill came both men reached for the bill before Cory won the short lived tug of war. “You’ve done some much for me thus far, let me have the pleasure of treating you.” The gesture spoke volumes to Triston making this an already great night simply the best. “How about we go for a short walk to work off all that food? I feel like I’ve devoured a farm.” Cory grabbed his stomach for dramatic effect. “I would like nothing better,” Triston responded as he reached for Cory’s hand letting him lead the way. The restaurant was situated not far from a walking trail that led parallel a canal with the soothing sounds of the water as it ebbed and flowed with the tide. Stopping to peer out over the water, Cory gazed at the man in the reflection on the moonlight before pulling him close, this time meeting in a much more passionate kiss. “To the start of something wonderful and many more adventures to come,” Cory whispered before pulling Triston down for another kiss full of passion.
  4. Chapter 2 Cory sat quietly, watching the buildings pass by as they rode along in the uber back to Triston’s house. He chuckled to himself. Conversation had flowed smoothly and in the midst of things Triston had realized he had never given Cory his own name. Cory began to shift uncomfortably as he notices they were moving into the more affluent area of town. They finally pulled up to an old style bungalow that had definitely seen its share of upgrades. Walking in, Cory was awestruck at the beautiful wood floors, the open space, and the kitchen with stainless steel appliance and granite countertops. Triston observed Cory as he took in the surroundings. He wasn’t the flashy type and enjoyed living comfortably. This was after all supposed to be his home. Triston shook the thought away before turning to Cory. “Can I get you something to drink, or something to snack on?” Triston offered as he began to get more comfortable. Cory’s attention was drawn back to Triston as he was stuck in place watching Triston disrobe, something he always did out of habit. Remembering he had guest he turned back to Cory to observe the young man blush and quickly avert his eyes. “Sorry about that, I tend to just sort of strip as soon as I get home.” There was no verbal answer from Cory; he just nodded still with a blush upon his face. “Actually, come to think of it, I didn’t consider that you wouldn’t have anything to wear, let me see if I have something from my younger days that might fit you ok.” As Triston left the room Cory couldn’t help watching the man and the way his nicely filled out his boxer briefs. Regaining his composure Cory became curious about his surroundings. Wondering over to the mantel above the fire place he found his eyes drawn to a picture, Triston and a man he couldn’t quite place. “That was from a different lifetime,” Startled Cory dropped the picture causing the frame to shatter. “I’m so sorry I was just looking and I didn’t mean to,” "Don’t worry about it, I’ve been meaning to do away with that thing for ages. Here you go, that might be a little bit snug these are definitely from my days at university.” Cory thanked him before being shown to the guest room where he would bunk down for the night. Triston lay awake the broken picture frame coming to mind, unable to sleep he made his was to kitchen for a drink only to stop just outside of the room Cory was asleep in. The moon cast light into the room just enough to cast a glow over his sleeping form. His breath caught in his throat. The blankets were pushed aside and the outline of Cory’s naked form lay before him. The drink forgotten Triston quietly made his way back to his room his hardening tool already in hand and an image burned in his mind. Cory stirred from his slumber, the smell of breakfast in the air and the sounds of cooking coming from the kitchen. Slipping back into the discarded night pants from the night before he made his way to the kitchen. Before him the gorgeous man in just an apron and boxer briefs was a site that made him wish he had taken a moment to take of his morning hard on. “Good morning sleepy head, I hope you're hungry.” Cory’s stomach growled before he could answer causing Triston to howl in laughter. “You didn’t need to go through the trouble. I am the one that owes you for being able to get a good night’s rest.” Triston simply waved him off and directed him to sit The young man sitting before him filled him with a sense of hope and longing that he hadn’t felt in a long time as he watched him clear the meal before him. Triston always enjoyed doing these types of things and didn’t realize how much he missed the simple acts of service. Full and satisfied Cory cleared up his place at the table before giving a quick kiss on the cheek in gratitude. The rush of electricity was felt by both men as they stopped and gazed upon one another slowly closing the distance. Their lips came together in a quick sensual kiss before the two they pulled a part. “Thank you for having me I had a nice time with you,” Cory stated feeling a blush creeping up his face. “The pleasure was all mine; do you need to get back to your roommate soon? I can take you if you would like.” Triston offered not really wanting the young man to leave just yet. “I don’t have anywhere that I need to be in a hurry, and usually Caleb’s guest stays for one more round before then walking out the door, so I’ve got time to spare.” Cory exaggerated a little knowing that Caleb often did not keep them around for long once he got his fill, but he wanted a reason to stay with this man for just a little longer. “Would it be to unbecoming of me to ask if it would be ok to kiss you again?” Not usually one to be shy about what he wanted, Cory felt the need to be sure before he acted. “I would like nothing more at the moment,” Triston responded. Cory moved into his open arms as their lips met again. Triston’s hand slowly and softly exploring the curves of his body. All to soon Triston was pulling away from the young man. “As much as I enjoyed that, I believe we should cap things off here.” Cory couldn’t help but hide his disappointment. Triston placed a finger under his chin bringing him back to eye level, “That is not to say that things are ending but I think we would benefit from getting to know one another. So, how about you join me for dinner this evening and we will go from there. He simply nodded in response, a grin plastered across his face before he embraced the man once more. Triston held the young man tight, inhaling the scent and the warm feeling arising within him. He was hopeful that he had possibly found a light in his life, and he was eager to see how bright it could become
