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Just back from a two day cancer conference in Manchester - woo hoo!!


Lots of the usual learning stuff - what we are doing to treat children's cancers, what the future holds, survival statistics, what we are doing better on etc etc etc.


More important - 2 nights out painting the town pink laugh.png Lots of fun in the bars in probably the most well known street in England outside of London.





Had a few drinkies too many and committed the age old sacrilege of karaoke laugh.png Stayed out each night until 2AM, then had to be up by 6AM to attend the conference breakfasts. I never learn.


The conference was really well attended this year by nurse specialists, research staff, NHS managers, data people, doctors, but more importantly by children who were 5-year, 10-year, even 15-year survivors of cancer.


Next conference will be even better. End of September: 7 day cancer conference in Dublin (here's hoping my manager will sign off on the cost of it)


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I could see there was a pic as I was scrolling down and I just KNEW it was THAT street and it would show a partially obscured street name sign, or maybe spraypainted out C. I still larfed though :P

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