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  1. I love it, when I get the notifications a new chapter is posted I have to read ASAP I am loving Travis, oh how the ‘mighty’ have fallen. I look forward to the next chapter 🥰🥰
  2. Xfighter1984

    Chapter 3

    “What are the other clans like? Do all of our dragon nature look alike?” I asked Merlin as we hurried along to the reception. “There are clans from many different parts of the kingdom with wide array of abilities and appearances, but you will learn more of this as time goes on. I will offer this word of caution young master. Be wary of the Red Wyverns, they have a fire disposition and are quick to anger.” Merlin’s outstretched arm block my way as we stopped before large ornate metallic doors. He reached up and placed his hand on the surface before instructing me to do the same. “The hall of dragons is only for us dragonborne, one of the few places that we call our own here are campus.” I could feel a cool sensation run over the palm of my hand before the doors began to retract. Once the doors had opened everyone’s attention was drawn to us. Merlin simply ignored the stares and nodded for me to follow along, before we were approached by titan of a man. His large black wings and clawed hands coupled with his size made him an imposing figure. “Merlin, good of you to join us. We were just in the process of the exhibition trials. Surely you would like to witness, to perhaps pick a pupil after all this time.” Merlin raised his hand to stop the man from continuing. “I will indeed take part in observing the trials Thade. However, I have already taken this young drake here are my new pupil,” Merlin said as he gestured towards me. I could feel all eyes on me, and when I dared to look around, I could see them all. Judging, assessing, and scowling. “What a runt. We are in the midst of trying to seek a worthy successor to the throne and you jest with this weakling.” A tall muscular lad walked over, looking me up and down with a disapproving stare. “Your time would be better training me to take over as the new king,” the lad sneered. I gave him a quick once over, careful not catch eyes with him. He was almost as imposing as Thade, but his arms were covered in deep red spike scales and he did not appear to have wings on his back, but instead a thin membrane connecting the spikes. “That will be quite enough Jin. You are not to disrespect the decisions of an elder dragon.” Jin scoffed at the remark before turning and walking through the crowd. “I apologize for him; he is as hotheaded as ever and his growing power only adds fuel to that fire.” “It is of little consequence, we have all been on edge for many years and we must make our best efforts to restore the balance to the kingdom,” Merlin motioned for me to come to his side. “Allow to introduce Levi, he will be joining with the rest of the new wave this year.” “It is a pleasure to meet you, young drake,” Thade offered his hand. He had a firm grip and I noticed his eyes widen in shock as my robes slide back revealing my cyan scales. “Merlin! What is the meaning of this?” Thade whispered. “There hasn’t been a drake of this color since.” “That will be quite enough for now Thade, I do believe the trials are set to begin,” Merlin motioned us forward. “What are these trials that keep getting mentioned?” “Young master, the trials are a display of prowess for the new wave and a way of measuring their abilities. It is not mandatory to participate, but it has become more a display of the strong overpowering the weak for hopes of being named candidate for the throne.” The room then broke out in applause as the room began to shift. A large circle was formed in the middle of the room and slowly began to descend as the room morphed into a coliseum. At one end of the circle stood Jin a smug expression on his face. Across from him was a lean man. He too lacked any wings on his back, but his tail was much more elaborate than any I had seen so far. “That is Sune from the far south of the serpent clan,” Merlin whispered to me answering the questions I had mind. The crowd again erupted in cheers as Jin removed his robes reveling a broad chest his scales arranged in an ornate pattern the swirled into his abdomen. I gasped when he leapt forward, but his attack was skillfully and swiftly evaded. Sune conjured up an orb of water before smashing it on the ground at his feet. Jin jumped in the air, the spikes along his arms elongating as the membrane increased between before his arms shifted into wings. He stared down at the water below as it began to swirl into a whirlpool and deafening roar filled the arena. Sune’s tail sprouted from the water and wrapped around Jin’s leg pulling him down towards the swirling waters below. Jin was just above the water when a serpent-like head emerged from the water, mouth wide as if to devour him. Jin roared as his body began to double in size, his legs shifted into claws and the remainder of his clothing ripped to shreds until a deep red wyvern roared from above. The transformation caused Sune to lose grip on Jin as he retreated beneath the waves. I stared on in disbelief, they both shifted into full fledge dragons and the coliseum was alive with energy as the crowd ate it all up. Merlin simply looked down at me with a raised eyebrow before returning his attention back to battle at hand. All eyes we drawn to Jin as an orange glow was emitted from his mouth, moments later a stream of flames was released down towards the water below. An intense steam was released when the two forces of nature collided. Merlin as well as many others in the arena had raised barriers to ward off the damaging effects from the collision of power. When the smoke cleared Sune was trapped beneath the claw of Jin who towered over him. Sune shifted back into his more humanoid form. “I yield to you red wyvern of the skies; I have been bested in this fight.” Sune bellowed out. Jin either did not hear him or simply ignored as he applied pressure, causing Sune to scream out in pain under the weight of the wyvern until he was literally knocked off the sea serpent by a heavily armored black tail “That will be quite enough Jin,” roared Thade as he leaped into the air, completing his change into a black dragon. “Sune has yielded to you in this fight, and now you will submit to me or face my wrath.” The black dragon’s threat was clear as Thade stood tall, his massive wings spread open and his deadly claws poised to strike. When Jin roared in response Thade’s massive claws came down with blinding speed leaving a large gash across the wyvern’s eye. “Your final warning Jin, submit or perish young drake,” the deep voice echoed again. Jin seemed to finally heed the words of the larger dragon as he shifted back to his humanoid form. His hand covering his left eyes as blood seeped through his fingers, his undamaged eye filled with rage as he looked up at Thade who hovered in the air above who had reverted to his humanoid form. “You dare to continue challenging me young drake? Was the loss of your eye not punishment enough?” The black dragon asked as energy swirled in the palms of his hand revealing large claymore. “This contest is over, you have shown your prowess, but you have also shown your lack of respect, discipline, and judgement. You would make a poor candidate for the future of the clans if you were to be named ruler in your current state.” There was a hush among the crowd, as Jin was scolded in front of all those in attendance. I do not know if he lowered his head in shame, embarrassment or some combination of the two. All attention was on Thade as his tremendous voice filled the arena. “Witness before you the strength of our new generation, but their immaturity. They all have so much to learn. We respect each other, we listen to each other, we learn from each other, but most of all we protect each other. We live on the example and ideals of the last royal family even if they are but a fragment of what they once were. If we are fighting amongst ourselves how are we to survive an attack from the outside?” I must have been imagining it, but I could not help but feel as if Thade was directing some of what he was saying at me.