  5. Chapter 4 – The Wheels of Fate Kyle watched the scene unfold before him, the two people being drawn to one another almost by a supernatural power and he couldn’t stop the feelings of guilt, sadness, and envy washing over him. It wasn’t so long ago that it was himself sitting underneath that tree with Xavier, he sighed remembering what was and thinking about what should have been. Momentarily locking eyes with Xavier was all the push he needed. “Hey Jasper can we talk for a minute?” Kyle asked while towering over Jasper. Jasper didn’t respond and simply nodded his head not sure of what was going to happen. Kyle sighed before taking a seat next to him. “I think we have more in common than I initially realized.” Not sure where this was going Jasper looker over at Kyle who was looking off in the distance in the general direction Xavier had run off too. “What do you mean by that?” Jasper asked apprehensively. Kyle shifted closer to Jasper turning towards him, “I mean we might be able to help each other out,” Kyle said while placing a hand on Jasper’s thigh taking note of the fact that he did not immediately pull away. Jasper was momentarily stunned looking at Kyle’s hand unsure of what was going on. “I’m not sure I follow what you are getting at here.” Jasper answered swallowing as his tongue grew heavy. “Look we both have a thing for Xavier, but it is clear that right now he is just to guarded and won’t let anyone new in. So in the mean time why not just help each other out?” Kyle asked while he began to now rub Jasper’s thigh. “I don’t understand why you think this would be the solution, I think that I will enjoy getting to know him.” Jasper countered, though for reasons he did not remove Kyle’s hand from his thigh taking small pleasure in the physical action. “I’m not stopping you two from getting to know one another, but in the meantime if you find yourself in need of relief feel free to come seek me out.” They both stood and dusted themselves off, Kyle took the chance to help out and dust some dirt from Jasper’s back before running in hand along his butt. Walking off he turned back one last time winking at him, leaving Jasper there slack jawed. **** “He said what?!” Jessica screeched nearly knocking the pizza tray over. “He asked me out, I think on a date,” Xavier answered with a slight blush. He had been replaying the conversation over in his head all day when, “Oh shit. I forgot to give him my number.” He groaned as his face fell into his hands. “No sweat just remember to give it to him when you see him at school next no big deal right?” She was right no need to stress about that now at this point. Across the way Jessica chuckled to herself happy to see a glimpse of the Xavier she was so fond of. Pulling up to his house the good mood of the evening was immediately soured when he saw Kyle’s car in his driveway. He hadn’t told his parents the specifics of the breakup in fact he hadn’t told them that they had broken up as he had no desire to relieve those events and they adored Kyle like a second son. He took a deep breath and prepared himself walking though the front door. “Hey sport, in here. Look who decided to drop by. Kyle was just telling us about how he thinks they have a real chance at winner state this year, especially with some new team prospects.” Xavier sighed as his father gushed over Kyle, some things never change. “Yes sir, conditioning has been keeping me real busy over the summer. Coach demanded we stay in shape and not slack off, we want that title this year.” Kyle smiled smoothly creating an excuse for his absence. “That’s my boy, you boys are going to win it for sure,” Xavier silently rolled his eyes. “Hey sport your mother and I are headed out for the weekend. She has a conference up north and we figured we would turn it into a quick getaway. We added some money into your account and you have the credit card for emergencies.” At this point his mother had walked down the stairs packed and with her last bags set by the door, which Xavier had failed to notice coming in. ‘We don’t mind having Kyle stay over, but please don’t let Jessica throw any impromptu gatherings again,” his mother gave him a look as a chill ran down his spine. The last time she threw one of her legendary gatherings ended up being the worst night of his life. Kyle at least had the decency to not look over in his direction. “You have nothing to worry about there, she is still making up for the last time she did that,” Xavier shrugged hiding his true feelings. “Well alright dear you boys have a good weekend, call us if you need anything.” A quick kiss to his forehead and a hug from his father and they were out the door. “And now you can make like a bird and flock off,” Xavier grumbled before turning to head up the stairs. “No wait just minute can’t we moved past everything that happened last year?” Kyle pleaded as he grabbed onto Xavier’s arm. He could barely contain his anger as he shouted, “Just forget? I’m sorry but seeing MY boyfriend balls deep in someone else is not something I could just forget just like that. You’re a selfish piece of shit.” Pulling his arm from Kyle’s grasp he continued up stairs making a point to slam and lock his door. Xavier laid face down on his bed struggling to hold back the tears, he hated that Kyle still had such an effect on him. It was a relief to hear Kyle walk out the door and drive off. Reaching into the drawer he once again found himself holding that picture frame, before he swiftly threw is against the wall he was done letting the weight of the past hold him back from moving on and finding happiness. It was at this point that his phone buzzed with a new notification from a number he did not recognize. “Hope you don’t mind I tracked Jessica down for your number – Jasper” Xavier could barely contain his smile as he responded back. “Now problem at all, it was my fault for not giving it to you anyway.” He waiting anxiously for a reply, butterflies in his stomach. “So about that date, how does tomorrow night sound? Dinner and a movie.” Xavier stared at his phone, he wasn’t going to let this chance slip away and he was going to go for it. “Sounds good to me swing by and pick me up at 8.” This was going to be his year.
