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Author Showcase!

Renee Stevens


Well, it's Wednesday again, which you know what that means! Author Showcase! And today we're not having just any Author Showcase, it's actually a complete Poetry Showcase! It's great to have a day that is just poems! The first set of poems are by our Promising Author: Bugeye and the second set of poems are by our Poet: Menace! Both sets of Poems have been reviewed by Mark92!!!!


This man is one of the sweetest members I’ve met on GA. He is both shy and modest, even going as far as disliking his own work. However, Bugeye makes poetry an art form. I sat and read several of his poems yesterday. If I have an odd five minutes I always read a poem or a short, leaving the longer works to mull over at my leisure.


For me, there is a thrill that comes from his poems, one minute you’re racing through the words, excited about reaching the end. The next you’re stopping and thinking. Bugeye puts down in writing what happens on the inside. They are a turmoil of words that do not always rhyme, but have a poetry and style, all of their own. They range from the sad and broken to growing and moving forward.


His works are like looking at a painting hung in a gallery. Everyone will have their own opinion on what it says to them. For instance, Odds and Ends is powerful and emotional. I felt like I was sat in the centre of an argument. Another poem, Forsworn, told me of a love lost. Is that what it’s about? Will you read it the same?


Maybe, maybe not.


The Ones I Forgot About. This started like the story of my childhood, and quickly spiraled into another thought provoking, intense work. This one is still with me, the day after reading.


We all know our Bugeye as a shy, sweet, modest man. His poems tell a different story. I would definitely recommend you read them; as I have, you too will learn more of the deep, complex man that is Bugeye.



A regular visitor to GA, Menace always has a smile and a hug for everyone in chat. He’s known as a queerling, but a lot of emotions, and surprising experience, come over in his work.


I read three of his works today. His poems are raw, mostly sad, and speak of someone much older than his years. Overall, an editor or beta would greatly help him iron out a few creases in his structure and more reviews on his pieces would help him too.


Lonely Beauty: This is surreal, lonely and sad, with a surprising ending.


Twinkling Star: A play on a nursery rhyme, cleverly done.


Last but not least… A Never Goodbye: I thought this was raw, and exciting even though sad. The happy ending made me smile.


I like his work, and as with most poets, the pieces tell of someone quite different than the one we see on the surface. They also give you questions, and made me wish to learn more. What is his story, his culture, his background? Where does all this experience of life come from? For someone so young, his works tell of someone who has seen a lot in his life.


Hopefully Menace will keep writing and growing. He is a star in the making.


So, we still need reviews!!! If anyone is interested in reviewing a Promising Author or an Author/Poet, please let Trebs or Renee know!!! Remember to Read, Write, and REVIEW!!!!

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