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A Story is Loose



Okay, so I think every writer I know has one. It is that story you keep going back to you. Eventually you find someone who you will share part of it with but you just know it isn't done and you keep going back over it, and over it, and oh yeah, over it.


Meet my story, Fates of the World. I've only been writing it, for .... the last seven years. lol. It is one of those I write really hard on then stop go over it, rewrite it, toss out sections, begin again, finish it, toss out the ending, go back, do it over, lose part of it on a crashed computer, rewrite again, add forever.


Well for the first time since I began the damn thing I let another human being see the first couple of chapters. I mean there was a whole world to set up and after all this time, well I wanted to make sure I hadn't been writing a bomb. Guess it passed muster because I was sort of asked for more. I guess I should pick it up again. Oh dear.

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I got one of those... Comic meet the world of Gefahradan.... Gefahradan HIDE!


It's the world Catara is written in. So... should I post more?

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Lugh, you should know better than to ask me. You haven't written a dud yet. Besides, knowing you, if you had doubts you would sent to Cia who would lovingly mark it up and you would keep going with it. That is why I only let a beta read it. No comments yet just a yes or no is what I asked for. lol

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I have one of those. It was originally a screenplay that did very well in several competitions, and I've started re-writting it as a novel, but I've changed it a billion times. I hope after taking some writing classes I can come back to it fresh, but I'll probably see all my mistakes and have to start all over :P


Good luck on your story! :hug:

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Thanks KC. I'm going to have my old hard drive copied and then I'll let you see the rest. Just be worried. I have dark elves, light elves, a giant spider and more to still tease you with.

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