  6. Chapter 3 – A Work in Progress “Are you going to look at me funny all day or are you going to speak up about what is eating you?” Jessica asked as he made his way to his locker with her following close behind. Not having slept very over the past few nights he was in no mood to deal with anymore nonsense. “You've been walking around with a dark cloud hanging over your head for days, but every time I ask what is wrong you tell me nothing and change the subject.” Jessica placed her books in her locker before closing the door waiting for a response from Xavier. “If you ask me this has something or other to do with Jasper, or perhaps Kyle.” Jessica was fishing for something hoping Xavier would bite. Xavier visibly flinched under Jessica's questioning, what's more he knew why seeing Kyle with Jasper bothered him so much but he wasn't sure if he was ready to admit it to himself. “Do you think something is going on between Kyle and Jasper?” Xavier asked eying both boys who happened to be walking the halls at the moment. Surprised Jessica was a bit taken aback before catching Xavier's line of sight noticing the boys engrossed in conversation moving in their direction. “I don't think so, I mean they probably have a lot in common I heard Jasper was going to try out for the basketball team and you know how Kyle is.” Then it clicked and Jessica knew what was really up. “You either have a crush on Jasper and you don't like him hanging out with Kyle, or I am wrong and you are starting to soften to Kyle again. Maybe you are jealous of how chummy they are becoming?” The slamming of the locker startled Jessica and she was left shocked as Xavier hurried away from her. “Why is it that every time I show up Xavier is running away in the opposite direction upset?” Jasper questioned as he and Kyle walked up behind Jessica before offering her a quick smile. Turning his attention back to Xavier stalking down the hallway he noticed him stop and for a brief moment their eyes locked. As quick as it happened the moment was over, with his heart pounding he also caught a glance at Xavier's assets and felt his mouth go dry. Waving her hands in front of his face Jessica tried miserably to conceal her grin, looks like a crush might be mutual. “Earth to Jasper, is anyone home?” Kyle also was aware of what was taking place and wasn't sure how to feel about it. He knew things would go nowhere with Jasper, but to see him fawning over Xavier was almost like rubbing salt in his wounds. Kyle took a fleeting glance at Xavier becoming overwhelmed by guilt thinking about what he had so easily thrown away. One of the best features of the school was undoubtedly the courtyard. Xavier found his favorite spot underneath a large tree that overlooked the whole thing. He knew why he was curious about the relationship between Kyle and Jasper, admitting to himself was relieved to hear that it was more than likely strictly platonic. His mood improving he made a mental note to apologize to Jessica and he didn't truly believe her intentions to be malicious. “Seems like you have good friends, they told me that you would probably be out here.” Xavier looked up to meet the Jasper's gaze blushing a little when he found himself starting to stare. “Is company welcome or was this supposed to be a private thing?” Xavier responded to Jasper with a shrug before moving his bag making room for Jasper to sit. Jasper was both surprised and delighted as he plopped down immediately enjoying being close to him. They both sat in silence both trying to discreetly watch the other, only to quickly turn away when their eyes would meet. Taking a gamble Jasper moved closer until their shoulders touched. When Xavier didn't immediately shy away he reached out and gently grabbed at Xavier's fingers. Xavier could barely believe this was happening pretending to still be reading, his focus really on Jasper gently pulling at his hand. He moved his hand ever so slightly to meet Jasper's, who took the subtle hint and they slowly interlocked fingers. They remained that way not saying anything when Xavier felt Jasper move. Looking over his book he saw Jasper turn to him without letting go of his hand, he nervously swallowed when Jasper's other hand brushed the side of his face. Dropping the book completely he found himself captivated by those eyes as Jasper's face came closer. “I'm sorry I can't,” Xavier said quickly pulling away. He collected his things before turning back to Jasper with a sad smile. “It isn't anything you've done, it's me. There are still things in my head that I have to work out.” Jasper nodded trying to hide his disappointment, but his this was quickly replaced by a soft smile when Xavier place a quick kiss on his cheek blushing. Out of the corner of his eye Xavier noticed Kyle standing a little ways off an unreadable expression upon his face. Xavier instantly felt guilt and began to walk away when he Jasper grabbed his arm. “Can I take you out, for like a movie and a burger or something?” Xavier nodded, “I'd like that,” Xavier smiled and offered Jasper his phone. Jasper fumbled to get his phone out so they could swap numbers. “I should get going, but call me when you've figured out the details.” Jasper nodded a smile still plastered across his face. Xavier walked away his fingers to his lips smiling to himself, until he remembered Kyle's expression. Jasper leaned back against the tree still smiling from ear to ear, until a shadow appeared over him. He looked up and noticed Kyle standing over him with a very unhappy look on his face. This can't be good, Jasper thought to himself.