  3. “Knock knock lovers,” Caleb teased as he came into the room and jumped into bed and wiggled himself into between the two. “As much as I adore you, what are you doing?” Cory half growled at his friend. “Aww, don’t be so mean, I just wanted to spend time with my most favorite people in the world,” Caleb cooed before cuddling up to Triston whose eyes widened in surprise. Cory raised his eyebrow at his friend who looked back at him with puppy dog eyes while shuffling his bottom around on Triston. Cory laughed before Caleb’s expression changed to a bit more serious. “So, I went out last night and I brought someone home.” Cory rolled his eyes as if that much was already obvious from the night before. “Now don’t freak out and hear me out before you commit a crime, both of you.” Cory’s senses were on high alert already thinking where this might be headed. “I know he caused some major drama for you guys and I didn’t actively go seeking him out, but he is a hell of a fuck,” Caleb explained sheepishly. Cory looked up at Triston who was deep in thought before he sighed and shook his head. “I’m am not going to hold it against you who you see or sleep with, but I would much rather not have to be civil with him if I can help it,” Cory assured his friend. “Please don’t think it is anything more than a fling I’m totally not in the mindset of settling down and from what I could gather I don’t think Henry is going down that road anytime soon if at all in my opinion.” Caleb let out a squeak in surprise when Triston threw his arm over and pulled him. “It’s ok little guy, I won’t let the jerk get under my skin anymore he is old news to me, and I can finally put that all to rest. So, is he still around?” “He should be moving around about now I would assume; we were rather active last night.” Caleb jumped up and left the room presumably to go check on his guest if he was already up and about. “How do you feel?” Cory scooted back over and wrapped the older man up in his arms. “I think I’m ok now. I can’t promise that will stay the same when I actually come face to face with him. Knowing that he had made a pass at you does have me a little on edge.” “No worries about that, I’ve got my number one guy right here with me,” Cory replied before pulling Triston into a kiss. Walking into the living room Caleb was nowhere to be seen but Henry was sitting at the counter a grin spread over his face still appearing dishevelled and hung-over. “Well ain’t that a lovely site, I was hoping to get another shot at you before I left,” Henry smiled seductively at Cory. “You don’t mind sharing for a little while do you Trist?” Triston was appalled at what Henry was suggesting. He had no intention of sharing Cory with this man. “How dare you say such a thing.” Cory grabbed his wrist and shook his head, “He is simply provoking you and is clearly still feeling the effects of his night out. Don’t let him have any power over you. He is old news, remember?” Henry frowned listening to the conversation, “Where do you get off calling me old news?” “I think it’s time for you to go. It was a mistake bringing you back here and I should have known better,” Caleb shouted storming into the room throwing the rest of Henry’s clothes at him. “You are a good lay, but you are a horrible person. I don’t have the highest of standards, but even I have my limits.” Caleb stormed off back to his room, Cory rushed off to make sure he was ok. “You really haven’t changed at all. I thought you would at least be getting tired of this all by now.” “I told you before I need the excitement and I live my lifestyle unapologetically.” Triston scowled as he looked over at his former lover, “No matter who gets hurt in the process. As long as you get to blow your load you couldn’t care less about the consequences of your actions.” He willed himself to walk away before he did or said something that he would regret as Henry made his way out of the apartment. “Thank you for sticking by my side, even if I don’t make the best of decisions all the time,” Caleb whispered as he buried his face into Cory’s chest. “It comes with the job description. No harm done.” “I think one day I’ll want what you have with Triston have. Right now, I’m just enjoying myself, but I at least must start making some better decisions when it comes to these guys. I know you won’t be here forever to watch over me.” Cory took hold of Caleb’s face between his hands, as Caleb struggled to avoid eye contact. Cory knew this was one of the rare moments when Caleb’s walls were down, and the vulnerable soft-hearted boy was front and center. “’I’ve always got your back. I don’t know how many times I must tell you that before you believe me. I know I did get a little wrapped up when things got going in the beginning, but you will also be very important to me. Anyone who doesn’t understand that or won’t accept it can take a hike, no matter who it is.” On impulse, Caleb leaned forward bringing his lips to Cory’s. It was a simple kiss, but the meaning behind it was much larger in comparison. “I’m sorry, I’m not sure what came over me. I’ll tell Triston myself I swear.” Cory placed a hand over his friend’s mouth to stop his rambling while eyeing Triston over Caleb’s shoulder who locked eyes with Corey and nodded his head. Cory hoped he was reading the situation right before bringing Caleb in for a kiss. Caleb’s eye’s widened in shock before he allowed himself to be drawn deeper into the kiss their tongues tentatively searching one the other out. “This is a one-time thing,” Triston whispered into Caleb’s ear before kissing his way down Caleb’s neck. Cory and Triston moved together to work Caleb out of his clothes and move over to the bed before engaging in a three-way kiss. Pulling away from the pair a regaining his senses, Caleb grabbed a hold of each of their hands. “Are you both sure about this? Once we open this door, we can’t take it back. I don’t want this to be the cause of any issues down the road.” Triston and Cory looked over at one another and nodded before the two came together in a fiery kiss. They both pulled Caleb in for a kiss of their own. “We are sure. This feels right, right now. Stop over-thinking and just go with the flow,” Cory whispered. Caleb closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of being between the two men before laying down on his back and beckoning them forward. Cory looked over his shoulder as he climbed between Caleb’s legs and smiled at Triston. The message was received loud and clear. As Cory began to play with Caleb’s opening, Triston began preparing Cory’s as well. Cory slipped his tongue into Caleb’s mouth as he pushed completely inside his friend, as Triston sucked on Cory’s neck as he slowly pushed his member fully inside of Cory. The three men began an awkward set of movements at first before they eventually fell into a rhythm of pleasure and moans. It was truly to be only a night of passion, but it was one that none of them would forget any time soon.
