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I really don't feel like blogging.



Hello all. It's been a while. I discovered two new songs that I love to death. "Dark Blue" by Jack's Mannequin and "The only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage" by Panic at the Disco. Things are awkward here at home right now because some major drama has been happening between my mom and my sister. It seems that my mom gives my sister anxiety (she had a really bad anxiety attack yesterday) so they're fighting like crazy.


Not what I need right now. I don't feel good. I've been kinda sick off and on for a while recently and it sucks but whatever I don't even care. Okay, yes I do care. Oh well.


Anyways, I now want kids. Which is quite a switch because I used to detest kids. I think first I'll concentrate on getting a bf and then worry about the kids. I want a bf too.


I'm gonna go sleep. I need more sleep. Sleep.


-psychic psychopath


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Hey Slaveboy,


I'm so sorry to hear about your sister and mom's bickering. It sucks when people at home are fighting. My own method for dealing with it was to leave the house as much as possible when the fighting was particularly upsetting (go out with friends, go for a walk, whatever), and try really hard to stay on everyone's good side. Of course I'm not sure that my method was necessarily that great, but it did work for me.


I also hope ya feel better, take care and get plenty of rest and fluids.



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