  7. Thank you I honestly had meant for this chapter to come about so soon. I deleted and rewrote entired sections, thanks for noticing. Still looking for an editor to help me with those sort of things. Thanks for reading and hope you are enjoying it so far.
  8. Chapter 2 – What more is there to explain? “What is the deal with you and that guy anyway? He has been avoiding you like the plague or shooting you with glares ever since that day at the burger spot.” Kyle had been trying desperately to avoid this topic but somehow Jasper seemed to find a way to bring it back up. It had been almost two weeks since the last time he has had an actually conversation with Xavier, while at the same time Jessica decided it may be best if she kept her distance as well. “It's a long story, there is a log of history there, some of which is better left unsaid,” Kyle sighed. “We all used to be really good friends until something unfortunate put an end to that.” Kyle slammed his locker shut before hurrying off. “Well have you tried apologizing or setting the record straight with him?” Jasper was caught off guard when Kyle swiftly turned around pinning him to the lockers. “What make gives you the right to assume that I was the one that did anything wrong?” Kyle shouted while looking like he was on the verge of tears. “I was only making an observation and from your reaction I gather you may have done something you have come to regret.” Kyle face was a mix of anger and sadness. “I've already apologized, several times in fact and he doesn't give me the chance to explain.” Kyle released Jasper and slung his bag over his shoulder. “I don't think there is anything to explain, I saw everything for myself. What more could you possibly say to enlighten me on the situation? Go ahead make it seem like you are the victim in all of this,” Xavier screamed, they hadn't heard him and Jessica walk up and Kyle stood there dumbfounded. “Well that certainly escalated quickly?” Jasper turned to Jessica who was leaned up against the lockers as they all watched Xavier storm away. “I hope we can get back to a peaceful coexistence soon. Look there are somethings that you are probably better off staying out of, just a word of advice,” she said before she and Kyle walked away leaving Jasper standing there with only more questions. Sitting on a bench outside of the school Xavier was oblivious to the world around him as music played from his ear phones trying to push everything out of his mind. He nearly jumped out of his skin when someone placed their hand on his shoulder. Taking out his headphones he looked up to see Jasper's eyes staring down at him. “Sorry I didn't mean to frighten you, I wanted to make sure you were okay after all of that and I thought you could use the company.” Jasper explained before taking a seat beside the boy. For just the briefest of moments their hands came into contact sending a jolt through both boys before Xavier quickly pulled his hand away. “You don't talk much and when you do it's rather explosive. I wonder what's going on behind those pretty eyes of yours.” Xavier blushed as he looked away, shaking his head to rid himself of these thoughts. This is how it all started before and he would be damned if he walked down this road again. “I'm fine I just prefer to be alone, makes it easier to avoid the pain,” Xavier let out sadly. The hurt was still there, he stared at the ground blinking away the tears hopeful the Jasper wouldn't notice. Jasper couldn't understand the draw to Xavier and before he knew what was going on he was lifting the boys face with his finger. “Why the long face, what happened to you to cause so much pain and suffering.” Jasper moved to wipe a tear from Xavier's eye, but was stopped short when Xavier grabbed a hold of his wrist. “Please stop, I don't know what your game is here but I won't be drawn into it.” With that Xavier collected himself and his belongings, seeking to get away from Jasper and slow his rapidly beating heart. Jasper looked on as Xavier made his exit wondering what was going on in that head of his. “You are playing with fire,” Jessica said sitting down where Xavier had previously occupied the space. “He won't let anyone in that easy, at least not after what he has been through.” “Can you both stop being so cryptic and just tell me what happened to him. Granted I don't know him all the well yet but he is obviously still punishing himself over something. Between you and Kyle I don't know where to get a straight answer from.” Jasper was practically begging at this point. “I have to get going and make sure Kyle is alright, again I'll say some things might be better off left alone. You are trying to pick at wounds that have barely begun to heal...for all of us.” “Is anyone home?” Xavier yelled out as he closed the front door behind him. Walking into the kitchen he noticed a note left on the fridge by his parents, apparently they were out for a date night leaving him on his own. Falling onto his bed he couldn't help but look up at his desk and sigh when he noticed the upturned picture frame that he had yet to dispose of. Getting up and walking over to his desk he absentmindedly traced the faces of the boys in the picture, so happy with the arms around each other's waist. Xavier didn't realize he was crying until the tears were falling on the frame leaving him to wonder why he had been hurt so much, why had Kyle slept with her and ruined what they had.
