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    Why do people, more often than not, do stupid things that screw up their lives? Intrigued by people, but not always able to understand their actions, that question of why fascinates Puppilull. A long time reader and spinner of fantasies, Puppilull is new to writing for the public and her content varies. To tell a story worth reading, she tries to stay true and honest to the characters. Besides, what’s the point of telling a story, if you don’t try to get to know the people who inhabit it?

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    By Puppilull, in Spring - Snapped. 06/20/2019 (Updated: 06/20/2019)

    Devon is struggling with feelings of life slipping through his fingers, which in turn causes his mind to slip away to far more romantic places. But what does he actually want out of life? And will it include his boyfriend Fabian?

  2. Fractions for fun

    By Puppilull, in Fiction. 06/04/2017 (Updated: 12/23/2018)

    A collection of prompts and other shorter stories.

  3. Leading the way 4. My Brother's Keeper

    By Puppilull, in Fall - Fight Back. 12/13/2018 (Updated: 12/13/2018)

    How far is too far when trying to help a person in an abusive relationship? Is it any of your business who people choose as partner? Stuart can't get Cyril's situation out of his mind, but for most of us his plan would fall into the "too far" category. Question is - will it work?

  4. A rose by any other name

    By Puppilull, in Fiction. 06/07/2018 (Updated: 06/07/2018)

    It can be hard to shake the feeling that something isn't right in your relationship and jealousy can make your head spin all sorts of tales. But what is actually the truth?

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    No escape 3. My Brother's Keeper

    By Puppilull, in Spring - Now or Never. 05/24/2018 (Updated: 05/24/2018)

    Sometimes being a friend to someone in need tests you to your limits. How can you ever be enough for someone who has lost his footing in life and can’t move forward? Stuart tries his best to be there for Cyril, but his colleague turned roommate isn’t making things easy for either of them.

  6. Drifts 3. Hot and cold

    By Puppilull, in Fiction. 11/06/2016 (Updated: 04/13/2018)

    Short stories of Joel and Lucas, perhaps from prompts or simpy when my muse whispers seductively in my ear...

  7. Before I wake 2. My Brother's Keeper

    By Puppilull, in Fall - The Fallout and Secret Spaces. 11/30/2017 (Updated: 11/30/2017)

    After an intense encounter with a co-worker, Cyril is slowly realizing his abusive relationship might not be his only option. But when is enough really enough?

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    If You Go Out In The Woods Today

    By Puppilull, in 2017- Halloween. 10/07/2017 (Updated: 10/07/2017)

    At a time of year when the connection to other realities is stronger, who knows what will come from a stroll through the woods...

  9. Hold the elevator 1. My Brother's Keeper

    By Puppilull, in Spring - Unintended Consequences & Jagged Edges. 05/11/2017 (Updated: 05/11/2017)

    As a pair of coworkers are thrown together by chance, one man’s secret is revealed. When does someone else’s business become your business?

  10. Served Cold

    By Puppilull, in 2017- April Fool's. 02/26/2017 (Updated: 03/11/2017)

    Betrayal can make a person resort to desperate measures. But how far is too far...?

  11. Out of the Blue

    By Puppilull, in Fall - Blindsided / The Forgotten. 11/10/2016 (Updated: 11/10/2016)

    A surprise visitor drops in unannounced and Ruben realizes he’s not alone. None of us are. The discovery shakes him to his core. When others want to make sure the secret remains a secret, what will he do? Turn his back and pretend nothing has happened? Or take a chance?

  12. Frost 2. Hot and cold Premium

    By Puppilull, in Fiction. 03/31/2016 (Updated: 06/23/2016)

    Meeting your man and getting him - then it's happily ever after, right?

    For Joel and Lucas, life takes another turn. Where will that leave them?

  13. Light of my life

    By Puppilull, in Fiction. 05/13/2016 (Updated: 05/13/2016)

    A friend can be the light of your life. David is about to find out just how accurate that description is. Aaron is coming home and he has news.

  14. Puppilull's poetry prompts

    By Puppilull, in Poetry. 07/07/2015 (Updated: 04/10/2016)

    Just some poetry. Tried to think of a snappier title, but who could resist that alliteration?

  15. Thaw 1. Hot and cold Premium

    By Puppilull, in Fiction. 11/29/2015 (Updated: 02/07/2016)

    The story of Joel and Lucas, meeting by chance or perhaps accident.

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