  4. “I didn’t think it would be this hard or this awkward,” Triston joked trying to break the ice. Cory simply nodded, not sure of what to say at the moment. Unsure of how Triston felt or his goals for showing up here. Triston sighed before getting up and pulling Cory into his arms. He was tense at first before he let himself melt into the older man’s embrace as the tears began to flow. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” Cory sobbed into Triston’s neck. “Hush, I was the one who jumped to conclusions without all the facts or giving you a chance to explain anything.” Triston held Cory tight. They stayed in each other’s arms for what seemed like hours before pulling apart. “What made you decide to come back and listen now?” “It just took some time for me to pull my head out of my ass,” Triston offered a weak smile. “I saw Henry and what it looked like was happening and all I saw was red. I was angry and I was hurt. I felt betrayed and felt like that man had ruined another chance at love for me.” Triston looked Cory in the eye, wiping the tears away from his eyes. “I’m am so sorry my love.” Cory reached up taking hold of Triston’s hand and holding it against his face. He enjoyed the warmth of his touch, a touch that he had longed to feel again for weeks. “I didn’t know. I mean he looked sort of familiar, but I just couldn’t place him. He was all over Caleb for the most part and even tried to convince me to join in.” Triston let out a snort and rolled his eyes. “I declined his offer at every turn, he was quite persistent,” Cory chuckled. Triston sat back down on the bed pulling Cory with him. He didn’t want to let him go. “Would you have, I mean if we weren’t a thing.” Cory scoffed at the ridiculous notion. “Are you seriously asking that?” When Triston didn’t answer Cory continued. “No, Henry is not the type that I go for at all. Besides, that guy is a total tool and a total top. The next time I bottom I want to be with someone special and really mean something to me,” Cory blushed and squeezed Triston’s hand hoping you got the message. Triston lay on his back staring up at the ceiling with Cory laying on his chest drawing circles with his fingers. Triston got his message loud and clear, under different circumstances he would be dying to get into Cory’s pants right now, but there would be time enough for that later he hoped. “Why did it end?” Cory asked pulling him from his thoughts. “I don’t understand.” “Why aren’t you and Henry together?” Triston sat up turning Cory around and pulling him to his chest. “Do you really want to hear about my ex, given the current situation?” Cory nodded and Triston let out a deep breath. “We had plans to get married, we were just waiting for me to secure my position at the firm. Everything was set, we were set to be married a few months from now. I had just gotten the venue all situated and called it a day at the office on that day,” Triston lightly shuddered at the memory and Cory squeezed his arm reassuringly. *** Triston couldn’t be happier, he got his official promotion at work and he was able to finally set a date with the venue. He was so keyed up that he asked for an early day. Figuring he would rather share all the good news in person he didn’t bother to call Henry ahead of time. When he pulled into the driveway he was so excited until he walked through the door. There were suitcases against the wall near the front door and several of Henry’s suits laying out. He hadn’t mentioned anything like a business trip or anything. He dropped his keys on the table and went looking for his fiancé. He wasn’t in the kitchen or office. He was just about to call out for him when he heard the shower running. Walking into their bedroom he saw clothes scattered around the room all of Henry’s things taken down from the closets and Triston’s heart moved to his throat. Walking into the bathroom he stopped dead in his tracks and his blood ran cold. He could see them through the glass doors, his fiancé was deep inside their neighbor's twenty-year-old son. With a few more pumps and a feral grunt, Henry pumped a load into him as their neighbor came on the shower wall. They both looked up and saw Triston standing there, the neighbor boy’s eyes were wide with shock while Henry seemed disconnected and nonchalant. “Triston I’m sorry it just,” Triston put his hand up to stop the boy from speaking. “How long?” “I’m not sure what?” “How long?” he repeated. The boy gulped as he looked over at Henry for help who simply shrugged before grabbing a towel. “Since I came home for summer break from college,” the boy squeaked out before grabbing his clothes from around the room and making a dash out of the room. Triston was fuming, but it all made sense. Being encouraged to put more hours in at the office, taking on the extra projects, and even being told to take his business trips on his own. He was fucking the neighbor. “You weren’t planning to get married to me,” Triston said more to himself than Henry. “You were planning on being gone before I even came home from the office.” Things started to click into place. “Look, I’m not made for the whole marriage thing and you’ve become kind of stifling. So, I figured you wouldn’t mind a break. With all your new projects at work going on you would hardly miss me.” The next couple of hours were a blur. Triston found himself numb as Henry cleared out from his life. He didn’t care where he was going. He was vaguely aware that he would be leaving town. He found himself caring less and less until he was gone. Triston moved forward throwing himself into his work, barely socializing and only really letting Brian into his inner feelings. Of course, the rumor mill ran rampant around the office, but he shrugged it off and tried not to think about the man who ruined his picture of happiness. *** “I’m sorry that happened to you.” Cory kissed him gently on the lips, relishing in the feeling before pulling back. “It's okay my love, it almost seems like a lifetime ago,” Triston responded as he snuggled against him. The two dozed off, content in each other's arms as the weight and drama of the past few weeks lifted. Cory roused from their nap first rubbing the sleep from his eyes as Triston stirred beside him. The cause of their awakening becoming more apparent as they got their bearings. Caleb screaming like the little bandit he was while entertaining another caller. “No wonder you try to run out of here when he brings someone home,” Triston laughed. Cory rolled his eyes before breaking into a fit of laughter. As he leaned down for another quick kiss, he brushed against a hard package in Triston’s shorts. “Really, the sounds of my best friend getting railed one room over has you all keyed up? Should I be worried you are going to run off with the little vixen?” Cory raised an eyebrow as he looked down at the man, before quickly giving him a kiss on the cheek when he noticed him looking visibly upset. “Relax, I am only teasing. Sorry, that may have been in poor taste and timing.” Cory pouted as he snuggled back up to him and sharing a deep kiss.