  9. Hey guys trying out something new, let me know what you guys think and if I should continue with this one Chapter 1 – Senior Year Kickoff Watching all the kids run up to meet their friends after a long summer he just shakes his head and sighs, at least this is the last year he'd have to make this walk again. He pulled his bag over his shoulder and tried to get in to his locker before he was noticed. “Xavier!!” He sighed, mission failed he should have known he could never sneak in past her. “Jessica, how was your summer?” Xavier asked even though he really didn't care, the two had a love hate relationship to say least but he would rather not think about that right now. “Oh you know fabulous weather and exotic boys everything an island paradise is supposed to be.” Xavier shrugged not sure how to respond and continued on to his locker. Looks like it was going to be another year of all the same. He just wanted to make it through this year with as little drama as possible, but who was he kidding this is high school this place lives for the drama. Speaking of drama... “Hey X I haven't seen or heard from you all summer.” Xavier rolled his eyes and snorted this is what he would have rather avoided. “That would be because I didn't want anything to do with you not sure why you would think otherwise.” Done with the conversation Xavier closed his locker and walked off “Maybe you should have thought of a better opening statement Kyle, I mean he really isn't fond of you after everything that went down.” Jessica offered her advise before leaving Kyle there bewildered. He didn't think Xavier still held this kind of grudge. Xavier hated the first days of school, not that he was model student or anything it was just all pointless bull in his opinion. When he thought things would just continue on as normal someone caught his eyes the likes of which hadn't happened since Ky....well lets just not think about that. “Let me introduce you all to Jasper.” And there he stood a smooth brown complexion darker than Xavier's own caramel skin. His hair dark black tied into a braid. The most interesting thing though were his eyes they were light grey with spots of hazel and Xavier was instantly bewitched. Jasper looked around the class not sure what to make of his new surroundings. It was bad enough that he was dragged here leaving everything and everyone he knew behind, but such was the life when your mother was running away from her grief. Looking around he noticed a boy who caught his attention but he quickly shut down those thoughts he wasn't ready to walk down that road again, at least not yet. “Come over and take a seat near me. After class I can even show you around a bit.” Kyle waved enthusiastically. Xavier rolled his eyes, Kyle was quick on the uptake of course he hadn't changed why should he think otherwise. “Sure thing thanks for the offer I might as well meet some friendly faces here I'm sure it will make things easier.” And just like that another bullshit year off to a wonderful start, Xavier sighed again as the bell rang and he made his way out to his locker just wishing this day would end already. “So have you seen the new kid? I heard he was super hot and exotic look,” Jessica asked leaning back against the lockers. “Yeah I saw him and Kyle is already working his claws in, doesn't even know if the kid is gay or not, but I guess something like that has never stopped Kyle before,” Xavier let out bitterly. Jessica flinched at that remark, she knew he might still be holding a grudge but it seemed just as fresh as it always was. She placed her hand on his shoulder to offer comfort but frowned when he moved away from her touch, yeah this was still going to take some time and groveling to heal. “Do you want to get lunch off campus today and maybe not think so much?” Xavier looked back at her with a raised eyebrow carefully considering her offer before he shrugged his shoulders. “Sure let's go I could use a break from this crazy place already.” Jessica smiled at least this was a start on the path to redemption or at least she hoped as much. Of course things don't always work out as planned and Jessica could only grimace as she noticed Kyle sitting one of the booths of the local burger spot with what had to be the new kid and as expected Xavier turned around and scowled at her. “I had no idea I swear please believe me!” she raised her hands up in defense. Alerted by the commotion Jasper looked up over Kyle's shoulders to see the boy he had noticed early along with a girl who looked like she wanted to be anywhere but where she was. Kyle noticing Jasper's attention was drawn to something and looked over his shoulder. “Damn I guess I should have known better considering they usually ate off campus.” he said begrudgingly under his breath, things were certainly not going his way. “This isn't what it looks like I swear I just brought Jasper here to show him around and stuff!” Kyle tried to explain getting up and approaching the pair. A confused Jasper followed behind him curious as to find out what this was all about and to get a better look at the boy. “Whatever not like I should have expected anything different from you I don't care do who and what you want.” Xavier spat angrily before turning on his heels and walking out leaving them all standing there.
  10. Xavier is starting his final year of high school and hopes to just finish to move on with as little drama as possible. Of course this is high school there is alway drama, love, and betrayals. Will Xavier make it out with his sanity intact?
