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Paya in Westmoreland



Sometimes people do strange things. For example they travel accross the continent to meet a person they have never met before... yet a person they know so much. When I started writing this, I was on my way to the airport, scared shitless... There was no reason for it but that doesn't mean I can't stress myself out, right?


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That's what we were expecting to hear!


Stay up there on Cloud 9! No need to come down, we'll hold the Earth right here...

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You know I need a detailed hour by hour description ;)

So prepare to tell me all about it next time we chat.


And of course, I'm happy for you :)

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Darling.... i re-read your blog every chance I get....


your words build me up.... and make me want to be a better man.


Love you



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Based on the title of your blog, does that mean you're the top?tongue.gif


LOL!!! Mark is determined to get more details... :D


Do we tell him Paya? :P ... Yeah, that would be NO :P

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Mark! :o Westmoreland is a historical part of Britain! I thought you were better in the UK history! :P


I'll be he's historical. :P

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*sob*... LOVE STORY *sob* So happy I could.... sob... *sniff* Okay soggy Welsh vampire so happy for you two :)

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I'm kind of glad West has gotten you so distracted. Otherwise you'd be hanging out in my forums, guessing what I'm writing next, and spoiling all the cliffhangers. (That's my way of saying I missed you.)

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