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Through the (Tropical) Hell and Back



Well... when I first started to write this blog, it was meant to show you that even if I live in a paradise full of hotties going at it in front of the camera of apparently two most popular twink gay porn studios in the U.S., it doesn't have to mean that gay life here is that easy.


I continue in my coming out spree. I came out to one of my close friends last Sunday - and it went well. She sort of thought it. Obviously one can see that on me. That freaked me out. I'm not prepared to be fully out to everyone. I felt everyone looking at me that evening. Every smile they cast on me was meaning "I know you're a fag." It wasn't really comfortable. Moreover, my friend told me that my former roommate was scared (or afraid) of me, because he thought I was gay. Correction: On Monday I talked with her again and she told me he search threw my laptop and found some... ummm compromising materials


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I would have to agree with you it is kind of hard to meet people everyone usually is so secretive. I know personally I feel it is more beneficial and less hassle to be hidden rather than to be labeled as a gay at least in the environments I am in I know it would be more of a problem than anything. Although I think I was out sick when those gaydars were issued so I cant help with the calibrations.

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hey paya, i know exactly what you mean with the concealed gay thing. at least you have reasonably good gaydar! as much as it seems sketchy, a good way to find fellow gays is via the internet, where sites run the gamut from NSA things like craigslist to dating places like okcupid, etc. i met my boyfriend on one of those sites. on the other hand, you've enough gaydar and apparently are not completely straight-acting, so you may find the right guy w/o needing some seedy meatmarket site. it'll work out one way or the other. :)

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I need to adjust my gaydar so that it doesn't get off on guys with steady boyfriends but how?


Tisk tisk paya. Next you'll want the gaydar to only locate guys who are interested in you.


Just be glad yours is picking out the gay guys.

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