  11. I am glad you got sucked in. I don't plan to keep you hanging for long and I can't take all the credit my editor does an awesome job as well Stick around there is still so much more to come
  12. Chapter 22: End Game? Ellen sat at her desk with her head in her hands. The last few hours had been the most frustrating of her career. With hardly any leads to go on the best they could do was have Alex listed as a missing person. She couldn’t shake the feeling that Shawn hadn’t given her all the details and she was missing something, but without anything to back up her suspicions there was very little she could do. Ellen let out a sigh as she got up from her desk. Her options were limited at the moment but she vowed she would do all she could to return Alex to his loved ones. *Shawn* “Are you sure that you want to go through with this?” Justin asked as I continued driving on. “Once you do this, things may never go back to the way you want them too. Understand the big picture in regards to your actions or you may end up cutting Alex deeper than anything Mark could do.” The remainder of the ride, we rode in silence. Justin had made his point and I was processing everything that he was saying. We finally pulled into the parking lot of my destination. I shut the car off and pressed my forehead against the steering wheel. “I don’t know how else to keep Alex from hurting again. He ends up in these situation because I am too weak to protect him or to afraid to do what should be done.” I could feel the tears building up. After feeling a hand placed on my shoulder I turned to Justin. “I understand how you are feeling, probably better than the rest of the gang. There is a line that I am not prepared to cross, no matter how angry I get; however, I can’t say I wouldn’t be thinking the exact same thing as you are, if Tiffany were in this situation. The last thing I’ll say to you is this. Can you live with everything that comes after?” Justin was right. I couldn’t do it I knew I just didn’t have it in me. Looking up at the building one final time, I restarted my car and pulled out of the parking lot. Justin let out a sigh of relief beside me. “I have no idea what that place was, but I had a feeling it wasn’t very good.” “Your right. It may sound strange to you, but Dad wanted me to always know how to protect myself. He doesn’t allow me to keep it at home so I leave it here. Dad owns this building and it is our private shooting range.” I stated in a matter of fact fashion. I noticed Justin looked slightly uncomfortable after my revelation. “I’m glad you came through with a different resolve. I know you want Mark to go down for all of the pain that he caused but I don’t think that would have been the answer.” Having Justin on my side was a short-lived boost to my spirits. By day four, I found myself lacking the will to do much of anything. I waited in my room; desperate for any information I could scrounge up. I had called Ellen each day to find out if anything new had happened, but her answers were always the same. I was tempted to tell her about the video chat and ransom but I couldn’t shake the feeling it would cause more harm than good so I continued to keep it to myself. “You look awful,” Austin said as he slowly entered my room with a bag of food and coffee. “I thought a little snack might help you keep your strength up. I know you haven’t eaten or slept much in almost a week.” I was tempted to ignore him, but my stomach seemed to have other plans. “Here eat; really it won’t do any good if you worry yourself sick. When was the last time you left this room or showered?” I simply shrugged my shoulders and took a bite of the sandwich he bought me. “Well enough of that, I know we are all worried sick about Alex, but your current state is unacceptable. Finish your food, get cleaned up and then you are coming with me.” Judging by the tone of his voice, I don’t think I was really in a position to argue. *Austin* Getting Shawn out of the house proved to be an even greater chore than I anticipated; however, I felt it was necessary to get him out. “Where are you taking me? I am really in no mood for any fun or games not with Alex…” his words got caught in his throat as he attempted to choke back his tears. “I know, I just thought you could use a little fresh air, just some time to get your head back on straight,” I told him rubbing his shoulder as we waited for the stoplight to change. I decided to stop at a local restaurant to get some real food into Shawn’s system after the snack I had brought to him earlier. “Thank you Austin, I appreciate you putting up with me even with my sour mood,” Shawn spoke between small bits of his food. “It’s no big deal at all. I know this is by far the last thing you want to be doing, but sitting around the house waiting for something to happen won’t do you any good either.” Shawn looked up at me with a smile before it quickly turned back into a frown. Leaving the restaurant, I wasn’t quite ready to take Shawn back home so we ended up driving around rather aimlessly. We rode in silence, Shawn leaning out of the window as we found ourselves coming into the newer part of town, where new houses were still being built up. I was taken by surprise when Shawn suddenly pulled my emergency brake up. “Shawn, what the hell was that about?” He didn’t bother to look in my direction he simply pointed out of the passenger window. If I hadn’t seen it for myself, I would not have believed it. Mark was casually strolling around like he didn’t have a care in the world. “Shawn wait!” I yelled as he attempted to jump out of the car. “Why are you stopping me? He knows where Alex is I have to…” “You have to what?” I yelled cutting him off. “What make you think he would tell you anything just because you know how to throw your weight around?” Shawn leaned back in his seat as he calmed himself. “Good, now what I propose is we tail him for a little bit. It would be too obvious to follow by car but with the daylight fading this might be a good opportunity.” With a plan in place, we followed Mark for about ten minutes before he came to a complete stop. Thinking we had been spotted, we immediately dropped to the ground, the tall unkempt grass obscuring us from view. Mark looked around several times before making his way into a run down house at the dead end of a cul-de-sac. “Alex has to be in there,” Shawn announced excitedly as he made a move to get up. I quickly pulled him back down. “Even if he is in there we have no idea where and who else could be involved. Now that we know where Mark appears to be sneaking off to, we can observe and come up with an idea.” ********** Mark came back shortly before nightfall