  5. Xfighter1984

    Chapter 2

    I couldn’t believe it, the young prodigy knight of the realm seemed like he was nothing before the power of the ancient dragonborne. I was paralyzed in fear cowering behind my master. “Merlin, that is quite enough. I would appreciate it if you would release my pupil down.” Master stood firm in the face of Merlin. Merlin’s eyes fell to me causing a shiver down my spine before he looked back at my master with disgust on his face. “Your thirst for power will bring nothing but ruin to you and your knights. I will show no pity to these delusional fools, Hendrix. This boy will be made an example of.” Merlin’s voice boomed as a light formed in the palm of his hand. “You will release him at once or your puppet will suffer.” Master Hendrix responded. In a flash he was gone from my side, his blade now poised to strike someone below. I gasped in shock as the boy turned to look at Master Hendrix, it was the boy from the lunch room, with whom I had an unsettling interest in. Merlin seemed completely unfazed, in fact there was a hint of a smile on his face and he made no move to release Bastion. I heard a gasp for breath as Bastion began to struggle, Merlin tightened his tail around his neck. “I warned you,” Master screamed and twirled his blade now enveloped in light magic. Merlin still made no move and only watched with interest. I watched on in awe as several blades of light surrounded them both. I shielded my eyes from the resulting shockwave. Master Hendrix flew from the crater crashing into several trees. “Impossible,” he whispered as he looked up in fear. I looked up with my Master and fell to my knees. The boy with silver hair was now hovering above, cyan wings spread at length, his body surrounded by radiating energy, the weight of his power was intense, so dense it was hard to move, yet for some reason I found myself uncontrollably drawn to him. “That bloodline was supposed to have been wiped out, I don’t understand.” Master struggled to his feet, I regained my focus and struggled over to support him. “How could such power still exist after the holy war?” The silver-haired boy let out a monstrous roar of explosive force, sending us all to the ground before he fell towards the ground. Merlin tossed Bastion aside and caught the youth in mid-air, whispering a few words shrouding him in light before turning his attention to us. “Soon enough all will be revealed, but I will have you know that this boy is under my protection. You would do well to remember that and educate your pupils as such.” With a flash of light, they were gone and time returned to normal. “How can this be?” Master continued to mumbled over and over. I made my way over to Bastion relieved that he was alive, but barely breathing. “Master Hendrix! Bastion is alive we have to treat him soon.” He simply ignored me and collected himself. “Sage you will tend to this fool and have him locked up, clearly he failed to mention anything about such a power in his observation reports. I must inform the council at once that dragonborne of this caliber still live and that is of great concern.” He conjured up a portal and walked through leaving us behind. *** “They have begun to move, far sooner than I expected” Merlin stated as Levi’s mother Cynthia cried in her husband’s arms. “It would seem we can no longer hide who and what the young master is.” “He is just a boy!” She wailed as the tears began to flow again. “We accepted that things would end up this way when we took him, we prepared for this.” “Are you here to take him away?” Cynthia asked still wrapped in her husband’s arms. “Yes, now that spell has been broken his true nature can no longer be contained, it is only a matter of time before the next stage of his abilities begin to manifest.” Merlin stated as he stroked the sleeping boy’s hair, “It’s time he returned and be taken under my wing.” **** My body felt stiff and my head was pounding. As I sat up to stretch, I knocked over a lamp as wings spread open from my back. I jumped out of bed and tripped over a tail? “Good you are awake, that saves me the trouble.” I turned to see Merlin walking through the door. His black cloak from before was changed out for simple white robes, his golden wings folded against his back. “So, it wasn’t a dream after all,” I stated as I looked at my forearms still covered in cyan scales. “What is happening? How long was I out for?” I asked. “The spell has been broken and you have begun to awaken into your true nature. I have brought you back to the kingdom for a proper education. You’ve been at rest for several days; you did pull off quite the feat.” Merlin answered with a slight laugh. “Are we the only ones of our kind here?” “No, my child there are many clans of dragonborne that study together as well as the knights. Both are meant to serve the roles that have been placed before us. However, a band of this particular group have become, dare I say problematic as of late with their bid for power.” Merlin sighed as he walked over to a cabinet and retrieved a bottle containing a golden liquid, pouring himself a glass before continuing. “The royal family was taken from this world during the holy war by a group of power-hungry knights leaving the realm without a ruling family and proper balance. The Knights of the Realm were always meant to be the protectors, but alas resentment began to grow in the ranks causing the war.” Merlin replaced the bottle back with the cabinet. “Enough, for now, young master we must prepare you for what is to come next.” The next few days were filled with an array of errands by Merlin’s side and a tour of the drago academy where the young members of the various clans came to study. In between it all Merlin was giving me informal lessons on how to acclimate to my new extremities. “Do these things always stay out?” I asked spreading my wings and flicking my tail. “Indeed, young master this is your true appearance. You would have grown into this form and many more abilities; unfortunately for you, we had to suppress your nature in an attempt to keep you safe from those who seek to cause you harm.” “Keep me safe from who? I don’t understand what makes me so special?” I was now even more confused. “There will be time enough for that later, for now let us make our way to the reception hall, it is time you meet the clans. *** “You conniving little bastard,” Master yelled as he backhanded Bastion with enough force to send him crashing into the wall. “How dare you not report your findings immediately. We suffered an utter humiliation due to your arrogance.” Bastion looked up at Master and smirked as he wiped the blood from his busted lip. “He told me you would be too weak to act if you suspected, and that I would have the glory and authority to have anything I wished if I were to slay him.” “You fool, had you informed me properly we could have dealt with him before Merlin had the chance to make an appearance. One as ignorant as you clearly underestimated