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Movie Review: "Prometheus" aka Aliens prequel



Somewhere between the mock up spaceship, the android David, and the gut puncher coming out of someone's belly; I just said been there and done that.


I really tried to like this movie, it has everything the Alien franchise movies had, a good story, a decent cast more or less, and superb sci-fi themes. Problem is that the movie has been done over and over again for so many decades and I have seen enough incarnations to really stop "believing" as the movie holds as its central tenet.


I won't give away too many spoilers, but simply put, I guessed every plot twist that was going to happen before it happened. I even guessed that the Aliens would come out. I've seen enough of the old Alien movies to understand the horror movie dynamics.


The new elements about faith, not in simply God in our system of belief but the "creator" being out there concept, is so Contact-esque, I hope Carl Sagan is not spinning in his grave. They even have a Doctor Holloway in the movie, which is less a nod to Sagan's epic and more a farce, when you factor how unbelievably stupid the doctor was.


As for the scenes, it is definitely no Avatar, though I get they were trying to evoke the same idea. Basically,


The good thing about the movie, the soundtrack. If there was something this prequel to Alien had was the music score to back it up. However, good music will not save a half assed effort.


If this was 1979 and I was watching the movies themes and story elements for the first time, I'd say "Hey that was the best movie of the century, it had everything Science fiction should have and opened up even more questions about our existence and our creations like robots."


Flash forward to 2012, I was born in 1987, seen all the Alien movies several times and loved them as I grew up, "I've seen all this before and I can't say I am impressed."


My score out of 5 is a resounding:


2.5 of 5


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Maybe the big thing missing were the cat jumping out scenes from the original movie. you know where jsut before an alien attack a cat would jump across the screen, or a body would fall from a ceiling panel. I missed those myself.


Actually I liked this movie, yeah...not as much as the original, but what other movie is giving us the opportunity of a sequel where a talking head and the Girl With The Dragon Tatoo go off to kick some alien B@TT?

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I reached a conclusion, sometime ago, that the "Hollywood Movie Industry" is bankrupt and there is no longer and hasn't been anything creative to come out of the majors for a long time. It seems like only thing that they are now capable of doing is to make poorly done sequels, prequels, and remakes of older classics, or to using gimmicks such as headache inducing 3D.


It appears that all of the major creative talent has fled to the "Indies".


Of course that is just my opinion.

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I saw it. It was cool.


I'm usually jaded when it comes to movies so I always try and find things that don't make sense. I also liked the music, that rolling bass tone throughout the movie to represent a heart beat kept getting faster as they got to the point of waking the Engineer, did you notice that? =)




I know they implied with all the odd eye contact that David was the "killer" of Halloway. I wish he would of said it, but he was a robot so he can't feel guilt or remorse. Its also strange about the double agenda they run, but I guess you could argue that David, was being controlled souly by his creator, Wynd (SP) and that David ONLY followed that rule. Remember Wynd created him, strictly for his endeavor? Who knows.


I didn't understand the beginning. What was that ship leaving? Next, that egg and the picture of what seemed to be an 'Alien' in the Head room, the creatures from the movie, what was that all about? That follows with, were they breeding those things?


Then they started throwing out that the black liquid was "Death" and I guess it did effectively kill the Engineer in the beginning, Halloway, but what about Fifield, he changed into a wannabe 28 days later abomination.


Did you like the obviousness of her becoming pregnant? I picked up on that like...instantly after David made Halloway the drink. Maybe it was intentional, I thought it was cheesy.


It was obvious that the Engineers were doing something and fucked up, their DnA is the same, so should we assume they also can feel, emotions, make decisions for a greater good (one that they know and feel) Also, what do you think David said to the Engineer when they woke him?


The thing didn't look shocked when it came out. But after David said whatever, it went ape shit.


My thing is that the Engineer's, if they created humans or not, were creating something like a weapon-maker of life, and taker of life. maybe the whole death thing went wrong then it started to make those crazy tentacle things. In any case, I kinda agree with the Captain when he said it was a military instillation.


I love this story, or this concept. I love writing this stuff, being able to meet your creator. David has some great lines that counter the arrogance of Halloway and a few other crew members. Perhaps our creators were tired of us.


Also do you find it interesting that music existed with these other lifeforms? They played some sort of flute to active the ship controls. Wtf? So do they have their own set of musical theory? Or did they create music too whilst creating us?


And do you mean Contact like Jodie Foster Contact? Was that about God? Isn't Solaris also about that stuff.... and Sphere?


The whole meet your maker shit.


Anyway, thoughts? You seem to know the Alien franchise so maybe stuff makes sense. I just felt lost in some parts, I liked the idea and premise. All the technological stuff and visual graphics were mad cool.

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