looking even more agitated than before. “Leave,” was the only thing he said to me as made his way over to Alex. “What for?” I asked truly afraid of the answer. “I just need to have a private word with our honored guest here,” he replied with a look that nearly made me sick. Taking a quick glance at Alex, he begged with his eyes for me to do something. Feeling awful about myself, I simply nodded my head and made my way to the living room. I had just sat down on the couch when I noticed a phone I hadn’t seen before on top of an old television set. Picking it up I realized it had to be Alex’s, as Mark had taken to using burner phones recently. Before I could examine it, any further Mark summoned me back into the room. “You are back on guard duty; I am going out to see if I can’t get a better grasp of what is going on around here. I’ll miss that sweet mouth on you cutie, but I shouldn’t be gone long,” Mark said to Alex as he wiped remnants of what I could easily guess was, away from Alex’s face. Mark left the room after his exchange with Alex and it was in that time that I made up my mind what I wanted to do. Alex was right, what Mark had over me was not worth all of the trouble I had gotten myself into letting him hold that over my head as leverage. “Listen to me carefully I want to help you out of this but I know that it will not be easy. I have given you very little reason to trust me. I can understand your hesitation, but given the circumstance’s I’m going to need you to trust me.” Alex simply nodded, as that was about all he could manage before Mark came back into the room. “What are you doing near him?” he scowled. “I was just making sure that he was properly secured, at this stage in the game I’d rather not run the risk of this all being in vain because he manages to escape somehow.” “Sometimes I don’t give you enough credit, I suppose you are smarter than you look and act.” Ignoring his insults were easy at this point, I’ve already made up my mind so things were not to work in his favor. Playing with the phone in my pocket I made a point to let the tip of it peak out, into view for Alex to see. When his face lite up with recognition I knew, I was right in my thinking. I made my way out of the room leaving Mark under the impression I was simply going out to use the bathroom. Making sure the coast was clear I pulled out Alex’s phone that I had swiped on my exit; luckily, Mark had simply turned off the phone instead of getting rid of it. I scrolled through the messages on his phone until I found what I was after, I hope my instincts were right and this works out. Mark called out one last time that he was leaving, now was my chance. *********** *Shawn* I was siting on pins and needles waiting for something to happen, exhausted from the ordeal. We had been watching the house for hours hoping for something to happen. I had sent Austin back to inform everyone else what we had stumbled across, so I wasn’t surprised sometime later when Justin and Jason took their place in the tall grass beside me. After what seemed like hours, Mark finally reemerged from the house, again looking around methodically before making his way off to god knows where at this point. We were prepped to go examine the house a bit when my phone began to buzz with Alex’s ringtone. “Really, of all the things you forget to do while trying to be covert, you didn’t silence that thing?” Justin asked while Jason looked around making sure no one had heard and was coming our way. Ignoring Justin’s comment, I took a breath before answering the phone. “Hello?” a voice I did not recognize came through. “I’m hoping I have the right person, is this Shawn?” “Who’s asking,” I replied with a slight edge in my voice as I motioned for Justin and Jason to go ahead and check out the house. “A name is something I can not give you, but I think I have something better,” there was a bit of rustling in the background before I heard a voice that brought tears to my eyes. “Shawn is that you?” “Yes baby it’s me. Are you ok? What is happening? Who is that?” I asked frantically. “There isn’t much time to explain, just know that I have help on the inside and I will do whatever it takes to make it back to you.” The phone line just clicked dead and I desperately wanted to call back when I heard rapid footsteps approaching. Crouching back down quickly, I was just in time to avoid being seen, as Mark dashed by. I felt a lump in my throat hoping that Justin and Jason would manage to avoid being detected. ************* “What took you so long you idiot, I was starting to think that you had fallen in the toilet or something” Mark shouted, clearly upset that I had had taken so long to open the door. “It took a bit longer to take care of business, but I’m sure you know how it can be when you are full of shit,” I said with a slight smirk. “Just shut up and get back to keeping watch over the pretty boy here. I want to take a minute to think.” “Well you did ask them for some pretty outrageous demands, maybe it takes awhile for everything to be ready,” I responded knowing full well, of what he asked of whomever he called up on the phone that day. He didn’t even respond and just huffed out of the room thankfully. I bent down near Alex and whispered softly. “I am going to loosen your restraints a little bit and when the time comes you will know what to do but play like you are still tightly bound.” Alex nodded slowly to me letting me know he understood and for now it seemed that I gained a little of his trust. *Austin* As much as we wanted to be there for Alex, we knew we would more or less just be in the way. “This waiting is driving me crazy it’s been hours and we haven’t gotten any news at all.” I whined a little, because it was true and a little to break the ice. Tiffany still has barely said anything to any of us and has barely spoken when she wasn’t quietly sobbing in Justin’s embrace. We often found her asleep in Alex’s bed clutching onto one of his many pillows. “Hey babe, I know your trying to help, I just don’t think your methods are having the desired effect,” Jason whispered lightly in my ear. I almost jumped out of my skin. I didn’t know he had come back. I let out a sigh and leaned back into Jason. “I know I just don’t know what else to do. I feel as though I have to stay occupied to keep myself from thinking about the worse case scenario in all of this,” I whispered into his chest, enjoying the security I felt in his arms. The boys had come back shortly filling us in on what they had found, coming up with a foolish rescue plan in my opinion. “We appreciate the effort believe me,” Justin said quietly while stroking Tiffany’s hair as she slept soundly on him. “We