the abilities of the ancient dragons.” Bastion looked up at Master Hendrix with confusion. “The ancient ones are beings not like that of the lesser clans, they are not only immune to all one of the elemental magics they are also resistant if not immune to all basic elemental magics.” I quickly spoke up. “It is exactly as Sage says, I would have conjured up a much more powerful offensive options had I known. I should have known I was playing into Merlin’s hands, the crafty bastard.” Bastion sat quietly processing everything that he had heard, but it all made sense now why he became so obsessed with that boy…Levi. Just saying his name caused a feeling that I just could not understand. Was it fear or something more? “No matter, the council has been informed and we are to wait on standby until we are presented our orders on our next steps. At this time, we can no longer simply do as we wish, should the other clans learn of what transpired they would surely rise up against us on a united front.” Master Hendrix walked over to Bastion picking him up by his hair until they were face to face. “You will reveal to me who put you up to this little stunt as I will not be made a fool of again.” “It was Navix,” Bastion whispered Master Hendrix screamed in anger before tossing Bastion aside and stormed out. I had never met Navix but his reputation definitely proceeded him. He had his own agenda when it came to ruling the realm and anyone he deemed useless quickly disappeared. A chill ran down my spine, I was not looking forward to a meeting with such an unpleasant man.
  6. Xfighter1984

    Chapter 1

    I’m surrounded by fire, everything around is burning and heat I feel no fear, I feel no sadness, but most of all I feel no heat. I reached my hand into a pile of wood from a destroyed cart vendor, I pull my hand back turning it over and see no injury. Looking down at myself I gasp, watching my clothing burn away until there is nothing left. “Hey you there it’s dangerous we need to get out of here before they come back.” A soldier runs over to me shaking me out of my daze. Another soldier comes up to us and gawks at me, “This can not be, is he all that is left?” He says quietly before turning and whispering to the first soldier “Can you tell me your name?” He asks as he kneels in front of me I look up at him confused before images I can decipher flash before my eyes. “I don’t know,” I answer weakly before the images flash again. I grab the sides of my head in pain before finally succumbing to darkness. *** Five Years Later “Levi you are going to be late for school.” “Oh come on mom do I really have too, I’m all but done at this point. I don’t even know why I still go at this point.” I pouted as I came down the stairs dressed for school. “Humor me please, it’s not for much longer.” My mom said as she placed a kiss on my head before handing me my lunch and car keys. “Home by 5 young man.” I waved to my mom as I ran out the door and jumped into my car. “Young master! I’ve found you at last.” I dropped my keys and looked around as a voice spoke in my head. I grabbed my keys started my car and headed out to school. Nothing else like that happened for most of the day however I couldn’t get over the feeling that I was being watched. “Earth to Levi are you still in there?” I gasped in surprise as my best friend Roy waved his hand in front of my face. “Sorry Roy I’ve had a weird day and I can’t shake the feeling that someone is watching me,” I told him while looking around. Roy raised his eyebrows at me while looking around. “I mean even after all this time you do still stand out a bit, don’t you think?” I rolled my eyes and ignored him, though he wasn’t wrong. My caramel skin and silver hair didn’t help, I’ve tried to dye it several times but no colors would ever set and I finally just accepted it. I went to take a bite of my sandwich when I noticed not one but two people I have never noticed before staring at me. When I caught eyes with the dark-haired boy he quickly averted his eyes, but when I locked eyes with the redhead he gave me a glare that sent chills down my spine. “Roy, who are those two? I don’t think I have ever seen them before and at the end of the year no less that is super strange.” “Dude you must not pay attention much, they are both juniors and they have been here for months.” I looked at him like he had lost his mind. Our school wasn’t that big and we lived in a fairly small town, I would have known if someone new let along two came into town. I looked up again and they were both gone. “Young master you must flee!” I was shocked, it was that voice again. The sense of dread and urgency in the voice deeply concerned me. I looked up to Roy and notice he wasn’t moving. In fact, none of the students were and not I was freaked out. I ran through the halls making my way to the exit, noticing that it wasn’t just the kids in the cafeteria that were not moving it was everyone. I was almost to my car when I felt a force throw me to the ground. “It’s time to finish what should have ended years ago.” I looked up and it was the redhead I had seen before. His hand was outstretched and giving off a faint glow as I found myself unable to get up from the ground. “Now you will perish.” He lifted his other hand that was now engulfed it was looked like flames and hurled it towards me. I opened my eyes and found myself in a giant crater the remnants of flames surrounding me. I got to my feet unharmed. “So he was right you are indeed a dragonborne, and now that I know the truth I can slay you without hesitation.” I looked up at the red-haired boy and he pulled a glowing blue blade from almost out of thin air. “As a knight of the realm, you shall be struck down by forces of nature.” He leapt into the air his sword now crackling with lightning and swung down at me. I screamed out in fear and raised by hands by instinct with my eyes closed. Instead of pain, I felt a dull force and a clang of metal hitting metal. “Impossible, the Dragonborne only have mastery and defence of one element!” The boy yelled in surprised. I opened my eyes and was even more shocked. My arms were covered in vibrant cyan colored what I could only describe as scales. “You step away from him this instant!” That voice I knew that voice. I turned to see a regal looking man who stood about six feet tall his long black coat tails blowing in the wind and…wings? “Merlin! You will not interfere again I will do away with you both and end this once and for all.” The boy bellowed before sending streams of fire and lightning hurling towards Merlin. He spread his wings covered in shimmering gold before a massive force caused the boys attack to fizzle out. “You petulant child, you know not who you deal with and the power I wield.” In a flash the boy was lifted in the air his shimmering blade lay at his feet gasping for breath. Merlin had his tail wrapped around the boy’s neck as he placed a hand on the boy’s chest. “That will be quite enough!”
