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Writing Prompts #144 & #145



Wind down your week with our foray into writing prompts! With our usual profound thanks to ComicFan, we have two great new Writing Prompts to try out - and once you do, share them with the community in the Writing Prompts forum!


Prompt 144 – Creative
Cue – Beloved
We all have someone or something that we love dearly. Tell a narrative in poetry. Who is this person or animal? Is it your ever faithful dog? Your doting parent? Your incredible partner? Bring them to life in a poem so that we can get to know them too!


Prompt 145 – Creative
Cue – Word List
Use the following words in a story: recipe book, clothing store, vintage car, pink box, and a tiger.


Got some ideas flowing? Good - RUN with them...


And to see how someone ran with a past prompt, here is Percy's Confession - which is in response to Prompt 126 - Creative (The Wedding):


Today is your wedding day and it should be the happiest day of your life. However, you have been keeping a secret and know if you get married without disclosing it first your marriage will be doomed. What is your secret?


A bit back, we looked at a difference response to this prompt and here is Percy's take:





by Percy

The knock came as I stood in front of the mirror making another attempt at a bow tie. My eyes tracked the fingers of my hands, nails newly clipped and buffed, as they started again on the unfamiliar knot. These days, few occasions require the formality of a tuxedo, but a man’s wedding was certainly one of them. My sister, Suniti, crossed the room to answer the door.


“Kellen needs to see Ravi.” The words were faint, but I recognized the voice as Steve’s, my fiancé’s best man. The pit of anxiety that had taken up residence in my gut three days ago suddenly metastasized.


Go away. I silently directed the command at both the anxiety and Steve. Whatever Kellen wanted to tell me could wait until after our wedding. In less than an hour we will have said our vows. We’ll be married. I didn’t want to hear anything that would change that future.


Kellen and I had met two years ago and immediately became inseparable. I’d surprised him in the spring with a marriage proposal. After some hesitation, he’d said yes, and we’d thrown ourselves into four months of wedding planning. We’d decided on a small, traditional ceremony with just our closest friends and family. Our synchronicity in handling the details, in making all the choices from location to music to flowers, had only confirmed what a perfect match the two of us were. Kellen was the man I had always hoped to find. Whatever had happened at his bachelor party three nights ago didn’t matter to me. If Kellen had a confession, he could make it after we were married.
“He can’t come in.” Suniti, in her role as my best man, was delivering the news to Steve. “They agreed that they wouldn’t see each other today. Bad luck.”



Here's the rest...


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I love the prompts and I love seeing so many authors taking them on.


Another poetry one :o **runs screaming into the hills**

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Well some people are poets. I try to give them something they can enjoy as well, Andy. :lol:

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