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Blast From The Past!

Renee Stevens


So, it's Saturday once again and that means it's time to look at something from the earlier years of GA!!!! Today we are bringing you a review written by MJ85 on one of the anthology works from 2007!!! Broad Ripple Blues was written by Altimexis for the 2007 Anthology: The Rainy Day. Enjoy this look into the past!



Reviewer: MJ85
Status: 2007 Anthology
Word Count: 7,874


This is one of the many stories I checked out in my first few months on this site. One of the things I tend to do when reading a story is, I'll create a picture in my mind of what I think the setting, characters, and whatever else, might look like - almost like a, "this is what this story might look like if I was watching it as a movie" kind of deal. Altimexis isn't overly meticulous with the details here, and yet they flow so richly that "the picture" forms itself so easily, and so vividly - sort of like the way it would if he had been overly meticulous with details.


Additionally, this story is also the foundation for Altimexis’s “Naptown Tales”, originating in Indiana. Fourteen-year-old David seeks relief from a blistering hot July day, by going out for ice cream. In the process, young David takes a major chance by going to a farther away ice cream shop. Taking chances, of course, leads to chance encounters, like the one David will have as he tries to simply walk away with his ice cream. David’s journey of self-discovery will see quite a few pages written on this particular day.


The only thing I was a little unsure about with this story is, there seems to be an extra sense of maturity in this story, unusual for one with characters who are barely into their teens. I don’t necessarily think that detracts from this story a great deal, however.


In addition to being the first of the “Naptown Tales”, I noticed that this story is also a part of the 2007 “The Rainy Day” anthology, and indeed, this story is sound enough to be able to stand completely on its own. I strongly recommend this one for its hope and for its wishful optimism.


So, did you like this review? If so, why not check out the story yourself and leave a review for the author!!! As always, let Trebs or Renee know if you are interested in doing a review! We need all kinds!


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