  7. Xfighter1984


    Step into a world of magic, mystery, swords, and of course dragons. Young Levi doesn't quite know who or what he is, until one day a mysterious man shows up and everything changes
  8. Xfighter1984

    Chapter 6

    I plan on trying to post on a more regular basis, I'm glad after that long break people are still reading, thank you!
  9. “I think you should probably head home, I’ve got to make sure that he is okay,” Caleb motioned toward Cory who finally cried himself to sleep. “I’m not sure what all the fuss is about? No need to get worked up over a little fun.” “All I know is that I caught Triston storming out of here. I don’t know what happened, but it couldn’t have been anything good.” Caleb gave Henry a hug before showing the man out. He was still confused about things, he only heard Triston yell out before seeing the man storm out, unsure of what caused the outburst. Of course, Cory was too emotional to fill him in. All he could do for the time being was be by his friend’s side. He cuddled up to Cory and pulled him close as his friend began to quietly sob again. *** “You okay there, buddy? You’ve been hitting those pretty hard.” Triston ignored Brian’s question sucked down another shot. “Come on man I think you’ve had enough. Shouldn’t you be with Cory right now making up for lost time?” “Henry.” “Come on man don’t let that ruin what you and Cory are building together. He isn’t worth the trouble,” Brian said as he rubbed Triston’s back. “They were together!” Triston slammed his drink down on the bar, earning him a warning glance from the bartender. “No way! I refuse to believe that Cory would do something like that. He is head over heels for you.” “I know what I saw,” Triston yelled before reaching for another shot. “And I am telling you that it had to have been a mistake,” Brian countered taking the glass from his friend. “I am not made for that lovey-dovey shit that is all you. And Cory is cut from the same cloth. I can’t see him putting this all at risk for a fling and for a guy like that.” Even in his drunken state, Triston found it hard to argue, but he just couldn’t stop replaying the scene in his head. Henry naked with his hand on Cory’s ass leaning in to kiss or maybe pulling back from one. He couldn’t help the ache he felt in his chest and the burn of the cold locket matching locket that remained hidden underneath his shirt. The tears began to fall and like the true friend he was Brian was there at his side, a shoulder to cry on as his friend let out his pain. *** “it’s been over a week, you need to go and see him.” “Why would he want to see me? He hasn’t answered any of my calls or texts. He doesn’t want me,” Cory sobbed. It had been over a week and he hadn’t seen or heard from Triston in all that time. He debated going to his office but thought better of it not wanting to cause a scene. Caleb had been with him when he needed him, but mostly he preferred to spend time alone playing with the locket he still held so close crying himself to sleep at night. Triston was equally distraught. Unable to focus at work and making the most trivial of errors everyone could tell something was eating at him. “Hey buddy, how about you call it a day? You aren’t at your best and you are going to do more harm than good moping around here.” Triston sighed and looked up from his screen, not that there was much going on there, to begin with. “You are probably right, I should just head home.” “No, what you need to do is talk to Cory. I know that he has been calling you and you are aching to answer him. Stop beating yourself up and talk to him, find out the truth. If you confirm it is what you think you saw so be it. We will deal and move on. However, if not you are wasting a whole lot of time not being with someone you love.” Triston decided to take a walk to clear his head. He knew Brian was right unless he faced this thing head on, he would never be able to move forward. Good or bad it was something he would need to do for his own sanity. Lost in thought he found himself at the little diner that the two of them loved. “Well isn’t this a blast from the past?” “What are you doing here?” Triston didn’t try to hide the disdain his voice not even looking at the man. “Is that how you treat a loved one after all this time?” “You lost the right to be considered a loved one when you walked out on me when you chose to walk out on us.” “I told you, everything was just too stagnant for me, especially with all that young ass out there and let me tell you this place has definitely improved,” Henry emphasized licking his lips. Triston sighed before turning to his former lover. “What do you want Henry? You aren’t usually this chatty for no reason.” “Something I’ve been curious about since our run in. What were you doing in that apartment that morning?” “Not that it’s any of your business, but I was there to see a good friend. Of course, I didn’t know that he was entertaining at the time and to you of all people, so I made myself scarce,” Triston explained barely containing his anger at the thought of him and Cory together. “I must say I’m surprised that we would have the same interest. Definitely didn’t think the little vixen Caleb was your cup of tea, you were way more passive in bed back in our time. My how things have changed,” Henry snorted. “You didn’t have to run off I’m sure he would have been more than willing to share, although I will say his hot little number of a roommate caught my eye.” Triston didn’t stick around to hear him finish, he had more important things to worry about. *** “You look like shit!” Caleb smiled trying to cheer up his friend. “Thanks. You look like,” Cory took a moment to take in his friend’s appearance, “like you are getting ready to be out for the night.” “You know me I am never one to sit still for too long.” “I’m sorry for not being the greatest company over the last week or so but thank you for sticking by me.” Cory pulled his friend into a hug. Always ready for with a witty comeback Caleb was at a loss for words at the expression of emotion from his friend and hugged him tightly. “Any time, I’ll always be here for you. As long as it doesn’t interfere with a dick appointment,” Caleb laughed earning a scowl and a punch from Cory for ruining the mood. “Go on, get out of here, I’ll be ok. Netflix and chilling with takeout, is how I’m starting my weekend off so don’t let me rain on your parade,” Cory smiled. With a wave and an air kiss goodbye, Caleb left Cory to his own devices. Cory moved on autopilot getting everything set up for his evening. He looked at his phone longingly one last time willing it to ring before tossing it on the couch and heading to his room. Walking into his room he stopped dead in his tracks and swallowed hard as he tried to comprehend what was going on. “I guess we need to talk,” Triston looked up around the room before his eyes finally locked with Cory’s. Cory couldn’t trust himself to speak, as he nodded and placed his takeout on the desk. “So, where do we start?”
