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Blast From The Past!



For the Blast from the Past, we have a review on one of GA's earliest Anthologies. So from the 2006 Summer Anthology: Going on Vacation, here is the review for:





Reviewer: K.C.
Status: Complete
Word Count: 9,698


On a cold March night, wanting to find something hot and steamy to warm me up, I stumbled across a 2006 Anthology story from Nicks_A_Writer. From the first paragraph of, “Finding My Summer Adventure,” I was hooked. What better way to warm up on a cold winter night then with a sizzling summer story?


When Eric’s parents want to take a Caribbean cruise alone, he get shipped to Florida to spend a few weeks enjoying the company of his grandparents, whom he hasn’t seen in years. Determined to make the best of it, he does what any bored, 17 year-old guy would do…figures out how to get laid. Under normal circumstances that would be nearly impossible in a retirement community, but Eric has a plan.


The nice old lady from the plane trip down told him about her grandson, Jackson who happened to work at the retirement center and since every Grandmother is required by law to carry pictures of her family, he get a sneak peek at the hottie waiting in Florida.


Heartbroken from his first real break-up, Eric isn’t interested in anything serious. His goal is to have fun in the sun and pass the time as quick as possible until he can go home, yet all of that takes a turn when he meets Jackson. This summer fling might turn into so much more.


It was a cute story that was very smoothly written and very focused on Eric’s goal to make the best out of his summer vacation. I would give it 4 stars upon review, it had me smiling and feeling the warm sun from start to finish.


This is Nicks_A_Writer’s only completed story, but it shows his talent and amazing skill for a young writer. He hasn’t been back to GA in a while. I hope when he returns he comes back with some ideas for more stories since I would really like to read more of his work.




So, what are you waiting for! Check out this "Blast From the Past" and leave a review!!! If you are interested in reviewing Anthologies prior to 2009 for the Blast From the Past section, or any other story for the Blog, please contact Trebs or Renee Stevens.

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Nice story ! worshippy.gif

It's funny to go back to the past, even if it's only 4 years ago.

Pity that he didnt write any moren story.

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