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Like a Pawn on a chessboard



A company, that's a living organism. The never-ending flow of people, ideas, shuffling papers and desks... isn't it exciting? ;):P


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I think you tell a great allegorical tale, but how to solve the conundrum? That's a real doozy! Weighing the pros and cons and figuring out what you really want is key to success :P

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I cannt advise you from just the "encrypted" informations you give us 0:).

IMO(and experience), nothing better than alone in your own office!

and BTW 1, you should more concentrate of the work you have to do than to play chess in form af a "kriegsspiel". I can imagine you will be appreciated by your results and not by your flatteries to the "king".

BTW 2, you say : "there are several kings in your company", which one is the most important ? Imagine if this one could be gay ?? :lol:

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:P I can spend my lunch break how ever I want Bob! :P


If this King were gay (any of them) I'd eat my shoes! :D

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Hahaha, the Yes Prime Minister video made me laugh so much (I have this episode on audio cassette tape, believe it or not).


I'm no stranger to Ministry life, and I was moved to a different office (much closer to the King) which I share with another white pawn. During that reorganisation, some newly-promoted rooks insisted on having their own office, but ended up sharing an office far far away from the King. So I thought I was pretty wise in not claiming more than I should.


I don't necessarily have any advice. It all depends on how long you've been there and how likely your promotion is. However, if it is safe to voice your concern about your position being discussed without you, then you should do so.


/unhelpful post

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:P I can spend my lunch break how ever I want Bob! :P


I was worried that it was something more serious than lunch! Although lunch is serious too. :)


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I think you should transfer to England.tongue.gif


I dont want Mark to get too big headed when I say this - but he has a REALLY good idea there.....


But then again, you could take a little bit of England back to the Czech Republic :D

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