  10. Xfighter1984

    Chapter 32

    Sam can breathe underwater if I remember correctly and Desmond still has an unknown possibly guardian level ability
  11. Hello Xfighter1984. It is hard to believe that you joined just a few weeks after me and that we have never spoken. Better late than never, Hi how are you! You appear to have many members who are enjoying your stories, judging by all the likes your chapters receive. Now that I know you exist(my fault) I will try to give them all a read and add my comments. I would like to wish you a Happy 28th Birthday and that you had a great day of celebration. Keep on writing, best wishes to you.


    Take care


  12. “That ladies and gentlemen ishow you close a deal,” Brian shouted slapping Triston on the back as they ended the conference call. “We’ve closed three major accounts this month, you are on fire.” “Dedication and hard work yields the payday,” Triston responded packing up his laptop. Several coworkers stopped to congratulate him on a job well done. “We should go out for drinks to celebrate the momentous occasion,” Brian suggested. Triston shook his head as they walked to the elevator. “One, it’s the middle of the week and two, I already have plans this evening. See you in the morning Brian, and don’t forget we have shareholdersmeeting on Friday.” Triston smiled to himself on his ride home, their home, or at least that seemed to be the general direction they were headed. More often than not Cory ended up staying over at his place and even Caleb had joined them for the occasional Sunday night dinner after his weekend flings. He enjoyed having someone to wake up to and someone to hold him at night. Just as he expected the house smelled delicious as he walked through the door, Cory’s talents in the kitchen put himown to shame. “Something smells wonderful,” Triston announced as he made his way into the kitchen. Cory was lost in his own world with music playing as he sang and danced occasionally stirring something in a pot or adding seasoning to the chicken on the skillet all the while wearing nothing but an apron. Cory jumped in surprise when he noticed Triston standing in the doorway watching him. “I didn’t hear you come in,” Cory made his way over wrapping his arms around Triston for a quick kiss. “I figured I would throw something together to celebrate your big day.” “Well I appreciate your efforts,” Triston responded with a smile. “How were your classes?” “I just wish they would let us experiment more. I feel like I get more practice making meals for you than the boring things they have us preparing,” Cory answered with a sigh before returning to the stove. “Well, I’ll gladly be your test subject any day,” Triston assured him as he came up and kissed Cory on the back onhis neck. “Besides, I’ve eaten more home cooked meals in the last three months than I have all year.” “Has it really been that long already?” Cory said with a smile, before it was quickly replaced by a frown, “I hope I haven’t been neglecting Caleb too much.” Triston turned the young man around and lifted his face to his own. “I’ve already made it clear, you are free to come and go as you please. You don’t have to always plan your time with your friends around me. Now, let me get out of these things and get ready for dinner,” Triston gave him a quick kiss before departing. Cory smiled and enjoyed the feeling of not having been this happy in quite some time. Cory sat in the back on the coffee shop giving him a clear vantage point of the door, it was a coolday out and he was just waiting on Caleb with a drink already on the opposite side of the table. Speak of the devil Caleb walked through the door looking around, a goofy grin spread across his face when he spotted his waiting friend. Caleb became concerned when Cory didn’t seem to offer the same vibrant expression he had become accustomed to seeing. “What’s up chum? Why the gloom and doom look?” Caleb asked sitting down and taking a sip of his overly sweet ice coffee, just the way he liked it. Cory looked down at the cup between his hands before taking a deep breath, “I’m sorry for neglecting you as a friend. I’ve been caught up in the whirlwind of being with Triston and I hope you don’t resent me.” Caleb broke out into fits of laughter drawing the attention of several patrons. “Is that what you were worried about? I don’t feel neglected at all and Triston makes a point of having me over when I feel like it.” Caleb smiled over at his friend, his concern for the state of their friendship was over nothing. “So buck up, no time for sad faces not when you have a hottielike that around.” A sigh of relief escaped Cory, thankful that nothing between them had changed. “I will say, I do miss our best friend cuddle time though. Maybe we can make it best friends and hottie cuddle time.” Caleb ducked as Cory threw sugar packets across the table. “I don’t think I could deal with the two of you in the same bed thanks but no thanks,” Cory laughed while Caleb folded his arms and pouted. Cory yawned as he climbed in bed snuggling up behind Triston. He turned to Cory pulling him down for a soft kiss. “So how did it go? Is everything ok with you two again?” “It was never a problem to begin with as far as Caleb was concerned. Though he mentioned as a way to make it up to him I should lethim come cuddle with us,” Cory teased. “Well, what are you waiting for? Stop wasting time and get his butt over here.” Triston respondedbefore he couldn’t hold back his laughter anymore earning him a quick punch in the arm from Cory. “Oh babe, comehere I was only messing about,” Triston said as he pulled Cory on top of him. Cory broke out into a smile himself. “I’m not worried,” he responded grabbing a handful his man’s ass. “I know that this is all mine.” They came together in a passionate embrace as Cory grabbed hold of Triston’s hard member. “I’m going to make love to you late into the night. I hope you don’t have to sit much tomorrow,” Cory growled as he placed his now slicked up member at the entrance of the beautiful man beneath him. He latched on to Triston’s neck as his slowly pushed inside. “I love you,” He whispered in Triston’s ear. “I love you too!” Triston cried out as he pulled Cory to him, their lips crashing together.