haven’t all known Alex as long as Tiffany here has and he has a special bond that we can’t compare to with Shawn so I know this is the hardest thing for the two of them. Helping the rest of us stay in good spirits even in these trying times again are much appreciated.” I smiled as I thought to myself, I am not quite sure who said it but it is proven true, Justin doesn’t speak out much in our little group but when he does, everyone stops to listen as he makes his point. “I know we all just hope to have the little guy back home safe, soon. Now, I’ll take Tiffany upstairs and see about getting a little bit of rest. I’ll be ready to move out in the morning,” Justin said nodding his head in Shawn’s direction. Watching them leave, I was inclined to follow their example and led Jason to one of the spare rooms. While not in the mood for anything sexual, we did strip down and just enjoy the closeness of one another, my thoughts being with Alex as I drifted to sleep in Jason’s warm embrace. *Shawn* The night has been surreal, later on into the evening we received several messages from whoever was on the inside claiming that they wanted to help solve this mess. What I couldn’t quite grasp however was that whoever this person was, they were not asking for anything in return. I had called Ellen and informed her of everything we had found out, omitting the part about attempting to get Alex back on our own. “Ellen, I still feel uneasy about this person on the inside. I don’t want to get my hopes up and think they are on our side, inadvertently giving them information that could harm our efforts because of my connection to Alex.” “I understand how you must feel and while we are being very cautious we are taking every lead with get very seriously. Mark would not be anticipating information coming from his side if he is indeed a part of this.” “I understand that, but I don’t know how much of a chance I am willing to take with Alex’s safety on the line. What if we are actually the ones playing right into a trap?” “At this juncture, I don’t think Mark would do something that could potentially risk him losing out on his demands. While I wish, you had mentioned that you had contact and ransom request from Mark earlier, I do understand why you did not. I do agree with you to some extent that something seems out of place but again this may be our best chance without any hard evidence.” Shortly after my conversation with Ellen ended, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I made up my mind to put a little trust in this mysterious person; pulling out my phone, I sent a response to let them know my position. I had no way of knowing at the time but based on a hunch that I was leaving out important information, Ellen had set up a small unit to watch over us and keep her aware of our movements. I was pumped up and ready for whatever was going to be thrown my way this day. At midday, Justin and Jason accompanied me back to the run down house where we found Mark. Setting up for our makeshift ambush, I sent a quick message to the person on the other end of Alex’s phone to let them in on what we were planning. After several minutes of no response, we were just about ready to move when the scene before my eyes caused that ever-present lump to reappear in my throat. *********** I was startled from my sleep when Mark came rushing back into the room. Clearly, at the edge of his patience he started to look around the room tossing articles of all kinds around the room. “Where is it, where is it?” he screamed, as he continued to bore through the room like a tornado. “What are you doing? You are actually starting to freak me out and that’s saying something considering the situation we are in.” “I thought I left the pretty boy’s phone around here somewhere. Now I can’t find the damn thing,” he screamed. “What do you even need it for?” I asked as I began to get nervous. “Whatever, it doesn’t matter. I’m just tired of playing this game my patience is starting to run thin with this whole thing. Get him up I might need him shortly.” Once Mark left, I quickly did as I was told. While making the restraints less effective, keeping up the appearance of them being tightly secured. There wasn’t much time to communicate with Alex, so we gave a few nods for understanding. I ushered him out of the room to Mark, who was waiting just inside the front door. “It’s almost a shame that things couldn’t have been different between us, don’t you agree pretty boy?” I could feel my stomach lurch listening to Mark talk as he ran his hands over Alex, who could only shake it off with a defiant gaze. “Awe, don’t give me that look babe, it will be over soon.” Mark opened the door holding Alex in front of him with a mischievous smile plastered across his face. I tried to keep my eyes focus somewhere else; anywhere else just to be able to avoid what was in front of me. I was looking at the wall when a loud vibration sounded off in my pocket causing my blood to go instantly cold. “What the fuck is that?” Mark asked his voice laced with venom as he slowly turned to look in my direction. Alex’s phone had gone off while being press against useless objects in my pocket causing the vibration to come off louder. He knew what was happening, that much was for sure as he had told me to refrain from bringing my phone before we even met up. My options were limited here and now, but before I could even decide on a course of action, he reached out and grabbed me by the collar pulling me close while keeping his grip secured on Alex. “What the hell have you been doing with pretty boy’s phone?” In that instance, he made two mistakes, the first was actually shifting to focus his attention to me and the second was adjusting his grasp on Alex so that he was now holding onto his restraints. At that moment, Alex knew and before Mark had a chance to continue; his interrogation of me, Alex was out of his grasp running towards the overgrown brush that surrounded the place. *Shawn* I couldn’t believe what was unfolding before my eyes. It all seemed to happen in slow motion; it was as if everyone was experiencing the same thing. I started to run out to Alex, I wanted to get to him before Mark could do anything else. I was on the move, as everyone else seemed to take a defensive stance, but I wasn’t exactly sure, nothing else mattered to me at this point in time. As Alex and I got closer to one another, he caught sight of me, his face lighting up as mine fell. I caught sight of Mark over his shoulder and my eyes went wide with fear. “ALEX!” was all I managed to get out before the world rang with a sound that would haunt one’s dreams.
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