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  1. Xfighter1984

    Chapter 2

    There is definitely more to come with Bastion he is going to play a big roll as the story rolls out, it’s going to be a slow burn so to speak but Levi will have quite a few life lessons to learn 😊😊
  2. Xfighter1984

    Chapter 9

    “No, we refuse to participate.” Bastion answered quickly. “What do you mean no? We are supposed to unite to face a common enemy.” “I made it clear we needed to make a concise assessment and to refrain from doing anything rash, which you did not.” Bastion barked. “Now you are going to have to get the council involved as well as you must have representation.” “You wish to leave us at a disadvantage or have you turned traitor and conspired with those creatures”
  3. Xfighter1984

    Chapter 8

    “We had a deal! The only one benefitting from this arrangement is you and now I find out you didn’t even hold up your end of the deal! What a.....” “You dare insult me? My how my time away has proven to make you a rather bold man, but remember this and remember this well. You are nothing more than a man.” The dark figure cackled with laughter releasing the man from its grip. “What will be done will be done, all within my will. Know your place or the next time I won’t simply lea
  4. Xfighter1984

    Chapter 7

    “He has improved a great deal since that time you and the master did battle with him.” Sage observed. “He has used his time amongst his kind to hone his skills. It would be reckless of us to try anything against them unprepared. We should be keeping an eye on him.” Bastion commented as they trailed beyond the entourage of knights. Sage and Bastion along with the rest of the knights continued the tour of the grounds being led by the imposing black dragon. Gillian having trail
  5. I strongly dislike Shaun, he is playing the absolute victim, sure it sucks he didn't come out sooner and the object of his affections likes someone else, but really the games he played were disgusting. Joey was going to find out one way or the other and it was going to be messy regardless but even in the end he made their friendship an ultimatum...."leave Jack alone so we can be friends" but looking at his games he would have tried to move in on Jack the moment Joey did that. Then when he doesn't get his way he threatens to basically be their biggest bully, which Joey brushes off leading Shaun to violence. He wasn't in love with Jack he was dangerously obsessed, there was no way moving in with Shaun's family would ever result in anything but more drama for Jack's life....ok end of rant lol I hope Jack and Joey can work through it all I think they are good for each other
  6. Xfighter1984

    Chapter 20

    I'm scratching my head did I miss the part where Blake doesn't have Erith's number? it went from Blake wanting to call him to Blake not answering his cals or messages??? I am deeply confused and it seems like they are both running in circles thinking the other doesn't want them....If I missed it please someone point it out lol
  7. I had to ride this roller coster twice to wrap my head around it. Wasn't the smartest move but yeah we do some pretty stupid things when we are angry, in love, AND teenage hormones. Anyway regardless of how Shaun felt about Joey or not he still went about it all wrong and no matter which way it ended the friendship was going to be tarnished. On the fence about if Shaun should be forgiven or not, also depends on if Shaun has an vindictive plans (continuing to mess with Jack/Joey or something like spread Joey's sexuality around school...again teens can be irrational with emotion) At the end of the day I hope Jack is okay he went through hell and appears pretty fragile and knowing what he does he might be worried he could loss Joey to Shaun especially after the shoe just dropped
  8. Ugh my emotions are up and down, Yes Joey admitting what he feels for Jack, but Shaun is just as bad as Dean hell. The Spanish guy had a thing for Joey so Shaun screws him now Jack is on the scene and Shaun is trying pretty hard to screw that up and even get Jack to live with him. Shaun needs to be called out and discarded that is NOT a friend and we thought Jack's dad was the story villain
  9. Xfighter1984

    Chapter 6

    Merlin remained locked away in his study, troubled about the recent turn of events and the revelations that Morgana could be back. He was not surprised that she would return however, he did not think she would be back so soon. The barrier put in place was meant to last for at least another few decades, the last major conflicts and shifts of power may have had an unforeseen consequence. He stretched his wings and conjuring the image of Levi meditating peacefully. His pupil had come far in the las
  10. Xfighter1984

    Chapter 5

    Jin quietly left the examination hall heading to the gym to burn off some frustration. He was lost in his thoughts an inner fire a turmoil raging within him. Shirtless he sat up and stared at himself in the mirror, the wound across his eye began to heal, but there would be a scar. The boy with the cyan scales, the thought alone caused his blood to boil and his spikes began to elongate. He was going to make that boy submit to him until he was ready to throw him by the wayside. T
  11. Wow I didn’t think I would feel pity for Christopher after his journey of death and destruction, what an idiotic papa bear his death did not sadden me, alright shifters ready up it’s going to be a hell of a fight I hope our boys (and Susie) make it through
  12. Xfighter1984

    Chapter 4

    Merlin’s training regime was brutal. He pushed the young master’s limits during every session, both physically and mentally. “Too slow!” Merlin shouted as he spun in the air kicking Levi in the side followed by a swing of his tail. The blow was felt before the words registered, Merlin pinned the boy's hands above his head, his tail wrapped tightly around the waist. “You are capable of much more than this, I will not hold back.”
  13. I love it, when I get the notifications a new chapter is posted I have to read ASAP I am loving Travis, oh how the ‘mighty’ have fallen. I look forward to the next chapter 🥰🥰
  14. Xfighter1984

    Chapter 3

    “What are the other clans like? Do all of our dragon nature look alike?” Levi asked Merlin as they hurried along to the reception. “There are clans from many different parts of the kingdom with a wide array of abilities and appearances, but you will learn more of this as time goes on. I will offer this word of caution young master. Be wary of the Red Wyverns, they have a fire disposition and are quick to anger.” Merlin’s outstretched arm block his way as they stopped befo
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