  13. Chapter 3 Pure bliss was the only way to describe the feeling Cory was experiencing as he woke up from the wonderful memories of the weekend. “Well, someone was having quite the dream, must have been a really good weekend.” Cory shook off the sleep from his eyes as he realized that he was in bed with Caleb grinding his leaking hard member against his friend’s backside. “I’m sorry Caleb I didn’t realize what I was doing.” Caleb waved his friend off as he got out of bed. Waking up with Caleb in his bed was not an unusual occurrence, more often than not Caleb would find his was into his bed sometime in the middle of the night if he was not entertaining a guest. Cory grabbed a pair of shorts before making his way out into the living room. “So, tell me about your weekend with the mystery man,” Caleb said while making himself a cup of tea. “He is an amazing. We spent most of the first night at the bar just talking, and after you decided to take his friend home he offered to let me sleep over at his place to avoid your latest porn flick." Caleb simply shrugged and waited for his friend to continue. “Nothing happened this weekend other than some kissing and cuddling, but we are scheduled to go to dinner this evening.” Caleb smiled at his friend. It had been a long time since he had seen him this enthusiastic about someone. “Well, this sounds like the perfect excuse for a wardrobe update so let’s get a move on. Triston let a sigh of relief as he closed his laptop screen, he typically didn’t mind working extra over the weekends as he usually didn’t do much aside from the times that Brian dragged him out, not since things ended with Henry. This time however he was anxious for his dinner date with Cory. He couldn’t believe how easy things flowed between the two of them and just how natural it all seemed. Triston absent mindedly reached for his growing member as his mind flowed with thoughts of the young man. He huffed in frustration knowing he didn’t have the time right now and hoping he wouldn’t be doing this alone soon enough. Triston felt the butterflies in his stomach flutter as he pulled up to Cory’s apartment. The young man was fidgeting with his clothes as his friend slapped his hand away, Triston couldn’t help but let out a small laugh. “Would you stop that, I already told you that you look great,” Caleb chastised him as Cory continued to mess about with his new clothes. Triston’s eyes were locked on him the entire time as he made his way up the walkway. They just stood admiring one another, before embracing each other in a tight hug before parting with a soft kiss. “You two are just so precious. I can’t wait until I meet my knight in shining armor,” Caleb gushed causing Cory to let out a loud laugh knowing friend was definitely not the relationship type. “We should get going our reservation is within the hour,” Triston said as he began to lead Cory a way a hand on the small of his back. “It was nice to see you again Caleb,” Triston called over his shoulder. Caleb smiled happy for his friend as he watched the pair drive off. The restaurant, one of Triston’s favorites, a secret little Argentinean place that he had stumbled upon while entertaining clients was a short drive away. It was a simple gesture but it made his heart flutter as Cory placed his hand a top of his while it rested on the gearshift. The young man simply looked over at him and smiled before his eyes returned to taking in his surroundings. He often times seemed so lost in thought and Triston couldn't help but wonder what was going on in his mind. Finally parking the car, Triston already missed the feel of Cory’s hand on his and as they walked towards the restaurant he couldn’t stop himself from taking a hold of Cory’s hand offer the young man the same kind of smile he received only moments ago. “This is one of my favorite places in town. I’ve never ordered anything I didn’t enjoy.” Triston felt the need to mention suddenly feeling very self-conscious about the date. Cory noticed the shift in the man’s demeanor and quickly took charge pulling his faster toward the door. “I’m sure everything will be perfect.” He grabbed Triston’s face between his hands bringing their lips together feeling the rush of warmth flow through him that he has waited for so long. “Now, let’s get in there I’m starving.” Dinner was everything Cory imagined and more, the smells of the authentic food wafted through the building. When their plates arrived it was heaven on earth from the first bite to the last. Triston watched how much he enjoyed the meal and it brought him joy to know that Cory appreciated something so trivial in his eye. When the bill came both men reached for the bill before Cory won the short lived tug of war. “You’ve done some much for me thus far, let me have the pleasure of treating you.” The gesture spoke volumes to Triston making this an already great night simply the best. “How about we go for a short walk to work off all that food? I feel like I’ve devoured a farm.” Cory grabbed his stomach for dramatic effect. “I would like nothing better,” Triston responded as he reached for Cory’s hand letting him lead the way. The restaurant was situated not far from a walking trail that led parallel a canal with the soothing sounds of the water as it ebbed and flowed with the tide. Stopping to peer out over the water, Cory gazed at the man in the reflection on the moonlight before pulling him close, this time meeting in a much more passionate kiss. “To the start of something wonderful and many more adventures to come,” Cory whispered before pulling Triston down for another kiss full of passion.
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