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Writing Tip: Revisiting "on-Hold" Stories



Revisiting "On-Hold" Stories
By Renee Stevens

As a writer, many of us may find times when we get stuck. Maybe we push a story to the back-burner and think, ‘oh, I’ll go back to it later.’ Then the time comes and we realize that we have no idea exactly where we want the story to go. Here’s just a few tips that might just help you get past the block and finish up some of those on-hold stories.

Tip #1:
When you finish a story and are trying to decide what to work on next, go back to all those "on hold" stories. Read through them or at least skim them. See if, by chance, one of them jumps out at you to the point that the story comes alive again in your head.

Tip #2:
You have a story that is in “on hold” status that you just really want to finish, but you’re not sure where to take it. Get help. Send the story to a trusted beta who is willing to look it over. Let them read through what you have and then discuss it. You can re-read it during this time too. Maybe you, or your beta reader, will get an idea of where the story could go. Talk it out with them and take note of their ideas. You might not use them all, but one or two of those might jump out at you.

These two tips are no guarantee that your “on hold” story will get finished, but it’s a good first step to take.

Authors - Do you have any other tips that help you in this situation? Let the community know!

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